Max woke me up with coffee. I smelled it before I actually saw it. He held the cup toward my face as I blinked open my eyes. I shook my head.

"Good morning, TJ," he smiled.

I wasn't ready for coffee yet, and probably not Max either. I pulled the pillow over my head and wrapped my arms around it.

Max rubbed my naked shoulder with his hand.

"Do you not want the coffee that I purchased? It is hot," he said.

I shook the pillow 'no.'

"Well, the coffee is not as hot as the boy barrista who sold it," Max sang out. "That was a very, so hot coffee boy. I must say so myself."

I shook the pillow 'no' again.

"Aw come on, TJ, it will go cold if you do not drink the coffee while it is hot."

I made an airhole with the pillow so I could breathe. "No thank you, Max. I don't want any coffee right now. I want to sleep some more," I said.

Max grabbed the pillow and tried to wrestle it away from me. I held it tight.

Max tisked and stopped tugging on the pillow. I sensed him moving on the bed beside me. Getting up to find something else to do other than to bug me, I hoped. For about ten seconds, I heard nothing and I was about to try breathing again. Without warning, the comforter was whipped back and I found myself lying there completely exposed, my hands instinctively covering my crotch. I had a hard-on, of course. It was morning, and I was 19, and I hadn't peed yet. Morning always gave me a hard on. Sort of my dicks unique way of greeting the new day.

"Max!" I yelped.

"Wow," Max said.

I flipped over onto mys stomach and held the pillow over my eyes. What a pain he was. "Max, you're a pervert," I said. "Let me go back to sleep!"

"TJ, your wiener appears to have an erection," Max said, ignoring my request to go back to sleep.

"Obviously, Max. It's not like a weird thing. It's morning!" I said, grasping the ends of the pillow harder.

"No, it is not a weird thing at all. It is a nice thing, TJ. Very nice."

"Max!" I shouted. "Shush up! It's too early."

"Well, yes. But I thought..."

"Max, go away. And put the covers back on me please. It's cold in here."

"I see that. Your legs have the bumps of a goose."

This made me giggle. What a goofball he was.

"Okay, TJ. You seem like you want to sleep more. I will let this happen. But then I will check back with you in 30 minutes. That should be satisfactory, no?"


"I will be taking that as a yes. Thirty minutes more. Here is the blanket for you." Max gently puled the comforter back up and placed it above my shoulders.

Sometime later, I woke up again to the sound of Max grunting. It seemed like he was in pain or something. I lifted my head up off the pillow and spied Max across the room. He was on the floor wearing one of my BU singlets. He was watching television in with the volume off. It was some kind of Asian guy on screen all twisted up in knots and Max was copying the yoga poses That the guy did. I shook my head and fell back heavily on the pillow. I just hoped that Max was wearing underwear.

For a while I stared at the ceiling and tried to wake up. Max continued to grunt and groan across the room. When the program was over, he stood up and took a deep breath.

"Now I am ready to start the day, TJ," Max called out. "Are you also awake now my friend?"

"Yes Max. I am awake. Thanks for letting me sleep a little more."

"You should drink the coffee I purchased. That will make you in a better mood," Max said.

I rolled my eyes but sat up and did as I was told. I put the cup to my lips. Max had put a cover on and it hadn't cooled down all that much since he had brought it up to the room. I took a good gulp and gagged.

"Max, for crying out loud, what did you put in the coffee?" I asked.

Max raised his eyebrows.

"What did I put in it? Well, I used sugar, some milk, and I shook a little bit of vanilla in it too."

I rubbed my tongue with my fingers, trying to get the crumbs off of the sides.

"You do not like the vanilla? I thought you said you did like that?" Max asked, a look of concern on his face.

"Blech," I said. "Max, I think that was cheese!"

"Cheese? No. This is not so. I thought it was..."

"Max, it was parmesan cheese. You put parmesan cheese in my coffee. Gross!" I shook my head and shuddered. "Oh my god, I drank coffee with cheese!" I said to the ceiling.

Max brought his hands together as if in prayer and cocked his head.

"I am so sorry TJ. I didn't mean... I mean, I thought it was the vanilla, not cheese."

"Max,k did you get the coffee from that Italian restaurant downstairs in the lobby?" I asked.

"Well yes, that is where the very cute boy barrista was selling coffee," Max said saidly.

"Max, they sell slices of pizza there too. I mean, not at breakfast time. You probably grabbed the wrong shaker thing."

"I am so sorry. But I will go downstairs again and make another purchase. And this time no cheese."

I smiled and shook my head. "That's okay Max, we can get coffee later. I suppose I'll live. It's not the worst thing I've had in my mouth this week."

Well, actually maybe it was. It had been a pretty slow few weeks in the blow job department. Still holding out hope that a certain English TA named Jeremy M would soon put an end to the drought.

Max watched as I got out of bed. My erection was gone so I thought it was safe.

"Um TJ, I am wondering if you still have the large dick I saw a little while ago?" Max asked, sounding very earnest.

I laughed.

"No Max. The large dick is gone. It is small now, thank you very much. I think the cheese in my coffee took care of that."

"Sad," Max said with a sniff.

"It was just my usual morning piss-hard," I explained. "And now it's over."

"Still, it was a good one. A good large dick," Max said.

I rolled my eyes and began to walk toward the bathroom. If we kept talking about my cock, it would get hard again. After all these years living with it, this much I knew.

"I am so sorry about putting the cheese in there."

"It's okay Max, I forgive you," I said.

Max smiled and stared hard at my underwear. I twisted my hips to better block his view.

The fact that Max seemed to be so interested in the status of my cock told me that absolutely nothing had happened between us in the bed last night. Good! One night down.

Being the sound sleeper that I am, it was entirely possible that we had had sex but that I had not woken up to fully take part in the act. But if that happened, Max would surely not be quite so curious this morning. So I sighed and took another step toward the bathroom, safe and unviolated for the moment.

"Hey Max, why are you wearing my BU jersey anyway?" I asked him.

He turned red.

"I am sorry, TJ, I know it is not polite. It's just that, I wanted to do yoga."

"And you didn't have your own yoga shirt?"

"Well no I do not. I do not have any yoga shirts."

"So you thought the Terrier jersey would work out okay? For yoga I mean?"

Max nodded. "Yes. And I am pleased to report, TJ. It worked out very well."

Max lifted one of the armholes up to his nose and took in a great breath. He smiled. "You know, it kind of smells like you TJ. The laundry detergent used by you should be changed to work better."

He grinned broadly, obviously pleased with himself for being so clever.

I shook my head. I think Max just won himself a BU Terrier singlet. Free. I had plenty anyway.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door. Max would probably be whacking off to my jersey at some point. I just didn't want to be there the first time he did it.

Once I was showered up and Max and I had managed to put on some of our own clothes, we left to go and meet David at the police station.

David was already there when Max and I arrived. His eyes were circled with dark rings, he'd probably been crying. He was rocking back and forth in his chair in the little waiting area by the receptionist desk. His hands were folded into his lap and he was staring straight ahead. He didn't hear us approach.

"Hey, what's up, buddy?" I said as cheerfully as I could muster.

David turned his head to face us. He stopped rocking and seemed to take a moment to register who had spoken to him.

"What happened, Dave? Is there some news about Danny?" I asked, suddenly very scared.

"What? No! I mean, no. Nothing," David said. "No news."

"Oh, well that's good right?" I asked.

David shrugged his shoulders.

"You know, it means he's still out there Dave. And we're gonna find him!"

"Right, I guess," David said disconsolately. He wiped a streaky tear from his cheek. Tears welled in my eyes and I bent over to give him a hug. David sniffed and held me tighter.

"I'm so fucking scared TJ." He dissolved into tears on my shoulder. This made me cry too, so I did. We held each other awkwardly like this for a while, both of us sobbing. Due to the position we were in in the chair, there was no way for Max to hug it out with us. I looked over at him while I held onto David. Max was red-eyed too, rubbing his fists against his face. The three of us were probably quite a scene.

"I know, I know, I'm scared too," I said. "But the police know what they're doing. We'll find him, I know it!"

David released his grip on my back and leaned away from me.

"Do you really think so?" he asked. He rubbed his eyes with his sleeve.

I nodded emphatically. "Totally!" I agreed. I really wish I had believed the words that were coming out of my mouth. At this point, I had no idea which way this whole thing would go.

While we waited to be called back to meet with Ruggazione, David explained that his parents had gone down to New York last night to meet up with some police detectives there. Somebody thought that Danny might have left town to visit Manhattan.

I didn't think so, that didn't sound like Danny to me. As far as I knew, he had never been to New York and didn't know anybody there. But, of course, Danny Leeman was an adventurer and I suppose he could have gotten himself into almost anything.

The New Haven police promised to contact the Leemans right away if there was any news up here in Connecticut.

So, for this weekend at least, it was just us-David, me, Officer Ruggazione, and Max. A more unlikely search squad was likely never assembled. Two and a half gay college boys (technically, David had never officially declared himself to be gay, so I was only giving him half of a gay point, for now) and one super-hot Italian police officer from New Haven.

Poor Ruggazione.

He had no idea what he was going to be dealing with this weekend. Any of the three of us college boys would have gladly sat in his office chair and stripped naked in the police station if the nice officer would simply have asked us to, even David. I was a little more worried about Max in particular-Max so needed to get laid that it was certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Max would just outright ask to suck Ruggazione's dick. In fact, part of me hoped that Max would do just that, so long as I got to watch.

Of course, for David and I, finding Danny would be priority one for us this weekend. Bedding down with Ruggazione's, or any of the othe hot police officers parading around the station, would have to wait a bit. For now. Time was ticking for Danny Leeman.

For Max, his priorities this weekend were another matter entirely.

David and I sat in the chairs and stared straight ahead, our minds lost in what we needed to do. Max paced.

"I'm going outside for some air freshness, it is too stale in here," Max announced.

David looked at me as if to ask, 'what?' Max was so freaking smart, but he could butcher his sentence syntax better than anybody else.

I shrugged. "Okay, don't get lost," I said.

David and I watched in silence as Max walked quickly out the revolving door. I could see Max raise his arms to the sky once he was outside. I smiled to myself, Max never failed to amuse me. Alone in such a crowded place, we kept quiet, both of lost in our own thoughts.

The minutes ticked by. Ruggazione was already 15 minutes late to meet up with us. Where the heck could he be?

"Remember that time when we were in high school? When we went to that track meet, over at Loma Linda University? And you slept over the night before?" David asked suddenly.

I blushed.

Of course I remembered. It was the first time I'd seen Danny jerk off his twin brother while sticking a finger into David's butt at the same time. It was the first time I'd slept on the floor and let Danny touch my own weenie while his brother was in the shower. And it was the first time that I'd realized that lusting after other boys was not something only I did. Danny Leeman made it very, very clear that he did too, and that he was not ashamed of it for even one second. I'd learned a lot that weekend about the Leemans, and also about myself. I was not such a freak of nature. There were certainly other guys just like me. And I had no reason to feel funny about any of it at all! Danny definitely made sure of that!

Who forgets a time like that?

"Yeah, of course, Dave," I said. "That was really fun to hang out with you guys."

"Did you ever tell anybody about what happened? I mean, about that night in our room, I mean?" David asked.

"What? No way! There's no way I ever said anything! Not to anybody. You guys are my friends, I wouldn't do that," I said. I hope he believed me, because it was true.

David smiled. He reached his arm up behind us and draped it over my shoulder.

"Thanks TJ, you're a great friend."

Great friends never mention when they have a relative stick a finger in their ass.

My eyes welled up at the thought. I nodded and leaned my head over onto David's shoulder. He kissed my temple lightly.

A tear dropped down onto my cheek.

"Do you remember what happened at the meet itself?" David asked.

Heck yeah. Danny got a little bored watching the college guys and just decided that he needed to, well, find love. Or sex actually. Danny just decided to be Danny. As usual.

"Absolutely. Your brother wasn't having enough fun up in the stands. So he made his own fun," I said. Every single moment of that weekend was etched forever into my memory. I flexed my neck back against David's bicep and looked up at the ceiling again.

After sleeping over at the Leemans the night before track meet, we left Apple Valley early and headed over to Loma Linda University. In the back of the blue Toyota shared by the twins, I sat quietly with my arms folded. David drove. Danny sat beside him up front in the passenger seat. I'd called shot gun but Danny simply ignored me and sat up there anyway. There wasn't a whole lot of leg room in the backseat so I straddled the hump and let my legs dip into the wells behind the two front bucket seats.

Not long after we'd left the house, Danny discovered the view he had and he turned around to look at my crotch, splayed open. Danny, of course, made no effort to hide the fact that he was trying to see up my shorts.

"How's that hump TJ?" He grinned.

"Great," I lied. "No big deal." About then, David hit a bump in the road and my butthole felt like it was being fisted. Yowza!

"The hump's not moving up your ass too much, amigo? I wouldn't want to pop your cherry!" Danny taunted me.

Danny twisted in his seat to see the expression on my face. I smiled and ignored him, trying not to let my face give too much away. After the initial shock um my butt, I was now ready for another bump in the road. Or two.

Danny lowered his head and furrowed his brows and stared hard at my crotch. He put one hand on my right thigh and moved it further to the right. Gave him a clearer view apparently. to move it off to the side a little more. He sighed.

"Tisk, tisk TJ, are those Calvin Klein undies you've got on under there?"

They were not Calvins, but I had no intention of explaining that.

"What? You watched me putting on my underwear this morning. I'm surprised you had to ask," I said instead.

Danny looked over at his brother David who was driving. "You see Davey, I told you he'd have Calvins. All the hipsters do." Danny laughed.

I exhaled and tried to close my legs, catching Danny's hand inside.

"Danny!" I squealed.

"What?" Danny laughed again. He wiggled his fingers and inched them closer toward Ground Zero.

"Danny, David's right. You are such an idiot! You saw my underwear this morning and you know they're not Calvins. They're just like some generic brand. I think my mom bought 'em," I said.

David feigned horror. "No! You are not wearing Mom undies? Come on TJ!"

I smiled, enjoying the conversation about my underpants.

"Well yeah, actually I am. They might even be from Sears. I have to admit that I don't even remember. Besides, Danny obviously wasn't really looking at the label on them anyhow. He was just way too distracted by my huge cock bulging inside," I teased.

Danny's face turned bright red and he looked at me with a pained expression. He stuck his tongue out, so I did the same.

David broke the tension by cracking up in the front seat. "Good one, TJ," David said.

I grinned widely and Danny removed his hand from between my legs.

I really enjoyed hanging out with the Leeman twins. They couldn't have been more different. David frequently called Danny his 'evil twin' and none of us on the track team ever argued when he did.

Danny was a pain in the ass. He was the practical joker, happy to put shaving cream in your jock or baby powder in your hairbrush. I could think of three separate occasions where I'd had to take another shower on after falling victim to one of Danny's shenanigans.

Danny was also the exhibitionist. He loved to prance around naked in the locker room with a hand full of shaving cream, placing little dabs of it on our nipples. Charming I know! Outside of the track team, Danny was a really good student-things just came easy for him-but, because he couldn't ever leave well enough alone, he was always getting thrown out of class and sent to the Dean's office.

On the other hand, David was none of those things. David righted whatever Danny did wrong. Academically, David was at the top of our high school class. When I didn't know something in class, chances are that David probably did. Athletically, David put in 110 percent effort as a leading member of our high school track team. If ever I wanted somebody to go out for a training run with, David was the guy. Sexually, David was age appropriate. He was always horny, like the rest of us seniors, but he could control his urges when he needed to.

As twins, David clearly got all the angelic genes while Danny got the opposite ones. While the Leeman boys behaved like completely unrelated strangers, they were both pretty easy on the eyes. I don't really know what the girls in school thought of the Leemans-mostly because I'd never asked, but for myself, I thought they were both hot. I'd have been just as happy getting plowed from the back side by either one.

In after school practice, I'd frequently run behind them during our long runs, not really winded, but not really breathing easily either. Just to keep up with them was a great effort for me. But they made me better, I could always learn a lot by watching their technique. And by following closely behind when we ran lap after lap on the track, I had the added bonus of feasting my eyes closely on their perfect little Leeman butts.

The two were really talented runners so Coach pretty much put up with all of Danny's bullshit. We had all been talking that there was a good chance that both Leemans could actually qualify for the State finals this year. If you asked David, he was modest and wasn't so sure he'd make it. Danny was sure of his future. He thought it was practically a guarantee that he'd be there for State.

In a twisted sort of way, I was totally drawn to Danny. Something about all the confidence and the bravado. I'd love to have even half of what Danny had! So, when Danny wanted to jerk me off this morning while his brother David was in the shower, I hadn't put up much of a fight. Danny was rewarded with a fist full of my DNA. Come to think of it, that's probably why I'd been asked to spend the night at their house before today's track meet anyway. Even for me, I was way over-excited and I'd cum way too quickly. And while I was a little embarrassed about getting off without a whole lot of effort from Danny, I wasn't worried. Somehow I'd arrived at the conclusion that me and Danny were not yet through.

The rest of the drive over to Loma Linda was uneventful. There was no traffic on a Saturday morning.

While he drove, David told us a story about how he'd met one of the long distance runners we were going to be seeing in the meet today when he'd been on a college trip a few months ago. Danny and I were bored with the tale and rolled our eyes as it felt like there was no real point. Danny was probably waiting to hear that his brother David had sucked the guys cock or something. For me, there wasn't really any punch line at all, so I kind of drifted away, staring at the cars on the freeway as David droned on.

Danny countered David's long story with one of his own, a ridiculous description about the length of muscle fibers in the upper leg muscles of middle distance runners and tried to explain how that meant he was destined one day for greatness, or at the very least, for an Olympic gold medal. I looked out the window and tried to ignore my second erection of the morning. There was no particular reason for it, just one of those things that happened to me like a thousand times a day.

When we got to the meet, the parking lot was already three quarters full and it was not yet ten o'clock.

Hmm, I thought to myself, there's going to be a lot of college boys here. Unless I could manage to think about something else-like appreciating the races, for example-I was bound to have a hard dick all day. Luckily, I'd worn a pair of my tightest tighty whities. Restricting the blood flow to my cock might help me out.

As we parked, Danny was clearly reading my mind. "Gonna be an awful lot of college boys here today, TJ, try not to stare at them too much, I don't want to have to look at you with a woody all damn day, amigo."

"Danny, you're obnoxious," David said.

"What?" Danny asked innocently, shrugging his shoulders.

"Leave TJ alone," David responded. "We're all pretty excited to be here, there's going to be a lot of great races today."

Danny laughed and I smiled. "You're right bro," Danny said, "some of us will just be more excited than others."

I made my eyes send poison arrows into Danny's giggly face.

It was a gorgeous day to watch a track meet, about 75 degrees already and mostly sunny with a just a hint of clouds. I thought that by mid-day it could be really hot though and that might lead to some slower times for the middle and long runners. Again, Danny seemed to be in tune with my thinking.

"Not going to be setting any records today," Danny said looking at the sky as we walked to the entrance. "Way too hot, they'll have to take it easy out there."

"Yup," I agreed.

"Well, at least we'll see the field boys lounging around shirtless between their events," Danny winked at me and turned around to try and grab one of my nipples. Yow!

"Fuck!" I said, twisting away from him.

"Danny!" David said. "You said you'd be good today," he added, referring to some private pact I hadn't heard about.

"I did, bro," Danny said, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I made a promise to you, bro, and I'm going to keep it. In fact, I'm going to start now. Being good. Okay, everybody ready?" he said.

This time it was David and I who rolled our eyes in unison.

Inside the stadium, it was a festival of men, only partially clad. Everywhere I looked. Holy shit! This was going to better than I thought. Men, for days. But not just men, college men! Ripped, fucking college men. With nothing to do but lope around half clothed all for my benefit.

This meant That my wiener would be hard more than I was soft today.

Absently I looked down at my own crotch and asked very nicely if, maybe just this once, it might behave itself and not embarrass me. I didn't need the damn thing springing to attention every five minutes.

Danny noticed me looking down at my dick, and he smiled at me knowingly. Uh oh. If I had wood all day, Danny would be relentlessly teasing me. Fuck! I was so fucked!

"Happy days, bro, should be a great fucking day!" Danny said.

"Yup," I said. "Should be fun."

We found some seats about mid-way up the stands. It was pretty close to the finish line so we could watch the final sprint. Danny went off to pee. David and I watched some of the early short-distance heats.

The 110 meter high hurdles was having some preliminary heats and I settled back with a smile on my face. The 110 was always a blast to watch, one of my favorite events. In nearly every race I'd ever seen, somebody would clip a cross bar and bite the dust. Danny didn't come back from the bathroom as quickly as I thought he should have, so David and I got to watch quite a few heats. In every single one of them, at least one guy would catch a hurdle and go tumbling down. Sometimes there was blood, sometimes screaming. was fun. I picked out my favorite, a tall dark-haired boy (er, college man) with orange shorts and a white shirt.

"He's way too tall for you TJ, just forget about it," Danny said as he came back from the head and walked over people to get to the spot right beside David and I. Danny never missed anything; he must have been watching my eyes.

I smiled back at him but concentrated on the orange shorts. When he took second and qualified for the next round, I raised my arms to celebrate.

"He probably has a teeny weeny penis," Danny said.

"Shut up Danny," David and I said, practically in unison.

Danny smirked. I watched my orange college boy lope easily across the field and sit down on a bench. He pulled on some warm-up pants and a jacket and lay down on the ground to stretch. I could feel my dick wake up, in silent accord with my brain. Danny followed my gaze again.

"Pig," Danny said. Then he snorted.

I ignored him.

The rest of the morning Danny was away from us way more than he was with us. David and I were practically glued to our seats watching the action. The field events like javelin and shot put bored me. Who needs to throw a spear a hundred and fifty feet down the field? Who cares? Or a bowling ball that you push off from your neck? What the fuck? I focused more on the running events, naturally.

I looked at the order sheet we'd picked up when we came into the stadium. The middle distance guys were starting around noon so I thought I'd go grab something to eat before they got going. That way, I'd be back in plenty of time and not miss any of the races that I intended to be running in college myself.

I stood up. "I'm gonna get food David. You want something?"

"No thanks," he said. Neither of them ever seemed hungry. I was always hungry and needed to feed myself all the time! I tried to think of the last time I had seen either of the Leeman brothers eat much of anything.

"Okay, be back in a few," I said. But David wasn't listening. He was studying the stretch routine of a few very thin women, probably long distance runners lying on the grass way across the infield.

Blech, I thought to myself, David is gawking at women. I thought he was going to be on the same side of the fence as Danny and I. Oh well, what a waste! Danny was already gone from the stands, wandering around the stadium someplace. Maybe I'd run into him downstairs someplace.

I thought I'd take a leak first before I bought a hot dog. Standing at the urinal my dick floppy in my hand. I'd been hard and soft at least five times since we'd arrived.

Behind me in heard a funny sound coming from the bathroom stalls. Sort of a low, hushed moan, somewhat familiar to me.

I turned my head. Nothing. Just silence. But I just heard a moan.

No way, I thought. There's no way somebody's fucking around in the bathroom stall at a college track meet. I'd heard about stuff like this but had never known it really was true.

I finished peeing and shook off my dick. I flushed and went over to wash my hands. On the way to the sink, the low moan from the stall started up again. I paused before turning the water. I perked up my ears and looked into the mirror toward the toilet stalls.

There were two feet in visible under the door facing toward the toilet, a pair of black nylon running shorts laying on top of the athletic shoes.

Hmm. Who drops their shorts all the way to the floor in order to pee in a toilet? And come to think of it, I was not hearing the sound of piss hitting any toilet water. Who pees silently? Whoever was in there had already been inside of that stall when I arrived and I hadn't heard a thing the whole time. I finished washing my hands and left.

I smiled to myself, considering what I'd almost witnessed. Well, sort of witnessed.

Sex in the bathroom? Very cool. I couldn't wait to tell Danny.

I grabbed two hot dogs, loaded them up with catsup and onions, no relish thank you very much. Then I made my way back to the stands. David smiled at me.

"Just two dogs? That's it?" he asked me. "I'm gonna eat like five of 'em."

Really? You never eat?

"Um," I said, looking down at my precious little dogs. "Well okay. Do you want to get a head start and have one of these?"

"It's cool," he said. "I'm gonna go just as soon as this 1500 heat is over. Check it out!" he pointed to the track where about a dozen women were racing.

"Okay, what am I looking at?"

"Do you see the girl with the white tank and the blue shorts?"

"You mean the one in the back?"

"No, the one who is third right now."

"Okay...what's the big deal with her?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? What's the big deal? She's like perfect, that's what. Totally, totally perfect. An eleven!"

I squinted my eyes to try and get a better look. Blech, I shuddered. Was the boy who was jacked off by his own brother last night actually more into girls?

"Mmm, yeah nice," I said. Whatever, I whispered to myself.

I looked around the field for somebody who was more my own speed. Where was Mr. Orange Running Shorts anyway?

When the 1500 was over, David's perfect eleven college girl had actually won her heat. David was pumped. I thought David was gonna wet himself. He jumped up and down and screamed and carried on like I'd never seen him before.

I looked over at him. "Um, do you know her?" I asked him.

"Nope," he said, "doesn't matter. She's just hot and I picked her out when she was stretching a little while ago. Totally awesome, right? And she just won!"

"Right," I said.

"Might have to amble down to the track and get her autograph," David said.

I laughed out loud. "David, you're such a groupie! Come on! It's not like you've never seen a hot chick before."

"Chick? TJ, she's no chick, she's a college woman. Maybe even a senior!"

"Pathetic," I said, "you're a sad case. I doubt she'll speak to you when she says that you look like you're fourteen."

"I'm eighteen," David insisted.

"I know, I know, it's just that you look, well..."

"I do not," David said with a pout.

"Okay, okay, whatever, it's just sad, that's all." I said.

David grabbed at his crotch. "Sad maybe my friend, but I'm not feeling so sad right now."


I looked at my running friend. There was an obvious bulge in his shorts and I left my gaze there for a while. Seriously? I could not figure out these Leeman twins. But their attractions went in completely opposite directions. Fucking weird!

I watched David as he watched the college woman walk slowly off the field and under the stands. David kept staring.

"You're not gonna drool are you? That would embarrass me." I said.

"Dude, chill, I'm just trying to memorize her all over. Every bit of her."

"So you can like spank your monkey later today when we get back home," I said provocatively. "Thinking about those long muscular college girl legs!"

David looked at me and smiled. "I may not wait until we get back home. Don't know if I'll last!" He gave the zipper on his pants a tug and readjusted the contents inside.

"Didn't you guys like jack off last night?" I asked. "Or that scene I witnessed was all a fake?"

"TJ, that was like 12 hours ago! Don't you masturbate a few times a day?"

I smiled at the word masturbate. It seemed like such a silly word and it always made me giggle when someone said it out load. Masturbate, masticate, menstruate. The English language was funny words that made me laugh.

"Well sometimes, I guess, I don't know that I do it, you know, a few times a day. Mas-tur-bate, I mean." I added.

"Well, then..." David stood up and stretched. As he did, the tenting in his pants became really obvious.

"David, Jesus! Don't just stand there like that showing that off, people will see it."

"Cool down TJ, it's no big deal, nobody can see it. After all, it's not like I'm hung as huge as you or anything," he said.

"Who said I'm hung?"

"TJ, everybody on the track team at school knows about your legendary weenie," David answered.

"Just myth," I said. "You shouldn't listen to silly rumors."

"Well, according to my brother, it's no myth," he said matter-of-factly.

The blood left my face. "What?"

"You heard me, my brother told me this morning how big your dick is."

"He did? I mean, how did he know? I mean, Jesus, what the fuck?"

David laughed.

"Eight and a third inches, right?"

I was speechless. When had they had time to discuss this?

"Oh, come on!" David said. "That's something to be proud of, right? I mean, if mine was that big, I'd probably parade it all around school too."

"Too? What do you mean 'too?' I don't parade it around school," I protested.

"Um hmm."

"I don't!"

"Look TJ, it's cool. I know all about Danny. I know what a total sleaze-bag he is. My brother will put anything in his mouth. Dicks, pussies, whatever!"

Pussies? Really. I doubt that.


"So I know he got you off this morning. He told me. It's no big deal, okay?"


"Why do you think I took so long in the shower this morning? Danny asked me to give him a few extra minutes alone with you."

When did he do that? By mental telepathy?

"Um...a few extra minutes? Why did he think it would just take a few... I mean, fuck, it wasn't like it was all that quick," I protested again.

"Um, well not according to my brother. He said you squirted all over his hand way faster than he expected."


"Don't worry about it TJ, that's why we asked you to spend the night last night. Danny wanted to see your penis for himself,"

"My penis?"

"Hard. He wanted to see it hard. We've both seen it the other way plenty of times," David explained.

Plenty of times. I was mortified. Well, I guess that made sense. I had certainly seen their dicks plenty of times too. Still, this felt like some sort of conspiracy. Had I been violated?

"And you just? You just? You just sort of knew what was going on all the time back in the bedroom. And you just well, you gave him a few extra minutes alone with me. With my hard...hard penis?"

"Pretty much, yeah, that's exactly how it went down. Danny asked me yesterday if I would do that for him."


"You guys are sick!"

"Well, I don't know..."

"No. I mean you're really sick fucks! You're like a pimp for your perverted brother!" I was starting to sound a little ridiculous. I mean, why was I protesting so much? I liked it!

"Um, Danny thought you liked it. What he did, I mean. He said you were like totally begging for him to jump you."

Jump me? Begging? Well maybe that was true. Actually, it was totally true.

"So don't sweat it," David said. "I'm gonna to go get a few dogs."

I exhaled deeply. A-ha! They do eat!

I watched the evil twin's supposedly angelic brother walk away. David stuck one hand in his pocket to hide his erection. I could still see the bulge as he made his way to the end of our row and began to walk down the stairs. I had completely underestimated the depths that Danny Leeman might sink to. Well, that Danny might also coerce his brother David into as well! Man! The Leemans were more of a team than I'd previously thought. They were a pair of very, very horny brothers.

I was staring off into space, ignoring the high jumpers when Danny finally showed up.

"Where's David?" Danny asked.

"He went to get about a dozen hot dogs I think," I said.

"That's my boy," Danny replied.

"You guys can eat that much," I asked. "How come I never actually see you eat?"

"I have no idea." Danny shrugged. "It's just like breathing for us. We must eat to live. And to run."

"And to gang up on your friends?"

"What?" Danny asked, this time with real innocence.

"Never mind," I said.

Danny found a group of boys jogging slowly on the edge of the track and was watching them as if he wanted to eat them.

"So, where have you been?" I asked him.

"Me? Oh, just cruising around, checking out some of the talent that I'll be up against next year."

"Um hmm," I said. "I'll bet"

Danny smiled.

"Um hmm is right!"

"What? Did you meet somebody?"

Danny nodded.

"I mean, did you actually?" I stammered.

"Um hmm." Danny looked away avoiding my eyes.

"No way!"

"Yes I did."

Danny scanned the field. After he found what (or who) he was looking for, he raised his arm and pointed across to some benches over by the triple jump pit.

"You see that boy with the black shorts sitting on his butt," he said. His voice was animated more than usual.

I looked where Danny pointed. Sure enough, that was the same pair of running shoes I'd seen behind the stall in the bathroom. The black shorts, from this distance at least, looked to be a perfect match for that pair on the floor of the stall.

"Um, I think I see him. So?" I said.

Danny looked at me and held his palms toward each other about a foot apart. "He's like this, I kid you not.

Danny had sex with a guy who has a yardstick for a dick?

"No? Come on!"

"I shit you not, amigo," Danny said, bouncing his arms up and down to emphasize the dick size of the boy he had just sucked off in the bathroom.

I sat quietly looking at the field, trying to imagine what kind of balls or bravado or whatever it would take for a high school boy to lure a college man into the bathroom for a quick blow job. Especially while the runner was supposed to be competing in a track meet.

"Where? Where did this happen?" I asked Danny, already knowing the answer in advance.

"Bathroom stall. Not exactly a romantic getaway amigo, but you know, I think he got exactly what he was hoping to get. In fact, I know he did! I know for certain that he was happy with the result," Danny explained, grinning. He used a finger to pretend to wipe the side of his mouth.

I whistled. Man, oh man, Danny was some piece of work.

"You never fail to surprise me, Danny Leeman," I said. "I know I wouldn't have had the balls to do something like that!"

"Balls? Did you say ball? Let me tell you about those!" Danny said, licking his lips again.

"That's okay, I'm good," I laughed.

Both of us looked out onto the field at the athlete who was Danny's most recent conquest.

"Just look at him, Teej. He is now relieved of all that pent-up stress, all that anxiety. There is no way he doesn't win this next race. Of that I am absolutely certain."

"Okay, that's good. I hope he does."

"He will. I am a master dick-sucker."

I looked at Danny and nodded. All right already. I had no reason to doubt Danny's claim. Maybe some day I'd find out myself if it was true.

"His name is Kenny, by the way," Danny said, nodding at him. "And I mentioned that I had another friend here who would blow him again if he took first in his event."

"No kidding? Did you say that for me? That was very nice of you, Danny. Thank you."

"You're welcome," Danny said. He patted me on the back.

"And just so I know what I'm dealing with here, what's his event? Tell me he is not a pole vaulter. That would be too funny."

"Triple jump," Danny responded, laughing.

"I hate the triple jump," I said. "It's stupid. Just like the steeplechase." Why did they even have those events?

"Yeah, I think so too," Danny said. "But ol' Kenny boy here, he's promised me that he would try extra hard just so you can have a turn with his Johnson. Maybe just this once, you can put all that negativity aside. Watch the triple jump for once in your life. Enjoy the event. Think of what is on the other side."

"Okay, I will watch."


"And you said he has huge balls?" I liked that, hoping Imhant heard wrong.

Danny made two fists and held his hands out for me to see. I smiled.

We watched Kenny bounce in place for a minute, warming up for a practice run. Then he made his way slowly to the starting point. He waited for the jump area to clear and then quickly pivoted on his foot and took off sprinting down the triple jump lane. When he reached the take-off point, he leaped into the air and then did that strange thing all triple jumpers do taking two steps before long jumping far into the pit.

Danny and I looked at each other as Kenny stood up and brushed the sand off his black shorts.

"Was that any good?" I asked.

"How the fuck would I know? I never watch that shit."

"Well, we're watching now, I could learn to love a triple jumper I suppose, even if I hate the stupid event," I said.

"Um hmm." Danny nodded toward the infield again. Another jumper was about to make a run.

Danny and I watched practice runs on the triple jump for a while. Then it was clear that all the jumpers had been told to get ready for their first real jumps. I squirmed against my bleacher seat. Across the field, I absently watched some sprinters locking into the start line for their event.

"Watch the triple jump, TJ, not the 200. They are about to start. For real!"

I sighed. Okay, I will watch the triple jump. "I'm watching, I'm watching," I said

"What are we watching?" David was back.

Both Danny and I turned our heads to look at him. He had one half-eaten hot dog sticking out of his mouth and three more on a tray in his hand.

"Triple jump," I said quickly.

"No dick-breath," Danny insisted. "We are not just fucking watching the triple jump, an event that TJ hates, by the way."

"I hate it too," David agreed, his mouth full of bun and dog. That made three of us then.

"That's disgusting, bro," Danny said, sneering at the food tumbling out of David's mouth while he tried to chew the stuff inside. "No, TJ and I are watching our new friend Kenny., well my new friend at least. He hasn't met TJ yet."

"Kenny, the triple jumper," I added.

"Yes, Kenny is a triple jumper, but he is also so much more!" Danny explained.

David used the heel of his hand to shove the rest of his hot dog deeper into his mouth. He looked at me for explanation. Why would anybody be interested in the triple jump? Then, Danny surprised me again.

"As I was explaining to TJ, Kenny is not just any old triple jumper. He is a triple jumper with a huge weenie. And a ball sack that will be the envy of, of , of all Loma Linda by the time TJ and I get finished with him. And he has a mouth that he know how to use properly too. "

I nodded my agreement with Danny's explanation. Not having any direct knowledge of Kenny's other skills at this point however.

David was unable to speak, but he mouth the word, 'what?'

I looked at David and pointed my thumb at Danny. Danny nodded. Then he placed his hands around an imaginary penis and pretended to lick around the top, just like it was an ice cream cone.

"Monster weenie, bro. Kenny has a monster weenie."

I smiled.

"Shit Danny, what did you do?" David asked.

Danny shrugged his shoulders. He grabbed for one of the hot dogs from his brother's tray. But David was too fast. He moved the tray away quickly and Danny came away with only air.

"Haven't you had enough dick today, Danny? First TJ, now this guy. What was his name again? Teddy?"

"Kenny!" Danny and I said together. Even though Kenny and I had never actually been formally introduced, I felt like I knew him pretty well already.

Danny looked at me and laughed. David looked at me too.

"Not you too? When the fuck would you have time to see it? Er, I mean him?" David asked, incredulously.

"What? Me? No! I didn't, I mean..."

"Well he didn't, that's true," Danny explained, trying to be helpful.

"Right," I agreed. "I haven't done anything at all today. I have been right here in the stands. Watching the track meet."

"At least not yet."

David smiled, and I socked Danny in the arm.

"I'll get my own, thank you," I said.

Danny shrugged again. "Suit yourself amigo. But I'm telling you, this boys an eleven!"

"Shit," I said. "You guys are sure twins. Only, you're really, really weird twins. On the same wavelength, but both of you in galaxies on opposite ends of the universe. David said exact same thing about some woman runner in a 1500 heat a little while ago. He called her an 'eleven' too."

"April," David said.


"That's her name. April D'something or other," David said.

"And, let me guess," Danny interrupted, "she's got really, really long legs that you'd like to have wrapped around your face."

"Well, I hadn't gotten that far, but that's about right, I guess," David agreed.

"You see how disgusting my brother is," Danny said. "He is hopelessly attracted to pussy."

"Blech," I said involuntarily.

"I double that. Blech, blech!" Danny added.

"Danny, we're not staying just so you can give this boy a blow job after the meet," David responded. "Mom said we needed to be home in time for dinner for a change."

Danny shook his head. At the same time, he patted his stomach.

"Already taken care of, bro, Kenny has already had his blow job. And I've a full tummy." Danny said.

"Gross!" David said.

"Some college boy DNA," I added helpfully.

"TJ, you can say man-spunk to my brother, he's heard it all," Danny said.

"I'm gonna throw up," David said.

"So if ol' Kenny boy takes the gold here today, I promised him that our pal TJ would suck him off. You know? A little extra motivation."

David looked at both of us and made a funny face.

"Again!" Danny added to clarify that he had already completed the dirty deed-with Kenny in this particular instance-once today.

"Whatever," David said.

"So we might be a little late getting back to Apple Valley. Unless of course Kenny loses. Which...seems unlikely," Danny said.

"So let me get this straight," David said. "I'm supposed to call mom and tell her we're gonna be late for dinner because our friend TJ here has to give a college boy a blow job?"

"Only if he wins," Danny explained. I nodded. Seemed like a perfectly good excuse to me.

"So is he any good?" David asked.

"I don't think so," Danny answered. I shook my head.

"But he is awfully hot," I added.

"Blech," David said.

The triple jump was about to start, so all three of us shut up and watched it.

At the end of the day, ol' Kenny boy did not take the gold so my responsibility to suck him off never materialized. I was a little sad that I would not be having a go with a triple jumper today, but it was all good. There'd be others, I was sure.

Me and the Leeman boys had a blast for the rest of the day. There were some really good races. And the triple jump wasn't too bad either. At the end of the day, the three of us even managed to scamper onto the field at the end so that Danny could introduce us to a couple of college coaches he had met on his recruitment tour. While there was virtually no hope of me getting a college scholarship to run track but for both Danny and David that was another story. And Danny, well he just seemed to know everybody. So I just sort of went with the flow and allowed Danny to talk and talk and talk.

In the car on the way home, we were quiet for a while. Half the time I was thinking about how I was probably going to like going to university. The other half I was thinking about this new higher plane of friendship I had achieved with the Leeman brothers. I stared out the back window. It was beginning to get dark and I couldn't see the inside of the cars in the lanes next to ours.

Danny interrupted the silence. "Hey TJ, sorry about that thing with Kenny," he said.


"I'm sorry things didn't work out. I know you were looking forward to it. Shit! I would've been."

"Um thanks, don't worry Danny. I'm okay," I said.

"So I'm gonna make up for it."

"You are. How are you gonna do that Danny?" I asked.

"I'm gonna let you suck my dick instead."

"Um thank you, that's really nice of you," I said.

"Only thing is, you've only got like ten minutes until we get off the freeway, so you'll have to hurry."

"I'll have to hurry?"

"You know, to get me off." Danny wiggled himself between the seats and joined me in the back.

"Danny, what the fuck?" I said. I watched helplessly as Danny slid his pants and his underwear down the floor. He had a big boner and I couldn't keep my eyes off it, even in the darkness of the car. "David, help me out here," I pleaded.

"No way dude," David said with a laugh. "When it comes to my brother's cock, I know better than to try and get in the way. Work your magic, TJ, that's the only way we're going to get Danny to shut up!"

"You're a very wise man bro," Danny said to the front seat. Placing his hands behind my head, Danny forced my face toward his dick and I put up only a show of resistance. Danny's dick smelled musky. It lay like a really fat hot dog just a little off center from his belly button.

"Do it TJ, remember, the quicker you suck him off, the quicker he shuts his trap," David said.

I stopped fighting Danny's strong hands. The truth was I wasn't really such a reluctant participant at all. I was glad to suck his cock. It just felt funny to be doing this while his brother drove the car up front.

"That's right, TJ, do it. You know you want it," Danny said.

I took Danny's dick into my mouth and tasted a full day's worth of sweat and testosterone. Involuntarily I moaned as I realized how nicely the steep curve of Danny's dick seemed to fit into the back of my throat. I got a tongue-full of pre-cum and Danny shoved me down further onto his rod.

"So what do you think amigo? Taste good?"

I managed an 'um hmm' with my mouth full. After a minute or so of sucking on Danny's dick, I added my hands. Danny seemed to like the extra friction.

From the front seat, David shot me a 'thumbs up.' Being his twin, I'm sure that David was far too familiar with all of the little sounds his brother made, particularly those when he was getting closer to an orgasm.

Danny started bucking his hips. From the front, David seemed to sense his twin brother's rhythmic breathing.

"He's almost ready to pop TJ," David said. "Unless you want a mouthful of thousands of little Dannies, you'd better pull your lips off."

Danny gripped the hair on my head more forcefully. "Don't you move a fucking muscle TJ! I'm gonna impregnate your throat!"

David laughed. I gagged. And Danny came a ton. I sucked Danny totally dry. I'd never been too crazy about cum in my mouth but somehow this just tasted good. It had been a crazy 24 hours or so, and I'd been kind of on the brink of sex the whole time. So Danny's semen was no big deal. Danny lapsed into that immediate, super sensitive state that always happened right after you got off. He tried to move his hips away from face, but I held him tight. So I kept it up, sucking forcefully on the tip of his cock. Danny shuddered, but he seemed to love it all the same. Somehow I sensed that this was not going to be the last time that I had Danny's cock in my mouth.

Danny seemed totally spent when we finally got out of the car at his parents' house. We were just in time for dinner, David reminded us, as we collected our bags. I wasn't staying, but they offered.

As I pulled my bike out of their garage, I couldn't help but notice that David's shorts failed to hide a pretty obvious hard-on. I smiled at David and he looked away quickly. Caught. Danny noticed me checking out his brother's crotch and slapped me on the back with a grin.

"The Leeman boys are full of surprises, aren't we amigo? First you think he's straight, then you think he's gay, then..." Danny said, laughing.

I laughed too. Who the fuck knows? I jumped on my bike and rode off.

The door at the front of the New Haven police station opened up and Max walked back inside. It was hard to say how long he'd been walking around outside. Certainly plenty of time for Max to be able to get himself into some trouble. I looked up at the old clock on the wall. Officer Ruggazione was 45 minutes late.

"TJ, I just two of the most hottest guys ever just walk into the side door of the building. They were both wearing work-out wear. It was matching to each other," Max said excitedly.

"Um, yeah, so?" I asked.

"Well do you think they work here?"

"How would I know, Max?"

"Because they did not use the front door," Max explained, pointing to the revolving door that he had just come through. "Maybe that was an employee entrance or something?"

"Maybe," I said.

I thought for a moment. "Was one of them dark haired, tall, thin, you know? With perfect teeth? Hair sort of messed up?"

"Yes, I almost died and went directly to heaven! I have fallen in love!" Max responded.

David and I giggled. Hmm. I wonder if Ruggazione was late for our appointment because he was just getting back from a morning session at the gym. Oh well, we'd know soon enough.

"I must meet this police office," Max said.

"Officer," David and I said together.

"I think you will, Max, very soon."


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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