Officer Brian T. Ruggazione of the New Haven police department adjusted the towel tied around his waist. He had just finished his work out at New Haven Fitness, the local version of a premier health club, and he was going to shower up before heading in to work.

On a Saturday.

Brian liked to stay fit. He was here at the gym most mornings before work. It wasn't so easy being a cop. There was a whole lot of his job that was pretty sedentary, but he did the best he could. Even when he was still in school at Fairfield University down the coast, it had been really important to him to work out. He'd been running triathlons since college, and now he tried to keep up with it when he could catch a race somewhere in New England. He'd even done some bike fitting as a sideline, but knew he probably make a living at that.

Brian taught a couple of classes at the gym when his police schedule was light and it didn't force him to cancel. It reduced his monthly membership fee by half, and got paid a little bit too. His Tuesday night cardio kick-boxing class was easily the most popular evening class at the club. Both the men and the women packed in to take that class. Since it was at 630pm, he got plenty of Yale students to come to his class before they went back to campus to study whatever it was they were studying. He got quite a few regulars in kick-boxing, and most everyone could keep up with the pace he set. In general, there were a few more men than women in his class and everybody was in amazing shape. The room absolutely reeked of hormones-both kinds-when he was done with them. More than a few times, Brian had been approached after class by somebody wanting to buy him dinner, or make him dinner, or suck his dick. And a couple of times, he'd liked what he'd seen and gone along for the ride. He wasn't breaking any laws, Yalies had to be at least 18, right?

He caught a reflection of himself in the mirror on his way to the shower. At 28, he was in his physical and sexual prime and he looked it. He wore his medium brown hair a bit long and shaggy, no haircutters had been able to tame it but that was okay with him. He had no hair on his chest to speak of, just a little trail down toward his crotch. Unlike a lot of his colleagues at the police station, and also a few from the training staff at the gym, he was not heavily tattooed. He only had one, a sun burst in the center of his lower back. Brian wasn't exactly worried about what everybody said about tattoos, that they look pretty goofy as you get older, he just didn't particularly like lying there for hours while they poked tiny needles into his skin. The sitting still, the needles! That had been too much for him when he got the sun burst. Brian had decided that he'd gotten all the ink that he needed to for the time being. Any other art on his body would come from the sculpting he did during his workouts.

Brian tossed his towel over the hook and slid open the curtain. He stood naked; his back to the other shower stalls and turned on the water. As he waited for the water to heat up, he could feel the eyes on his backside.

New Haven Fitness wasn't the cruisiest gym he'd ever been to in his life, but there was still plenty of looking around that went on inside the men's locker room. It was often said that more than 100% of the Yale freshman class was gay (probably by somebody who went to Harvard), and Brian was fully aware that a lot of those boys worked out at NHF. Brian also knew that his butt was probably not his best side. What he had going on over on the front side would be much more interesting for the guys sneaking peeks from the shower curtains behind him. But, this being a Saturday when he was due to meet up with the Leeman twin and his friend from up in Boston, Brian didn't have time for any of that now. He was plenty horny, but that would have to wait. He had to work. Maybe next week, after he taught his class and worked the group up into a frenzy, he'd try his luck again. He had his share of shower room head, and the Yalies never disappointed.

He closed the shower curtain and let the warm water wash over him. He squirted some shampoo into his palm and put it on his cock instead of his hair, his manhood springing to life instantly. It felt great, as his already thick dick got quite a bit thicker. And longer.

He was going to be late for his appointment.

Which sucked of course. He'd rather not be working on a Saturday at all. But it was not his style to keep people waiting, especially when the guys he was meeting at the station were already going through so much.

Ruggazione would rather be off with his friends today but he had been assigned as the 'officer in charge' of the Danny Leeman investigation. And since it had been nearly a week since Danny was last seen, there was still plenty to do, plenty of rocks to keep turning over.

So, in he would go on a Saturday. And he would keep hoping for a break in the case. Maybe, just maybe, Danny's twin and Danny's friend from up in Beantown would come up with something to help him that he hadn't been able to come up with on his own.

Standing in the relative privacy of the shower stall, Brian's hands generously lathered himself with the cheap body wash supplied by the club. His skin was taut, smooth, and muscular. He had no chest hair. Earlier in the week, Brian had trimmed the hair at the top of his crotch. He soaped up his dick and looked down. He was fully erect now, a hard-on to be proud of. His dick stretched upward with a curve in the middle. It was widest at the base and thinned only a tiny bit out toward the end. As dicks go, his was very, very thick. Or at least that is what he had been told. Not everyone who had tried had been able to get his or her lips all the way around it. Brian had seen his share of porn, of course, but it was sort of hard to compare himself to the guys on the screen.

Brian used one of his hands to tug his balls lower, his other wrapped around the fat shaft as best it could. The light soapy friction of his up and down motion felt so good that it made him shudder.

While he lightly masturbated, so many thoughts flew into his head at the same time.

His kick boxing class earlier this week was more heavily attended than usual. There was a new group of students, probably from Yale, who were trying it out. Two guys and two girls. All of them were able to follow the moves pretty well, despite being first timers. They kept talking to each other during class; they seemed more into each other than they were into the exercises. Brian watched them closely and just smiled. It was hard to say if they were couples, each of the four of them seemed just fine with the physical contact of the class. Each of the four of them seemed just fine with touching each of the other three. Maybe the girls were together and the guys were together. Maybe they were all just really close friends. Brian had no idea, but it made his dick harder thinking about it.

He thought of David Leeman, the guy from out on the west coast who had come into town to help find his brother Danny. David was a handsome guy. He'd been completely broken up over Danny's disappearance. When Brian first met David, he'd taken him into a private meeting room so that they could talk without all the crazy noise and distractions going on in the station. As Brian went through his list of questions, David tried so hard to hold it together. Finally he cracked. And Brian had held David's head against his chest as David cried. It was one of those moments as a cop that felt good and bad at the same time. Bad for the obvious reason that David's brother was missing and Brian wasn't sure if they would ever find him. Good because Brian knew that this was his job, that he was doing good by supporting the guy through a very difficult and vulnerable time. David's head had felt heavy and warm. Brian had put a hand on David's head. His hair smelled good, certainly better than the body wash he was using to stroke his dick. Brian wondered what brand that David used. He was getting closer to cumming now, and his body shivered again with the anticipation of orgasm.

His mind flashed briefly on the woman who worked reception at the gym. Her name was Marisol or Marilyn or something. She was dark skinned with long dark hair. Maybe she told him that she was taking a break from UNH to make a little money. Or maybe that wasn't her.

There was Danny's friend from up in Boston who was supposed to come down to meet him today at the station. TJ. There was something about TJ that Brian really liked. He had been extremely helpful with descriptions of Danny, and he helped Brian with lots of details about the track meet they had both been attending. It was based on the information from TJ that Brian put his timeline of the disappearance together. TJ seemed to feel badly that he couldn't offer even more. When the two of them discussed Danny and his sex life, TJ was open and honest but Brian could tell that the conversation was not very easy for him. It was hard talking about sex with complete strangers, so Brian had put a hand onto TJ's shoulder, encouraging him to feel comfortable sharing whatever helpful details he could. TJ blushed when he was touched. Brian remembered thinking what a good friend TJ probably was for Danny, how lucky they were to have maintained such a close relationship through high school and now in college. As Brian continued to stroke himself, he tried to picture what it would be like if TJ was in the shower with him right now. His shoulders shook and put the image out of his mind immediately.

What replaced the image of TJ was a memory of yesterday in the locker room at the police station. The chief allowed the guys to come to work in their uniforms, he thought it increased the visibility of the force around town even when you were off duty. Still some guys came into work in street clothes and changed once they arrived at the station. That was what Brian preferred to do. So did his friend Tommy McKeon. He and Tommy had changed together in the locker room at both the beginning of their shift and then again at the end. Tommy was originally from Ireland, some place named Cork. His family had come over to the States years ago when Tommy was young, but everybody in the family still had fairly thick Irish accents, though Tommy could sound American when he wanted to. Tommy and Brian had gone through the academy together, had studied together, suffered through all the physical torture together, and had remained pretty close friends now that they were both on the force and assigned to downtown beat. Tommy practically lived at the gym and it showed. His biceps and triceps were carved works of art and Tommy had flames tattooed on both of his upper arms. He liked to show them off. It was rare that Brian ever saw Tommy outside of work wearing a shirt with actual sleeves. Brian worked out hard too, but he knew he would never match how cut Tommy was. He had like zero body fat and his abs were the envy of Brian and everyone else on the force. Of course, Tommy was single and lived alone, he had all the time in the world to stay fit. Brian wasn't actually sure if Tommy ever ate food. The guy looked amazing either in or out of clothes! Tommy was uncircumcised with a dick that was always noticeably longer after he took a shower in the station than it was when he went in. Under the warm water and the expert motion of his own right hand, Brian's dick got harder and his whole body shook.

And finally, Brian thought of Danny Leeman too. The missing runner from Oregon who had come out to New Haven and could not have possibly known that his life was about to change forever. As Brian jacked his dick, he considered the dozens of ways that Danny could have gotten himself into trouble. He pictured Danny's happy, smiling face from the pictures he had seen. He pictured Danny Leeman at Toad's Place, sipping a beer and laughing at somebody's joke. He pictured him kicking back on the New Haven green, his strong, athletic legs crossed at the ankle and glistening in glow of the late evening sunset. And he pictured Danny in the back room of that bar on the south side of town, shackled into a leather sling, his pants around his ankles, his ass exposed while guys in dark glasses took turns whacking him with a paddle or shoving dildos into his hole.

Brian trembled one last time, felt his ass tighten up like a vice and then he came, his dick shooting ropes of white semen onto the tiled wall of the shower stall.

He allowed himself to enjoy the moment and considered all he had been fantasizing about. There were any number of things that had likely put him over the edge; he just hoped it wasn't the last one, that just didn't feel right somehow. Brian opened his eyes, looked down at his fat cock pointing more straight ahead than up and he milked himself dry. The cum stuck to him like glue in the moist heat and he flicked it onto the floor. He watched the water try to move the little white globs into the drain. He used his hand to clean the wall as best he could, checked to make sure that his erection was down to an acceptable level and then opened up the curtain to grab his towel.

Brian Ruggazione finished dressing and finally left the gym, he was nearly an hour late. He hoped the guys weren't too mad at him. He put the thought out of his mind, felt a chill course through his spine, and stepped out onto the sidewalk and into the sunshine.

Parking his car in the back lot and letting himself in through the employee entrance, Brian went to his desk to check his email before he brought the boys inside. Just in case there was some news from overnight that he needed to know about the Leeman case.

His email in box was filled with the usual New Haven PD administrative bullshit. A few spam items offering him a 50% discount on uniforms and service revolvers as well. Nothing about Danny Leeman. Dammit! Brian stood up, picked up the plastic folder that contained his notes on the Leeman case, stuck a pen on top of his right ear. As he was straightening his belt, he heard the happy ding letting him know that he had a new email. Instead of ignoring it, he leaned over his desk and popped it open.

It was from his friend Tommy.

That was weird, Tommy was off today. He knew that because the two of them had walked out together yesterday afternoon. Brian was hoping that the two of them could get together and catch a movie or something Saturday night. But Tommy said he couldn't. He told Brian that he was going to be busy all weekend. Brian assumed that meant he was doing some all weekend intensive work out boot camp or something down in New York City, but Tommy explained that there was something wrong with the plumbing in his condo and that he intended to spend the whole weekend ripping pipes out of walls to replace them. Sounded like a disaster and Brian wanted no part of that!

So why was Tommy writing him an email at work?

As he opened the email Brian saw that it was time stamped with a red exclamation point. Really? Tommy was not one for drama, this was probably pretty important. Maybe he had gotten in over his head with his household plumbing project. Brian had no ideas at all about plumbing, but maybe he would lend him a hand after work today.

'Hi Brian,' the email from Tommy began. 'Sorry to bug you today, but I really need to talk to you. Please call when you get a chance.'

Totally weird.

That didn't sound like Tommy at all. Since when did he need to talk with Brian about something? The guy was pretty quiet, and easily the most self-sufficient guy at the station. He always went about his business very quietly and he relied on nobody but himself. Brian was the opposite, always with his heart on his sleeve. Everybody knew it when Brian was having a bad day. Or on the rare days when he was having a really good day. Brian talked to everyone. About everything. He was everybody's pal. Tommy kept walls up between himself and everyone. Except maybe Brian. It was just the way he was. No big deal, Brian was still Tommy's friend. In fact, maybe he was Tommy's only friend at the station.

Brian checked his watch. Oh my god, he was so totally fucking late to meet up with David Leeman and TJ. Fuck. Oh well, he would make it up to them somehow. Maybe there were some donuts in the break room that he could get for them. He rolled his eyes. Donuts at a police station! Totally fucking cliché! Brian sighed and picked up his desk phone.

Tommy answered on the third ring.


He sounded out of breath. More weird. There was nobody he knew who was in better shape than Tommy McKeon. Brian had never seen him out of breath before.

"Hey Tommy, it's me Brian. You sent me an email to call you. What's up buddy?"

There was a pause. Brian heard Tommy exhale loudly.

"Yeah, thanks man. I'm glad you called," Tommy said. His voice was strained.

"Sure, I was surprised you sent me a note today," Brian said.

Tommy groaned. Somehow his groan sounded Irish. "Right, I know. Right? I was supposed to be working on my car today, but you know, I couldn't get, um, the right parts."

What? Working on his car? Brian distinctly remembered that Tommy said that he was supposed to be working on his plumbing.

"Oh, okay," Brian said. "Your car. Okay. So what can I do for you? Sounded urgent in your email."

"Well, it is, a little bit. It's just that. I need your help."

"Okay, shoot. Anything you want, buddy. What do you need?"

There was a nervous laugh on the other end of the line. A bit out of character for Tommy.

"It's just, well, it's a little embarrassing. If you know what I mean?"

"Whatever dude. It's okay. What do you need?"

Another pause.

"Handcuffs," Tommy said quietly.

"Handcuffs?" Brian asked. "Did I hear you right? You need handcuffs?"

"Yes. Handcuffs. Do you think you can grab me a pair and bring them over?"

"To your house? Er condo? I guess I could rustle up something from Central Supply here. What about your pair?"

Pause again. Brian could Tommy breathing again through the phone line.

"They're um, you know..."

"You lost them? You lost your handcuffs?" Brian asked.

"It's not what you think," Tommy answered. Again that nervous laugh.

"So wait a minute. Did you hook up with that girl from Mystic last night? The one you were telling me about? The one with the tits?" Brian said the last word louder than he intended.

"What? No!" Tommy shrieked.

"Come on!" Brian taunted him. "You said she was hot! Did she take your cuffs?"

"Um no, I didn't hook up with her," Tommy said. "It was somebody else. That's where I lost them."

"Somebody else? In town? You used your New Haven police handcuffs while you were having sex with somebody else? Here in town? You fuck!"

More laughter.

"Yeah, yeah, it was something like that."

"Who was she?" Brian asked.


"The girl you made it with last night."

"What? No, there was no girl! I mean, there was no. Well, actually we didn't. It's just that..." Tommy was clearly stammering and obviously didn't want to talk about it.

"You dog! I can't believe you tied some girl up and now you lost your cuffs!"

"It's not like that!" Tommy practically shouted through the phone.

"Okay," Brian sang out. "What was it like then?"

A pause.

"You want me to tell you about the sex I had? About how I tied them up?"

"Um hmm, I'm all ears buddy," Brian said.

"It isn't what you think," Tommy said.

"Okay, then tell me what I should think. I gotta' hear this!"

"Aren't you at work right now?"

"Oh yes, right, I am," Brian answered. He looked again at the clock. The Leeman case! They were still waiting!

"So can we talk about this later?" Tommy asked. "Right now, I just new a new pair of cuffs. I don't want Captain to find out."

"I won't tell him," Brian said.


"On one condition. I get to hear all about this, this little dominatrix of yours!"


"Yes, that's right. Dominatrix. Or were you in charge for a change?" Brian asked, chuckling. The idea of very cool, ultra-hip Tommy being dominated by a woman was a story that he just had to hear. But not right now. Not when he had people waiting for him.

Tommy laughed.

"That's right," he agreed. "I was definitely not the one in charge. That's how I lost my cuffs."

"Okay, now we're finally getting somewhere," Brian said, extending the joke.

"So can you get me a pair? Today?"

"Yes, buddy, I can get you a pair. I've got a meeting this morning, then paperwork most of the day. I'll stop by on my way home from work."

Brian heard Tommy sigh again. He sounded relieved.

"Great, thanks Brian. I really appreciate it."

"Sure thing."

"Um, just one more thing."


"When you get here, I mean, to my house. Just leave them on my car. You know? Under the chassis and on top of a front tire so nobody sees them," Tommy explained.

"On a tire? On your car?"

"Yeah, you remember where I park right. It's just downstairs and across the lot."

Brian had been to Tommy's condo many times. Tommy lived in a complex of condo-like townhouses. There was a private parking lot where all the owners were assigned a spot. Brian knew Tommy's spot and he knew Tommy's car.

"I thought you were working on your car?" Brian asked. He was confused again about what Tommy had said at the beginning of the conversation.

"What? No. I am re-doing the plumbing inside my condo. It's a big, big mess inside," Tommy said.

"Okay," Brian said. "But why can't I just ring the bell and you can buzz me up? Would be great to catch a movie."

"No. I mean, no movie. I'll be too tired."


"It's just that. You know, there's so much work here. I'm already beat. These pipes are old and they are all rusted and stuff. Takes everything I've got to manhandle them out of the walls."

Wasn't Tommy's condo complex new when he bought his unit a few years ago?

"Oh, okay," Brian answered.

Clearly, Tommy was up to something and didn't want to include Brian. Maybe he had more than one girl inside and things were a bit more complicated than usual. Somehow he figured he needed two sets of cuffs to maintain order. Or whatever he was doing in there!

"So you'll do it?" Tommy asked.

"Sure, I'll do it."

"Okay, then call me before you get here. If I can, I'll come down so you don't have to leave them on the tire."

"But I thought you didn't want me in your condo because of the mess?"

"I don't! I mean, no, that wouldn't be a good idea. It kind of smells bad," Tommy explained.


"But don't worry, I'll have it cleaned up in no time."

"So you can tie up another dominatrix and have your way with her."

Tommy laughed again. He was sounding more like himself again. Maybe Brian was foolish to be suspicious of his friend.

"I just need an extra set. If I find my old pair, I'll return these new ones to Central Supply. No harm. No foul, right?"

"Right," Brian agreed.

If he finds them? I thought he said that... Oh well, nothing about this phone conversation was fitting together. And Tommy definitely did not sound much like himself. Oh well, eventually, Brian knew that Tommy would explain everything. And that it would all make sense.

Or would it?

Brian hung up the phone, made himself a note on a post-it and stuck it onto the front of his computer monitor.

He looked at the note as he picked up the Danny Leeman folder to got out to the lobby to meet David and TJ.

Instead of the note reading: 'Tommy, handcuffs, central supply' the note read something different. The note read: 'Tommy??? Danny Leeman?' There was an arrow with two heads that Brian had drawn between the two names.


TJ Tachet

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