Max huddled against the side of a bright orange dumpster in the Stop 'N Shop parking lot. He was dirty, cold, hungry, and tired. He had been having a really, really lousy day.

He wrapped his arms more tightly around his chest and stared through the window into the store. There was still no sign of Tommy.

Max had been waiting at the market for hours and he was just about at the end of his rope.

His silly scheme to have Danny taken away, only to be magically found and returned by Max, was disintegrating. In the original plan, Danny would be away less than a day. Max himself would offer up his amazing intellect and scientific and magical prowess to TJ to selflessly find poor Danny. When Max found Danny and released him to TJ, Max would be hailed as a hero.

And surely, TJ would immediately wrap his arms around him, shower him with kisses. And finally hop into the sack with him. It was a sure bet, at least as Max had originally conceived it.

So when his New Haven contact, Tommy McKeon, who Max knew from the time he spent in the city considering Yale as a college of choice, and whom Max had paid handsomely from the generous allowance his parents gave him, called with bad news, Max was fucked. Tommy said that the guys he was with at the market last Saturday night had gone a little over board and had basically beaten the shit out of Danny.

Max was in tears as he listened to the story of the wise-cracking Danny. Tommy described Danny's bravado, even in the face of a group of local boys who could easily have killed him. Tommy had tried to intervene and to keep things under control. Unfortunately, Danny was an arrogant little hot head who taunted the guys and said he sucked dick better than their mothers did.

Naturally that had pissed off Tommy's friends, who had no idea that Tommy intended to break away from the group and spirit Danny away. So, Tommy's friends roughed Danny up a bit; in Tommy's version, Danny was such a loudmouth little shit that he sort of deserved it anyway.

You don't talk about somebody's mom and fellatio in the same sentence.

So, at the end of the day, unfortunately, there was some blood spilled. And Danny wound up on the pavement outside the Stop 'N Shop as Tommy's friends walked off into the night.

Tommy was dumbstruck initially as he walked in the pack with his friends. It felt to him like a pack of wild dogs after they'd taken down a gazelle.

After a block or so, Tommy knew he was fucked, but his police instincts took over, and he said he was just going back to make sure the store called an ambulance for the guy. Nobody protested, they'd probably never miss him.

Tommy ran at full speed the few hundred yards back to the Stop 'N Shop. As he sprinted into the parking lot, he saw the surveillance cameras. It didn't take a genius to realize that the store cameras probably caught the whole thing on video tape.

He panicked, and considered just leaving Danny alone in the parking lot. Surely some body would come along eventually and call for help. Instead,Tommy had taken Danny back to his apartment, given him first aid, taken care of him. For an entire week!

Tommy had to get the video tape to erase any proof of the fag-bashing.

When Tommy called Max last weekend to report that there was a problem, that things had not gone off exactly as planned, Max was angry and confused.

Max's plan to bed TJ was disintegrating, and he felt powerless to do anything about it. Max would be glad just to get out of the whole messy situation without being carted off to jail!

As Max and Tommy talked on the phone, Max saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Tommy thought he could take care of everything. Nurse Danny back to health, keep everything completely anonymous, and get Danny back to his family and friends within a few days.

Initially, Max was a little pessimistic, but Tommy assured him that as a local police officer, he had better options than just about anybody else around. Basically, it was Tommy's way, or the highway. Max had no idea what that meant, but he trusted Tommy.

All week long, as Max made his way to classes at MIT, and kept track of progress down in New Haven by phone or by email, things had been back on track. Despite the potential jail time that Max couldn't stop thinking about, he still felt good about trusting Tommy to fix things. But it was taking way too long. Tommy was supposed to go and get the videotape from the store immediately. But he couldn't because the store had a system and Tommy needed to fully understand it first before he tried any kind of funny business.

Days went by, and still the videotape remained at the Stop 'N Shop. Those first few days, Max was satisfied with his daily reports from Tommy. Then, as the week dragged on, Max was becoming sullen and depressed.

At least one part of Max's plan was on track. Early in the week, Max had met up with TJ right after Danny was kidnapped and TJ got back from the invitational in New Haven. Poor TJ had needed a friend, he was pretty upset and Max had been there for him. So, while Step One was a complete cluster-fuck, at least Step Two was working out. And right on schedule.

Next, just as Max thought he would, TJ had invited Max to accompany him to New Haven. And while Max put on a show of caring surprised, he really hadn't needed to. TJ had been pretty oblivious. All the guy was able to really think about was his friend Danny. So, Step Three appeared to be going okay, so Max felt like maybe, just maybe, this would all work out exactly as it was supposed to!

Since he was by far the more financially well-endowed of the two of them, Max booked a hotel room for them in New Haven. TJ requested two beds. Max insisted on one. TJ put his foot down. But booked them into a room with one. Which is exactly what TJ would have expected Max to do. After all, Max had been pretty clear with TJ about his sexual intentions ever since he'd met him at the beginning of the school year. So, if he was thinking like TJ would think: Max was just being Max.

It was only once he and TJ had actually arrived in New Haven that the cluster-fuck began again.

Despite Max's best efforts, and his little yoga show in the hotel room early this morning, TJ had resisted having sex with him. Not exactly a total disaster, but not good either. Bagging TJ was proving to Max to be much more difficult than he had originally thought it would be.

Then, when he and TJ and Danny's brother David were over at the police station waiting for the investigating officer, Max lost complete control of himself. He started to panic for real. Max couldn't risk being recognized by any of the cops at the station; so he split.

And, after wandering the streets of New Haven for hours, after upsetting a perfectly nice little family over at the Yale Quad, Max was beside himself. He'd been trying to reach Tommy all day. But Tommy, the fuck, wasn't answering his phone. And Tommy wasn't calling Max back either.

So here Max sat. In the parking lot. He hadn't been in touch with TJ all day. He'd kept hoping against hope that he and Tommy would hook up and that Max could take Danny back to TJ and his brother David. He already had a fairly believable story that he'd created weeks ago about how he'd managed to find Danny and secure his release. Max considered that it had an 88.5% chance of success, odds he was definitely willing to take.

But now, Max didn't know what on earth to do. And so he sat by the garbage bin at the Stop 'N Shop. If the whole plan was going to work, Max had to be the one to deliver the goods. He had to bring Danny home, nobody else.

Max was miserable.

He was increasingly unsure if TJ would ever let Max fuck him. At this point, Max would have settled for just five minutes of foreplay with the guy. So long as he got to have TJ's legendary cock in his mouth at least once! If he ever did get to have sex with TJ, it was bound to better than awesome! Better than fucking "rockets red glare" awesome


Paolo and Jeremy M stood by the Customer Service Desk of the New Haven Stop 'N Shop. The store was creepy quiet, nobody even at the cashier at this late hour. A clerk with very long purple finger nails examined them as if she was seeing them for the very first time.

Jeremy M held the large blue package of Oreo cookies close to his chest, his mouth watering with the anticipation of eating them soon. Very soon.

It had been a really, really long day, and now it was coming to a very interesting ending. He hadn't expected to be taken for a road trip from Boston down to New Haven. He hadn't expected to get jacked off in the car while he was sleeping. And he hadn't expected to have a chance to see his younger brother.

All good things. But if anybody fucking touched his Oreos, he didn't know how he would react. Not likely to be pretty!

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his brother Carey walking down the aisle through the fruits and vegetables toward him. There was a uniformed police officer following right behind him.

Carey M broke into a little jog. Jeremy M met him half way. They hugged. Just like brothers who were totally surprised to run into one another inside a supermarket.

Carey M was taller than his brother Jeremy and draped an arm over his shoulder; they walked together over to where Paolo was standing. Waiting for them both with a giant smile on his face.

Even if Carey M was a top, perhaps there was a still a three-way possibility for Paolo with these guys. He was willing to be creative. Introductions were made. Paolo noted that Carey M looked a little disheveled, as if he'd just been sucking somebody else's dick in the back room of the store. He put the thought out of his mind and tried to keep his eyes above Carey M's neck.

"So what the heck are you doing here dude?" Carey M asked his brother.

Jeremy M looked at Paolo.

"I have no idea," Jeremy M said. He held up his bag of Oreos. "I needed food."

Carey M laughed.

"Don't they have food in Boston?" he asked.

Jeremy M shrugged.

"It had just been too long, I guess. Anyway, Paolo and I just thought we'd check out New Haven for the weekend. He lives here." Jeremy M nodded in Paolo's direction, hoping he would provide a little bit more information.

Carey M scanned Paolo from head to toe and then looked at his brother.

"I approve, big bro," Carey M said to his older, yet much shorter brother. "I hope you find some time to actually explore New Haven a little bit as well."

All three of them laughed.

Suddenly Carey M realized that he was being impolite. He totally forgot about Officer Tommy McKeon, who he'd just been in the manager's office with.

He turned to introduce Tommy to his brother and Paolo.

But there was nobody there.

"Huh? Where'd he go? He was just here a second ago," Carey M said.

Paolo and Jeremy M looked down the produce aisle but didn't see anybody else.

"He was just...that's weird," Carey M said.

"Do you mean that cop?" Jeremy M said. "I saw a guy in uniform trailing you when you first came toward us, but then he disappeared."

Carey M shook his head. He looked at his brother.

"Yeah, we were just together in the back. And then they told me you guys were down here, so..."

Carey M thought about explaining what it was that Officer Tommy McKeon and he had been doing up in the manager's office. Well, the official stuff, before Carey M wound up between the guy's legs smoking his joint. He rolled his eyes. Oh well.

"And now he's gone. Poof!" Jeremy M said, jokingly.

Carey M chuckled.

"You have no idea," Carey M said. The three of them exchanged a glance. Paolo's suspicions were confirmed. And now Jeremy M figured it out too.

"That's my little brother!" Jeremy M said, clapping him on the back. "You make me so proud!"

"Thanks Jeremy," Carey M said with a smile. "I'd like to say that you taught me everything that I know, but well, you didn't."

"That's the problem with tops and bottoms," Paolo interjected, trying to be helpful. "It's like a different science entirely. A bottom can't teach a top to be a top. And a top can't... well vice versa."

Jeremy M blushed.

"Why the heck are we having this conversation? This is my little brother here, he's barely drinking age!"

"Jeremy, come on! We fucked all the same guys in high school," Carey M said.

"Well, you may have fucked them. I got fucked by them," Jeremy M said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard this a thousand times," Carey M said.

As they laughed again, Carey M looked around the store for Tommy. He caught a flash of the police officer exiting the store.

He didn't even say good bye?! Carey M wondered what the problem was. He had wanted to introduce him to his brother. Tommy was about the fittest guy he'd been with in a long time; since Jeremy worked out like a freak, he would definitely have liked him.

Carey M's eyes followed Tommy all the way outside. He could still see him through the front windows. He was about to turn away when he saw Tommy stop. He was talking to somebody. Whoever the other person was, he was really getting into Tommy's face.

Jeremy M and Paolo turned to see what it was that Carey M was looking at.

The guy outside was pointing a finger right into the face of the police officer. Tommy put his hand up to block the guy. It looked like they were having an argument.

"Oh god!" Carey M said.

"Oh god what?" his brother asked.

Carey M walked quickly over to the station where his manager was located.

"Mr. Patel!" Carey M shouted. "I think you should call the police, those hoodlums from last weekend might be back!"

Mr. Patel looked up from some papers he was perusing on the desk. Carey M ran to the store window at the front of the store and pointed outside. His brother and Paolo ran right behind him. Even the cashier with the purple nail polish stopped what she was doing and looked toward the window as well.

"I'm not calling the police," Sunil Patel said, calmly. "The police are already here. If we call them too often for no reason at all, they won't come quickly when we really need them."

"Whatever," Carey M said.

He ran out the door. His brother Jeremy and Paolo followed him outside. Jeremy M still held his Oreos tightly to his chest.

When Carey M and the others ran up, they found a handsome, dark-skinned Asian man completely flipping out. Whoever the guy was, he had Tommy speechless. The cop kept trying to get a word in, but the Asian man wasn't listening. He just kept yelling.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Carey M, trying to sound much butcher than he actually was.

Tommy and the Asian man turned toward him in unison. There was an awkward pause. Neither of them knew what to say. Tommy sighed and appeared to be thinking.

Carey M was the man who had just had Tommy's dick in his mouth. Max didn't know that of course, but if he had, he would have changed his approach to the situation.

Finally, Tommy spoke.

"Sir, please step back, and stop pointing your finger at me. If you continue, I will be forced to arrest you.

"Arrest me? Are you kidding fucking me?" Max asked with surprise.

"No sir, I am not kidding, now please step back," Tommy said. He held up both hands in the universal sign for stop.

"What's going on Officer?" Carey M asked again.

"Never mind, young man," Tommy replied. "Now you folks just go back inside. I have everything under control out here."

Carey M chuckled.

"Um, forgive me for saying so Tommy, but it doesn't really look like it's under control," Carey M said. "Who the heck is this guy?"

Carey M pointed at Max. Max stepped back and shoved his hands into his pockets. He stared at Carey M, and then at Jeremy M, his mind making the connection.

"Are you two brothers of each other?" Max asked.

Carey M looked at his brother and nodded. "He's older," he said in response. Max smiled and nodded. Despite the fact that his world was just about to implode, he forgot about all that for a moment. His libido got the best of him.

"I'm Carey, I live here in New Haven, I'm the assistant manager of the store," Carey M said, extending his hand to Max.

"Max," Max said. "I'm from Boston, unemployed. But I go to MIT."

"Wow," Carey M said. "You must be smart, like my brother."

"People, can we go back inside please? All right already!" Tommy tried to interject. He had a frustrated look on his face. This was all not going to end well.

"Hi Max," Jeremy M stepped up. "I'm Jeremy. I don't know about being smart, but I live in Boston too. I'm in the English department at BU."

"Nice," Max said. He was grinning broadly now. What a hot little crowd of gorgeous men he had run into. When he least expected it. He ran his fingers through the mop of his dark hair and tried to plaster it down.

"And I'm Paolo," Paolo stepped forward to introduce himself. "And I'm not in college. I work. Here in New Haven."

"Christ! This is all very civilized! Can everyone just go back inside the store please? I need to have a conversation with this man here," Tommy said, trying to round up the group and schuss them away.

Jeremy M opened the seal on his box of Oreos. Everyone watched.

"Who wants one?"

Max stepped up immediately. "Oh my god, I am so starving!" he said. "Thank you, I don't mind if I will."

Max grabbed three and popped one into his mouth whole.

"Me too," Carey M said.

Jeremy M took one for himself and nibbled half.

"These are just great, right?" Jeremy M said. "Officer, you want one?"

Jeremy M held out the box for Tommy, who declined.

Carey M reached his hand in again and took out a few more. "I totally forgot how good these are, bro!"

"I know, aren't they? I could eat them every day!" Jeremy M said.

Paolo laughed. "Why are you so thin?" he asked.

"It's because he fucking bikes everywhere and runs his ass off," Carey M answered for his brother.

This caught Max's attention.

"Oh yeah, you run? Up in Boston? Where? Along the river?"

"All the time, whenever my teaching schedule allows," Jeremy M answered.

"You teach too?" Max asked.

Jeremy M was chewing and covered his mouth.

"Yeah, he's an English TA," Carey M answered again. "Freshman English. Right bro?"

Jeremy M coughed and swallowed and nodded all at the same time.

"No way Jose," Max said. "I have a friend who is right now taking Freshman English at BU. I wonder if you know him!"

"All right, all right," Tommy shouted. "Enough! You three back inside! Now! Or I'll have to arrest each one of you!"

"For what? For eating Oreos?"

Everybody except Tommy thought that was funny. Tommy put his hands on Carey M and Jeremy M's shoulders.

"Just get inside," Tommy said. "I am conducting some police business here, and I don't need any of you to hear what I have to say to this man."

Tommy nodded in the direction of Max, who gave them all his best "what the fuck do I know?" shrug.

Jeremy M took out two more Oreos and handed them Max before they turned back toward the store entrance.

"Hey, my friends name is TJ! Do you know him?" Max asked, raising his voice.

As Jeremy turned, he saw Tommy smack Max in the head. I wonder why he did that.

Did Jeremy M know a TJ? Of course he did.

Just not well enough yet.

Back inside Stop 'N Shop, Carey M, his brother, and Paolo huddled together by the Customer Service counter.

Paolo put a hand on Jeremy M's shoulder. Carey M watched his brother soaking up the attention. The truth was that Carey M worshipped his older brother.

It was getting quite late and Paolo had been a pretty good sport about the pit stop, and all the chit chat at Stop 'N Shop. Now that Jeremy M had eaten his Oreos and had gotten a chance to see his little brother, Paolo was done. It was time for him to get Jeremy M home.

While Jeremy M and his brother talked, Paolo shifted his weight and looked at the ceiling. Both brothers noticed. Jeremy M placed a hand on Paolo's forearm.

"I'm really sorry about all this Paolo," Jeremy M said. "I had no idea this would all take so long. We have to get out of here."

Paolo looked ruefully at Jeremy M. Yes we do, his look said.

Jeremy M sighed. He said goodbye to his brother. As he turned toward the exit, Jeremy M did not see Paolo hand a small slip of paper to Carey. Carey M smiled and stuck it in the front of his pants. He knew exactly what it was.

Outside the supermarket, there was no sign of the police officer or that guy from Boston who knew TJ. Jeremy M wondered where the two of them could have gone so quickly.

Five minutes later, Paolo parked in front of the old Victorian house that he shared with Donnie. With luck, Paolo and Jeremy M would have the whole day. Donnie was a neat freak and would probably spend the day scrubbing their place in P 'town free of dust and germs. Donnie would call just as he was about to leave, the two of them would make up, and then Donnie would be on his way back to New Haven. Paolo thought that he might even tell Donnie about Jeremy M when he called.


Paolo and Jeremy M climbed the stairs. Paolo unlocked the front door and they walked inside.

Jeremy M dropped his backpack onto the floor as Paolo turned to face him. Paolo slipped his hands inside of the zip-up hoodie that Jeremy M was wearing. His palms pressed against Jeremy M's upper ribs, feeling the taut muscles under his arms. Jeremy M shuddered and let his neck fall back. Paolo's mouth found Jeremy's lips; his tongue found Jeremy's throat, the force of his grip drawing them together.

Jeremy M was instantly hard. Whatever Paolo wanted to do to him right now was okay.

Kicking the door closed behind Jeremy M with his foot, Paolo pressed their faces together. Jeremy M softened the pressure of his lips, allowing Paolo to take over. It felt to him like Paolo's tongue was all the way down to his neck. Since he was easily six inches shorter than Paolo, Jeremy M grabbed both sides of Paolo's butt and held on tight, he could feel Paolo's mighty cock bursting through his jeans, pressing against Jeremy's lower abs.

Deftly, Paolo removed the hoodie from Jeremy M and cast it onto the floor.

Jeremy M shuddered again. There was only a light t-shirt between them. Jeremy M's tiny nipples stood erect and Paolo placed his thumbs over them. Jeremy M smiled and pulled harder on Paolo's hips, flattening their cocks still more. Now as Paolo smiled, Jeremy M reciprocated with Paolo's shirt, tossing it onto the floor as well.

Paolo slipped a hand behind Jeremy M and placed his middle finger between the cheeks, and then he gracefully moved around behind Jeremy and guided him to walk forward. Paolo's hand repositioned as Jeremy M walked, his middle finger tapping lightly against the opening. Jeremy M turned to kiss Paolo again before they walked up the stairs. Paolo unlocked the front of Jeremy M's pants and they fell to his knees, hanging up momentarily on the tenting of his cock through his underwear.

Jeremy's dick and his butt were sandwiched between Paolo's large hands. Combined with the pants around his knees, he was stuck and couldn't move. Paolo noticed and grinned. They locked their mouths together, this time Jeremy M's tongue explored the back of Paolo's mouth. With a half grunt, Paolo picked him up and hoisted him up the stairs. When they reached the top, Jeremy M allowed his lips to rise up from Paolo's so Paolo could breathe. Paolo slipped off his shirt and threw it down the stairs, then did the same with Jeremy's. As the skin of their torsos touched, Paolo's middle finger worked its way inside Jeremy's butt. Jeremy M's cock reacted with a tiny squirt of pre-cum. Paolo felt the moistness from outside Jeremy's underwear and rubbed a finger around the tip through the cloth.

"Ah," Jeremy M said quietly. "You'd better hurry up and fuck me, you're gonna make me cum before we even get out of the hallway!"

Paolo laughed and tussled Jeremy M's red hair lightly.

"Haven't you already cum enough times today?" Paolo asked. "You're like a machine!"

Now Jeremy M laughed.

"No worries mate," he responded with an Australian accent. "Trust me, I've got plenty left."

He stroked himself lightly to underline the point. Paolo placed his hand on top of Jeremy's and forced him to jack his own dick.

"Ahh," Jeremy M said, this time more loudly.

Paolo licked the underside of Jeremy M's jawline. This tickled him, and Jeremy M jumped away. Because his pants still locked his knees together, Jeremy M twisted away awkwardly and he fell to the floor at the top of the staircase.

Paolo tried to catch him but couldn't do it in time. They both giggled, and Paolo lay over him. He peered into Jeremy M's eyes and bit his upper lip.

"Let's get my dick inside you," Paolo said gently.

"Yes, let's," Jeremy M agreed.

Paolo wriggled Jeremy M's pants down to the bottom of his legs, tugged off his shoes, then slipped the pants off completely. They landed at the bottom of the stairs with a soft thud. Jeremy M was down to just his underwear and socks. Paolo dug a finger under the least if band at the top of each sock and flipped them both down the stairs to the growing pile of clothes. Jeremy M smiled broadly and lifted his hips off the floor so that Paolo could remove his briefs.

"Eager?" Paolo asked.

"You have no idea!"

Paolo finished the job. Jeremy M lie naked on the floor, his fat hard-on throbbing lightly in the air. Paolo spent about thirty seconds and carefully examined the perfect male specimen that he was just about to make love to. When he had finished checking over every part of him, he nodded his approval.

"You'll do," Paolo said.

Jeremy M giggled. He flexed at the waist and sat up. ""I'll do what? Just say the word, sir, and I'll do it."

"Good," Paolo said. "That's what I wanted to hear. Now stand up and finish getting me undressed."

Jeremy M stood and saluted. "Yessir!"

Jeremy M never made it to the actual bed. Before he did, Paolo pulled his arms back at the shoulder and eased him to the floor. As Jeremy M's knees hit the floor, his hard-on bounced twice then settled at an angle pointing his own face.

Paolo put his forearm under Jeremy's neck and tilted his head backward. He stepped forward above Jeremy's face and planted the crease of his ass on top of his nose. Jeremy M sucked in a breathful of sweaty cotton.

Paolo leaned forward and took hold of Jeremy M's ankles. He pulled his feet off the ground and spread them widely apart. Jeremy's balls fell away from his butt and wrapped loosely around the base of his hard cock. Still partially clothed, Paolo planted his face between Jeremy's cheeks. He spit into the hold and flipped his tongue around the pink rosebud of Jeremy's butthole.

"Ahh," Jeremy M said again.

With his ass in the air Jeremy was balanced precariously on the back of his neck. Paolo was practically lifting him off the ground by the ankles. Small drips of pre-cum slipped out of the tip of his dick and stretched in a web to the center of his chest.

Paolo took note of Jeremy M's leakage and doubled down on Jeremy's butt. Letting go of one ankle, he spread Jeremy M's butt wider with his fingers and pulled him higher off the floor with other. Poor Jeremy tensed his neck and tried to keep from falling.

Paolo dug his index finger inside of Jeremy and instantly located the sweet spot.

"Whoa! Fuck, Paolo!" Jeremy M shrieked.

Wrapping an elbow around Jeremy M's foot to keep him aloft, Paolo licked his palm and took hold of Jeremy M's penis. Paolo stuck an extra finger inside Jeremy M's hole and stroked his dick at the same time.

"Oh god!" Jeremy M said from the floor. "This is crazy! Put your fucking dick inside me already!"

Jeremy M pulled himself downward and Paolo's finger came out of his ass with a pop. He scooted backward on the floor, sat up, then reached up and tugged the rest of Paolo's clothes over his hips and down to his feet. Paolo's cock sprung free and landed with a smack on the top of Jeremy M's tongue; he was rock hard and primed with his own cap of pre-cum. Jeremy M sucked on Paolo's rod for a while and then hopped sprightly onto the edge of the bed.

Jeremy M wrapped his hands around his own ankles and lifted his legs up and apart. One second later, Paolo was upon him, letting his massive cock rest momentarily on the outside. Jeremy M thrust his behind higher into the air to will the cock inside. Paolo placed his palm on the top and physically shoved himself into Jeremy M's hole.

Jeremy M gasped.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Jeremy M yelled. "You're like a baseball bat! Shit!"

Paolo started to pulse his body in and out of Jeremy M. He went slowly, allowing the full length to penetrate him completely, and then exit to all but the last half inch. Jeremy M writhed and wriggled on the side of the bed.

"Please," Jeremy M yelped. "Go faster! Please Paolo!"

And Paolo would thrust even more slowly. The effect on Jeremy M was maddening, and he moved up and down furiously to fuck himself with Paolo's dick.

Finally, Paolo completely stopped moving.

Jeremy M opened his eyes. "What?" he said.

Paolo's eyes pierced to the inside of Jeremy's head and willed him to relax.

"Okay, okay, I'll calm down. I promise! Just don't stop fucking me!" Jeremy M pleaded.

For nearly an hour, Paolo screwed Jeremy M slowly. He stroked his cock until it appeared Jeremy might cum, and then he would stop abruptly. At times, when Jeremy's moans lessened, Paolo sped up and slammed his cock inside. Their sweat glistened in the soft light from outside and Jeremy slipped off the edge of the bed.

Finally, when tears streamed down his face, Paolo finally let Jeremy M cum. He shot his own load just outside Jeremy M's hole.

The two of them collapsed onto the floor in a kiss. Jeremy M closed his eyes.

While the phone rang, Jeremy M kept his eyes shut and drew Paolo closer. Paolo opened his eyes and glanced at his cell on the floor. He couldn't read the number, but he already knew who it was.


Danny woke up from a nap. He hadn't been tired, just incredibly bored.

Over the course of the past week, since he'd been held captive, his mood had changed considerably.

Initially, being tied was a sexual turn-on; Danny's dick had been hard for a full day. Not knowing what was about to happen to him, and not knowing who was about to do it was a bonus!

But when nobody came by to have sex with him, Danny's dick softened. Danny got a little pissed off and started to complain. It had been a really, really long time since he had gone so many days without getting off. In response, his captor (who was pretty fucking hot, by the way) set up the rolling porno video. The video was exactly what Danny needed; he was amused for a while by Colt and his brutal top act.

Once or twice, with the help of Colt and the parade of bottom-boy twinks in the video, Danny managed to will a bit of semen out of his cock, despite the fact that he could not help out with the use of his hands.

Danny, of course, still wasn't satisfied. He wanted to suck a real dick. Or get fucked by one. Watching somebody else do it on a big flat screen just was not the same thing.

So, with the cramping in his arms and legs from lack of exercise, and the constant screwing and cumming of Colt on the TV screen in front of him, Danny was starting to get a little depressed. He'd been so frustrated earlier today, in fact, that he'd lost it with his captor.

And then he saw the guy naked.

Whoa! The man was cut. He had abs of steel, incredible arms covered on both sides with flames, and a hairless chest that Danny could get lost in for a very long time.

The guy's dick wasn't the best one that Danny had ever seen, but it was the only one that he had seen. In the past week at least. So it was Danny's current favorite.

Danny considered it the ultimate torture that he had managed to get himself kidnapped and held captive by such a hot guy. A hot guy that he could not touch. When had that ever happened before?

It was still pretty dark, though Danny wasn't exactly sure what time it was. He was staring sadly at the ceiling, trying to tune out Colt and his obnoxious grunting on the video, when he heard voices outside of his room.

Both were men.

Whatever it was they were talking about, the two men sounded pretty excited. Maybe it was an argument. But about what? Could they have been arguing about Danny?

Danny strained his ears to listen to what the men outside his door were saying over the stupid banter of his ex-friend Colt. Did the fucking guy ever fucking shut up?! He stayed absolutely still.

The men continued to talk. Their voices sounded like they were underwater. Still, Danny could make out that one was the man. The man who was holding Danny captive. The other voice was new, but sounded a bit high pitched, maybe even foreign, Danny wasn't sure.

Then both men outside his room became silent. Danny could hear himself breathing heavy. Unfortunately, Colt was not silent. Danny shot Colt and the TV screen a poisonous stare.

Then Danny heard footsteps. The man entered, he had his mask back over his face. He was carrying a brown shopping bag.

"Hi," Danny said. "What's up?"

"No talking please," the man said.

"No talking? Why? You can't possibly be tired of listening to me?"

"Shh," the man said.

Danny tried to see what the man was holding inside of the bag. He hoped it was some lube. And a different video.

The man came over to Danny's left shoulder. He pulled some black cloth out of the bag.

Shit, no lube!

"This is for your own protection. You are not going to be hurt," the man said.

"What? What's for my own protection?" Danny asked. Now he was scared.

The man placed the black cloth over Danny's face. Danny's world suddenly went black.

"What the fuck? Why do I have to have this?" Danny asked, a little panicky.

Five minutes later Danny found himself walking outside. For the first time in a week, he felt the cool night air against the skin of his arms. Despite the black cloth over his head, he could breathe the freshness of the outdoors as it leaked through the tiny openings in the cloth around his neck.

Danny couldn't see where he was going, but for the first time in many, many hours, he let himself hope.

He was going home!

At least he hoped that was where the man was taking him. The man kept his hand on Danny's shoulder as he slowly guided him along the pavement. After so many days bound to the bed, he found walking to be surprisingly complicated. But it felt damn good!

"Hey there, what are you doing?"

The voice came from somewhere behind him.

Danny felt the man's grip on his arm tighten. He shoved Danny forward, and Danny's blood went cold.

"Just mind your own business," the man said. Danny tried to pull away, but the man held him tightly.

"Keep walking Danny," the man whispered. He sounded angry.

"Stop!" The other voice shouted. "Or I'll call the cops."

The man kept shoving Danny forward. For a moment, Danny had forgotten that he could talk. Then he remembered. What the fuck? He had nothing much to lose.

"Help me," Danny screamed.

There was an incredible pain on the side of his head.  That was the last thing he remembered before he blacked out.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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