Danny Leeman looked down at his own crotch.


The video had been playing forever, cycling around again and again. And clearly it was not having the intended effect. Danny's crotch, well specifically the dick lying quietly in his crotch, hadn't changed even a tiny bit. He was not hard. He was soft like an over ripe pickle, and completely not turned on.

Danny sighed to himself as loudly as he could.

He knew that the man was not in the apartment, but some part of Danny's brain was hoping that a very loud sigh from him would demonstrate how bored and exasperated he was. He wanted the man to know how tired he was of this stupid video. He had been watching it non-stop since yesterday. Or was it the day before yesterday?

It was stupid. The dialog between the men was incredibly stupid. Danny's eyes lingered on the sex scene playing out on the screen before him.

"You want it?"

"Yeah I want it. Right now!"

"You want me to give it to you?"

"Oh yeah, give me your big cock!"

"Okay, take my big cock! Take it. Now!"

The smaller one on the screen grunted when the bigger one, who was apparently the star of the show and had anything but a party sized dick, shoved his dick into the butt of the smaller one. Whose dick was also not party sized, Danny noted.

The credits, which would be coming up after a little while and which Danny had practically memorized, said that the smaller one was named Steve. The bigger one was named Colt.

Personally, Danny thought that the smaller one had the larger penis and could just as easily have been called Colt. Or maybe Foal.

The larger one reminded Danny of TJ's old boyfriend from high school, Joey. Well, maybe just a little. Joey didn't grunt quite so much as Colt, although in truth, Danny had never been plowed by Joey and couldn't say for certain.

Right now, the one in the video who was named Steve was on the hood of a car getting his ass pummeled by the one named Colt. They were grunting in rhythm such that it was hard to tell whose mouths the sounds were coming from. Mostly Colt probably, given that seemed to be his thing.

Danny had no idea what the weather was outside. Wherever he was. But on the video, it was a sunny day and the car was a red convertible with a very large hood. It looked hot.

Danny wondered how Steve was managing to get fucked on the hood of a car in the sunshine without burning the crap out of his skin. It would have been more realistic if Colt had pulled a picnic blanket out of the trunk of the red car and at least allowed poor Steve to lie down on that. That would have made sense. Even big rough tops like Colt surely didn't want their passive little bottoms, like Steve, to be so uncomfortable while they were getting fucked.

Still bored, Danny watched Steve grind his hips into the hood of the red car. He had watched this scene so many times; he knew exactly when Steve would start to moan, most likely because his abs were frying.

Danny opened his mouth to moan along with him. What the heck, it killed some time.

"Oh yeah," Danny said quietly, in perfect unison with Steve. "Fuck me Colt! Fuck me with your big fucking cock!"

Danny paused and let Colt say his line by himself.

"You like that, don't you pussy boy? You like me fucking you with my big fucking cock!"

Danny took a breath and quietly mouthed Steve's line with him.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me harder."

Colt did as he was told and fucked Steve harder.

"You know I want it Colt. I'm so fucking close Colt! You dick feels so good inside my ass!" Danny said it all out load, this time in his best imitation of Mickey Mouse.

Danny shook his head. He had just pretended to be Mickey Mouse taking it up the ass.

"Colt can do me any time of the day. You are one fucking lucky little amigo, Steve! But I am not giving it up on the hood of a hot car, I don't care how hot the dude is!" Danny said, this time in his own voice.

Just like the last few dozen times, Steve bucked his hips up and down against the hood and started to moan. Right on cue. Danny knew that he would cum in three more punishing thrusts from Colt. This part always made Danny wince. Danny imagined poor Steve's hard swollen dick, mashed against the very hot hood of the car, lube flying everywhere, sautéing the skin on his front side, as he somehow squirted his big load of sperm perfectly onto the grill of the car.

"Yow!" Danny said, almost involuntarily.

For like the tenth time in a row. Despite second and third degree burns, somehow poor Steve managed to cum, just like he always did. And miraculously, the camera shot from below didn't seem to show Steve's cock any the worse for wear. Somehow, Steve's cock and balls were not burned to a crisp while he got fucked. Somehow, Steve shot an enormous was of cum into a straight line exactly onto the radiator grill and somehow it didn't melt immediately in the heat. Somehow, Steve then flipped over so that he could lick the last few drops of cum off of Colt and his front side was not red as a tomato.

Editing. That's what it was. Really, really good editing. The film editors did a nice job showing that Steve totally enjoyed himself. He was smiling and looking directly into Colt's hard, stony eyes. And fortunately, little Steve had no skin blistering on his front side to show for it.

Danny hoped that poor Steve got paid really well to take it up the butt on hood of the hot car. He doubted Steve would agree to such a scene again. Or maybe he would. It was a big world and maybe Steve was just one of those.

As the next scene was starting, Danny looked away. He didn't particularly like this one very much. In this scene, it showed someone who looked remarkably like a guy Danny once dated back in Oregon getting hosed by Colt on a lifeguard tower. Danny had trouble getting past the blowing sand, and how that probably felt inside the Oregon guys butt. To say nothing of how the sand probably felt on Colts big dick.

Danny stuck his tongue out at the screen and looked again down at his crotch. Nada. Danny's dick was completely disinterested in getting rammed on a lifeguard tower too.

For Danny, it was pretty surprising that he couldn't get it up. His dick had always been reliable before. Despite his situation, with the handcuffs attached to one of his arms and both of his legs, Danny thought his dick could easily get beyond all that. Danny though that getting an erection would be no problem at all. He was pretty bored after all with no midterms to study for. He had all the time in the world. He was alone and had a video playing, featuring a guy named Colt.

But no go.

Danny shook at his head at the ceiling in the general direction of God, or whoever was responsible for controlling his erections.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

For the thousandth time, he tugged again at the handcuff that attached his right wrist to the metal bedpost. He immediately winced in pain. He looked over at the band of red that encircled his wrist. There was a thin ring of dried blood that had been there for a while, ever since the first day or so that he had been locked up here. To Danny's untrained eye, it seemed like it was getting a little worse, bluer maybe. But who knew? All Danny was really certain of was that it hurt. His arm muscles were cramped and he would give anything to change position. But it was impossible. The man had cuffed Danny's wrist this way days ago and nothing Danny had tried seemed to help.

At least Danny had easy access to his own armpit, if he fancied a sniff.

Danny looked again at his least favorite scene in the gay porno movie playing again in an endless cycle on the television in front of him. Colt was up to his usual antics. By Danny's calculation, it would be about three more minutes of pounding away on the ass of the twink on the screen before the deed would be done.

Danny was actually sick of watching Colt fuck.

The guy was a machine; that much was certain, he could jack hammer away with the best of them. But Danny was starting to really dislike the guy. He wished the people who made the movie would have switched things up a bit and thrown Colt on the bottom for a change. Colt needed to get fucked. By every one of the guys he'd fucked in the movie. Turnabout is fair play, right. Isn't everybody versatile nowadays?

"You're such a jerk!" Danny screamed. "Leave the poor guy alone!"

Colt ignored Danny's yelling and kept thrusting his cock in and out of the guy's ass.

Danny had really had it.

"I hate you Colt! I fucking hate you! You're nothing to me! Nothing! Just a fucking brutal, selfish top!"

Colt pumped faster.

The volume of Danny's voice in the small bedroom that he was in surprised him. It came out louder than he thought it would.

Tears streamed down Danny's face. His eyes were glued to the television. He knew exactly when Colt would be done, and that made him detest the arrogant pig even more!

With his free left hand, Danny grabbed his penis through the soft fabric of the shorts he was wearing. He pulled at his cock, trying, through sheer force, to make it hard.

"Come on you piece of shit!" Danny yelled, half at his crotch, half at Colt, "Fucking do it already! Don't let me down like this! Don't let me..."

Danny shoved his left hand under the waistband of the shorts. He yanked at his dick, jacking himself savagely.

There was no response. His penis stayed soft. Danny yanked harder. There was no lube, of course. But if that was what his stupid cock was waiting for, that could be easily fixed. He had a mouth full. Danny licked his palm and rubbed the head of his cock furiously.

Bingo, his dick noticed that. Finally!

Danny felt the familiar sensation of the start of an erection coursing throughout his body. He slobbered his palm up some more and lubed up the shaft.

Danny stared poison darts at Colt on the screen. If being pissed off at Colt for always being on top, and never on the bottom, could help Danny have his first orgasm in days, then he would fucking loathe Colts selfish guts!

Danny's dick was mostly erect by now, his left hand weary from the effort of jerking himself up and down. It was a crazy fast pace.

Back in the real world, Danny whacked off very differently. He never masturbated himself like this! At least when he wasn't handcuffed to a bed for who knows how many fucking days! Danny's dirty little secret was that when he was alone he took his time. He preferred it slow. He even liked to tease himself by going even more slowly the closer he got to climax. Nobody who Danny had sex with ever realized that, of course, since Danny was generally in charge, and generally in a hurry.

Danny watched Colt explode again. The camera lingered on Colt's face before zooming out. Colt looked mean and satisfied, all at the same time.

"Fucking jerk!" Danny yelled at the television. He was breathing heavily. The fist pumping effort had gotten him and his dick no place. And now he was worn out.

Music played and the credits at the end of the movie rolled. Danny

What else was he supposed to do anyway?

Danny looked at his dick. It was a little longer and a little thicker than his usual, but it was certainly not hard. There were some red areas on his dick now too, just like he had on his wrist. He exhaled and rolled his eyes toward the sky. He had become a case study in chafing. When would this ridiculous nightmare ever end?

He wanted to turn the video off. Danny couldn't bear the thought of having to watch it, or even hear it again. He wanted Colt to take some acting lessons. He wanted Colt to just shut up! The opening music played on the screen. Soon Colt would be sitting in his office chair at work, in his suit, reprimanding his poor, unfortunate coworker for not having gotten the job done on time.

Danny shut his eyes as tightly as he could, maybe that would make stupid Colt shut his stupid mouth. Or maybe Colt would just explode from the force of Danny's effort. The porno studio would be a gruesome horror movie scene of Colts cock and balls and stupid fucking sperm everywhere!

The man had left the remote control where Danny could see it. But he couldn't reach it. Maybe he thought that Danny would use the remote to send a secret message to the outside world that he was being held captive in this small bedroom and made to watch a gay porno over and over again. Maybe the man was worried that Danny would order a pizza or something. Or watch something fucking else, goddammit!

Tears continued to roll down Danny's face. His soft cock lay limply in his left hand, the MIT athletic department shorts wrapped awkwardly around his thighs,His arm hurt. His ankles hurt where they were bound together too.

And now he had to pee again.

It was still light outside, but the sun must have moved. There was a small opening at the bottom of the bathroom door and Danny could see that there was no more bright light streaming into the bedroom he was confined in.

Danny longed to be outside, in the sunlight, moonlight or whatever. He had been locked inside of this room for almost a week, he figured. He wasn't exactly sure.

The last thing he could remember wasSaturdaynight, the night before the finals in the New Haven Invitational. He was pretty certain that he hadn't actually run in his final. If he had run, he might have won. And that, he would have definitely have remembered. He remembered going out to dinner with a bunch of runners. Some of them had qualified for finals and wanted to take it easy the night before the race. Some of them hadn't qualified and just wanted to party in the bars that all the Yale students went to. It wouldn't matter if those guys stayed out late. And a few of them, like Danny, were racingon Sunday, but felt good enough about their chances that they would stay out just a little bit later because they were not scheduled to run until the afternoon. Danny was running the mile, his best event, and most big meets scheduled the men's final at the very end of the day.

When he wasn't busy memorizing every inch of Colts body, or reciting Colts stupid lines right lines along with him, Danny had been racking his brain trying to remember how he had met the guy who now had him tied up in this small bedroom. Every time he thought he was getting close, Colt would have another orgasm. And then Danny would get distracted by all the commotion on the screen and he'd have to start over again.

What a pain.

Danny picked up his plastic milk bottle with his left hand and wedged it between his thighs. He was about to take off the plastic cap with his teeth when his brain reminded him that he had been peeing into this bottle and that might not be a good idea. Danny rolled his eyes and took off the cap with his left hand, being careful not to let the cap roll away like it did yesterday. He had been forced to smell his own milk bottle of pee until the man had gotten home and emptied the bottle into the toilet.

Now came the hard part. Getting his weenie into the bottle, holding it upright and not making a mess. This took planning and careful attention to detail. Neither of which were Danny's strengths.

He thought it through. He was just about ready to start by rolling onto his side, but then Colt moaned and Danny focused again on the screen, losing his train of thought. This was Colts longest cum shot of the entire movie. Danny knew that Colt would pull grunt twice, pull his dick out of the ass he was fucking, and then shoot a long stream of cum onto the back of the guy. Compared to the rest of Colts cum shots, this was the best. Danny figured that Colt was either really turned on by this particular dude, or it was just early in the day when this scene was filmed and Colt was fresh. Young, hung, and full of cum, Danny's brain sang out.

"You like that?" Colt asked.

But the boy couldn't answer because Colt was now pulling the boys hair back with one hand andslipping a glop of cum into the boy's mouth with the other hand.

Danny frowned. Any fucking guy ever pulls my hair after he finishes screwing me, it's over and I'm out there, he thought.

For Colt, it was over too. At least until next time.

While the music played on the screen and the camera panned out to an overhead shot of Colt and this scenes fuckee, Danny got back to business.

He peed into the milk bottle very, very carefully. Danny's thighs could feel the warmth of the piss inside the milk bottle, an odd sensation that Danny had started to appreciate. He left the bottle in place for a few seconds, allowing himself to enjoy it. Then he carefully placed the bottle on the floor beside him and put the cap back on.

The man who had tied Danny up had been kind enough to leave him a jug of wet wipes. Danny cleaned off the tip of his dick with a wipe, rubbed it through his fingers with his thumb, then wadded it into a ball and winged it at Colt on the screen. The wipe fell harmlessly onto the floor in front of the flat screen TV and Colt went about his business unscathed.

Danny sealed up the jug of wet wipes.

He closed his eyes. Maybe he would just rest them a while. He had been watching the same porno video for days now, and even a perverted nympho like Danny needed a break.

Danny blocked out the sounds coming from the video and tried hard not to visualize what Colt was up to next. He exhaled heavily and thought back toSaturdaynight.

He remembered walking with a group of guys he knew from the meet. They were across the street from New Haven Green. Heading in the general direction of the hotel, but not really having any particular direction. They were a crowd of six or so, and people who walked past them on the sidewalk had to squeeze around. Danny knew most of their names, and his runner's brain also knew the events they ran and the times they had put up in their qualifying heats earlier in the day.

It was Danny's thing. Knowing race times like he did. It had always been that way for Danny. More so than any other runner he knew. Even TJ, who was obnoxiously smart. TJ couldn't match Danny when it came to memorizing times.

As Danny and the guys made their way slowly along the street, laughing and talking about the finals that would comeon Sunday, Danny realized that there was one particular guy in the group that didn't know.

That was odd.

Danny wasn't even sure what event he ran. Or maybe he was a field athlete, like maybe javelin or vault, and Danny had simply missed him in the qualifying.

While the others kept up the chatter, Danny remembered hanging back a tiny bit so he could take a closer look at the guy who he had apparently not noticed before.

He was shorter than the rest. Definitely not a pole vaulter.

His arms were cut, but he certainly didn't have the muscles you'd expect on a javelin thrower.

He had a thin runners build, just like Danny. Hmm. So maybe the guy was a runner and Danny had somehow missed him.

Danny looked him over as they rounded a corner, and the guy seemed to notice. Their eyes met for a brief flicker. The moment passed. Danny smiled to himself.

No doubt about it. He was just cruised.

The guy was probably Danny's age. Cute, but more ethnic than Danny usually went for. Danny remembered seeing some type of school logo on the guy's shirt, but wouldn't come to him now. Danny's cock seemed to register the quick glance that had just passed between the two of them. His cock always had better gaydar than Danny's head did. Danny felt himself stiffen;casually he shoved a hand into a pocket and readjusted himself. He kept walking.

The guy was clearly a runner. Danny hoped the dude would be doing the mile tomorrow. Just like Danny. Maybe he was a rabbit who had been brought in just to drive the pace during Finals tomorrow.

A rabbit. That's it. That's why Danny had never seen the guy before and he didn't know the guy's time.

Well, Rabbit or not, Danny knew exactly what he would be doing with him tonight. Danny's dick had already made that decision very clear.Lost in thought, his brain blocking out Colts grunting, Danny tried to relax in his chair. He wanted to run. He needed to run. It had been days since he'd gotten a good run in. From the time he fell in love with running fast, Danny ran, he ran every day. Sometimes he ran more than once a day. On a few crazy days, he got out there at least two or three times! even remember when that had last happened.

The clock on the dresser across the room struck five. There was a little click as it did. It rousted Danny out of his day dreaming. Danny stared at the clock face. Every hour it did this. It wasn't loud, but it always startled him. He thought about slamming it against the wall, but he couldn't reach it of course.

He wouldn't though. That little click of the clock was actually all he had right now. He was incredibly bored. Incredibly scared. More scared than he had ever been in his life. What would the man do with him? It had been days and days now. He was losing hope that he would ever get out of here.

Danny took a sip from his water bottle and looked around the room. He had to pee again.


Would this be the last place he ever saw? Would this stupid clock be all he ever had for company? Danny thought of that movie where Tom Hanks had been stuck on an island. He found a basketball, dressed it up like a jungle tribesman, and it became his constant companion.

Danny had a clock. A frigging clock. And he couldn't dress it up to look like anything, because he couldn't reach it.


Tom Hanks had named his basketball 'Wilson', an easy choice for him since that brand name was printed on the ball.

Danny squinted at the clock face in search of a name. There was something printed on the face on its lower half but he couldn't make it out.

Timex? Naw, probably not. They made watches. Swatch? Nope. Just watches again. Seiko?


Maybe he would ask the man the next time he came into the room. Danny rolled his eyes. He was losing it. Of all things, he was going to ask his captor the brand of clock on the fucking dresser? So that he could have his Tom Hanks moment? And then the stupid clock would get lost in the ocean when he tried to escape anyway?

Danny sighed and stared at the clock again.5:01.

Seiko would have to do.

Danny watched Seiko for a while. He hoped the man would be back soon. There had been no pattern to when he might appear. He didn't know where the guy went when he left the apartment. He wanted some answers and he was fucking sick of being tied up. He really, really, REALLY needed to get fucked.

A few days ago, when Danny had finally realized that the man who was hold him captive was not actually a trick that he had gone home with, he was more pissed off than frightened.

The guy had a pretty good body, as far as Danny could tell. He was probably a few years older than Danny. But since he always had his face covered, first by that towel and then later by the Spider-Man mask, Danny actually wasn't really sure.

But despite everything, Danny still held out some tiny bit of hope that this was all some kind of really bad practical joke. Some really bad joke gone really wrong. In the end, the guy would turn out to just have this odd bondage fetish. Then he would fuck the shit out of Danny. Maybe he even had a sling somewhere. And once the deed was done, Danny would walk out the door and hop on a plane back to Oregon.


Danny wondered if his brother David was out there right now. Worried sick probably. Or had he flown back east to look for Danny? Knowing David he was probably in town. And so were his folks.

And TJ too, he lived close by in Boston, so he had probably come down to hang with David and their parents. To help in the search. TJ was a good friend. He was a pretty crappy runner back in high school but he had improved a lot since he started college at BU. Danny could still take him though. Any day of the week. TJ was fun to have sex with, but the guy would never the kind of runner that Danny was.

Actually, if Danny never got out of here, would he ever run again anyway?

Danny thought about the first time he watched TJ and his brother fool around.

The three of them were at the State Track Championships. They were supposed to be sleeping, but they were 18 and horny and staying in a hotel in another city. And well, boys will be boys. Danny smiled at the memory. It started in the hotel pool, the night before they were to race in the finals.

Stupid? Yes.

Totally worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely!

In the hotel pool, it was dark outside and the three of them were chancing it by swimming naked. But just to be safe, they kept their shorts close. Danny's were around his neck. Danny's brother David waded over to Danny and TJ. Danny was still trying to drill a hole in his ear with his tongue and it made TJ giggle.

The twins locked eyes. A secret seemed to silently pass between them. TJ had no idea.

Danny took a breath and was about to say something.

"Shut up Danny," David warned.

"Oh my god!"

"Shut up Danny!"

"Oh my god!" Danny put his hands on top of his head, a light bulb clearly having switched on some place inside. "I can't believe I haven't seen this before!"

"What?" TJ asked. "What haven't you seen before? What are you talking about?"

"Shut up Danny! I swear to god, I'll fucking drown your ass!" David warned.

Danny looked at TJ and lowered his voice.

"TJ you're not going to believe this."

"Danny, I'm serious, don't. Come on man, don't!" David pleaded.

Danny looked at his brother with a wide grin on his face. On David's face was pain. David raised his fist.

"TJ, my boy, my twin brother David wants you to fuck him! In the butt."

"Fuck you Danny!" David yelled.

Danny splashed water over toward David to quiet him down but it was too late. David's shout echoed off the motel.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I whispered.

David swam off.

"My brother's jealous," Danny said. "I swear. He's jealous of you. I can tell what's going on in his little pea-sized brain. He wants your cock up his ass!"

David was out of the pool now struggling to pull his shorts up over his wet legs. David's ass shone in the moonlight. It was a nice sight.

"You're an asshole Danny!" David said firmly.

"David, chill out!" Danny shot back. "It's not like it's a big deal or anything. If you want TJ, I'm sure TJ will do you. These things are simple. TJ loves to fuck. Right TJ?"

"Um..." TJ said, unsure of the proper response.

"TJ, just ignore him. He has no idea what he's even talking about," David said. He turned and walked toward the gate. "I'm going back to the room."

"David, wait," TJ said, whispering loudly.

"No," David said. He closed the gate carefully behind and jogged off across the parking lot.

"Danny, why did you say that? You shouldn't bait him like that," TJ said.

"Because it's true. I know my brother. I know every look. I know every phrase that comes out of his mouth. He's super jealous that you and I have been screwing around these past few months and he wants what I have! He wants a chance with you."

"That's crazy! I thought he wasn't, you know, well, I thought he was just completely straight," TJ said.

"Right," Danny said, rolling his eyes. "It's not crazy at all. It's a twin thing. We always compete. And besides, you don't know him like I do. Yup! That's what he wants. I'm sure of it. I just can't believe it took me so long to figure it out."

TJ closed his eyes and exhaled.

"So what should I do?" TJ asked.

"Duh!" Danny said. He clasped his fingers together and then smacked his palms loudly. The universal sign for butt-fucking.

"No, really, what should I do?"

"TJ, give me a break, you know you want to. I mean, we've been joking back and forth about it for weeks. It's a perfect situation for you. David's like a quieter, much smarter version of me, but much less attractive some how."

TJ laughed.

"David's dick is the same as mine, pretty much, so you'd know what you are getting yourself into."

"Yeah so," TJ said.

"And he's less hateful and less obnoxious too! You're a nice guy. Much nicer than I deserve, as we both know. It's just right for you, TJ! Do it!" Danny urged.

"This is crazy!"

"Yup, it is. Fucking crazy. I'm such an idiot; I still can't believe I didn't see it until now. But I'm sure now. It was in his eyes. I know that look." Danny said.

"I don't know about this," TJ said.

"TJ, you have nothing to worry about. Just go slow. His ass isn't broken in like mine."

"Well...yeah. I mean, he's never had a dick up there, right?"

"I don't think so," Danny said. "Well, actually no, I'm not sure."

He paused.

"There was this one weekend a few years ago over at my cousins."

Danny looked toward the sky. He seemed to be assessing the possibility that a cousin of theirs had poked his twin brother in the butt.

TJ kept his thoughts to himself. But there was no doubt that this was a one-of-a-kind family.

Danny shook his head, having decided.

"Naw, there's no way, I would've known about it. He can't hide anything from me."

"So wait, we're talking about whether or not your twin brother got screwed by a cousin of yours? And if so, I can just dive right in? But if not, then I go slow, right?

"Exactly." Danny smiled. "I think you'll have to go slow."

"I don't know, this is pretty weird."

"Don't worry, I'll help you. It's what he wants. Give it to him. I'm his brother and I love him. You're a great fuck and he deserves what I've been getting. Heck, maybe it'll help him win his heat tomorrow."

Oh shit! The thought seemed to come to them both at the same time. They were not just away on some high school senior weekend. This was the state track championship finals!

They got out of the pool and TJ put his shorts back on. Danny saw TJ struggling to unwind them as TJ pulled them over his thighs and decided against doing the same. Danny bunched his shorts in front of his weenie and they walked across the parking lot as fast as they could. TJ stepped cautiously, focusing on the tiny pebbles in the pavement that were carving tiny little holes in the bottom of his feet. On the other hand, Danny was not thinking about his feet; he was obviously lost thinking about something else. And TJ knew exactly what it was. He probably wanted to film it.

When they opened the door to the hotel room that the three of them were sharing, David was standing by the mirror brushing his teeth. He had wrapped a towel around his waist and his dark hair was a frizzy mess.

The sight of David, now clean and ready for bed, went straight to the blood in TJ's dick. David glared at the other two but didn't say anything.

Danny threw his shorts at David's face. David ducked and they landed harmlessly on the floor. Danny now stood there naked. Again. Danny loved being naked in front of people. TJ grinned and Danny grinned back.

David sighed and turned away. He walked back toward the bathroom.

"Bro," Danny started, walking toward the bathroom door.

"Don't even say it Danny!" David warned.

"You'll like it," Danny taunted with his evil sing-song tone. "I sure do." David closed the door to the bathroom.

Well, a door slam wasn't good. TJ assumed that David wasn't interested after all.

Danny looked at me and shook his head. This was not over.

"Maybe we should just forget about this for right now," TJ offered. "After all, we all have like the biggest races of our lives tomorrow. If Coach knew we were still up fucking around at this time of night, he'd have a cow!"

"Amigo, we'll all sleep better if we get off," Danny laughed. "Especially my brother. Trust me, I know these things."

The door opened just then and David came out. He tossed his towel on the dresser and walked naked across the room, right between the two other boys. Danny reached out a hand and tweaked his nipple, but David didn't react. He crawled into the same bed he had been in last night and pulled the sheets up over his head.

"Shut the stupid lights off and go to sleep you idiots," David said from under the covers.

TJ took advantage of the moment to duck into the bathroom and close the door. TJ threw his towel over the shower rod, and then brushed his own teeth. TJ brushed his hair and stood staring at himself in the mirror.

So maybe he would not get laid tonight, and he could just go to sleep.

TJ mused at his reflection. For the millionth time, he wondered if he would ever get chest hair. TJ had been eighteen for nearly a year and still had only a few lonely scout hairs right in the center of his upper chest; but unless you were standing about three inches away, they were invisible. On the other hand, Danny and David had chests that were lightly frizzled with dark hair and TJ was more than a little jealous. TJ sighed and blew hair up at his forehead. He definitely needed to sleep, he had never been in a state finals race tomorrow..

It seemed to be something of a room theme so TJ too came out of the bathroom nude.

TJ looked at the naked Leeman boys. They didn't notice him come out of the bathroom with nothing on.

TJ wasn't surprised to see Danny sitting on top of his brother David. David was on his back and Danny had him pinned to the pillow by his elbows. They were whispering and TJ could only imagine what the conversation was about.

"I'll just sleep over here," TJ announced to nobody in particular, pointing to the other bed. The Leemans paid no attention to TJ and kept whispering to one another.

TJ tried pulling back the sheets as loudly as he could. Just in case there was the slightest chance that he was still going to be having sex, he didn't want to miss this window of opportunity.

Then, with a heavy sigh, TJ flipped the switch on the light on the bedside table between the two beds. TJ crawled in and faced the window away from the twins. Perhaps if he seemed disinterested, then he would get his wish.

TJ closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. The room was quiet but for the whispering in the other bed. TJ couldn't make out anything though.

"Okay he'll do it!" Danny announced, breaking the silence.

TJ opened his eyes but kept facing away. The announcement from Danny caused an adrenaline surge inside of TJ's body. And nearly every drop of it pooled inside the head of TJ's dick. He felt it lengthen all of its own accord.

"Did you hear me TJ? I said he'll do it! David agreed," Danny repeated.

TJ stayed still and didn't move.


As all of the blood inside him rushed into the eight and a third inches of his hard-on, TJ allowed himself to smile. He had absolutely thought about this moment, in a hotel room with nothing but naked boys in the room with him, at least a thousand times in his life. And, in the past few months since Danny and TJ had been fooling around, TJ wondered many times whether or not there'd be a three-way. And tonight, it was about to happen.

"TJ, if you're too tired, we don't have to," David said. David's voice sounded a little sleepy.

"Fuck no boys! We're doing this! Where's your lube amigo? My boy TJ is gonna take my brother's cherry!" Danny Leeman squealed with delight.

TJ rolled over and squinted his eyes. He still hadn't said anything. Hell yeah he wanted to do it. State track meet or not! TJ's dick had already made the decision for him.

"Um," TJ started.

"Um nothin'" Danny yelled. "Um fuckin' nothin'. Get your big ol' dick over here amigo and plant it in my brother's ass!"

"Um, do I have any say in this?" TJ offered weakly, considering that this was the last bit of fake protest that he would offer.

"No." The two Leeman boys said at the same time.

Danny hopped off of his brother and went to the bathroom to find his lube.

"I mean, it doesn't have to be tonight, if you don't want to," David said.

Danny came out of the bathroom with the tube in his hand. "Screw that shit! Tonight's the night boys!"

David tossed the covers aside and sat up on the bed. Danny tossed him the lube.

"I get to watch, okay?" Danny asked. It wasn't really a question.

"I don't suppose we have any choice in the matter," TJ said.

"Nope, amigo, you don't. Man, look at me, I'm already getting wood!" Danny grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times. It sprang up to full staff.

Danny pointed at David's backside and spoke to his brother.

"Put some of that lube stuff on your butthole bro! TJ's a big boy. It's gonna hurt, but this will make things go just a little easier!"

"Okay, okay, don't rush me," David picked up the tube and looked at it quizzically. He uncapped it slowly, as if something would spring out once he had popped the cork.

Three seconds passed, and the lube was not on David's ass yet. Danny looked at TJ with an exasperated face.

"Will you help my clueless brother please?"

"Sure," TJ said. TJ waved at David. "Come here, I'll show you."

David smiled, relieved not to have to do this task alone. He scooted across to the bed TJ was in. David was already hard too; seemed like he was pretty excited about this already.

TJ had David lay down on his stomach. David was shivering, a mix of excitement and fear. TJ knew the feeling, he had been there before.

Sensing that there would be a moment or two before the fireworks started, Danny stood up, his hard cock showing how he felt about the whole situation. He walked over to the bathroom.

"Guess I'll brush my teeth while you get my bro all greased up," Danny said to TJ.

TJ smiled and nodded.

Danny went into the bathroom and closed the door. TJ and David looked at each other as if to say, 'phew, sure glad that's over.'

"Shit!" Danny said from behind the door. "How am I supposed to piss with this massive erection?"

David and TJ looked at each other again, their own hard-ons aching with anticipation. They were the primary penises involved in this whole thing, what the fuck was Danny doing here anyway? Danny always had a way of saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"My brother's an asshole," David said.

"I know," TJ said. "But he means well."

David looked doubtful.

"At least I think he does," TJ added.

David smirked. They both looked down at David's butt. It was go time.

"Don't be nervous, you'll like it, it's nice. I promise." TJ put his hand on David's back to settle him down.

"I know, I know," David said. "It's just that...well, I don't know, I'm just a little scared maybe."

"That's normal," TJ assured him. "I'll take it easy."

"Thanks TJ. I mean it." David said, his voice cracking. He was visibly shivering. TJ moved his hands down to David's tight cheeks to settle him. He left his hands there for a moment as David kept breathing and trying to relax.

TJ felt like he was having a déjà vu. In the past several months, TJ had so often cupped very similar ass cheeks on David's twin brother. David had a pretty firm butt as well. TJ lightly rubbed his hand around in a circle. After a moment TJ, felt David relax a little bit. Taking the cue, TJ moved his middle finger to the crack of his ass and let it stay there.

David turned his neck and faced the guy who was about to make love to him for the first time in his life.

"TJ, this is okay right? I mean, it's not going to affect the relationship you have with my brother, is it?"

TJ smiled.

"David, don't worry about it," TJ said. "Danny and I are definitely not having a relationship. We just like to have sex. Fuck buddies, you know. That will probably not change."

"Thanks, TJ. Glad to hear it," David said.

"David, your brother's a pig. You know that. He's probably been fantasizing about this!"

David laughed. "Total pig!" He put his face back into his hands. TJ let his middle finger find David's hole and TJ applied a little pressure.


"It's nice," TJ repeated. "You're going to really like it."

In response David stuck his ass more in the air and his cheeks spread naturally. He really had a great butt. Just like the other Leeman, TJ thought.

By the time Danny was finally able to pee and came out of the bathroom TJ had lubed up his brother and had two fingers stroking in and out of him.

David moaned rhythmically as TJ had his own déjà vu about a certain pre-track meet sleepover at the Leemans' house. TJ moved his hand from side to side, trying to stretch him out.

TJ's dick throbbed, clearly knowing what was going to be happening soon. TJ's brain knew that his dick was not really starter size, so TJ wanted to get David as lubed up and ready as possible. He dove in with gusto.

"Aren't you in there yet TJ?" Danny whispered loudly. "What's taking so long amigos?"

David kept moaning lightly but said nothing. TJ just looked up and Danny and also didn't say a word. Greasing up a butt was important work, and TJ fully intended on taking his time. With his free hand TJ put a finger across his lips, shushing Danny.

Danny nodded. He wasn't the most patient person, but he did realize that this was going to be the first time ever for his brother. A little extra time in the lube department wouldn't be the end of the world. Danny also put a finger to his lips, and then blew TJ a kiss.

"Can I help?" Danny asked.

It was sort of sweet, if he meant it.

"You want to help get me rock hard?" TJ asked, nodding toward his boner. Which was already rock hard.

TJ opened his legs and his cock fell out heavily onto his thigh. With his free hand TJ wagged it in Danny's direction.

Danny was up onto the bed and had his mouth between TJ's legs in an instant. TJ kept up the rhythmic lubing of one twin's ass while the other twin sucked on his cock. Danny looked up at TJ and smiled with his mouth full.

The rest of the night was a blur. But a blue that none of the three of them would ever forget.

Danny looked down.

Just thinking about that crazy story back in high school had done the trick for Danny. Involuntarily, somehow, he had put his own hand around his dick. He was hard. Finally! TJ and David would both be proud of him. A little persistence, and these things work out!

Somewhere in the distance, Danny heard Seiko click again. It must be6:00. It made Danny smile to know that Seiko would always be there for him, keeping track of time. Keeping track of time. Clicking every hour on the hour. Danny would never put Seiko into the ocean during an escape attempt. Danny would never do anything that might hurt him.

Danny gave his dick a few light strokes, in honor of TJ and his twin brother. Out there somewhere in the world, hopefully trying to find him.

There was some pre-cum at the tip of his penis; that made him smile. Thinking about their night in the hotel back in high school had finally accomplished what Colt could not.

He was back!

He jacked himself a little bit more, still amused by the rare pre-cum. He wasn't usually a big pre-cummer. Not like TJ was anyway. That guy was a frigging faucet!

On the ever cycling porno movie, Colt was at it again. Danny watched him for moment. Colt had a nice ass and maybe Danny shouldn't hate him so much.

Danny licked his palm and rubbed it on his own cock head.

"Whoa!" Danny said out load.

It had been days, and the end of his dick was a lot more sensitive than usual. Danny closed his eyes again to make Colt go away. To bring back that much happier memory of screwing around with TJ and his brother. Most people would probably think that was it right. Twins were not supposed to do things like that.

Maybe so, but Danny thought that was a fairly outdated view of the world. Danny was a renaissance man. More advanced in his thinking than many of his contemporaries.

Having sex with your twin brother present?

Of course! What the fuck?

Having sex with your twin brother? And another hot guy at the same time?

Well, of course to that too. It wasn't like they were going to make a retarded baby or anything.

Danny kept up the motion with his hand. He was getting close now. It had been a while so this was going to be quite a load. He looked around for a cum towel.

Nothing within reach. Oh well, here we go. Danny had almost reached that point of inevitability. In just a few more seconds! He arched his back. His toes curled.

A sound!

Seiko? Nope, it was only a quarter after, it couldn't be that.

Danny heard the door open. The man was back! But Danny knew that it wouldn't take him but a few more strokes, if he could just... He shut his eyes more tightly and imagined TJ bouncing up and down on his brother David's cock, TJ's mouth on Danny's nipple, one of his fingers up Danny's butt.

Danny jacked his dick harder.

He had to get off!

On the screen, Colt finished the job, his best and loudest cum shot of the entire movie. Danny was just about to join him

Danny heard footsteps.


Danny watched as the door to the bedroom opened, his private sanctum violated. The face of Spider-man appeared before him.


TJ Tachet

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