The bus back to Boston was leaving around 7:00 Sunday evening.

It was sort of late to be getting back home, since we all probably had class the next morning. But I think the coaches decided to leave then so that we'd avoid any nasty weekend traffic on the Mass Pike coming out of Springfield and into Boston. Worked for me, of course, since I'd had an unscheduled afternoon in a police station.

Nobody knew yet about Danny's disappearance yet, other than the few guys he'd been with Saturday night. The cops probably already talked with those guys.

I had no idea, of course, if they had already made a big deal of it with the rest of the boys who were going to be on the bus, but I hoped not. Hopefully, they'd been discreet and I wouldn't have to answer dozens more questions about Danny while we were on the bus ride home. Sleep sounded like a very good idea, I was pretty spent.

The meeting with Officer Ruggazione at the station had taken a couple hours, so I didn't have much time. I had to make that bus! I hustled back to grab my stuff.

I was already wearing one of my back-up pairs of running shoes for my visit with Ruggazione, so I pretty much sprinted all the way through downtown New Haven back to the Omni Hotel. I had plenty of energy since I hadn't had to race in a final today, and it felt good to stretch my legs out along the sidewalks of the city. I wasn't even breathing hard when I pulled up to the Omni Hotel.

I'd already checked out earlier that morning and left my overnight duffel bag with one of the guys at the bell desk. The gang of college track boys from Boston was just loading up; I'd made it with plenty of time to spare.

I fumbled around in my back pack for a few bucks for a tip for a bellboy who was not as cute as I'd hoped he would be. Then I hopped aboard the bus with the others. There were a few seats left. I shoved my duffel into a little rack above the seats and sat down next to a guy from Northeastern who I didn't recognize. I said hi to a couple of guys I knew from BU, but there were no seats next to any of them. Nobody seemed to know exactly where I had just been for the last few hours, that was just fine.

"Hi, I'm TJ." I reached out my hand for a shake with the dude from Northeastern.

"Tom," the guy said. He looked at my hand for a moment before he grabbed it. "I go to Northeastern."

"Yeah, I know. I read your t-shirt," I said. "I'm at BU. I run the mile."

"5000," Tom said.

"Oh yeah, how'd you do?"

"Eighth. Got jostled around a lot on the back turn or else I might have taken third of fourth. Some guy from Yale took it."

"Right," I smiled.

"But I ran a PR today. Pretty happy with that."

"At least you ran today," I said. "I didn't even qualify for my final. Finished fifth in my heat yesterday. And. Not a PR for me either. I'd say I ran a few faster back in high school." I laughed, not wanting him to think I was a total dweeb by not making the meet today.

"Too bad." He looked out the window as the bus went around a long entrance ramp and onto the highway.

"Yeah," I said, looking around the bus for somebody else to talk to.

It was 'too bad.' I had a pretty decent race, but certainly not my best effort of the season. I just flat got beat. When the other guys took off once they rang the bell for the final lap, I tried to keep up but I had nothing. Pitiful really, considering I'd had to be invited just to here in the first place. The other guys blew past me on the first turn of the last lap and then pulled ahead even further down the stretch. I pumped my arms, stretched out my stride, and ran as fast as I could. But there was a lot of space between the first four runners and me at the line. Not sure it would have mattered even if I'd had a good day out there. Each of the first four put up times that were faster than I had ever run before, even on my best days in practice.

I sighed and looked down at Tom from Northeastern's crotch. I must have a magnet inside my head that is attracted only to dicks.

Tom from Northeastern wore the usual purple and white Northeastern running stuff and had on some loose-fitting sweats that matched. There was a box of coconut water wedged between his thighs.

"Yeah," Tom said after a long pause. He apparently agreed with something I'd said. But I barely remembered what it was. Tom probably didn't care one bit if I'd made the finals in my event, we went to rival schools after all. As universities in Boston went, Northeastern wasn't really all that tough to get into. BU was much more difficult.

But I'm sure Tom was a nice guy all the same. Just not exactly BU material. And I really didn't think much of his purple sweats.

The bus hummed along. Out the window, I watched the tall buildings in New Haven fade away.

Once we got onto the interstate north toward Hartford, Tom fell asleep. With the coconut water still between his legs. I wondered if he would squeeze the box by accident while he was sleeping and icky coconut juice would squirt upward. The whole image of spurting coconut brought another vivid one to my tired and perverted little mind, originating from roughly the same anatomical location.

Through the window, I watched the twilight sky. I loved New England! It was not even a year I'd been back here, but I couldn't imagine I'd ever leave. If you could make it through the crazy cold winter, it was really pretty fucking awesome otherwise.

I leaned back into my seat and took a slow deep breath. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck!' I thought to myself. Danny Lehman is missing! Where could he be?

Danny and I had known each other since sophomore year in high school.

We'd both made the track team as high school freshmen back in Apple Valley, Danny and his brother David very easily, me well, not so much. I struggled a bit during a couple of the timed runs but made it by a few seconds. I'll never forget that Danny got the Coach and a few of the upper classmen who were watching us pretty excited by flirting with the school records during his qualifying race around the oval. While Danny came across the line a little short of the record, he impressed everyone and they put him immediately onto the Varsity squad. Meanwhile I fell into the infield grass after squeaking onto the JV team, just above the required standard time. Clutching my aching quads and trying to catch my breath, I remember seeing Danny standing there on the side of the track, one leg in the air in some weird kind of yoga stretch. He had a big smile on his face, and didn't look like he was even sweating. He saw me looking at him and shot me a wink.

What a cocky bastard!

Gradually we became better friends. I improved enough on JV the first two years in high school to finally make Varsity and join Danny and his brother when I became a junior. Just like everyone else, I endured Danny's attitude. He could be a total pompous pain in the ass, but when you got him alone and there was nobody else around, some people might have even thought he was a nice guy. He was nice to me at least. And, easy on the eyes of course, so perhaps I was more willing than others to put up with his bullshit.

During the spring semester of our senior year at Apple Valley, Danny and I were in the heart of track season. If I had any hope of going to State track championships (which I did, of course), I'd have to improve. A lot. As a senior who had apparently improved since my freshman days languishing on the JV squad, Coach DiPonzio informed me one day that I would be running the 3200 meters, about 2 miles. It wasn't a distance that Coach let the freshmen run, too hard for them since their bones were still growing or something. But for me, the 3200 had become my favorite distance. It was rough, and it took great breath control, but I'd been training like crazy for a few years. I was sure I could handle it.

Best of all, Coach let me know that if I kept up the good work and ran well in some of our scrimmage meets, there was also a chance that he would put me into the 4 X 800 meter relay team, definitely the elite event for anybody on Varsity. I'd never run relay, and I desperately wanted to have the honor to represent our school for this particular race. Unfortunately, the 4 X 800 however was a sadistically long sprint that ate you up. You could get hurt if you weren't ready. While I usually hated going full out for two laps, about a half mile, at least it was over quickly. I started staying late after practice to get some extra work in. I reasoned that when I was able to do two full laps around in a flat sprint without throwing up, I'd be ready. Oh, and no breathing allowed while you're out there either, there isn't time.

Coach had been telling me ever since I'd first come onto the team that it was good for me to learn how to sprint. I'd resisted, of course, arguing in my immature ninth and tenth grader way that sprinting was for guys with much bigger legs than me. Sprinting was not what I did, I was way too scrawny. Sprinting was for guys with tree trunk legs, and I was not one of those. Even more, I wasn't sure about starting from a crouch, I had no idea exactly how to put my hands on the track behind the starting line.

My whining got me no place. Of course, Coach listened patiently to my arguments and then turned around and had me running sprints like about ten minutes later. He personally supervised a tutorial in the best way to set your fingers behind the line. Sounds dumb, I suppose, but eventually it worked. By the time I'd moved along and become a senior, all that sprinting had been paying off. God forbid, I was getting stronger and I was becoming a sprinter. And while my head took a long time to get caught up with my thighs and my feet, I got better despite myself. The sprinting was even helping my kick in the precious 3200, my primary race. So I suffered silently and slogged on.

That is why they call them coaches, I guess. Danny was a natural. Coach was always pointing out some technical thing that he did that we were all supposed to try and imitate. Most times, I just rolled my eyes and paid no attention as Coach used Danny as an example. Once in a while, during a weak moment, I'd bend and give the new suggestion a whirl. Danny always noticed and he always commented.

"Arms closer to your hips, amigo," Danny scolded me one afternoon, as he blazed past me on the track.

I looked up to see Danny in perfect form, his arms practically pinned to his torso as he pumped along on the soft oval.

"Bite me Danny," I yelled back.

He laughed. Later that afternoon while we were showering, Danny caught me not looking and playfully bit me about six inches below my belly button, dangerously close to my cock. I had a red mark for three days.

Happily, I finally did make the relay team. I worked even harder in practice now since it was not just me out there during a race; now I had three other teammates who I was determined not to let down.

All the same, the 800 meter distance was killing me slowly from within. I wasn't so sure I would survive too long; pretty much every single meet where I'd needed to go full throttle for 800 meters in along with my Apple Valley relay buddies, I'd need to find some quiet spot and blow chow soon after. Vomiting became a part of my daily routine. Warm up. Stretch. Run. Barf. Cool down. Stretch.

It was not long before everyone noticed that I was barking at the ants on a regular basis during practice.

Soon I had a nickname: "Chuck." Sort of a twist on 'upchuck' I suppose. But I deserved it. At least they were not calling me "Ralph" or "Earl" or "Technicolor Yawn."

So I continued my struggle with the 800. But I loved the 3200. Every day I felt myself getting stronger. Every day I loved the feel of the wind against my skin, the fine layer of sweat cooling me as I circled again and again. The faster I ran, the more I'd sweat. The more I'd sweat, the more I'd feel the wind. Running the 3200 felt like a happy cycle, and I could do it for hours.

With no puking.

So every day after classes were over, I jogged over to the locker room to get dressed in my AVHS track gear. And every day I ran my ass off. And ran, and ran, and ran. By the time the scrimmage meets were over and the real meets were starting, my time was down by like 9 seconds since I'd started running the 3200 at the beginning of the season.

Danny and his brother David were having even greater success with their events.

The three of us became even closer friends. In addition to running, Danny and I clearly shared an unspoken attraction to members of the same sex. David was sort of a hold-out when it came to sex, but I had a feeling that he'd come around to me and Danny's side of the fence in time.

In addition to all the time we spent running on the track, running longer distances along the streets of Apple Valley, and-sadly-even up and down the grandstands of our football stadium, Coach made us lift weights. Three times a week at least.


Lifting was tough for me, I didn't seem to be blessed with one of those mega-muscled power-lifter bodies. I was definitely more Andy Roddick, less Tim Tebow. All the same, I did what I could at the gym. It helped, of course, to be surrounded by so many jacked up athletes, all wearing muscle tees and all glistening with sweat.

As much as I could, I'd run with the Leeman twins. They were great for me, since both ran better than I did. It pushed me a lot just to keep up. We got pretty close.

There's not a whole lot to do other than run when you're out on a ten-miler, so we'd talk of course. About pretty much everything. Danny favored sex. Which was okay with me. David favored college applications. Which was okay with me too.

It was an amazing time in my life. Running through the streets of Apple Valley and out into the high desert country. Just putting one foot in front of the other. Talking about whatever came to mind. Running made me happy, and I was even happier to do it with such great friends.

Even though Danny and David were identical twins, I could tell them apart from either in front, usually the hair. Or also from behind, Danny had a tighter butt while David's was a little softer. It was subtle thing, being able to distinguish the asses of twins, but I was up for the challenge. In fact, I was becoming quite an expert on the backsides of boys.

If I couldn't quite figure it out physically, I could, of course, just wait for Danny to open his mouth. He had this distinctive way of speaking that was totally different from David. If a John Wayne, ride-em-cowboy swagger came out of either of their lips, that was Danny all the way. David's voice sounded very much like Danny's, but he was always much softer, calmer, less dramatic. David generally spoke only when spoken to, and he stayed far away from all of the Danny-style bravado.

Out on the track, the Leeman brothers were both a lot faster than me. They both primarily ran because the 1600, or sometimes the mile. Danny already had the school record in both. My main distance race-the 3200-was twice as long. To do well, well actually just to survive, my pace was always just a little bit slower.

I will never forget one particular week at track practice with Danny and David. It was a Monday. Weirdly enough, the Friday night before, I'd had a surprise masturbation extravaganza over at my best friend Will's house. Now, just a couple days later and freed of the weight of all that sperm, I was feeling really, really fast. I was ready to run, and maybe even take down the twins!

Most days, I struggled to keep up with the Leemans on the track. But, today I was on fire. Today, they followed me. Our track was synthetic rubber, but if we'd been out there in the real world, they'd be eating my dust!

After me and my friends blazed through about 5 miles at nearly race-day speed, I pulled away. I could see them in the periphery as I motored around some turns-I was actually gaining speed!

A few laps later, I thought maybe I'd take a little break so I pulled up near the start line of the track for a stretch. If we were going to go another five, at least at this kind of crazy speed, I wanted my legs fresh.

It took a full thirty seconds before the Leemans caught up with me. They followed me over to grab some water.

"What's the hurry today, TJ?" Danny asked with a mock pout, his hands on his hips.

"Yeah, you're like flying out there bud," David added.

I took a big gulp from my water bottle and shrugged my shoulders. I just felt fast, no other reason. These boys didn't have to hear what I had done over at Will's house last Friday night.

"You know, if you keep up that kind of pace, Coach may think you've found an extra gear deep within that big head of yours. And he might take you off of the 32 and drop you down to the 1600, ace," Danny taunted me. There was said a goofy smile on his face. Both of us knew that the 1600 was the Leeman boys' race, there was no way I'd get asked to do it too.

David laughed.

"Yeah, man, you were killing us out there!" David added his own identical twin smile.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said with a smile.

Both brothers bent over to grab their own water bottles, likely for my enjoyment. So I took full advantage of the opportunity. Tandem, twin butt cheeks, a stereo of Leeman ass!

I felt a gentle stirring somewhere between my thighs. Danny took a long drag from his bottle and looked at me.

"You wanna go another five, amigo?"

I nodded. "One sec," I said. If Danny Leeman wanted to run with me for another few miles, who was I to say no? My legs felt pretty amazing today, what the fuck.

I gave Danny a grin and reached into my shorts to re-arrange things. No matter what my intentions, my dick had it's own agenda and I was powerless to try to get in the way. Danny's eyes followed my hand all the way into my shorts and then all the way back out again. The corners of his lips turned upward.

"Okay then," David chimed in. "Five more, let's roll dudes."

I tightened a shoe lace.

David added, "But leave the pace to us milers. Trust me, we know what we're doing."

I giggled.

"TJ, we don't want to wear you down before the meet later this week. You, young TJ, you just hang back. Stay on our tails. Just watch and learn, grasshopper." Danny smacked me on the ass. We all chuckled.

I'd been on the track team with the Leemans for a few years now, this sort of post-pubescent trash talk happened all the time.

Now that we were all 18 and headed off to college in the fall, I had already told everybody-including Coach-that I would probably be leaving track and field to concentrate on school. On the other hand, the Leemans were committed to be on their college track team. They were hooked. Lifers, probably. Both of them already had a free ride athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon, the Ducks!

The Leemans were going to be Ducks, freshman Ducks for the time being, but Ducks all the same. At least until they got up there and were able to prove themselves worthy of the Varsity squad. All the same, Oregon had for a long time been one of the premier track programs in the whole country. But the Leemans were that good, as far as I was concerned, they'd make Varsity up there for sure. No doubt about it.

I had long ago come to the realization that no university would think much of my running talents. Certainly not worthy of paying for my college education.

When we got going again I did as I'd been told. I hung back in my usual position behind the twins.

As juniors, they had taken 4th and 5th in our State championships last year. I had sat in the stands cheering them on. This year as seniors, Coach DiPonzio was talking about either one of them actually winning it all at our State High School Championships. That would be an amazing accomplishment for our school. Personally, I thought Danny had the best shot, but David could certainly surprise me. I favored Danny to win. Danny was uber-talented of course, but he also worked hard and really put in his time. Danny may have been a cocky little dude-and a major pain in my butt-but he knew what he needed to do to get the job done during our meets. He was fast, and never let any of us forget it.

On the other hand, I'd be happy if David Leeman won State too. While David was certainly no Danny, he could sometimes surprise me us all. I recalled a few track meets during our Junior season when David was running very well. Every time he went out, he seemed to find a second wind and kick it into a higher gear on the fourth lap of his races.

Today, as the Leeman twins ran off down the track in front of me, I gobbled all the air I could and held on tight. I was sweating a bit, but my legs still felt pretty good, despite the fast five we'd done before our break. So I settled back and focused my eyes on Danny's backside.

After two quick laps, Danny began to stretch out his stride, putting some distance between himself and his brother David-it was pretty effortless for him. We kept circling the track. Whenever David would get a little too close, Danny would accelerate so that he could stay in front. Together they set a pretty wicked pace, so I just happily stayed tucked in right behind them.

They were making me better, and I was happy to be dragged along by their pace.

Four or five laps into this second five-miler, Danny was in front and he looked back to check on me. At this point, I was completely drenched in sweat, my arms pumping. The twins were roughly 10 meters ahead of me.

"You good, TJ?" Danny yelled back at me.

I watched his pace with envy, his upper body relaxed, his lower body an efficient machine. Was he even sweating at all? Talking right now was out of the question for me, this was a race day pace and there was no way I could run this fast and breathe this fast and also talk.

I gave Danny a thumbs-up signal and he smiled. He was apparently satisfied that I wasn't gonna have a heart attack trying to keep up with them at this torrid clip.

Without losing a step, Danny placed both hands on his ass and spread his cheeks wide, just for my benefit. David groaned and tried to swat a hand toward the center of his brother's rear but caught only air. Danny ran just a little bit faster, out of reach.

The three of us zoomed past some of the juniors and sophomores who also out for their practice runs. When they realized the blazing pace that we were setting, they whistled and hooted at us. Back when I was a lowerclassman, I looked up at the older boys and hoped to be able to run like them. Now I was one of those older boys. It felt good to pass the young guys. Kind of like they were standing still!

Coach DiPonzio was watching us from the grass on the side of the track. Every once in a while, he'd yell something at us, most of which we didn't hear. When we'd be on the side of the track closest to where he was standing, he would say something about relaxing our arms or keeping our backs straight. Mostly though, even Coach seemed to be enjoying the show the three of us were putting on. He just kept quiet and watched us run.

All of use liked Coach. The Leeman boys were such amazing natural athletes. They didn't need much coaching. I didn't share their natural talent, but I was a grinder, and I think Coach liked that about me. He could be tough, but he treated us all fairly. Today, as I ran my heart out trying to stay close to the Leemans, I didn't really need any coaching.

After three full miles at high speed, Danny finally slowed a bit. I watched David's face relax and gulp a little air. We all fell back into a slightly slower clip. I was smiling. Surprisingly I was fine. My legs felt nice and loose and my chest wasn't heaving. If that was the best that the twins had to offer, I told myself that I might finally be up in their league. It had been really cool to stay up with them for such a fast three.

In the locker room after practice, I jumped in the shower, eager to cool down. The twins quickly joined me. When they were naked, they were much harder for me to tell apart than when they were fully clothed.

"You got any shampoo?" one of them asked me from the stall next to mine.

"Um, yeah, sure," I said. I had no idea which one had asked, but I handed my bottle over the wall.

"Thanks," it sounded like Danny but, well, I really wasn't sure.

"Hey TJ, Danny and I are going to check out a meet in the city this weekend, do you want to come along?" Oh, so it was David. Shit.

Did that voice come from my right or my left?

"Uh sure, I guess. I mean, well, what day?"

"Saturday," the two of them said in unison.

"Sure, I'm around," I said.

"Great," one of them said, "we need to leave around 7:30 to 8 on Saturday morning, it's like at least an hour drive. Danny and I want to see the early heats for the milers."

"Okay," I said. "Do you want me to come by your house? How about I get there around 7? Will that work?"

I stood with my back to the water and let it run down my neck and pool in the crack of my ass. I folded my arms and inhaled deeply. I looked up to see a nude Leeman twin with soapy water dripping down his forehead. He handed me back my shampoo bottle.

"Here, thanks," he said.

David probably.

"Sure, so 7 then?" I looked at the thin carved body in front of me. He was completely hairless from his neck to the middle of his quads. I sucked a little shower water into my mouth and squirted it out playfully in his direction.

The soaped up Leeman was looking right back at me with a funny grin on his face.

Even though nearly every part of my body was totally spent from our run, one part of me was not yet tired. My dick. It had been brought along for the ride and had been tucked tightly into my shorts. No stress at all! So, of course, right on cue, my dick shifted into it's own higher gear, easily growing a little with a naked Leeman twin standing right in front of me.

David's or Danny's eyes went right to it, his Leeman grin got wider.

"Why don't you just sleep over Friday?" which Leeman it was asked me. "That way we can get an early start for the meet."

Meet, or meat?

I pretended to look disinterested and squirted a little soap into my hands. I rubbed the soap on my legs, taking pains to steer clear of Mr. Happy.

"Um, well, I guess I could stay over, you know, if it's okay with your folks," I said.

He was still standing in front of me.

I looked up to examine his body more closely. If I could only sear the image of this particular naked Leeman permanently into my memory bank, then well, maybe I wouldn't miss them so much next year when they were in college in Oregon and went to I-don't-know-where-yet university.

Not knowing which Leeman boy stood before caused a little confusion, but I was sure somehow I'd sort it out later.

"No problem, they'll be cool with you staying over. They like you TJ." the unknown twin said.

Good, I guess. I had absolutely no recollection of meeting them, but then I met a lot of my friends' parents over the years. I wondered if the Leemans had an older brother...

I nodded okay and smiled a sort of half-interested acknowledgement then busied myself again with the lathering up of my legs. When I looked up again, he was still standing there. It had to be Danny, there's no way David would...

Well, whomever it was put both hands on the top of his ass and arched backward into a sort of extension stretch of his abdominal muscles. The curve of his body in a backward C meant that his dick was at the leading edge of the curve. When he stretched so much that his face fell below the horizon created by his chest, the coast was clear for me. I got a very nice chance to be 'up close and personal' with a real live Leeman twin cock!

Hmm, pretty average I'd say. His balls on the other hand were floppy and hung low.

With David-or was it Danny-bent over backwards like this, I got my second important lesson of the day from the Leemans.

Which, I guess, was exactly the point of this whole charade of stretching backward in front of me anyway. A moment later, I was still learning all I could when the other twin joined his brother standing naked in front of my shower stall.

Now we had a quorum and a vote could be held.

"No it'll be fun. We could even do a movie or something Friday and then take off early Saturday. It'll be a blast! Danny and I love college meets!" said the newly arrived Leeman. Ah, David. So it had been Danny who was displaying himself to me.

"I love college meat," Danny added with a grin. I laughed.

During the micro-second or so before any kind of speaking response was required from me, I quickly studied David's dick. It was pretty similar to Danny's though it made funny little right as you traveled down the shaft and just before you got to the end. I wondered what that might feel like inside my butt.

Absently, David's hand gave his dick a little flip. I watched it swing. Like a penis pendulum.

Okay, now I had a new way to tell them apart! Yay!

Danny half-stretched backward again, not quite into the backward C like before. Then he stood up straight and sighed.

"So is it a deal?" he asked. There was a funny smile on his face, the kind you make just before you blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Or before you devour it.

I looked down to at my own dick for a quick status check.

Uh oh. It had taken things into its own hands and lengthened considerably in response to the crowd of naked 18 year olds in front of my shower stall.

Oh well. What was a boy to do? I closed my eyes but made no attempt to cover up my dick with my hands.

"Sure," I said, trying to get back into the conversation with the Leemans. I knew that my weenie was putting on it's own show for the twins. Danny's eyes moved to my crotch. David was polite and kept his gaze above the waist.

But my penis liked the attention and knew the drill. It was now pretty much semi-hard.

My brain took over and I turned my body slightly away from Danny's stare. If Danny, or either one of them wanted to watch my cock's now-inevitable march toward a full erection, they were going to have to reposition themselves a little. To work for it.

My dick knew it's business.

Proper shower room etiquette would say that when this sort of thing was happening to somebody near you, you politely turned away. So David did. He clearly had good breeding. David grabbed his towel and moved off to the side drying off, his eyes one something else very interesting elsewhere in the locker room. Danny, on the other hand, was just Danny-he had no sense of these unspoken shower room rules. He stayed put, clearly enjoying the spectacle of watching his teammate TJ get hard right before his eyes.

I breathed in and out, hoping that some nice fresh shower room air would make my dick go down. It did not.

Danny stretched again.

Maybe this was a normal post-washing ritual for him, but I doubt it. While he stretched one last time, I checked out his dick again to see if he was getting hard too.

Nope. Just me.

With Danny bent over backward again, I finally lost interest and decided I was done. I turned off my water. Then I turned around and backed out of my stall to grab my own towel. As I did, I accidentally stepped on Danny's foot.

"Oops sorry," I said. My dick was practically totally erect now, so I awkwardly tried to put my towel in between the two of us.

The physical contact between Danny and I caused him to end his stretch. As he stood up again, Danny's eyes bore into me. Danny was rewarded with a good close-up of my dick in it's absolute happiest stage. His eyes widened and he grinned again.

I avoided meeting his gaze as I wrapped the towel around my waist. I tucked it in at the front since anything else would have it all the more obvious what was going on with my cock.

"It happens," he said matter-of-factly.

Then, just like his brother, Danny gave his own cock an absent flip with one hand. Maybe it was a twin thing. Danny's dick swung, pendulum-like, as he rubbed the towel behind his upper back. My mind made a mental movie and I felt a tiny bit of saliva collect at the corner of my mouth.


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