David and I were in pretty sad shape after visiting the supermarket.

Somehow, the sight of Danny's blood in the parking lot just made everything more real. Danny was gone; we had known that all week. Now, it appeared that he was hurt. And we didn't know if we were ever going to get him back.

David lay down on the bed in his hotel room, not even bothering to remove his shoes.

"So, what do you think Teej? Are we ever gonna find him?" David asked me, his voice cracking.

I stood looking out the windows, at nothing in particular. I shrugged and looked back at David sprawled on the bed.

His eyes were bloodshot.

"I don't know, buddy," I said.

"I just want this whole nightmare to be over with," David said. "I want my brother back!"

David started to cry. He covered his face with his hands.

I sat on the edge of the bed, putting a hand on his arm.

"I'm so, so sorry David. I wish I'd been with him last Saturday night. I could have kept him under control. Maybe those idiots at the Stop 'N Shop would have..." My voice trailed off.

The truth was that nobody could ever control Danny. Certainly not me. When he was being Danny, showing off for a crowd, that was it! That was just Danny.

And that's what I always loved about the guy. Danny was himself. A fearless fuck. That what's probably made him so good on the track.

And in the sack too.

He was the ultimate fuck buddy.

A power bottom when he needed to be. A great top when he thought that the other guy was worthy of Danny's skills.

And best of all, no strings attached. Danny wasn't looking for love. Ever. He was enjoying life too much to get tied down by a relationship. He was the ultimate "slam, bam, thank you dude!"

I rubbed David's shoulder.

David's shoulder was Danny's shoulder. The two of them had the same build, the same arms, and the same hands. As twins go, they were pretty frigging identical and I'd always struggled to tell them apart. My best chance was just to wait until Danny opened his mouth; the words that came out of Danny's mouth, those words rarely came from David.

Danny was all bravado all the time.

David was not; he was the practical one, patient, honest, the one who talked them out of the trouble that Danny had gotten them into.

I thought to myself. As a matter of fact, David was marriage material, house in the suburbs, picket fence. Danny was the opposite of marriage, the one you had a torrid affair with, never home before sunrise, with a leather sling as the centerpiece in his downtown loft apartment.

David's crying slowed. My hand was behind his neck now, my fingers in the hair at the base of his head. I took the opportunity to study his body, a body I knew well. Danny's body.

My eyes scanned David's chest. Typical runner, like Danny and me, there wasn't a whole lot there in the chest department. No matter how much time we put in lifting weights, all those miles kept us from putting on any muscle.

David's flat stomach heaved up and down with his light sobs. As it did, the dark space behind his zipper got larger, then smaller, then larger again.

I thought of David's dick, hiding quietly beneath the soft fabric of his blue jeans. Danny's dick. I knew every inch of it. Every fold. The angle it hung down when it was soft. The angle it leaped upward when it was hard. I'd sucked it. Been fucked by it. Watched countless cum shots spring forth from the tiny little hole at the end.

Would Danny and I ever screw around again?

I removed my hand from David's neck, and placed it lightly on his lower abdomen, the tips of my fingers in the dark space.

As David breathed up and down, the material of his jeans never made contact with my fingers. I waited a few cycles of inhales and exhales. Then I inched my hand lower into the dark area until I felt David's underwear.

What exactly was I doing? And why? Was it about Danny?

David stopped crying. He removed his hands from his face and placed one of them over mine. He looked at me earnestly, a little confused.

I pulled my hand away.

"I'm so sorry David; I don't know what I was..."

David smiled.

"You were thinking about Danny," David said. "It's okay. I know what you guys do. Or did. It's fine."

He placed his hand on top of mine again, and then moved it back to where it had been. I hesitated.

"It's fine," he said again. His free hand caressed my jaw, and I smiled.

Danny would do that too.

David and I had fooled around back in high school. But the jury was still out on exactly where David stood sexually. While Danny and I had clearly no intentions of ever being with women, with David I wasn't really sure.

Is anybody really bi-sexual? Is David?

He edged my hand deeper under the top of his jeans. The ends of my fingers felt something under the elastic at the top of his underwear.

Was he hard?

David sat up. He brushed his lips against the side of my cheek. I turned to square up our mouths. His lips met mine; his tongue forced my mouth open. As he did, he pushed my hand still lower. I felt the stiff head of his cock. A cock I'd felt so many times before.

But it was David's cock today, not Danny's.

I gave in to the emphatic kiss from David, surrendering my face to his. His hand pushed us together. I tasted the salt from his tears.

Adept with my one hand, I unbuttoned David's jeans. His dick reached out from below and filled my fingers, my hand.

"Are you sure David?" I asked. "I mean, we don't really..."

"Shh, TJ, don't talk. Okay?" David insisted.

David's dick throbbed in my palm. I had felt Danny do that so many times. That usually meant there would be a little drip of pre-cum to follow. I rubbed the tip with a finger. There it was.

David let go of my hand and reached behind me to the backside of my pants. He pawed his weigh beneath my briefs, his fingers searching. I lifted my hips off the bed to allow him better access to my backside. He dove in quickly, his fingers rough against my butthole.

I moaned lightly with the contact. I wanted to be fucked by Danny so badly. I wondered if there was any lube in the room. If not, I could manage with some spit.

I undid the front of my pants and began to lower them to the floor, my other hand rubbing the jizz all over David's cockhead.

Both of us jumped out of our skin when the phone rang. It was my cell.


We looked at each other. Both of us knew we had to get it. It could be Ruggazione with news about Danny. Reluctantly I removed my hand from David's erection. I stood up and reached for my cell phone on the table.


It was Ruggazione.

"Hi TJ, its Brian. You guys up for some chow? I finished up early and I am headed over your way now."

I was happy he called himself Brian, instead of Officer Ruggazione. And I was happy we were going to go out with him for a bite. But there was still the matter of two very horny college boys who had just started to have sex. The hard-on in my pants hurt.

"Uh," I said.

"I'm five minutes from the hotels downtown. I can pick you guys up outside the lobby," Brian said.

"Uh, five minutes?" I said aloud, for David's benefit.

David grabbed his crotch, smirked once, and then nodded.

"Okay, good, we'll see you downstairs. We're at David's hotel, not mine. See you in five."

I hung up. My cock was a steel rod. I looked at David and smiled.

This was not over.

I splashed a little water on my face and brushed my teeth with my finger using David's toothpaste. I bared my teeth in the mirror. Not too bad I supposed.

Though I maybe had a few more bags under my eyes than I needed to have for being nineteen years old. I ran my fingers through my sandy blonde hair and try pulling my ears down. I fixed the hair but not my ears.

I regarded my hard on.

It wasn't gone but was at least not still poking out the top of my pants. I grabbed my BU track sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. The knot would cover up the offending penis.

David threw himself together just as quickly as I did. It was amazing what one could accomplish when you were about to have dinner and drinks with a police officer.

On the way down in the elevator, I tried Max on his cell. It went straight to voicemail. I wondered what he could be up to. I'd told him all about Officer Ruggazione and his hunkiness. It was unusual that Max would miss an opportunity to hang out with another guy, especially a guy as good looking as Brian Ruggazione. Maybe Max had found himself a poor unsuspecting Yale freshman to ravage. I felt sorry for the Yalie.

David and I emerged from the front of the hotel just as Ruggazione was pulling up. I adjusted my sweatshirt knot and opened the passenger side door. Brian was not in uniform and he was not driving a police cruiser. He looked like a regular guy, somebody that I might have met in a bar in Boston.

And then taken back to my room and tied to the bed for days and days

"Hop in," Brian said.

Both David and I hesitated, the memory of the world's filthiest police cruiser still fresh in our minds from earlier today.

Brian picked up immediately why we didn't just hop right in.

"Don't worry boys, it's clean. It's mine. Got it washed this week," he said.

Brian looked amazing out of uniform. He had on a short sleeve white shirt, unbuttoned one more button than he would have been allowed at work, some lightweight khaki pants that tied in the front, and flip flops. I decided to keep my sweatshirt tightly knotted in front of me.

I caught David's eye and he smiled at me. He knew I had a thing for Brian, and he let me have the front seat

"Welcome aboard boys," Brian said, once we were inside and buckled up.

I said a silent prayer that Brian's car would not be my only ride of the night.

Brian took us to a cute little town called Madison that was near the Connecticut seacoast, along the Sound. He said that he knew of a restaurant with great food where we were not likely to get carded.

He was right, we didn't. Brian and I had a couple beers. David ordered red wine. I had a giant hamburger that was the best food I'd eaten in forever.

Nobody wanted to talk about Danny all night. It was exactly what all three of us needed, especially considering what we'd just learned earlier today. Instead, I talked about life at BU, and David stuck mostly to running. Brian asked us about a thousand questions each, but never once mentioning Danny. Brian also did not mention that blood we'd seen in the parking lot.

Finally, when they were clearing the plates away, after having exposed a lot more of myself than I'd intended, I thought it was time to steer the conversation toward Brian.

"So, what's it like being a cop?" I asked.

Brian smiled and made a gun with both hands. He aimed at the ceiling and made a few 'pow' sounds.

David and I laughed.

"Does that mean you like to shoot stuff?" David asked.

"Naw," Brian said. "Everybody thinks that all cops are tough guys who like guns and shit. That's not why I went into it all. I like being a detective and figuring stuff out. I'm not really the 'gun fight at the OK corral type."

"What type are you?" David asked.

Brian shrugged.

"I just did it because I know I look hot in the uniform," Brian answered deadpan.

I looked at David for a moment. Then we all three busted up. Then the waiter came and asked us if we'd like to order another round. It wasn't everyday that I got offered a drink in a restaurant. A so-fucking-lately, we wanted another round, I told the waiter.

When he was gone, the table became quiet again.

"Well you do," I said.

David and Brian both stared at me, waiting for an explanation of what I was talking about.

"I mean, he does, right? Look hot in a police uniform, don't you think?" I said. My face was probably pretty red.

David sighed and clapped me on the back of the neck.

"If you say so, Teej," he said.

I rolled my eyes. David could be such a pain in the ass closet-case sometimes.

I reached out my arms and made a male physique with my hands. "I mean, for a cop, he's pretty fucking perfect, don't you think David?"

Nobody said anything. Had I gone too far? Maybe it was the beer talking.

"Well, I'd do him anyway," I said. I nodded my head for emphasis. There had been no signs during the conversation that I'd be doing anybody. But I still wasn't giving up.

Still silence.

"Okay, I said it out loud, now it's off my chest. I'll just be quiet now."

Brian reached across the table and grabbed the back of my hand. He looked directly into my eyes. Electrical charges started in the hand that Brian was touching and coursed through my body.

"Thanks for being honest, TJ," he said. "I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to say that. It makes me feel good to hear it."

David bugged out his eyes and rocked back and forth, robot like. "I'm glad too," he said.

The waiter brought our drinks and the table went silent again. When he was gone, we all took big gulps. I finished half of my new beer before I came up for air. With any luck, the evening was just getting started.

I wondered again where Max had gone off to. He would have really enjoyed tonight.

"So, do you have a girlfriend?" David asked, looking Brian squarely in the face.

He'd waited until I had another mouthful of beer before speaking. I almost choked to death as a result.

After the two of them finished clapping me on the back and restoring the color to my face, David asked again.

"So, do you?"

This time I wasn't drinking anything so my hands were freed up to punch David in the arm.

"David, come on man, leave the guy alone, that's like private police business or something," I said.

Brian cracked up.

"No, no, it's not police business at all, it's not even personal business," he said.

"So the answer is no. You don't have a girlfriend?" David persisted.

"No. No girlfriend."

David whistled lightly. "But you date, right?"

"David! What the fuck?" I said, surprised.

Brian was chuckling again.

"You mean, as opposed to leading a life of lonely masturbation? Is that what you guys think of me?"

We all laughed at that.

"Well, yeah. That." David replied.

"Now, you are getting into private police business for sure," Brian joked.

"Masturbation is police business?" David asked with a grin.

Brian nodded.

"You bet. So is frilly underwear, dick length, and whether I like to get rimmed."

Whoa. This conversation had crossed an imaginary line. And there might be no turning back.

I sure hoped so.

"So do you?" David was relentless.

"Do I what? Like wearing frilly underwear?"

"Stop!" I said to the ceiling.

"No dang it," David answered, ignoring my pleading. "You brought it up. Do you like to get rimmed?"

"Oh my god David! Shut up!" I yelled. "No more wine for you." I moved his glass away. And he promptly moved it right back. This was exasperating!

Brian and I each took another sip of our beers. David was staring intently at Brian, waiting for an answer to his dumb little question about rimming.

"Well of course, who doesn't? It doesn't happen to me often, but when someone has done it, I thought it felt pretty cool," Brian said, a bit sheepishly. "Maybe even really cool," he added with a big smile.

David smacked me on the back.

"You see Teej? The boy likes to get rimmed."

"David, maybe you should shut up..." My voice trailed off. The part of me that wanted to hear the answers to all of David's questions was trying to be in control.

"So, are you offering?" Brian asked.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I interrupted. "Maybe we should get the check."

"Not me, do-do head," David said. "TJ."

"Oh my god! David, please!" I screamed.

"What are you so worried about TJ? The boy likes to get rimmed. And you are pretty fucking good at it, sounds like a pretty good fucking match to me!"

Brian remained quiet while I glared at David

"At least, that's what I hear," David added.

"Dave, seriously. Quit!"

"I'm just being like your matchmaker here. What do they call it? Your yenta?"

"The word is pimp," I said.

"Right. Your pimp."

"Thank you, that's very nice. But I really don't want a pimp."

"Don't thank me now, thank metomorrow," David said, proud of himself.


"Uh, do I get a say in this?" Brian asked, his hand across his pecs. One more button on his white shirt had accidentally become unbuttoned. I could see the hollow of his sternum between his chest muscles. He had no chest hair and had great skin.

"Yes," I answered, exactly at the same time as David answered no.

"Trust me on this Brian. My brother tells me everything. TJ is fantastic at licking butt," David said. The double entendre hung in the air like a weight and I socked David in the arm again.

"Great," Brian said, "Then it's a date."

I sighed. "So don't I have a say in this?"

"No," the two of them answered in unison.

David chugged the rest of his wine. "Now, let's get the check," he said.

Brian smiled.

What was really going on here? Had I just been pimped out?

"Wait guys. Seriously?" I wondered out loud.

David raised a finger to flag down our server.

"Yes TJ, you know you want to," David said.


"Just shush. Trust me. I know what I'm doing," David said.

I had to admit that I didn't really have a solid plan to have sex with Brian. And while David's outrageous proposal was not exactly how I would have seen it happening, maybe he was on to something. Maybe this would really work.

I decided to stop objecting too much.

We all threw some cash onto the table once we got the check.

"And you should trust me too Brian," David added, from left field, when the conversation seemed to have finally come to a conclusion. "TJ has a big dick."

"David! Really?" I pleaded, in spite of myself.

Brian smiled as we stood up. The beers had made me a little unsteady. Good thing I wasn' t driving us home.

"Well, we'll see about that," Brian said quietly in our ears as we began to walk away. "Because I do too."

Apart from the sound of me reaching back to try and punch David in the arm a few more times, which didn't go all that well due to the angle and my inability to carry about a surprise attack from the front seat, the ride back to New Haven was fairly quiet.

Brian was quiet pretty much the whole drive back down I-95 to New Haven. Every once in a while, I'd try to make eye contact with him as he drove. He looked so handsome with his olive skin against the white cloth of his shirt, the moonlight gave him this sort of ethereal glow.

I suppose it could be said that David was pretty good looking too, but I was still sort of pissed at him, so I tried not to think about that.

I was a still little buzzed from all the beer. Still, even though we weren't talking about it anymore, many parts of me were very aware of the strange little agreement that David and Brian had hammered out back in the restaurant.

Was it really going to happen?

I'd put my sweatshirt back over the top part of my pants, just in case the two of them were just joking around and it was not really going to happen. The rimming that is.

My dick had already made up its own mind on how it wanted to spend the rest of tonight.

"Why don't you drop me off first?" David chirped loudly from the back seat. "I'm kind of beat."

Nice one David. Maybe I'd not have to kill him after all.

"Works for me," I said selflessly.

"Well okay, but TJ's hotel is just two streets up," Brian said, in what I hoped was mock protest. Come on dude, remember the deal!.

Did the guy want to get his butt licked or not?

"Brian, if you drop me off first, then I'll just be out of your way and..." David said.

"Oh," Brian said, keeping his eyes straight ahead on the late night New Haven traffic.


I glared at Brian, trying not to look too pathetic.

At the next stoplight, Brian glanced over at me.

"What?" He said.

I just shook my head.

I watched nervously to see what Brian would do when he go to my street. Only when he passed the intersection without making a turn could I relax. I tried not to, but unfortunately a big sigh came out of my mouth anyway. Brian glanced at me again, and I tried to look natural.

When we pulled up to David's hotel, all three of us got out. Brian came around to give David a bro hug. I watched David's face and he smiled at me and shifted his eyes toward Brian. Whatever that meant. Have a lick for me maybe?

Then I gave David a hug too only ours lasted a few seconds longer.

"I'll call you as soon as I wake up," I said. "We are gonna get through this. I promise we will buddy." All was forgiven now.

"I promise too David," Brian added.

David's eyes were glassy when he stepped away to walk into his hotel lobby.

Well, one thing I knewfor sure. The three of us had managed to spend an entire evening thinking about other stuff. Even though Danny was always there in our minds, behind the curtain, it was good for us to have a tiny bit of distraction.

Tomorrowwould be a new day and the search for Danny would start again.

When Brian and I got back into the car, the mood was somehow different. The playful banter we'd had in the restaurant was gone and it was replaced by something else.

I buckled up.

Brian rested a hand on my left thigh.

"So, what's next?" He asked.

"Well, I don't know," I said. "What do you think about all that stuff earlier? You know, from the restaurant. I mean, we really don't have to.."

"I know TJ, I know. So I can just drop you off at the Omni."

Fuck. I looked straight ahead, trying not to pout.

"Or, if you want, I can park and you can show me the hotel."

Yes! I accept! My heart started to race.

"Really? You'd really want to see the hotel?" I asked him, grinning from ear to ear.

Brian smiled too. He had fantastic teeth.

"Sure. It sounds fun. I'd love to see the hotel," Brian said.

"Great! Let's do that!" I said, super excited now.

"How can I pass up an opportunity like this?" Brian asked, looking over at with an even bigger smile on his face.

"Exactly. These things don't come along every day," I agreed. "Better to take advantage of them when we can."


"And besides, like David said, I'm pretty good at it," I said, trying not to laugh.

"Good at what?" He teased.

I put my hand on Brian's leg now. By my silence, I gave him his answer. And if he was still clueless, I guess he would see what things I was good at, wouldn't he? Hopefully he would like more than just the one thing.

It took us forever to park.

Well, it was probably just five minutes, but it felt more like an hour. While Brian drove around looking for a spot, I remembered I needed to phone Max.

No answer again. I really hoped Max had found love and was too busy to pick up instead of being asleep in our hotel room.

When Brian turned off the engine, I let my hand linger on his thigh. He left the key in the ignition and placed his hand over mine. He felt a little clammy, but I had just the ticket to warm him up.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine," I said.

He pursed his lips and nodded.

"Besides, remember I've got a really big dick."

He nodded again, his lips curled into a smile. I moved my hand higher on his thigh.

"Good," he said, opening the car door. "Because I do too."

Brian and I rode up the elevator together in silence. I wanted to rip his clothes off as we walked through the lobby, but there was a guy singing at a piano so it was pretty jammed.

We got off at my floor.

"So what do you think of the hotel so far?" I asked.

"It's very, very..." Brian searched for the right word.

"Big?" I offered.

He laughed.

"Big. Yes, that's it. It's very, very big." He agreed.

We walked down the hotel hallway giggling.

"But, you know, it's not like I've seen a lot of them," Brian added.

"Seen a lot of what? Hotels?"

"Yeah right. Hotels. I rarely get invited..."

"Well, you are definitely invited now," I teased.

I fumbled to get the room key out of my pocket. And then fumbled even more trying to make it work in the door. I pushed the card in like five times and kept getting a red light.

"Do you want any help?" Brian offered.

I handed him the card key and backed up into him. He stood his ground and didn't move back. I nuzzled my back side against one leg. Through my clothes, his leg felt taut and powerful. While Brian duplicated what I had done with the key, I concentrated on testing out his anatomy with my butt. I couldn't tell everything that I wanted to, but one thing was certain.

Brian tried the key at least five times, but we still couldn't get in.

"Should I break down the door.. I'm a professional you know." Brian said.

"You can do that? Just like on all those cop shows?"

He nodded. I arched backward and raised my face to his.

"Yup. We are carefully trained to open locked doors with just one kick."

"Wow!" I said, meaning it.

He laughed.

"It doesn't usually work though. I'm more likely to break my ankle.

Now I laughed too.

Facing upward, I could see that the room number on the door didn't match the one on my key card. I had brought us to the wrong room. Uh-oh. I hope all this commotion we were making hadn't woken up the people inside.

I snatched the card from from Brian's thick fingers. I walked quickly over to my actual room. The card opened it on the first try and Brian followed me inside.

I placed a finger over my lips, just in case Max was there on the bed. It took my eyes a moment to adjust as I tiptoed over to the edge of the bed. It didn't seem to be unmade, still covered in the pillows that the maids had placed there earlier. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"The coast is clear," I said.

Brian smiled as I flipped a light on.

"So, show me your room" Brian said slyly. "I want to see everything."

I started the room tour over at the window. There want much to see. Skyline views of New Haven were limited by the fact that all we could see was other high rise office buildings in New Haven.

"Very nice," Brian said earnestly as I opened the little sheer curtains. "I made an arrest in that building once."

"Nice," I said. "Did you have to kick down the door?"

He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face him. I was a little shorter than he was so I flexed my neck upward again. Our eyes met, a pause before our lips did.

"No," he said softly. "The perp came along willingly. As cops, we're also trained to get what we want without exerting force."

My mouth opened and he placed his tongue lightly under my top lip. Not too much force. He moved closer and his tongue came with, easily finding mine. I wrapped my lips around his tongue. We both tasted of beer, but Brian had a freshness too. Had he snagged a mint from the restaurant without me seeing?

Brian was a passionate kisser. We stood in front of the window for a long time, exploring each other's mouths, our faces mashed together, our noses side to side. He placed his hand in my hair to draw me closer. I grabbed his neck and held on tightly. As we kissed, I felt the same powerful leg muscles straining against my mid-section. His ass was unbelievably tight. His abs were flawless, his nipples flat but firm.

I was so excited to be kissing Brian that I struggled to breathe. I couldn't wait to get him out of his clothes. Had I ever been with somebody who had such a perfectly chiseled body?

I undid a few more buttons on his shirt. He kicked off his sandals. The height difference between us changed. We both adjusted, now I had better access to his top lip. His tongue found my lower lip and we explored the new territory for a few more minutes.

I finished up with Brian's shirt and flung it onto the desk chair, trying to keep it from wrinkling.

I ran my fingers over his chest and the deep cave between his pecs. There were fine little hairs that I hadn't previously seen. Brian shuddered as my hands rubbed him lightly. Then I paused and held his shoulders. We kissed again, my body warming his, slowing us down.

Brian untied the sweat shirt from my waist and let it drop to the ground. My t shirt came off with no effort. When it was over my head but still wrapped around my forearms, Brian let it stay there, keeping my wrists and hands cuffed above me. He kissed my neck and my upper torso. I was powerless resist as his mouth moved to the area under my arm ,teasing me with his tongue. Now it was my turn to shudder. Then Brian replicated the shoulder hold he'd just seen from me. He held me tightly with a kiss while the moment passed and we both became warm again.

I reached down to untie my shoes. Brian waited patiently for me his bare feet caressing my shoes, then my own sock less feet as I got the left one off first, then the right. Now our heights adjusted back to where we were before. Our tongues started afresh on those parts of our faces that we had started with. This took several minutes more before we were both satisfied with our kissing

"You're pretty good at this," I said, meaning the kissing.

Brian moved his head backward and looked around the room. "I love exploring new things." I think he meant the kissing too. To be certain, I started up again, this time I was the aggressor. Despite the height difference, I focused on his upper lip and the top of his mouth. I stood on tiptoes as my tongue licked the inside of his upper teeth and flicked lightly toward the soft part in the back.

Brian undid the rope holding his pants up. He began to remove his underwear, but I wasn't ready yet. I held the waistband between my fingers and pulled them lightly upward. He moaned as his balls got smushed a bit. I placed a finger through the front entry and made sure I hadn't caused a problem in there. His balls were thick and a little fuzzy. He moaned again.

Before I knew it, Brian had my own pants on the floor. He repeated what he had done with my shirt, keeping them around my ankles so I couldn't move. His hands stroked my thighs and the upper part of my hamstrings. His fingertips slipped under the lower part of my boxer briefs.

"Mm," he said. "A runner. Very nice "

"Thanks. You're not so scrawny yourself."

We mashed ourselves together even more tightly, our hard cocks pressing at the other, Brian's on top of mine heading left. Mine underneath his heading right. I thought I might cum just from that.

Brian's kissing kicked up a notch, he was so wet inside his mouth that my usual dry mouth was completely fixed by his. Since I was so turned on, and I didn't want to spoil things by orgasming before I'd even gotten out underwear off, I needed to change things up.

Then I remembered.

Quickly I flipped Brian around and bent him at the hips. He began to protest, but before he could I had his underpants off and flung alongside his shirt. I pushed him toward the bed and he used his hands to remain upright but bent over. Kneeling down behind him, I spread his but cheeks with my palms and put my face between. My tongue found its target immediately. He had a great hairless ass. I used all the saliva I had on the outside of Brian's butt. He shuddered again, but this time I kept up without slowing down.

"Ahh!" Brian said.

With my hands, I forced Brian's right leg up onto the bed. He kept the left onto the floor. The new angle was probably a good stretch, but it allowed my tongue a lot better access to his butt.

"Ahh!" He said again, this time louder.

I held his balls with one hand, the tips of my fingers tugging them gently away from his ass.

"Jesus Christ!" Brian said. "That feels so fucking good!"

For the next twenty minutes, I kept him like this. He was putty in my hands. I had alternately been rubbing his fat cock, pulling at his nut sack, and licking both his ass and that little area behind his balls.

"Oh my god, TJ," he said finally. "I can't fucking believe what you're doing to me."

"Mm," I said in response, not really wanting to have a conversation.

David was right, he agreed. I'm good at this.

"And you were right," I agreed. "You do have a big cock."

When he could take no more of my rimming him, I let him fuck me. It didn't take long for me to cum with his giant dick inside of me. When I had his cock in my hand, my fingers barely fit around the barrel. In my ass, I felt like I was opened up like never before.

Brian was patient with his fucking, allowing me to enjoy him completely. Which he did. When he finally came, I was nearly to the point of getting hard all over again. He squirted his own load just outside my butt, under my nut sack as I lay on my back.

We kissed for a few minutes more. Neither of us bothered to move, and I lay in his arms, spent.

It had been a crazy day. Some parts I never wanted to happen again. But the part with Brian, that was something I could live with for a long time. Maybe even forever.

I felt warm and safe. In no time, we both fell asleep.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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