Max sprang for a cab for us from the New Haven train station to the Omni Hotel.

He'd booked us a room at probably the nicest hotel in all of New Haven, so why shouldn't we arrive in style? Mercifully, Max held his tongue during the short cab ride to the Omni.

Once we'd checked in and gone up to our room-which had just one queen size bed, of course-I called David to see if he wanted to join us for dinner.

"You've been here almost a week now, do you know any good places?" I asked. "Like Mexican?"

That got a smile out of Max, who had been very clear that he preferred Mexican tonight. He had taken his yellow pants off and was lounging right in the middle of the bed in his underwear, his legs in criss-cross applesauce.

To my surprise, Max had on a pair of white Jockey shorts, which surprised me. I'd have expected one of those more expensive internet-only brands that cost about $40 a pair. Absently, I stared at Max's strong legs. I suppose I would have looked at anybody's legs if they had been bare and just feet away from me on a bed.

"Sure, there's a place over on Chappel Street. A couple blocks from your hotel," David said. I could hear the strain in his voice. What a week the poor guy must be having! It made me sad to think how awful David must feel right now. My eyes teared up immediately. Not wanting to make a scene with Max, I left the room and went into the bathroom to wash my face.

I looked like the dog's breakfast, my eyes were red and puffy. I hadn't shaved in three days. And I had nothing to improve the situation with my hair. Unruly and wavy on the best of days, my hair was having a particularly bad week. And now I guess I'd forgotten to bring any of the stuff I usually used to wrestle it back into control.

"Max?" I called out from the bathroom.

Max appeared at the door before I could blink.

"Yes, Mr. TJ, how can I be of service?" Max bowed deeply. I smiled. As he lifted himself back up, he knocked the back of his head on the doorknob as he stood back up.

"Ow! Fuck!"

"Max, you okay?" I asked, not quite sure if he really had hit the doorknob on purpose. He smiled a toothy grin.

"Yes, yes. What do you need? Back rub? Shake the pee-pee off your weenie for you?"

"Max, you're a pervert, do I look like I'm peeing right now?" I asked with a chuckle. I was standing in front of the sink, not the toilet. Max looked seriously at the sink in front of me and smirked.

"Yes TJ, this is an honest statement of truth. You have hit the head on the nail. I have been a pervert for some time now, as long as I can recall," he admitted sheepishly.

"That's a given, everybody knows that," I said.

I pointed to my hair. "Do you have any product? You know, some kind of gel or something? I forgot mine."

Max regarded my hair. He licked his palm and moved his hand toward my head.

"Don't even think about it," I warned.

"TJ, I have no products. I have only me."

He licked his hand again then ran his fingers through my hair. I tried to duck away but it was too late. I looked doubtfully into the mirror as Max styled me with his hand. He spit into his other hand and then rubbed them both together. He held them over my head.

"Ew, don't, that's way too much," I complained. "Besides, it smells David will think you've been slobbering all over my head."

"TJ, we're on a road trip. This is what college boys do when they come to a hotel away from home and they leave something in behind," he said.

I rolled my eyes. Okay, whatever. Max placed both of his moist hands in my hair and began to move things around up there, this time a little more vigorously.

After about a minute, I broke the silence. "There's no 'in,'" I said.


"There's no 'in,'" I repeated, a little bit louder. He kept rubbing away on my hair. He was making some progress, but I was definitely going to smell like the inside of Max's mouth.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's not 'leave something IN behind," I said in my most exasperated tone, trying to sound put upon at all this linguistic correcting. "You just say 'leave things behind,' there's no 'in.'"

"Oh. Did I say it wrong?"

"You're welcome," I said.

Max smiled a thank you into the mirror. I knew he secretly loved the fact that I could speak English pretty well and was willing to help him to do the same. He thought of me as his life tutor.

Max spent a minute or two more moving my stubborn hair around my head and then he leaned back to examine his work. Apparently satisfied, he nodded at me into the mirror.

"You look so handsome," he said. "I could be eating you up."

I looked at my reflection. What exactly had he done to me? Not bad, actually. I'm no Shia Labeouf or Taylor Lautner, but then neither one of them probably has an eight and a third inch cock.

Well, maybe Taylor.

At nineteen, I was at least shaving regularly now. And had fortunately gotten past that awful break-out stage. Thank god! Some guys might turn around for a second look, I thought to myself. But my hair was usually another story entirely. Halfway between blond and light brown, stuck somewhere in the wavy to curly zone, and then cut short by somebody at Supercuts, I was never quite sure if I should be blow drying it after I showered so that I could style it better or whether I should just wear a baseball cap. But Max had definitely done some good work here, certainly better than I could do with spit alone. I pushed the thought that my hair was coated with a fine sheen of Max's saliva out of my mind. I was only going out to meet my friend David Leeman at a Mexican place in New Haven-this would have to do.

"Thanks Max, you're a prince," I said, giving him my best toothy smile.

The hotel bathroom was small and we both couldn't leave the room at the same time. As he backed out of the bathroom first, he acknowledged my thanks with another deep bow.

As I followed him out, I shook my head and wacked him on the forehead myself.

While I looked around the room to make sure I had everything I needed for a night out, Max busied himself making himself more presentable. He loosened his belt and allowed his pants to drop to his knees. For the first time since we'd checked into this hotel and come up to our room, the thought finally gelled in my mind: 'Oh my god! I'm sharing a room with Max.' I am here on a road trip with this crazy, lovable boy from MIT. The same boy who has had a not-so-secret crush on my for as long as I've known him. In fact, despite my very clear instructions to get us a room with two beds, we just had the one. I'm sharing a bed with Max. He'll be relentless tonight! I stood and stared at the bed. It was queen size, and covered with one of those white European comforter things I'd seen.

Max appeared to be reading my mind. He was grinning. I shook my head at him.

"What?" he asked.

As he was re-tucking his shirt into his pants, I stared at him with my arms folded across my chest. Max pouted.

I pointed to my crotch with one finger. "No," I mouthed.

Max sighed.

"We will discuss this later, my friend," Max said.

"You know, we're only going to sleep in this bed together, right?" I said.

Max raised an eyebrow. He seemed to be working out what exactly to say. He probably didn't want to say anything of importance, lest he further diminish what tiny chance he already had.

"Uh...yeah. So?"

"No screwing around," I said. "None!"

Max looked wounded.

"I'm serious. We're here to try and help find Danny. I asked you to come along as a friend. Because I need a friend right now."

"I know. TJ. I know. But I can assure you, once your soft pink skin is nuzzled down against my olive brown swarthiness, you will hardly be unable to resist the swarthiness. And then I am not responsible for what happens next. It is most likely you, TJ. You will be be the one! You will be the one screwing with me!"

"Swarthiness? Really?" I smiled.

"Really, really, yes it is true. I am swarthy." Max answered earnestly.

"We'll see," I said.

Max finished tucking in his shirt. Then he gave his crotch an unnecessary Roseanne grab for my benefit. The guy was incorrigible. I thought of that other incorrigible person in my life. Danny Leeman. Danny and I had some pretty crazy times together too. Before I'd met Max, I had thought that that boy's sex drive was unmatched. Now I seemed to have two friends with sex on the brain at all times.

Fifteen minutes later, Max and I met David out front of Casa Mexicana. It was a Friday night and the place was already packed with students. You could smell the tortilla chips and the limey Margaritas from half a block away. I gave David a long, tight hug.

Before I even had a chance to introduce David to Max. David buried his face into my shoulder and sobbed. I held him tighter and just let him go on for as long as he needed to. Max occupied himself with perusing the male Yale students milling about.

After David got himself together and the introductions were finally made, we put our name in for a table at Casa Mexicana. Miraculously, Max had transformed himself and he was a gentleman for the time being. I breathed a little easier.

While we leaned against the wall outside and waited for a table, I thought it would be a great time to catch up with David. Neither of us really want to talk about the Danny thing, I started asking him about all the stuff that had been doing in Oregon. It seemed like forever since David and I had any good, long face time.

"I'm having an amazing year, Teej," David said. "Couldn't be happier being a Duck."

"Yeah," I said. "Better a Duck than a Terrier. We must have the dumbest team mascot in the whole country." David laughed at my joke, but it didn't sound like his heart was in it; it wasn't his usual care-free David Leeman laugh.

For a while, we talked about classes. David was an Economics major and had a pretty typical freshman schedule, nothing as intense as the pre-med classes I was taking-in my opinion at least. We caught up about a few people we'd talked with lately from back home in Apple Valley. David was a total gentleman and made Max feel welcome by asking him all about MIT. In response, Max played along nicely, and kept his hands to himself. The three of us really clicked when it came time to talk about running. But then, there was a goofy pause where it felt natural to bring up Danny and the Invitational track meet held last weekend. At some point, we both knew that were going to need to talk about Danny, I was just hoping to not get carded and maybe get a margarita into my system first. Since I pretty much looked my age, that was unlikely. Especially in a college town like New Haven.

David brought the subject of Danny up first.

"TJ, it's great that you could make it down here again so quickly. The police here have been awesome, but there's nothing like a friendly face. I'm happy to see you!" David said earnestly.

"Dave, I'm so totally sorry about this thing with Danny. I feel like, I don't know, I feel like responsible for what happened. It's just so, you know, sort've weird that he could disappear like this. I don't feel like this is really happening, like it's a crazy dream."

My eyes filled with tears. So did David's and Max's. The three of us looked a little silly all weepy standing outside of Casa Mexicana while everybody else was happily buzzed on tequila and Tecate. The idea that Danny might not be coming back was something I hadn't really allowed myself to think about. The water in my eyes pooled, then finally spilled down onto both sides my face. I rubbed them with the soft, fleshy parts of my palms, causing even more of the pooled tears to overflow.

David and I both sniffed and then hugged again. Seeing his cue, Max took a deep breath and then circled his arms around the two of us. I noticed that Max aligned the center of his pelvis in the exact center of my butt crack. At the same time, Max rested the side of his face on the back of my neck. It was kind of a sweet gesture by Max-to hug us both at the same time-but my backside was aware that Max was clearly multi-tasking.

At dinner, there was more talk of Danny, of what David and the New Haven Police had been doing all week, and of where things were going next. Not much had really been learned, except that Danny had pretty much vanished sometime after 10pm last Saturday night. Officer Ruggazione and some other detectives had pretty much interviewed everyone who had any contact with Danny over the weekend and they kept coming up empty. Nobody seemed to know anything.

When dinner was over, Max offered to pay. David offered to pay also, and even I lamely suggested that it be my treat. But Max won and put on one of his cards. I never did get my margarita, and I refused to order a virgin one-that just seemed so dumb. Once we left, the three of us walked across the street and then on over to the big park in the center of town. It was a warm night and we didn't need jackets. After one lap around the Green, we decided to call it a night. David was going to meet up with Officer Ruggazione at 9:00 on Saturday morning, and I agreed to come along.

Back in our hotel room, Max seemed to sense that the time to make a move on me was not tonight. It was still too early to go to sleep, so we both stripped down to our underwear and lay on the bed. I puffed up a couple pillows and lay back, Max lay on his side facing me, his feet on his own pillow, his head cupped in his hand.

"It is not the time for you to have sex with me, my friend," Max deadpanned.

"Uh, well, okay thanks." I said.

"You will have to wait your turn."

"Yes, I will have to do that," I agreed.

"But, maybe..."

"Maybe what Max?"

"Maybe it would make us both feeling much better if we talked about it."

"Talked about it? Talked about what Max?" I asked.


I laughed.

"Max? Seriously? You don't want to have sex? You want to talk about sex?"

"Yes. That's right," he said.

I rubbed my chin. "Okay, I guess. What would you like to talk about?"

"Sex," he said again. I noticed that Max's eyes had not moved from my crotch. Despite myself, I could feel my dick beginning to like the attention.

"I know, I know, but what about? What about sex should we discuss?"

Max tugged at his ear and looked at the ceiling. "You could tell me a story," he said.

"A story? A sex story? You want me to tell you a sex story?"

Max smiled and immediately sat up on the bed. I had apparently hit the nail on the head. "Yes, yes TJ. Tell me a sex story."

I was feeling just the teensiest bit manipulated. I had a good sense where the evening was inevitably headed. But, never one to resist the chance to talk about sex, and since it was way too soon to hit the sack, I agreed.

"Okay," I said. "Here goes." It was obvious to me what I should tell Max about. I took a breath and pulled my knees in, being careful not to flash Max with any part of my penis. I stole one of the pillows from Max's side of the bed and placed it strategically between my legs. For the moment I was safe. And I launched into one of my favorite stories from Apple Valley. The weekend I went to the college track meet with the Leeman boys. Max was hooked from the instant I opened my mouth.

'Back in high school, I spent the night over at the Leemans. We were senior, and Saturday morning the three of us would be going to our first ever college track meet together. It was my first sleepover with them, and I was super excited to hang out with them, and to watch a real college meet. I'd been to a ton of high school meets of course, usually as a runner. But now I'd get a chance to see what it might be like to compete in college. The three of us couldn't wait to get there. For myself, I'd watched the Olympics of course, but had certainly never been to see any of the events.

Track and field had always been a favorite for me. And because we lived at practically the edge of the earth, far from any major university, my folks had managed to tape things for me and I'd seen a few college meets on television. But this particular meet wasn't that far away. It was going to be held at Loma Linda University, about an hour's drive. I was totally psyched up for it.

I woke up to the sounds of a shower in the bathroom in the hallway. Probably David had gotten up first and was in there cleaning up. Again! Hadn't he already taken a shower last night? Probably a clean freak. His twin brother Danny clearly was not similarly inclined.

I was on the floor of the twins' room. Their beds above me. Danny wasn't awake yet, I didn't think. So I blinked my eyes open and stretched my arms over my head.

"Good morning sunshine." It was Danny, of course.

I looked up. He was on his side in the bed above me, leaning on one elbow. He wasn't wearing a shirt and with the bright morning light, I could see details of the skin around his nipples. He had a little freckle next to the left one. And he was starting to grow some fine little dark hairs in a circular pattern around the dark skin. I was surprised I'd never noticed before in all those after-practice showers we'd taken together.

"Hey," I said. I was a morning person usually, but after a night on the floor, I was maybe a little bit less of a morning person this particular Saturday morning.

"How'd you sleep amigo?" Danny asked me. "Floor okay?"

I was pretty stiff, but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it so I lied. "Fine, fine, I'm used to it."

Danny laughed. "You sleep on the floor at home do you?"

"No, the stiff thing, you numb skull. I'm a lot like you probably, I like to sleep on something hard," I stammered.

Danny laughed again. "I bet you do sunshine."

Now I giggled too. I crossed my arms behind my head and stared up at the ceiling. We both listened to David in the shower as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"So is it true?" Danny asked after a minute.

I had no idea what he was talking about. But given the crazy twin jack off session I'd been a part of last night, I could probably guess that whatever Danny was asking about had something to do with sex.

"Is what true?" I asked cautiously.

Danny patted the blanket covering him, somewhere in the middle section of his body. Right over his you know what.

"Come on amigo, you know exactly what I'm talking about," Danny said with a huge grin on his face. "Is it true that you've got a big dick?"

Yup. He went there. First thing in the morning. Not that I was surprised.

"Danny!" I exclaimed, injecting as much shock and horror as the situation might have called for, had I not been such a dick-lover myself.

"Oh please. Don't give me that all innocent crap! We've all heard the stories, I've talked to people at school. It's like an urban legend. Or maybe a suburban legend, I guess. Your penis. It's supposed to be pretty fucking big.

I just stared at him. I was probably blushing.

"So I'm asking you a simple question, amigo. Is it true or not?" Danny inquired.

Who on earth at school would he have talked to? I'd fooled around with a couple guys, but certainly nobody that I thought that would say anything. At least I thought they wouldn't. But maybe... Oh well, I sighed. Oh yeah, maybe there was one particular guy. One guy who I was pretty close to. My good friend Andy, the particularly loud-mouthed transfer student from New York. Andy was straight. Well, mostly straight. And for some strange reason, Andy had insisted on measuring my cock during a sleep over at my house one night. Who does shit like that? New Yorkers I guess. So maybe Andy said something to Danny. Or to somebody else and Danny heard it from them.

"What the hell Danny? What do you want me to say?" I asked.

"Well actually, buddy. I just want you to answer my question. It's a simple discussion of anatomy. You keep saying that you want to be a doctor one of these days, right. Well, this is sort of like doctor stuff, I think."

"Right, this is doctor stuff," I laughed.

"Well, come on, even if it's not something that you learn in doctor school, it's natural to discuss the male penis. And besides, we're high school athletes, right? And high school jocks like us are supposed to talk about their cocks, right? I mean we're on the track team together and I've seen your dick in the shower thousands of times. I'm no expert on the male dick, but you know, I've seen my share and I'd say yours is decent."

"Decent? I'm glad you think so. Gee thanks."

He pursed his lips. "I'm thinking that you're a grower, right TJ?" Danny said.

I blushed again and sucked in a deep breath. Yes I am a grower.

"So, is it big or not? Hard, I mean."

I thought about the question. In truth, I was pretty happy with my cock. Based on the few other erections I'd seen so far in my eighteen years on the earth, yes, I'd say that when I was hard I might be just a smidge thicker, and then maybe just a smidge longer too than some of the other weenies that had come my way. Andy had measured me at eight and a third inches, the number etched permanently into my brain. We'd had to do some improvising to come up with that third of an inch because most tape measures only come in quarters and halfs.

Still, talking about my dick just didn't seem like something that was supposed to come up in polite conversation with my friend Danny while his brother showered up just a few feet away. But then, with Danny, was there ever really a polite conversation?

"Well?" Danny asked again.

"Um." I stalled. If I said I had a small weenie, then maybe he'd leave me alone. But who did that? Admit such a thing, out loud?

On the other hand, if I told Danny the truth-not that I actually owed him the truth or anything-he would definitely never leave me alone And he would probably torture me forever until he got to see it. My dick that is.

"Andy said that you guys measured it and it's eight and a half inches."

Fuckin Andy! It was him! Did guys from New York have any scruples at all? I'd thought our little measuring session was a private one, and not one to be shared with anybody else from our high school senior class. Or at least, especially not with Danny Leeman!

"What? He said what? He said that it was eight and a half inches, really?" I asked.

"No. Centimeters. Andy said your hard-on was eight and a half centimeters, or maybe it was millimeters, I forget."

I took a breath. He was joking, right? Of course he was joking.

"Yup, of course amigo. I heard him right. He said eight and a half solid inches of pure 100% young, hung TJ man-meat! That's what Andy told me. We were sitting across from each other at lunch. He was eating a hot dog while we were having this particular discussion. With mustard. He had mustard on his hot dog. I fucking loved that part. And he seemed to be enjoying his hot dog very much, by the way. I think he's had a hot dog or two in his lifetime."

"Fuckin' A! I can't believe Andy told you that!" I whined.

"So, are you confirming? is it? Is it really eight and half inches of prime USDA 18 year old beef? Bigger than those lousy hot dogs at school?"

I took a breath. "How big is yours?" I asked.

Part of me was hoping to change the subject, of course. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind knowing exactly how big Danny's dick was hard as well. Being an aficionado of the male anatomy myself.

I'd seen Danny in the showers at school too, of course, and my mind automatically switched over to automatic extendo-penis mode when I was in there. But knowing for sure would be useful. Very.

"Somewhere in the sevens," Danny answered immediately. "David's a little thicker than me, around the middle if you can believe that. Who's fucking cock is thicker in the middle? Only my twin bro Davey. It tapers down toward his pubes. And it tapers down toward his dick head. But right in the middle, it's thicker. What is that exactly?"

I smiled and made a mental note. Hadn't seen one shaped like that yet.

"But, we're both like exactly the same in the length department. The Leeman boys inherited our daddy's wee wee. Seven plus. And rock hard on command," Danny explained.

Uh, would that be good or bad? I'd never seen Papa Leeman with an erection, not sure I ever would.

"That's my story. So what's yours?" Danny asked.

"So you're somewhere in the sevens?" I repeated out loud. "Sounds cool."

"Yeah," Danny said, "Closer to the seven inch mark on that ruler on my desk over there than to the eight inch mark." Danny nodded in the direction of the desk over in the corner of the bedroom. I looked over, but the top of the desk was above my head and I didn't see a ruler.

Danny laughed.

I thought back to the comment last night about the plane or the pilot and chuckled. "It's not the plane it's the pilot," I said in sort of a Scooby Doo accent.

"Yeah, but all the same, I'd take a 747 over a little propeller plane any day," Danny replied.

I laughed. "So...are you telling me that you are just a little propeller plane? Would that be a Cessna?" That was the only small plane I'd ever heard of.

Danny flipped back the covers and grabbed the front of his underwear. They were tented by a clearly erect penis underneath.

"Does this look a freaking propeller plane to you, amigo?"

It did not. It was pretty freaking sexy! "Nope. I guess not," I said, trying to seem less interested than I was in Danny Leeman's private part.

Danny spun his legs around and put his feet on my chest through the sleeping bag. "Damn right!" he said. "Besides whether I've got a Cessna or a jet fighter or a Boeing seven-whatever, let me assure you amigo...I am a very, very good pilot!"

"Of course you are Danny," I said. "Why exactly do I care?"

Danny wiggled his toes and pressed down on my body. "So?"

Now that he'd shown me his-again, sort of, after last night in the dark-clearly now it was my turn to show him mine. "Danny, you've got like a one-track mind," I said.

"Yes I do. Dick, dick, dick, dick! Just that one track. So, come on TJ! How big is it already?"

He moved a little bit closer to me on the floor and aimed his foot for my mid-section. Once he landed in the general vicinity, he felt for my cock with his toes. I shifted my hips away to keep it from him. When would David finish his stupid shower already and come out to save me from his evil twin?

"I don't know, it could be in the neighborhood of eight inches. Or so. Andy measured it," I said, teasingly

"Can we be exact here please TJ? Is it eight inches? Or is it eight and a half inches?" He dug his toes around a little more, still trying to find the exact spot where my crotch was. I kept shifting my hips back and forth, trying to throw his toes off from their target. Danny's eyes widened when he thought he'd found something. I looked away from his gaze. Distraction. Keep him distracted and eventually his brother would return from the bathroom and we could all just get ready and go to the track meet.

"Are you always this nice to your overnight guests?"

I nodded toward Danny's foot. Despite my efforts at evasion, Danny's persistence had narrowed the field and he was getting closer to arriving at the exact place he wanted. I felt my dick give a little spurt of pre-cum at the thought of his foot making contact with ground zero.

"Well, we don't get a lot of guys sleeping over. You're the first in a long time."

"Maybe the universe is trying to send you a message, keeping poor innocent boys like myself out of your bedroom and away from your, your feet." I said.

As I said this, Danny's foot finally found what Danny was looking for.

"Ah," I said. Danny just smiled. His usual grin that I knew so well. That particular grin meant that he had won the race. I'd seen that grin on his face dozens of times when we ran against the other teams in our league and Danny came in first.

"Yeah, I thought of that. About the universe, I mean. But then I dismissed it. We just haven't asked anybody to sleep on our floor in a while. Not lately. Anyway so answer the fucking question already, how big is it TJ?"

I heard what sounded like singing coming from the bathroom. At this rate, David would not be here to help me anytime soon. Obviously, there was no way to hold Danny off for much longer. And, since honesty is the best policy...I opted for the best policy.

"It's eight and a third," I said.

Danny whistled. "Motherfucker!" Danny shouted.

I held my finger to my lips to shush him and laughed. "Okay? Happy now? I said it. Eight and a third, eight and a third! Big freaking deal!"

Danny moved his feet up to my face and pressed. Incredibly, his feet smelled pretty okay. Maybe a little like Band-Aids, but not that yucky feet smell we got in the locker room. Danny twisted his hip around and somehow managed to force his big toe in between my lips and into my mouth. I let him do it and then I bit down on his toe. Not hard, just enough to cause him to wince. But he didn't wince, he smiled.

"Umm, that's it TJ, bite me," Danny taunted breathing heavily. "Bite me like I fucking deserve to have my toe bitten off, amigo!"

I released the grip of my teeth and let my lips lock around his toe. He began to move it in and out. Extra saliva came to my mouth, and Danny's toe slipped in between my lips more easily. After a moment he stopped.

"TJ, are you sucking on my toe?"

My mouth was full so I couldn't answer. We both heard the shower going. With one hand I pulled Danny's foot away from my face.

"It would seem that way," I said.

I looked into Danny's eyes. They were brown, big brown spheres against the shocking white background. Danny's longish brown hair was more messed up than I'd ever seen it before. Whoa, I wondered if I was looking so messed up too. Danny's running tan contrasted with everything else bright in the room, including his sheets. Unless my imagination had gone a little overboard, Danny's nipples were hard. I was shirtless too, of course, but I was not brown. I'd been running outside in my singlet and had even managed to get a little bit darker in all those sun-exposed areas despite my folks always being on me about slathering on the SPF. All the same, I was no match for Danny. The dude was bronzed! While Danny's foot distracted me, his other one finally hit pay dirt. It found my dick. He pushed down softly against the spring of my erection. In return, Danny must have felt it bounce back up again, like it had an inner tube around it. Danny smiled..

"Holy fuck, TJ. Eight and a third inches! And you're primed and raring to go right this very minute, aren't you amigo? Too bad we're in a big rush and neither one of us can take care of our wood."

Um, hadn't Danny taken care of his own wood last night before we went to sleep? And wasn't I the only unfortunate who had not gotten off last night? With my morning piss-hard, the recent observations I'd been fortunate to experience last night, and my general every-fucking-day horniness, I needed to get off, big time. Right this second sounded just fine to me!

I grabbed Danny's toe again and nibbled on the tip. How long was David going to be showering for anyway? I hoped that it could last another few minutes. Given how worked up I was, I could probably get to orgasm in about 90 seconds.

"I don't take long," I said. Meaning ejaculation. I assumed Danny would understand.

"Hmm." Obviously he did understand. Good ol' Danny.

I flipped back the sleeping bag and wriggled myself up to a sitting position. All the while keeping Danny's toe in my mouth. I saw the tenting in his shorts, it just made the situation for me down below that much worse.

Danny pulled his foot back and looked down toward my dick. In one graceful motion, he flipped himself off of bed and kneeled on the floor right next to me. In an instant his mouth found mine, surrounding me with his moist lips. The move surprised me. I hadn't expected to be kissing Danny Leeman this morning, but I liked it. He tasted faintly of toothpaste and semen, two of my faves, no morning breath.

Danny's hand found my cock through my shorts easily. I was so hard a blind person would have found it easily too. Danny let his fingers dance over the tip of my dick, gently tickling me; it responded immediately, rewarding Danny's hand with a little natural lubricant from the hole at the end. Even as he kissed me, I could feel Danny's lips mold into a smile; his tongue continued to explore my teeth and gums. I took a light breath through my nose and willed myself to orgasm instantaneously. I still didn't want to get caught doing this by Danny's brother David.

"Mmm," he said pulling away from my face slightly, "you taste great!"

I smiled and wrapped an arm around the back of his neck, pulling his head toward mine. This time I kissed him the way I wanted to kiss him, I was in control. He let me move my tongue softly around his mouth at will; his lips softened in response, giving his mouth to me for the moment. While we kissed, Danny left his hand outside of my underwear but he had a firm grip on my hard cock.

"Mmm," I managed, lightly.

Danny's mouth took over again, and he deep-throated me with his strong tongue. This guy was a fucking great kisser? Where did he learn to do this? I felt myself throb against the pressure of Danny's hand. My shorts got even wetter than they already were, more pre-cum oozed out from the head. Danny wasn't exactly giving me a hand job, but what his mouth was doing to mine felt good everywhere in my body.

"Wow, you're not too bad at this Teej," Danny said, grinning.

Gently, he pulled his lips away from mine. He placed two of his fingers inside his mouth to moisten them. With a very wet palm, he reached down again and slipped it under my waistband finding what he wanted immediately. Danny's palm rubbed over the tip of my dick. I squirmed.

We both heard the shower turn off.

"Uh oh," I said.

Danny licked his fingers again and then stuck his hand into my mouth. When he withdrew it, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and we locked our mouths together. His hand found my dick quickly and he moved my underwear away so that he could access the entire length of my erection.

"Mmm," he said. "Very nice."

"Um, thanks," I said.

Danny stroked my cock up and down and let his wet palm linger on the tip. I was sure this wasn't going to take long but I was surprised when I lost control so quickly. A silent scream escaped my lips and I stopped breathing. My cum shot into Danny's hand and he tried to contain it like a little cup. He looked at me and smiled.

"You don't take long, do you? Just like you said."

"Um, well, that whole thing with the two of you last night was pretty freaking hot!" I said, hoping that would do for an explanation. I didn't want to be forever pegged as a premature ejaculator, of course. Not at this age. And, knowing Danny could never keep his trap shut, that was something I definitely didn't want the rest of our high school campus to know about.

"Now what do I do with this?" Danny said grinning. He had a hand full of white, sticky semen. A little glob dripped onto my abs.

"Here, do you want to use my underwear?" I offered. It seemed impolite to have Danny wipe my sperm on the sheets they had so politely shared with me.

Danny clearly had other ideas. In a flash, he used his non-inseminated hand to push down his underwear, freeing his own hard cock. With the inseminated hand, he rubbed it on himself. Tiny bits fell into his pubic hair. He hadn't trimmed himself quite as much as I usually did.

"Mmm," he said. "Little tiny, microscopic TJs! Cool! I think I'll just put this right here. God's lube!"

God's lube?! Come on! That was all mine! It seemed unlikely that God had bigger fish to fry and hadn't had much to do with the sperm I produced at all!

Danny rubbed his dick a few times. I watched closely as my spooge seemed to do the trick for him.

"It's a little sticky, I admit" Danny said. "But I think this should do be just what the doctor ordered for Danny's dick."

"Yeah," I said. Then I giggled. "David's right, you are a such a pervert!"

"You have no idea, amigo," he said.

Danny licked the palm of his wet hand. The white stuff that hadn't come off on his dick made contact with Danny's tongue. Not the first cum that my friend had had in there since our little overnight sleepover had started..

I fell back onto the pillow. Danny moved his wet hand from his face and then covered my mouth with the same one. I let him move two fingers onto my tongue and I tasted my own cum.

"Does this make us blood brothers or something?" I asked.

"Sperm brothers, amigo. Just sperm brothers."

When David finally did come back into the room, the deeds were done and both of us were happy, ready to take on the world.'

I finished my story and looked over at Max. He was lying on the bed looking up, his ankles crossed, his feet tucked up against the headboard of the bed. He had both hands over his groin.

"That's a very nice story, TJ," Max said.

"Glad you liked it."

"I hope we find Danny soon," he said. "I'd like to meet him."

"I hope so too Max."

I closed my eyes and got into the sheets, pulling the covers up to my neck. Max got up to turn off the lights, and I fell asleep quickly. I never felt him come into the bed.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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