When we arrived at Winston's house I knew by now to stay seated and wait for him to come and fetch me from the car. He got out and retrieved my things from the trunk then came and opened my door. He had a smile and a look was on his face I had never seen before. As he helped me out of the car I said, "What's with the look Winston?" His beautiful face was glowing, his gorgeous green eyes twinkling. "Danny you have no idea how happy I am you're here with me, only me. I must be the luckiest guy in the world!" He said as he escorted me to the door.

He allowed me to go in first and told me to have a seat while he took my things to his room. I saw he had placed two wine glasses along with an ice bucket of chilling wine on the coffee table. I took a seat and waited. He soon returned and while standing and uncorking the wine he said "I hope you like wine, it's a very good year." He poured our glasses and while handing one to me he raised his announcing a toast, "To us Dan my man and only my man. Shall we have a wonderful weekend, a great time getting to know each other even more and a lot more kissing." There was his small sexy laugh. I replied, "Here .. here!" as we both downed the first glass.

He came and sat close to me, facing me as he poured us another glass, he looked deep into my eyes and handed me my glass. "Have I told you how lovely your deep blue eyes are to me? Have I told you that I love the smell of your soft hair? Have I told you that your lips taste like the sweetest wild honey? Have I told you I am hopelessly falling for you Danny?" My eyes were moist with tears as I said, "Winston that is the most caring, loving, beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me and I am hopelessly falling for you too."

As we drank our wine we were still looking deeply into each others eyes, I said, "Winston have I told you how beautiful you are to me? Have I told you how I love those gorgeous green eyes? Have I told you I can't get enough of our silky hair in my hands? Have I told you I LOVE YOU with ALL my heart and my soul??!!

Winston was crying and so was I. "Danny I love you so much, with everything I have and everything I will be, I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU, Danny please don't break my heart, please never leave me!!" We were holding each other so tight I thought we might suffocate. I said, "O..O Winston I will never leave you I cant breath without you I would die without you." We held each other for a very long time, calming down little by little. We both stopped crying and pulled apart enough to finally kiss.

We almost ate each other as we tasted each other lips, softly biting and bathing them with our tongues then our lips and tongues went to each other faces. Foreheads, checks, eyelids, chins and now to the necks and ears. We were devouring each other. Winston pulled away breathing heavily and said "Danny I want to make love to you so bad right now, if we kiss again I will cum in my pants. We need to slow down, I don't want to push you, I am satisfied with us being so close. Danny I love you. O my love, we have all the time in the world. Lets slow down okay?"

I knew his need to back off, I felt the same way. God I loved him so, so much. "Yes Winston lets slow down baby." I said. I heard that small deep sexy laugh. He said, "You called me baby, is that your pet name for me ?" I had to laugh too I did not realize I had said that. "Is that okay Winston or would you like another name baby?" I shoot back. He held my face in his hands and looking deep into my soul he said, "Every time you call me your baby my heart skips a beat, my stomach does a flip-flop and my cock twitches I think that alone tells the tell, don't you my love?"

I laughed and pulled him to me as close as I could get him. He felt so strong but I was realizing he was a very gentle, loving and emotional man. I could not believe someone so beautiful inside and out wanted me, plain old everyday me. I whispered in his ear, "I love you Winston, always and forever no matter what baby."

They cuddled closely on the couch, sipping their wine and kissing softly. Both were thinking about all that had been said, the surge of emotions they had felt. Danny was twirling Winton's long hair around his fingers, loving the soft silky feeling. Winston had his arm around Danny's waist lightly rubbing his side. The contact felt great to both of them, the warm feelings felt great to both of them. There was love all around them, pure, sweet, soul filling love. They knew, knew for sure, no doubt about it, they were soul mates.

An hour had passes before Winston spoke, "Danny my love, I was thinking maybe we could order in and watch a movie tonight. Sound good to you?" Danny replied quickly, "Sounds perfect! What would you like to eat?" I saw that look of passion and lust in his green eyes .. O .. those eyes of his. He stood and held out a hand to me, as mine reached his he pulled me to him in a soft loving embrace he whispered in my ear, "Dan my man and only my man, Do you really need me to answer that question for you? I have the most delicious, scrumptious, luscious man in my arms. I think you know what I want to eat."

I could feel his warm breath on my ear, fell his body push harder into mine. His words sent tingles up and down my spine, my breathing was becoming labored and heavy. I whispered back to Winston, in his ear "Tell me .. Please in detail.. How you would eat me baby." I could fell Winston's cock growing against me leg I knew he must feel my rock solid cock pushing into him. I had never been so turn on before. I could hear his breathing increase in my ear and I could feel his heartbeat racing.

He hesitated for a few moments but continued in that deep sexy voice, "I would worship your entire body with my lips and tongue my love. I would lick, kiss and nibble every sweet inch of your skin starting with your face and ending with your feet. Danny I love you, only you. I want our first time together to be the most loving you have ever known, the most romantic you have ever known, the most sensual you have ever know and I want it to last all night." I was trembling all over, my heart felt like it would burst with all the love I had for Winston. I wanted him .. No I needed him .. I needed to be one with him. I begged him, "Please show me baby .. Please teach me baby .. I'm a virgin."

He lessened his grip and looked deep in my eyes, "I'm a virgin too my love . We will learn together, learn to pleasure each other together. We will be each others first physical love. I am so honored to give myself to you my love., honored to be the first for you my love. But not tonight. We have all the time in the world.

We stood holding each other eyes locked together for quite some time before I said, "How bout Chinese tonight Winston?" He laughed that sexy little laugh and went to get the phone. I walked over to find a movie and shouted "You have the original black and white movie of The Miracle Worker!" Winston called back, "I love that movie, great pick Danny put it in." He came back from the kitchen with ice tea and everything needed for our dinner. I gave him a small kiss and asked, "What did ya order?" He smiled and said "I love you Danny. I ordered Shrimp and Broccoli along with Fried dumplings. I can't say it enough, I love you Danny!" I laughed out loud and replied, "Winston baby I love you so much. Please give me a kiss." We made out, lips on lips, tongues on tongues, and hands feeling each other till the doorbell rang.

We ate and feed each other while watching the movie. We laughed and we both teared up at parts of the movie. When the movie ended and the food was gone Winston asked, "My love are you ready for bed?" I said yawning, "Yes but I would love a shower first, is that okay?" I heard that deep sexy laugh again. "Only if I can help." Winston stood and took my hand and lead my to his room. It had changed since the last time I was here, there were candles all around and fresh flowers that made the room smell wonderful. He pulled me to him and my arms went around his neck, we held each other tightly. Winston said in my ear, "Danny I want to undress you. I want to bath you. Feel you in my arms skin against skin. No sex only loving, washing and touching. Is that okay with you love?" O.. O God I loved him so much, my tears became to fall from pure joy. "Please yes.. Nothing could make me happier baby." I answered.

He pulled away and went to one knee, he patted his other leg and I place my foot there. He looked up, as he began to remove my shoes and socks he smiled so big I could tell he was enjoying this very much. I repeated with my other foot and that was done. Winston stood up and kissed me deeply, he felt wonderful in my mouth. All too soon he pulled away and began to unbutton my shirt. Slowly one by one button at a time I was being exposed to my baby. Winston pushed my shirt from my shoulders and arms and it fell to the floor. I heard a small moan as he started to undo my jeans. "Danny you are so absolutely fucking gorgeous." he said. I saw his hands shaking as he pulled my zipper down and push them to my ankles. I was shaking too as I raised each foot for Winston to free me of my pants. He stood up and backed up to take a look at me in my boxers only.

Winston eyed Danny up and down. God he was so perfect, so handsome, so damn sexy. No hair anywhere. Smooth sexy skin and well defined muscles, I am one damn lucky man he thought. He went closer to Danny and placed his hands on the waistband of his black tight boxers and said, "Are you ready to show me all of you my love?" Danny nodded and Winston slowly began to remove the last bit of Danny's clothing. When Winston saw the well trimmed bush, he let out another small moan, but when Danny's thick long cock came into view, Winston hollered out "Fuck yes O.. Fuck yes." Danny had to laugh, he was proud of his size. He wasn't as long as he would like 9 inches was good but he was as big around as his wrist almost 7 inches. "Winston baby do you like what you see?" Winston took several steps back and collected himself. When his mind left the "I must have him fuck me" arena he replied smoothly. "Danny you are the most beautiful, stunning man I have ever seen and I can not believe you want me, love me, everyday old me."

Danny only replied, "My turn Winston, come to me, my baby. Let me undress you." Winston walked slowly to the love of his life ready to show all. Danny got on one knee and patted his other leg. Winston put his foot up and Danny removed his boot and socks and switched for the other one. Danny eyed his feet, even they were sexy he thought. He stood up and began to pull Winston's tee-shirt up over his head. It was Danny's turn to moan and he let out a loud deep moan as Winston's chest came into view. OMG those luscious muscles, they were perfect not too big, just perfect. Those biceps so round and hard, the size of cantaloupes. Those Pecs, so defined with large nipples and the hair. That wonderful soft hair spread out like a fan over his Pecs more dense in the middle with a small trail to his bellybutton. That eight pack abs, so rippled and so, so sexy. I began to undo his jeans, my hands shaking from anticipation. I pulled down the zipper and lowered his jeans O..O..MY..MY.. He was commando. His long huge hard cock fell out and I was speechless. OMG... it had to be 13 - 14 inches and as big around as a beer bottle, it was beautiful just like the rest of him. His legs were very muscular and they were hairy as well. I pulled his jeans away and stood back to admire his body. I asked in all sincerity, "Winston are you positive, for sure its ME you want baby.??? Have you looked at your stunning, glorious self in the mirror lately??? You can have any man, any time, YOU are fabulous, magnificent baby. Are you sure its ME?"

Winston had a huge smile on his face, he was proud that Danny seemed to love his body but he knew with all of his heart and soul that Danny love him. Loved him for him, not just the physical. They were soul mates, the one and the only one you belong to all your life. Like Danny had said, always and forever no matter what. I walked to my love and embraced him tightly, "Danny my love you have to believe me when I say to you and only you, I have been waiting for you, Danny Miller ALL my life. I love you with ALL MY HEART AN SOUL only you . You are all I need and all I will ever want. You are MY LOVE for all time. Until the end of time. Now are we ready for that shower?"


A. Williams

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