Winston and I were on the way to the shower. He held me back so he could get the water warm for us. When he was satisfied, he reached for my hand. He said, "Come to me love, let me wash you and feel you." I obliged surrendering to my baby, my Winston. I took his hand as he carefully helped me in. The water felt good as I leaned under the spray and closed my eyes. I sensed Winston joining me. Then I felt his large hands in my hair rubbing, shampooing my hair for me. The smell was familiar, It was the apple and strawberry shampoo I use at home. My sweet baby, so thoughtful. This feeling of being bathed was so loving and erotic at the same time. It was wonderful. Next I felt his soapy hands rubbing me, washing my shoulders, chest, stomach and working lower. I held my breath but my privates were passed by for now. He tenderly washed my legs and feet O .. my his hands felt so sensual on my skin.

Then I felt those loving hands on my balls, I sucked in and held my breath. I heard Winston say in that deep sexy voice, "Breath my love, breath." I felt his slick soapy hands on my rock hard member, slowly tenderly he cleaned me. Up and down agonizingly slow, over and over while still caressing my heavy balls. I moaned loudly and said, "Oh my .. Winston please don't stop. Your hands feel marvelous." He laughed that small deep sexy laugh of his and continued to wash me. He stood pressing his body into mine and whispered "Turn around love." I felt those big strong hands on my back now moving slowly downward, then on my legs washing up and down carefully. I let out a low moan when Winston's hands found my ass. His slick hands eased in my crevice and rubbed over my sensitive hole. I shivered all over, Winston pressed is body back to mine while still gently rubbing me "Is the water too cold love, your shivering?" he asked. "No its not too cold baby, your hands just feel too damn good, don't stop .. Please Winston." I begged. I heard his laugh but he didn't stop. He softly caressed my cheeks, then back to my hole switching back and forth for several minutes. He said in a soft sexy voice, "I think your all clean love, can we trade places?"

I turned and grab Winston in my arms tightly for several moments, I loosened my grip, looked deeply into his eyes, "Winston I am so sorry for being so selfish. I was wrapped up in all the wonderful, loving and sensual feelings you were giving me I forgot about you and returning that pleasure. Please forgive me baby." I pleaded. Winston only smiled and gave me a kiss that made my toes curl.

I asked "Winston Please let me wash you please??" I didn't wait for an answer I turned him around and under the spray. I put my hands in his hair to help get it wet. I soaped up that long black hair of his and scrubbed his scalp while I looked into his gorgeous green eyes. I soaped up my hands and began to wash his broad shoulders and arms, O...O MY those hard but somehow soft sexy muscles. I continued my journey to his amazing chest with my soapy hands, we were still in an eye lock and Winston was smiling. As I washed his hairy, hard chest I let out a moan but when I ran my hands over his big hard nipples, Winston said as he bit his lower lip, " O.. O.. fuck yes Danny .. That feels so good." I took his nipples in my fingers and gave a squeeze, Winston shouted out, "Hell yea ! Harder ... harder Danny." I obliged but soon moved to wash his eight pack abs. I washed his wonderful muscled hairy legs up and down slowly. God he was one hot stud, a magnificent man !!

I came back up for the prize and more soap, my hands were finally washing those low hanging hairy balls and that very long fat cock of his. One hand washing his balls with the other washing his cock slowly, I heard Winston growl, deep and sexy. I felt him shiver under my touch, Then he said " My love, your hands are pure magic, Danny I love you so much." I continued to wash his beautiful cock and balls but soon turned him around to access his backside. I washed his back and legs but when I started to clean his ass cheeks I almost came. They were so smooth, so full, so firm, I placed my soapy hand in his crack finding his sweet hole. Winston asked breathlessly "Please Danny feel me, rub me, pleasure me." I whispered in his ear, "Winston I love you baby, you feel and look amazing, I will do what ever you want, how ever you want, when ever you want. Baby you are mesmerizing." I kneaded his ass cheeks and went back to rubbing his sweet hole , back and forth, over and over again. Winston moaned softly the whole time. The water began to cool, I whispered in his ear "Baby you are all clean we should get out, the water is turning cold." I turned the water off and grab towels for us.

We dried each others bodies, blow dried and brushed each others hair, we brushed each others teeth all the while smiling , laughing and kissing. All of a sudden Winston lifted my into his arms like a bride and placed me on the bed. He pulls on a clean pair of boxers and tucked in is long fat cock. He pulls me up and gets on his knees raising my feet one at a time to put on my clean boxers for me. He stands and pulls me into him, he looks into my eyes loving and says "Danny my love what we just shared together was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced so far in my life. I want to hold you tight to me all night love, smelling you, feeling our body heat next to me. Come with me love."

He pulls the covers back and helps me lay on the soft silk sheets then he walks to his side and climbs in. He covers us and pulls me to him, face to face, eyes to eyes I say "Winston I love you, please hold me tight and never let me go .. Promise to never let me go .. God my heart aches I love you so much." I could not help my tears from falling, my words were not enough to really convey my feelings. We kissed hard, passionately, as we rolled around on the bed. After what felt like hours, Winston pulled away. When we calmed down he arrange us in a spoon, him behind me with his lips on my ear and his strong arms holding me tight.

I could fell Winston's hairy chest on my back, I could feel his soft large package on my ass and our legs were tangled together, mine smooth his hairy. I could feel his hot breath, every so often I heard a small sigh and felt a kiss on my ear. I was in paradise. All my dreams fulfilled. Love had found me and filled me completely when I found Winston.

Winston was thinking how great it felt to cuddle Danny, he could feel his smooth back against his chest. His full ass snug against his dick and balls. His pretty smooth legs tangled with his own. He could snuggle into his soft hair and smell apples and strawberries, he was becoming addicted to that smell. His heart was full of love for Danny and he knew Danny loved him just as much. Finally the love he had longed for had come to him in Danny.

Winston broke the silence in a soft loving tone, "Danny I love you. You feel so good don't move love. I want to hold you all night." I was almost asleep, I managed to say, "Please hold me, don't ever let me go. I love you too my baby, good night. See you in the morning light."


A. Williams

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