They made love for hours and both were totally drained. They fell into a deep sleep, spooning with Winston still inside of Danny. Danny woke and glanced at the clock, damn 11 pm. No wonder he was starving, they hadn't eaten since breakfast. He snickered to himself, well not food anyway, he could feel Winston inside him. Even soft he was big, god I love this man. He untangled himself and moved to go to the bathroom, carefully as not to wake Winston. After he cleaned up he headed to the kitchen, Dinner!!, better late than never he thought.

First order of business, wine!! Danny was sore all over from the wonderful sex today with Winston. He settled on a Rosa' and downed the first glass. He turned on the radio on low and gathered the ingredients for dinner. Danny did love to cook, lets see Aragua Salad with Walnuts and orange sections Yes, with a lite vinaigrette dressing, YUM, YUM. Next, Steamed Shrimp Cocktail, wonderful... Then my famous poached Lobster in Lemon-Wine sauce. What to do with thee beef???...something simple...Seared Beef Filet with finger length garlic roasted potatoes. A midnight feast fit for a king...My King, my baby Winston. God I love that man!

Winston woke to delicious smells coming from the kitchen. My God I am starving, the aroma was so tempting, his mouth began to water. After the bathroom, he hurried to the kitchen. I am so sore all over, then he remembered the all the glorious sex with Danny. I am the luckiest man in the world he thought. There was the love of his life, naked except for his Mothers apron around his waist. He was so fucking sexy, Winston thought. Winston snuck up behind him at the stove and whispered in his ear, "Love, you are one sexy man. I don't know which I want more, what your cooking or YOU on the dinning room table ???" Danny laughed, "Baby you need food first then ME for dessert!!" O hell yeah thought Winston.

"Danny the table looks wonderful and the food smells divine, thank you love." Winston said. Danny placed the salad on the table and told Winston to take a seat. He poured more wine and severed up the 1st course. Winston's mouth was in heaven, the wine, the salad, the shrimp were scrumptious. He wasn't talking at all, just mumbling and asking for more. Danny was all smiles as he served the second course, he famous Lobster. Winston took a bit and his eyes got as big as saucers. "My love, is this our own recipe" he asked. Danny replied "Yes baby, do you like it?" Winston took another bite, then another. "Love I have never tasted anything this delicious, we need to open a restaurant!!" Danny was so on cloud nine. "Wait baby we still have the final course to serve." and with that being said, Danny went to get the beef dish. Winston could not believe all the trouble and work Danny had done just for him. It hit his heart in a big way. As Danny set down the last dish Winston said, "I love you so good Danny, thank you so much for our Midnight feast. I do feel like a king." "Taste this baby and tell me what you think??" Danny said. Winston was pleased to oblige and his mouth went on over load. "Danny you should be a chef. This is the best food I have ever had, I'm not kidding, your were born to cook." Winston finished all the food. He ate and ate as Danny watched on all smiles. A deal is a deal and Winston began to wash the dishes he said, "Love I am wanting my desert when I'm done here... are you ready??"

Danny had to laugh but he was the one that purposed it, so he laid down on the table and waited. Winston arrived with whipped cream, melted chocolate and cherries. He said in that deep sexy voice, "There is the sweetest, tastiest man on earth." He began to pour the warm chocolate over my body and it was highly erotic, my cock stood straight up leaking. He sprayed me with whipped cream and placed cherries on each nipple. He stood back to look at his dessert and said, "Danny you look amazingly delicious. Let me eat you and give you pleasure my love."

And so he did. Licking, slurping, his tongue all over me, eating his dessert, ME. God I love this man. Finally on my cock, he poured more warn chocolate, it felt so fucking good I had to moan, "Eat me baby, suck me, lick me I am all yours." He took me in one suck to my balls and I yelled out, "Fuck yes.. Yes make me cum.. Fuck YES...OO...
Don't stop... Suck meeee. He worked my cock like a master cocksucker. I could not hold back, did not want to hold back. I screamed, "Yes... Yes.. O fuck O fuck baby here I cuuuuumm." I shot so hard my balls and cock hurt, 3 no 5 no 7 ropes of cum shot into Winston's warm sweet mouth. I lay there panting, not able to move, I needed time to recover.

Winston came to my ear, snickering, "You are a fucking mess love, come lets get a bath." He picked me up and carried me to his parents bath and a whirlpool tub. He set me on the sink as he filled the tub. He lovingly placed me in the hot water and lowered himself in behind me. He started the jets and we laid back to enjoy the hot swirling water. God I love this man Danny thought.

Winston was sitting there, the love of his life between his legs, his sweet smelling hair in his face and all of a sudden he was scared. Scared to death... what if these feelings were not love but lust? He had never made love before... How could he be sure it was love??? He began to feel closed in.. sort of caged.. All of a sudden he wanted OUT. It was too intense, he needed a moment to himself. He raised out of the tub and told Danny to stay as long as he wanted.

Winston walked to his room, got in boxers and a tee shirt and laid down on his back looking at the ceiling trying to work out these feelings. They had another day together and he had arranged something very special for Danny, but now he wasn't sure. He was confused and thought of a way to get Danny back home early, first thing in the morning.
When Danny walked in from his bath, Winston said "Danny my parents called and they are coming home early. Is it okay to take you home in the morning??" Danny felt something was wrong but could not imagine what is was. He said "That's fine Winston, no problem. Lets get some sleep." As Danny got in bed he could feel the tension, His heart ached, he rolled over to Winston and gave him a soft kiss and snuggled to his side.
"I love you always and forever, good night baby." was all Danny said.


A. Williams

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