After we recovered from our lovemaking we had a very relaxing shower. We washed and caressed each other, tenderly kissed and held one another. "Dan my man and only my mine I'm starving! How bout you love?" Winston asked as we dried each other. "Yeah.. I was supposed to cook us dinner tonight! But my other appetite for a special guy I know took over." I said smirking. "O really, cheating on me already... damn I'm gonna have to up my game." Winston chuckled. Suddenly Danny hollered, "Hell baby!! You sure did mark me .. look at my neck?!!" Winston was softly laughing as he stood behind Danny looking at his beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Winston looked over Danny's amazing defined body, so sexy, so smooth and his cock began to harden. His back so manly and blemish free, his glorious ass so full, so tight and hot inside. He needed badly to feel his ass around his cock again. Winston leaned down and began to caress Danny's smooth ass as he kissed and licked the bite marks on his neck. He whispered in Danny's ear, "Sorry love, my appetite for you is a very deep seated hunger that I can't seem to satisfy."

Danny moaned and pushed back feeling Winston's hard fat cock. Winston continued to whisper, "My sweet, precious love, I have such burning love for you in my heart it aches. My longing, my desire, my craving for you only seems to grow. I need to touch you, stroke your hot, smooth luscious skin." Winston was still caressing Danny's ass, still kissing his neck and licking his ear as he whispered on, "I need to smell you, your soft hair, your scent of sweat, your manly scent of your most private places." Danny was whimpering now and rubbing himself against Winston's body as he continued on. "I need to taste you, all of you, every inch of you. Danny I need to make love to you, slowly savoring you, filling myself of you, cherish you in every way I know how love."

Winston very carefully lifted Danny in his arms. He kissed him and licked his lips as he carried him to the bed. He placed him softly down never breaking the romantic kiss. He raised up and stood over Danny, "God, I love you so much" he turned off the lights, lit all the candles, started some soft music and returned to stand over Danny. "You are so beautiful my love, Please allow me to make love to you now." All Danny could do was raise his arms to his lover and nod.

Winston was in no hurry this time, he had allowed himself to be cared away earlier. He was sorry for that, sorry he had not show his love real lovemaking. He started with Danny's feet, while he looked into those dark blue eyes he rubbed them, massaged them, then kissed them softly. He licked each toe before sucking it, rolling his tongue all around each one, "Danny your feet are so sexy and taste and smell wonderful." Danny could only moan from pleasure. He cleaned Danny's hairless legs with his mouth up higher and higher, seductively to his crotch, "My love you taste so sweet, I am so hooked on the taste of you." Winston arrived at Danny's hairless balls and breathed deeply, "Even with the shower love, I can smell your special musk. Next time I'll wait till your good and ripe, God I love you Danny." Winston sucked one of his balls in his mouth and rolled his tongue all around it while his hand pulled and squeezed the other. Danny was getting louder and deeper with his moaning. That's all he could do, he was lost to all else except pure pleasure.

Winston said, "I love your big balls so full of your delicious cum, The cum you will only give to me my love." His deep sexy soft voice was driving Danny almost mad. These feelings he was having where so intense, all consuming, so full of love and desire. Winston lavished Danny's leaking cock with slow long licks, from balls to tip over and over. "Your cock is so perfect love, so thick, so long so smooth and it taste so scrumptious." Winston sucked on Danny's cock, slowly all the way down, all the way up, again and again. Danny found his voice now but only a whisper, "Yes O yes that fells so, so good my baby."

Winston's hands were loving rubbing Danny's stomach, chest and arms as he leisurely sucked him. He was moaning with pleasure around Danny's cock given him even greater sensations. He pulled off to lick and kiss Danny's torso, "You are so handsome, I love you Danny so very deeply." He laced his fingers in Danny's and squeezed his hands as he reached his lips. Winston stopped and looked in Danny's eyes smiling. "Your lips are so full and soft, when I kiss you love I always feel a small spark. When you smile and I see those wonderful dimples, the world falls away and all I see is you my sweet love, only you."

Winston placed a small kiss on Danny's forehead, each eyelid, cheeks and finally his lips. Small sweet kisses then he pushed his tongue thru Danny's lips. They made love to each others mouths slowly, softly as the gently rolled around on the bed. Their breathing began to increase, heartbeats got faster and more passion were in their kisses. Winston pulled away wanting to slow things down, "Turn over love." he whispered. He lowered himself on Danny's back, skin to skin and his cock snuggled into his soft cheeks, he let out a long sigh. He deeply breathed in the smell of Danny's soft hair. "God you smell so good."

He kissed and nibbled at Danny's neck, licking, kissing lower across his back towards his luscious ass. Winston kneaded Danny's cheeks, spread them and looked at his sweet hole, so red and twitching almost winking at him, " I love your ass love, so soft but firm, it smells of your musk that I so enjoy and taste like the finest sweet wine on earth. I love you Danny." With that said, Winston became to dine on Danny's sweet ass. Licking, sucking, slurping and tongue fucking as Danny moaned and pushed back hard against Winston's face.

Winston returned to Danny's ear, "Please love, let me love to you, I need to be one with you?" Danny said softly, "Yes please love me, I want you so badly my baby." Winston carefuly lubed Danny and himself, He pressed into Danny's sweet hole and his cock easily slid in and they both moaned. He held there loving the sensation, loving the anticipation, waiting for Danny to be ready.

"I'm ready baby, so ready." Danny said softly. Winston pushed slowly, inch by inch until his cock was buried deep, all the way in his lover. He began to long stroke slowly, almost all the way out and all the way back in, almost all the way out and all the way back in. Danny was grabbing bedcovers, chewing on pillows God if felt so absolutely amazing, his cock was leaking gallons. "It feels so good inside you, I love you so much." Winston moaned. Winston rolled Danny to his side, leg over his shoulder, cock still in ass. He became to short and long stroke a little faster. He leaned over and kissed Danny so lovingly never missing a stroke.

On and on they made love, not sex pure love. Every position, slow then fast, kissing, rubbing, no one and nothing else mattered. Only they matter to each other, joined together forever, heart and soul for all time. Two people becoming one in love. The most beautiful thing that can ever happen in life. The thing we all dream about and hope for and long for. TRUE LOVE.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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