I sat and watched Winston walk away as the others came back to the table. O..My ..My he is beautiful from the back as well. His firm, full ass looked delicious and that manly walk, that swagger of his, full of confidence. Lisa spoke pulling me from my trance. "Wow Danny, Winston is one hot guy, why are all the hot guys gay ?" she laughed. Jamie replied " Excuse me !!! Not all hot guys are gay." As he motioned up and down his body. We all laughed.

Ben said to me in a serious tone "Danny really, so are you out now to everyone ?" As they all stared at me as I answered "I think so Ben. I mean I didn't plan it or anything it sort of happened. I feel so safe with Winston and I let my walls down with him." All of them just smirked at me and Ben said "You got it bad Danny, real bad for this guy already. Jamie you might need me as back up when the rest of the school hears about the two of them. But my Danny boy , all I can say is I'm so very happy for you man." With that said , they all raised their drinks up in a toast and hollered "Here, here." All I could do was smile.

The rest of the day seemed to drag on, all I wanted was to be with Winston. So when the final bell of the day rang, I almost ran from school to the parking lot. There he stood by his car, jacket slung over his back holding it with one finger. As I got closer, I could see he had rolled up his sleeves and unbuttoned his shirt a few buttons. I saw the deep black hair on his arms and also on his chest, my groin tingled and my cock started to firm up. O..My..My he was beautiful.

"Hey you" I said as I got close to him. "Hey back to you, are you ready to roll ?" he asked. 'Yes of course" I replied as he walked me around to the passenger side, opened the door for me and helped me in. As he shut the door for me, I felt so special by the way he was treating me and my heart was bursting with love for him. Winston got in and we drove toward his house. I asked "So, where do you live Winston ?" He answered "Out highway 16 about 5 miles or so. It'll only take bout ten minutes." As he smiled at me , I smiled back and he responded "There's that smile I'm beginning to fell crazy about. Danny I am so happy we can spend more time together now that you're my boyfriend and all." And I heard that small deep laugh again. "O, felling full of ourselves are we Winston ?" He shoot back in that deep sexy voice " Always !!"

We arrived at his house as he parked he told me to stay put. He walked around and opened my door and helped me out of the car, so sexy I thought. As we walked in his house, he shouted "Hey Mom I'm home." We heard her ask " Is that you Winston sweetie?" We walked into the kitchen and right away I could see where Winston got his looks from. She had the same jet black hair, the same dark skin, the same smile, but her eyes were deep brown.

Winston went to her and gave her a great big hug. Then he said to her turning to face me "Mom I would like you to meet Danny Miller, My gorgeous and sweet boyfriend." I was shocked but his Mom embraced me and said in a very happy voice, "O my goodness, I am so happy to meet you Danny."

Winston then said "Mom we are going to my room to talk and be alone. Is that okay ?" She answered "Sure sweetie it'll be about 3 hours till dinner. Behave yourself." Winston laughed that small deep laugh as he took my hand and lead me to his room.

He allowed me in first and I thought his room looked just like him. Shades of tan, blue, hunter green and a king size bed as well as all the usual guy stuff. Winston sat on the bed and while removing his boots he said "Hey Dan join me." He laid back and patted the bed next to him saying, "I want to hold you, please."

I sat and removed my shoes and crawled over to him. He was smiling and those green eyes of his were twinkling. I laid my head on his chest and tossed my leg over his as he wrapped his strong arm around me. He let out a sigh "O.. Danny, I have been dreaming about holding you like this since this morning. You feel so damn good, smell so damn good, I could hold you this way forever." He said so very softly while he played with my hair. All I could do was moan softly. I could feel his hard muscles under me and hear his heartbeat. I slowly twirled the hair on his firm chest in my fingers, as I nuzzled into his neck. O .. My ..O ..My I could smell his wonderful smell again.

We cuddled together in silence for a long while, no words needed to be spoken. Winston was thinking what a lucky man he was to have Danny with him, laying and hold him this way. Smelling him, smelling his hair of strawberry and apples and stroking his soft hair was amazing. He felt so happy and so content he felt like it had to be a dream. He could feel Danny's body heat and his body next to his and knew it was real. This time with Danny wasn't sexual to Winston, it was intimate, it was loving and it was very special to him. He could only hope Danny felt the same way.

Winston pulled his arm from under Danny and laid on his side propped up on his elbow. Danny was a little surprised by the sudden movement but followed suite and stared into Winston's beautiful green eyes. Winston spoke first, softly but still in his deep sexy voice, "Danny tell me everything about yourself." Danny thought for a few moments and again slung his leg over Winston's and rubbed the side of his face as he asked, "What would you like to know ?" As they looked deep into each others eyes, Winston laughed that deep small laugh answering, "I said everything, anything, all things that make you .. You." Winston reached out and became to rub up and down Danny's leg that was resting on him and along the side of his tight body.

Danny began to speak while still looking into those big green eyes and stroking Winston's face softly, "Well, I run track at school and like to play basketball. I love to cook and love old movies. Let's see what else. I enjoy a good book and dancing. My favorite color is blue and my favorite food would either be a great cooked steak or most any kind of seafood, especially lobster. How's that." Danny smiled.

"Wow, that's a great start. There's that smile I'm feeling crazy about." replied Winston. "You said you love to dance. Do you do any formal dancing ?" Winston asked. "Not really, mostly free style but I'd love to learn. Tell me about you Winston." Danny said while playing with Winston's long silky hair.

"I like football, I played a defensive end position at my last school. I too enjoy basketball and old movies. I love formal dance especially the Tango but I can get into free style too. I love to eat so just about anything is good with me. I like to work on my car and my bike, a 1979 Harley but I also enjoy a good book and jigsaw puzzles." Winston said, with a sexy wink.

"You should talk to Jessie and Coach about signing up for the team. I'm sure you'd love it and I know I would love to see you running around in those tight pants." Danny said. Winston laughed that deep little laugh and smiled at Danny wickedly.

We were so into each other, we were both surprised to hear someone at Winston's door clearing their throat. We both looked up and Winston said "O .. Hey Dad." I started to move to sit up but Winston held me in place his attention back on me, looking into my eyes again. "Sorry didn't mean to interrupt, your Mother didn't tell me you had company." His father said. "No problem Dad, we were just talking. Come on in and take a seat." Winston said as we both untangled and sat up next to each other. His father sat at the edge of the bed and looked at us waiting.

Winston spoke to his father, "Dad I would like you to meet Danny Miller, my gorgeous and sweet boyfriend." His eyes opened wide with surprise and I knew where Winston got those eyes of his. I could also see his Father was even more muscular than Winston. "Well .. Well, nice to meet you Danny." he said, as he eyed my up and down suspiciously. "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Walker." I said extending my hand. He shook my hand rather firmly while he looked at Winston and asked, "How long have you known Danny Son ?" Winston laughed that small laugh and answered, " O Dad come on ... don't be so hard on me or Danny. You know we had to meet today. Dad really, it feels very, very right to me." Winston was once again looking deeply into my eyes and smiling. His Father did not respond just stood up and began to walk out and said with is back to us, "Dinner soon Son."

I said "I don't think he likes me." Winston pulled me to him in a tight hug and whispered in my hear, "I like you, so very, very much and that's all that matters to me Danny." I felt shivers all over my body and O .. O yes I was so very much in love with Winston it scared me. I said "I think I should go, we still have homework and I know my Mama will have supper soon." Winston replied, "Well lets roll my man, Dan My Man and only mine." I heard that deep sexy laugh of his as we put our shoes on and headed out.

As we walked to the front door, I stopped at looked at Winston's parents and said, " Mr. and Mrs. Walker thank you for welcoming me into your home and it was my pleasure to meet both of you." Winston grabbed my hand and lead me to his car, again he opened my door and helped me in, closing it behind me. As we drove away, he held my hand and smiled great big. He asked for directions to my house smiling the whole ride. He held my hand the entire ride, his big enough to even shift gears without letting go.

When we arrived, he told me to stay put as he walked around and helped me out. He held me around the waist as he escorted me to the door. Once there, he turned to face me, wrapped his strong arms around me pulling me tightly to him and looking deeply into my eyes and he said, "Danny, I'm so happy we spent some time together, so close to each other, holding each other and talking, I want so much more of that. I don't think I will ever get enough of you." He then leaned in and kissed me, so soft and so full of passion. I felt my lips on fire, my eyes saw stars and my knees buckled, Winston had to hold me up.

All of a sudden the front door opened, the kiss broken and there stood my Mama. See saw me in a mans arms so close, she didn't know I was gay. I grabbed the door knob and said , "Please Mama give me a minute." I said as I pulled the door closed.

I leaned back into Winston and kissed him again. I slipped my tongue between his lips and he opened up to receive me. We rolled our tongues around each others and the feeling was the greatest of my life. I had to pull back and let go. "Winston I have to talk to my Mama, I do need to go inside. Will you come by and get me for school ?" Winston answered, "Of course I will, Dan My Man and only mine." He loosened his grip and let me go. As he drove away, I placed my fingers on my lips and thought, I am so very deeply in love with you Winston. I hope and pray you don't break my heart.


A. Williams



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