Winston woke alone and his heart fell .. O No .. NO.. NO it was all a dream!! Then he smelled coffee and heard singing. He remembered everything. Every magical moment, he reached for Danny's pillow holding it to his face. After several deep breaths on Danny's scent he was sure it was real. He crawled from bed, did his morning business and headed down stairs in only his boxers. He could hear Danny singing to Bob Segar, "Old Time Rock and Roll."

Danny was only in his boxers, his hair uncombed, dancing, singing and cooking. Winston leaned into the doorway crossed his arms and ankles enjoying the show. Yes indeed, yes he is handsome, so damn hot and sexy Winston thought. He watched his muscles work under his skin as he danced. Watched his full kissable ass clinch and un clinch. Watch his soft fat cock jiggle in his boxers. He was defiantly one glorious man.

Danny felt eyes upon him, he turned and saw Winston in the doorway with a big old smile on his face. God he looked so fucking sexy, so hot O .. O.. My he was sight to behold Danny thought. "Good morning MY baby I hope I didn't wake you." Danny said smiling while approaching Winston. He heard that deep laugh of his . "No love you didn't, I'm glad I woke up in time to see the show. You are one hell of a man, can cook, sing and dance? I'm impressed love." They came together in a loving embrace and began to kiss with tenderness and joy.

Danny pulled away and said, "I hope your hungry, I made you my special blueberry pancakes with bacon and coffee. Let me get you a cup." Winston sat and Danny served him breakfast. He felt so loved and cared for at that moment, Danny was trying so hard to make everything perfect for him .. only him. He loved this man so damn much, he could only try, ever so hard to show Danny how much. "Quit fussing over me and join me my love." Winston pleaded. Danny sat and placed a big bite of pancakes on his fork, "Here baby open up and tell me what you think .. Be honest." Winston was pleased to let Danny feed him, O..O..They melted in my mouth... they were absolutely fantastic. "Please Danny more! These pancakes are the best I have ever had.. More." Danny was all smiles as he feed me more and more. I ate everything I don't' think I left any for him, It was so great, my love taking care of my needs, loving me, pleasing me for all he was worth.

I took his handsome face in my hands, "O .. O my love no one in this whole wide world has ever made me feel so special, so cared for, so adored as you have this morning. God I love you more than I can put into words." I pulled him to me and kissed him like my life depended on it. His full red lips tasted so sweet on mine, his tongue felt wonderfully wet and luscious on mine, his sexy body pressed into mine I could die now and be satisfied.

Danny pulled away, "Winston MY baby I am so very happy I could please you so much with my cooking. If that's all it takes to make you so loving, I think I will be cooking 24-7-365 My baby. Now kiss me some more, a lot more." We did just that for hours, In the kitchen, on the kitchen floor , the couch, the hallway, the bedroom floor and on the bed. When there Winston spoke, "Danny we have a lot to do today, lets get dressed and go shopping k." I was confused, "For what baby." Winston smiled and laughed that sexy deep small laugh, "My love, do you trust me?" All I could say was, "Yes baby of course I do." As he grabbed my arm , pulling me along he said, "Well lets roll my love."

We ended up in a swanky tailor shop way south. The man at the counter eyed Winston with wanting which made me very jealous. The man said, "Hey Winston darling, I am so glad your back, I was hoping you would be alone." He eyed me with up and down with disapproval. Fuck you I thought and grabbed Winston in my arms and kissed him deeply, we made out for a minute and as we broke I said, "Winston is my man and only my man, got it bitch." I heard Winston's deep sexy laugh, "No worries my love I am with you Danny and only you. Got it ?" I backed down and let the crap go, I had my love of my life, the one I had been longing for and he loved me, only me.

Winston was still holding me around my waist as he spoke with the guy at the counter, "Mitch call back for Steve, my man and I have a fitting." he said as he winked at me. Soon Steve showed up and lead us to two separate dressing rooms. A small Mexican fellow, quite cute, was there to help me. "Hello Sir my name is Patrick, I will assist you with your fitting." I nodded. He undressed me carefully folding and placing my clothes on a stool. I soon realized I was being fitted for a tux. A very expensive one and it fit like a glove. Damn even I thought I looked hot!! I heard Patrick clear his throat, "Very nice Sir, very nice indeed." he said blushing. He helped me back into my everyday clothes and packed up my tux and shoes. He told me to go to the sitting room and wait for Winston. This place was nice, large over stuffed couches, a table held fresh pastries and a sterling silver coffee sever with fresh hot coffee, beautiful china cups and fancy cloth napkins, large vases of fresh flowers ... impressive. I poured myself some coffee, sat and relaxed while I waited for Winston. I wonder what all this is about. I wonder what he's got up his sleeve?? I do love surprises and I was getting excited about the possibilities.

Winston arrived with all smiles and sweet kiss. "Lets roll love we have a few more stops to make." He said as he pulled me along with him to the car. We rode in silence but I soon heard that deep sexy laugh, "I take it you did not care for Mitch?" He snickered. " O.. yeah .. Mitch the bitch !!" I shot back. Winston laughed deep and hard, "I love you being jealous, no one has ever been jealous over me. I believe it shows how much you love me. Do you know Dan my man and only my man, how proud I am to be yours and only yours? I love you MY love!"

I smiled and winked at him asking, "Where are we headed now baby? You are just full of surprises." Winston replied, "After this mornings fantastic breakfast, I was hoping I could convince you to fix me something special for supper tonight? I'll do the dishes! I was headed to the market, if you say yes." It was my turn to laugh, he was so hopeful and so sweet, "Of course baby, it would be my pleasure. What would you like?" I asked. "How bout some beef and ..O.. yeah lobster.. Yes and shrimp...too much?" He asked.

Man I had created a eating machine, "No baby remember I told you, anything, anytime, anywhere for you baby... I will do anything for you...I love you deeply baby." I said. Winston pulled the car over right then, put it in park and took my face in his hands. He looked into my eyes, I could tell his eyes were moist with tears as he told me, "Danny, I wish I was a poet so I could find the right words to say to you. I adore you, I'm mad about you and I love you intensely. I hope my simple words will make due for now. Please come to me , kiss me my love."

We kissed so sweetly, so softly but still with burning desire. We melted into one, one body, one heart, one soul, it was the most amazing and magical moment we have ever had together. We were ONE in all the ways that really matter, finally ONE !!!


A. Williams

[email protected]


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