Winston laid there for hours deep in thought. These two days with Danny had been wonderful. Loving and happy, sexually fulfilling... way fulfilling... more than he had ever dreamed of. So why all the doubts? Why did he feel so scared? Why did he feel like running? He knew Danny loved him. He had seen it, felt it, over and over the past few days. What the hell is my problem he thought, a stunningly gorgeous man that loves me very much. Can dance, sing, cook, and has been open to anything I want to do.. even in bed.. especially in bed!!! What the fuck is wrong with me, he thought. Maybe it was all to good to be true.. Yeah.. Something had to be wrong.. Go wrong.. 

Danny said out of the blue, "Its like a dream isn't it Winston? I'm terrified all we have will be lost at any second. Like nothing I can do will make it last. Like it's too good to be true and must be.. Has to be.. A dream. I'll wake up in the morning and it will be gone.. You will be gone.. And my heart and world will be shattered forever." 

Winston was shocked Danny was awake but more shocked by what he said. He was fearful too. He was having doubts too. Winston rolled over to face Danny, he was beautiful, deep blue eyes with long lashes, deep red full kissable lips, that bright smile and those dimples. So sweet, so damn sweet inside and out.. He was a lucky man but a scared man none the less. Winston began to sob, softly at first, not cry, body racking deep heart wrenching sobs. Slowly they become harder and harder, Danny grabbed him tightly and held him for dear life.O my god, Danny thought, my poor darling Winston. Danny was quiet.. and held on tight crying along with his baby, God I love him so very much so fucking much!!! I can not stand to see him in such agony, what can I do? How can I help him? What's really the matter? What did I do? What did I say? Did I go too fast? Did I push too much? Did I tell him I loved him too soon? Did we have sex too soon? Danny held Winston, cried and continued to question himself over and over. 

Winston sobs started to subside after an hour or so but he was completely drained and feel asleep. Danny still held him tightly, still the questions swirled threw his mind. What the hell just happened? Why was Winston so upset and sobbing.. Not just crying.. Christ.. What could he do? Finally, fitful sleep took over. 

When they woke the next morning, both felt like death warmed over. No one spoke as the went about their morning routine. They meet up in the kitchen over coffee. Winston spoke first, "Danny I lied to you, my parents are not coming home early. I told you that because I need some space, sometime alone, time to think. I don't want you to go, I'm sorry I lied but I do need some time. I'm going out for a couple of hours." Winston now looked at Danny and pleaded, "Please stay here and wait for me, please love?" Danny's heart was breaking, he took a moment to think never breaking the eye contact. God he loved this man, "Of course I'll wait baby. I'll fine a good book and snuggle up to read. Would you like some breakfast before you go?" Danny said. "I couldn't ask that of you Danny" Danny walked to the frig, "I offered, scrambled eggs and toast will only take a few minutes. Want a refill on coffee?" he asked walking to Winston with the pot. "Thank you love for being so understanding." Winston said as he stood and gave Danny  a soft kiss. "I love you Winston." Winston left to get ready to head out, when he returned breakfast was served and delicious as usual. 

Danny walked Winston to the door and waited, not sure what to do or say. Winston pulled him in for a long hug, whispering in his ear, "I know you love me my sweet, sweet love. I'll be back soon." he gave Danny a small kiss and was gone. He saw Danny standing in the doorway until he was out of sight, in that moment all he wanted to do was rush back to him. NO.. he needed time, he meet his workout buddy, Joey, down at the gym. "Hey Joe, glad you could make it." Winston said as they man hugged. "Lets change and hit it man." They got changed and started their routines while catching up. "So how's Andrew Joe? Ya'll still doing okay together?" Winston asked. Joe had been one of the first friends Winston had made when he moved to North Carolina. 

Joe was 20 years old, part time collage student and worked full time. He had his own place and was a great guy. He was tall 6'4 and worked out as often as he could to maintain his 200 lb well built body. He had with a nice well styled short dark brown hair and friendly dark brown eyes, a very manly square jaw and a nice mustache over a great smile. Yes he was attractive and was gay, but had a boyfriend named Andrew. 

Andrew was 21 years old, also part time student and lived with Joe. He was lean, but toned 6'3 tall 170 lbs or so, long blond hair with light blue eyes, he had a sort of angelic look about him and he worshipped the ground Joe walked on. They had been together for 3 years and when Winston was around them, he could tell they were very much in love.

Joe answered Winston, "Andrew is doing great, we are great, working hard and loving even harder!" Winston laughed, yeah I bet ya'll are he thought. They enjoyed the workout together, showered and headed out. "Alright man, what's up? Don't get me wrong, love seeing you and all and I needed to hit the gym but I know you. Someums up. Come on follow me home, Andrews working overtime today and we can talk. Won't take no for an answer. See ya there." With that said Joe drove off. Winston meet up with him at his place and got comfortable on the couch. Joe came into the living room and tossed Winston a couple of beers. "Hey man it's only 11 o'clock " Winston said. Joe shoot back "Hell man it's 5 o' clock someplace. You look like you can use it." Joe sat back and waited for Winston to talk.

Winston began to tell Joe most everything about Danny while he drank his beer. What Danny looked like... how they meet... the weekend so far. Joe knew Winston was a virgin and that he had never had a serious relationship before. Joe listened with interest, asking questions every now and again. Mostly he smiled knowingly, chuckling to himself from time to time. When Winston finished Joe asked, "So my man, what the fuck IS the problem?? Sounds like pure heaven to me??!!"

Winston sighed, "Joe I need more beer." He sat back and thought of some questions for Joe, he needed help sorting all this out. Joe returned in due order carrying an ice cold case. He opened the box and tossed Winston three this time. 

Joe spoke, "Winston first you need to allow yourself to love Danny. I know it's scary to think of being hurt, to open yourself to someone so completely that they could crush your very soul. Love is too wonderful, too amazingly beautiful not to take that chance, is it not??? 

You have felt that Winston and it scared the hell out of you.!! That glorious, terrifying, mesmerizing, frightening feeling is so, so confusing. You want to run but have to stay!It's so intense you feel you might be swallowed whole. Man O man' you got it so bad buddy. Danny sounds like one hellava catch. I would love to meet the man that has stole your heart and soul. No going back man, sorry but you are in hook, line and sinker!!"

Winston sat and drank and thought, Joe was right it was all he had just said. He explained it so clearly, so logically in just a few short minutes. Winston asked one question, "Joe what can I do to ease these doubts?" Joe thought and drank, finally he had a question for Winston, "Have you let him make you his? Have you given up yourself up to him the way he did so wantonly for you???" All Winston could say is "NO, Joe thank you so much for your help. I have to get back to Danny now, RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!" He jumped up gave Joe a great big hug and tore out of there like lighting.

Danny was waiting for Winston to return and his heart was aching. God he loved him so much, so good, all he wanted was for him to come home. He longed for his touch, for his kiss, for his smell, for all of him. He was hopelessly lost without him. Winston would shattered his heart, he was going to send him home and say goodbye. Danny began to cry and all of a sudden the door swung open and Winston was there, "Come to me my love, now. I need you, come to me now love."

Danny walked to his baby and he wiped the tears away from Danny's face, "Please love I need you, no crying now, I love you Danny, O.. O.. my sweet love, come with me I need you, I want to be with you like never before."  Winston scooped up Danny in his arms and carried him to the bedroom. He placed him gently on the bed.

Winston began to undress Danny, slowly, lovingly as he said, "My true sweet love, I want you inside me, I want you to claim me as yours only yours. Please my only love, make love to me." Winston tore his clothes off, and laid down on the bed. He rolled over to Danny and began to kiss him with all the love he had. Their tongues dueled, wet and full of spit. Danny flipped Winston on his back and  threw his legs over his head.

Danny dove in to eat Winston's sweet ass. He tasted so fucking good, he licked and sucked, "My baby you taste so good, please let me eat you more." Winston could only moan, "Please Danny my love I need your big fat cock, please now it feels so good love, I need you to fuck me, make me cum. Claim me, I am yours, only yours, I love you so damn much Danny. I never want to be without you."

Danny wanted to slow down. "Winston please slow down for a minute. I want to claim you but slow down okay.??" Danny got out of the bed and stood at the foot. God Winston looked so ready, his long fat cock was hard as steal and leaking all over his body. His long black silky hair clung to his body, his chest hair matted with sweat. The sight of perfection!!! Danny could not hold back any longer, he grabbed the lube and began to finger fuck Winston. One , no two . now three in his beautiful ass. 

Winston moaned, "O... yes love.. Yes that fells so good. UUUMMM... yes faster.. Yes harder. Please love I beg you....PLEASE I NEED YOUR COCK NOW!!!" Danny lined up and pressed forward. His mushroom head popped in and he held still. "Damn love, your soooo big. Go slow, I'm ready." Danny pushed slowly and inch by inch he entered his babies hot tight wonderful ass. All the way in now Danny said, "You are mine now baby, only mine, no one will ever fuck you but me!! Are you ready baby for me to make you cum?" "Yes love.. Fuck me, love me .. Make me one with you love.. Take me."

Danny leaned over and kissed Winston passionately while long stroking his ass. Damn, Danny had never felt anything so good before, stroke after stroke while still kissing, he was in sensory overload. Winston was moaning in his mouth, he was in absolute ecstasy. Danny's thick cock was rubbing all the right places, over and over shockwaves hit Winston's balls and traveled up his dick making him leak precum all over the place. 

Danny increased the speed, changed his angle and Winston yelled, "Fuck yes stud.. Fuck me, harder.. Fuck yeah.. Yeah.. Yeah. Harder come on .. GIVE IT TO ME... YES.. YES..DANNY YES.. YES." The whole bed was rocking, the springs squeaking, the headboard banging the wall loudly and both men were moaning and groaning in deep pleasure. On and on Danny fucked Winston holding back his climax to give him all the satisfaction he could.

Winston shouted, "DANNY I'M SOOOO CLOSE... HARDER.. YES.. YES... OOOO.. I'M CUMMING FFFFUUUCCCKKK... YYYYYEEEEESSSS." Winston shoot ropes of cum, Danny could not hold back as Winston's ass gripped his cock, buried deep he erupted into the best orgasm of his life. Danny collapsed on Winston's hairy sweaty chest struggling for breath. Both came back down to earth spent but totally content.Winston laughed that deep sexy laugh of his, "My love you are one HOT STUD. That was the best orgasm I have ever had. Damn that was HOT, are you sure that was your first time?" Danny chuckled, "My baby I promise you, YOU are my first, my one and only lover. I love you with all my heart and soul Winston. You are mine now you know, ALL mine and that sweet ass of yours is ALL mine only MINE. Got it?" Danny gave Winston a toe curling kiss, "My love, my hot stud, YOU are so damn good why would I ever want or desire anyone else?" Winston smirked. "GOOD answer my baby, GOOD answer!!!" Danny laughed. 


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