I am sitting in Homeroom on my 2nd day as a senior at Rose Wood High School, thinking, hoping and praying this year will be better for me. Maybe just maybe I will meet him this year... maybe. Not just anyone, but The One .. you know what I mean, ... that special person, the one you click with, the one you can't live without. What some people would call "your soul mate".

Yeah ... Yeah ... but I can dream right ?

Don't get me wrong, I've been on dates with guys. Not alot but enough. Some more than once and also had a boyfriend for a year. He was great and I liked him but not love ... so we drifted apart. There was no passion, no urgent desire for each other. We messed around, kissing alot and touching, rubbing thru clothes but nothing more. Yep ... so I am still a virgin ... still. A lonely horny 18 year old virgin. Help me ... Put me out of my misery ... Shot me now ... Ha ...ha...ha !!!

Anyway I have bunches of friends and thank God for them. But most important

I have 3 very best friends, Jamie, Ben and my close and dearest friend Lisa.

Lisa and i have been friends since 1st grade. She knows all and I mean all my secrets and I know hers.

So since i'm writing and you can't see them, let me tell you what they look like and a little about them. Lisa is 17 years old 5'5 120 lbs, dark brown shoulder length curly hair and big soft blue eyes. Yes, she is quite the looker! Smart, caring and as sweet as they come. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Jamie is 18 years old and OMG is gorgeous. He's 6'5 200 lbs of solid muscle. Short well styled reddish brown hair and lots of body hair, deep soul searching brown eyes. Yep plays football but not a typical jock. he is always willing to help anybody, does okay in school and would beat the hell out of anyone who messed with us. Ben, well Ben is Ben. Handsome, he is 17 years old wears black rimmed glasses is 6' 2 150 lbs of lean defined swimmers body. Buzzed cut black hair and light brown eyes on a sculpted face. Ben is very smart some kind of genius I think. The man is super funny, he comes up with the most witty jokes out of nowhere. So these are my bests buds and like I said, thank God for them !!!

Yeah, sort of forgot to talk about myself there ... sorry bout that. My name is Danny Miller. I'm 18 years old and stand 6'3 weigh 185 lbs of well defined muscle, stocky but not bulky. I worked hard for my body to look this way and still do but I'm not the type to brag. I would say I don't look like I have a tan but I'm not white as a ghost either, no, so medium color skin tone. I have loosely curly medium brown shoulder length hair and very deep blue eyes with long eyelashes. Lisa tells me my best feature is my smile which produces nice dimples and second my deep red full lips. I don't think i'm that great but I' not stomp down ugly. I run track and like to play tennis and basketball. I make As and Bs in school and O yeah big surprise ... in case you didn't catch ... I'm GAY!!


A. Williams

[email protected]


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