Winston drove away from Danny's house thinking about that kiss. He raised his fingers to his lips, he could still taste him in his mouth and he could still feel Danny's full soft red lips on his. He knew that was the greatest kiss he had ever had, the feeling of it was so loving but still passionate. O .. O Danny if only it had not been interrupted. Winston was worried about Danny. When his Mama had opened the door, he had felt the tension in the air. He wasn't sure what is was about but he hoped I would not cause any trouble for them. He couldn't loose Danny, DAMN, they had just found each other. Winston knew for sure he was falling deeper and deeper in love with Danny, loosing him now would shatter his heart.

Danny took a few relaxing breaths and went in to face his Mama. She was sitting at the dinner table drinking coffee and drumming her fingers. She did not look happy. Danny took a deep breath and got himself a cup before sitting down to face her. "Hey Mama, I know you have questions, please try not to get too upset with me." We heard my Dads voice, "Too upset about what ?" he asked. Mama answered, "I think you need a cup of coffee and you need to come sit down right now." Her deep glare at me never faded and I could tell she was having a hard time controlling her anger. Dad did as he was told and all I could think was I'm in deep shit now! "You will explain to me WHAT THE HELL I JUST SAW ON MY FRONT PORCH MISTER !!! NOW !!"" I jumped at her sudden outburst "Please calm down and let me explain, that was Winston Walker my boyfriend." Now it was Dads turn, he spurted out his coffee and jumped up out of the chair so fast it fell to the floor. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE !!!" he shouted. "Please, will everybody calm down, PLEASE !" I begged. I took a deep breath and tried again, "Like I said that was my boyfriend, Winston Walker. Dad, Mama I'm gay."

Mama sat there still glaring at me and Dad stood with a look of shock on his face. Very slowly he sat his chair upright and took a seat. I continued, "I have been gay since I was 13 years old. I have dated a few guys and have had one boyfriend before, but with Winston everything is different. I think I'm falling in love with him." They sat there, not saying a word, just staring at me. I waited for a response, more hollering, more cussing or something but I didn't expect silence. My mind began to wonder, were they gona beat the shit out of me ??? Were they gona tell me to get the hell out ??? I couldn't take it any more I Shouted "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ?"

Finally, after what seemed like an hour but was only minutes my Dad spoke up, "Well, either we are blind as bats or you are super great at hiding things from us. I had absolutely no idea Son." He paused a minute but then continued, "My first of many questions is this, are you having sex with Winston ?" I blushed and had to laugh as I said "No Dad, I am not. I am still a virgin in every sense of the word." Mama finally spoke, "Thank God for that at least. Why have you waited so long to tell us you are gay Danny ?" I took a few seconds to think, " My friends have known for a few years. I think I was and am afraid you would be angry, disappointed and maybe disown me," I answered.

We sat, they continued to stared, not another word spoken for a good five minutes. Finally Dad said with a soft look and soft face. "Danny, we love you. You have been. are and will always be our Son. A Son that we are proud of and Will ALWAYS stand behind. Please know and believe that we LOVE you for YOU, always and forever no matter what !" He was weeping now as was I. We embraced and held one another tightly. "Thank you Dad, I love you so much."

I said. All Mama said was "I need to get dinner." She walked to the kitchen leaving us still hugging. I thought, well at least I still have one parent who cares about me.

I heard the damn clock go off ! I did not want to get out of bed. Someone should be shot for making school start so early. Then I realized, Winston was coming for me...if only he was cumming for me that would be so much better. I waited for him drinking coffee with Dad, when the door bell rang I started to rise and Dad pushed be down in my seat. He opened the door , Winston said "Hello Mr. Miller I'm Winston Sir. I'm here to take Danny to school if that's okay with you, Sir." I could see Dad smile as he said, "Sure Winston I'll call him. Hey Danny your boyfriend is here." I walked to the door and punched Dad lightly on the arm, "Thanks Dad love you." I said as I passed him.

Winston took my hand and lead me to his car, again, he opened it for me and helped me in before he closed it. He was so sexy and so sweet, my stomach and heart were doing butterflies together. O .. my .. O my he is beautiful. As we drove away he held my hand tightly and ask, "You alright?, Dan my man and only my man." When I saw him smile and saw those gorgeous green eyes, I knew every thing was absolutely okay. "Yes everything is good, how bout with you?" I asked. He smiled at me with lust in his eyes and replied, " I'm always good, no. I'm great I'll have to show you sometime." I heard that small deep sexy laugh. I shot back, " Promises, promises are you sure you can deliver?" He shot back, "Always!!! Just give me a try, O .. Danny please give me a try." I laughed and said "You keep this up we'll be going to a motel and not school!"

Winston had a deep hardy laugh and replied, " Promises, Promises !"

The rest of the week went by uneventful. We were together as often as possible, short kiss and hugs here or there. Nobody was giving us any problems because they knew my friends or Winston would kick their ass. On our way to my house on Friday Winston said, "Danny, my parents are out of town till Tuesday evening, I would like very much for you to spend the weekend with me. How do you feel about that?" My blood raced, my heart beat increased, A whole weekend alone! I said, " O .. Winston I would love to but you know your Father is not my biggest fan. Have you asked them about your plans? The last thing I want to do is give your Dad any reason to dislike me more than he already does."

Winston laughed that small sexy laugh of his, "Danny I've already told you that doesn't matter to me. I like you enough for both of us. Yes, I spoke to them about the weekend and I have the green light! Soooo Dan my man and only my man, what do ya say, are we a go ?" I smiled at him, "Of course we are a go. I have to ask my Dad." I replied. "Sure no problem, Do you think he'll be home when we get there?" Winston asked. I sure hoped so I thought, as we pulled up I saw Dads car was home already. YES !!

We walked into the house as I hollered for Dad. "Hey Son and hey Winston." he said. Winston spoke up, " Mr. Miller, I care for your Son a great deal. I would love to spend much more time with him. We are both busy with school and other things but I am wishing it could be us alone. So Sir, with your permission, I am asking if Danny could come and spend the weekend with me at my house?" We waited on baited breath. Dad finally said happily, "Danny I think you have bags to pack. See on Monday night no later than 10pm." All I could say was, "YES SIR." I got my things licking split and we were off, to be alone for the weekend. I did not know what might happen or could happen. All I knew was I would be with Winston and that was good enough for me.


A. Williams

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