As they lay there, cum everywhere, the wonderful smell of man sex in the air, Winston said, "Danny my love, I have special plans for us tonight. We should get a long hot bath and get ready to go out on the town!! Come love, lets wash each other." We went to the whirlpool tub and again Winston made it perfect for both of them. He placed Danny in and lowered himself behind him, turning on the jets. Winston pulled him to his chest and rubbed the hot water around Danny's nipples. "I love you Danny, I'm so sure I want you, all of you. You make me complete, I will never doubt the love we have, what we are together again. God, my love, my magical love, I adore you." Winston whispered in Danny's ear.

Danny was deliriously happy, God he loved this man. They lovingly and slowly washed each others hair, bodies and soaked together. When the water cooled, they dried each other and went to dress. Winston asked "What time is it love? Our ride should be here shortly." Danny was confused but answered, "Almost four baby." Winston replied, "Great we have time, we need WINE... be back love." Danny put on his tux and went to fix his hair. He walked out of the bathroom and Winston dropped the wine glasses and was frozen. Mouth open, eyes big as saucers he stammered, "OOO.. MY GOD.. YYYOOUU look fucking incredible !!! SO DAMN GORGEOUS, FUCK MAYBE I SHOULD KEEP YOU HOME TONIGHT."

Danny blushed so deep and red. God I love this man. "Winston believe me baby, you have nothing to worry about. Wine please, Winston you need to get dressed. Where are we going anyway baby." Winston smiled as he poured the wine, "It's a surprise so no more questions okay?" Danny loved to be surprised, he accepted the glass of wine from Winston, "Okay no more questions, I trust you baby." Winston laughed that deep sexy laugh, "Are you sure that's safe love, to trust me, you never know what I have up my sleeve?" Danny shot back, "Try me baby, I'm open to almost anything!!" Winston laughed deep and hard, "Don't tempt me love, please you HOT STUD don't tempt me." 

Winston went to get dressed as Danny relaxed and drank his wine. He thought back to the last sex he had with his baby. God it was so good so hot, it was hard for him to adjust to Winston being a bottom. God damn if had been exceedingly pleasing. He lingered over those feelings as his cock grew harder and began to leak. I can't get enough of my baby. Winston walked out in his tux and Danny spilled his wine all over himself.. OOO fuck he looked heaven sent. 

His long silky black hair, his glorious green eyes, "My... MY...bbbaaabbbyyy. You look like a dream of mine. Please Winston lets stay home and let me eat you.. GOD YOU LOOK SOOOOOO FUCKING APPETIZING!!!  Are you the first course, do we have time baby?"

Winston laughed that deep sexy laugh, "Later my love, later I promise. I love you." Suddenly we heard a loud horn blow. "Our chariot awaits love, come with me now." Winston said as he pulled me along. We stepped out to be greeted by a Chauffer, "My name is Samuel, please allow me to drive you to your destination." He took my arm and opened the door to the White Limousine and placed me in carefully. Winston got in the other side and presented me with red roses. "I love you Danny, always and forever no matter what." He kissed me with so much love and passion I melted into him. God I love this man.

Winston popped the cork on the Champagne and poured two glasses. Handing me one he proposed a toast, "To us my true love, may we be together always in passion and love." "here, he..." Winston smothered my mouth with his, wet and sloppy and I loved it. We made out long and hard, but broke for sips of Champagne sharing the drinks between our mouths. Passion began to take over and soon we were getting naked.

"Please baby, Please I need your cock in me Winston, Please fuck me hard, make me cum!" I begged. In our haste the window to the Chauffer was still down and I could see him glancing back at us, it turned me on even more. I got louder so our driver could hear, "Winston shove your big fat long cock up my ass, DAMN IT I NEED IT, YES.. OO.. FUCK YES FUCK ME HARD .. YES.. YES." Winston was slamming me good and the driver had to pull over and stop. Winston knew what was happening and played along, "YES.. YES MY HOT STUD YOUR ASS IS SOOOO FFFUUCCKKIINNGG HOT...YES FUCK ME BACK STUD... HARDER YOU CUNT..  HARDER...  HARDER BITCH YES... YES FUCK MMMMEEEE." We were in a frenzy now and it was amazing. We fucked hard, cussing, calling each other names and the driver watched and jacked his cock. All good things end, Winston screamed out, "I'm gonna cum you fucking pussy boy , cum with me my love ...NNNNOOOOWWWW!!!!" We came together shot after shot, over and over we were froze together in one huge climax. 

We huffed and puffed for breath as we came down from our high. I heard that deep sexy laugh and had to laugh too. "Winston, God Damn baby it only gets better and better with you. That was so intense and so fucking good. I love you baby." I said with a grin on my face. "Driver.. If you can, Drive on please." Winston said with a wink.

We cleaned up best we could and got dressed. We cuddled and sipped our drinks, "Danny my love, My pussy boy.. My bitch.. That was so hot and ssssooo sexy. You liked someone watching us...YES you slut that got you all worked up... YES I KNOW IT DID. You are one hot stud my love, you made it GREAT for me. Danny I love you with everything I am and everything I will be. You are the one and only for me." Winston told me while licking my ear. God I love this man.

We arrived at this huge glorious old hotel that I had never seen before. Winston opened my door and escorted me inside. This place was amazing, huge chandeliers hung from the ceilings, old wood floors lovingly redone, arches and massive bouquets of fresh sweet smelling flowers placed all around. We approached The waiter in front of a stand, Winston said, "Party of two for Walker." We were led off to a great table in front of the large dance floor. Ice cold wine already there, Winston must know somebody, I thought smiling. 

Winston poured the wine and we drank and relaxed. The band was playing classical dance music. They started to play the Tango and Winston stood, "Please love dance with me." I rose and we went to the dance floor. He showed me where to place my hands on him as the music started to play he whispered, "Follow me love . I will guide you." I did just that . Winston was so soft on his feet as he pulled me along with him. It felt like we were floating on air as we danced together. It was the most wonderful feeling for me out in public holding my man as we danced. The song ended, the band stopped playing and all the patrons were on their feet clapping and cheering for us. We bowed and went to our table.

The food was served in short order, fresh steamed clams with linguine with mushrooms and fresh asparagus along with hot fresh -baked sourdough bread. We ate and talked and laughed. Drank more wine, It was perfect. God I love this man. He had planned all this just for me. We danced a few more Tangos, It was hard to believe how wonderfully smooth and light Winston was while dancing, considering what a big buff guy he is. He spun me around on that dance floor like Fred Astaire. It was simply magical and I never wanted the night to end.  

Winston was pulling me back to the Limo, "One more surprise my love." We drove into the country and down a dirt road, Winston said, "Danny you need a blindfold the rest of the way." I laughed, "You kinky bastard.. What do you have in mind." Winston responded with a chuckle, "No my love not that, I don't want you to see till we get there." We both laughed at my naughty reference. The car stopped and Winston helped me out, we walked a few minutes then stopped. Winston held me in front of him and whispered in my ear, "Danny this is my special place where I come to think and reflect on life. I want to share it with you love, my one true love in the world." With that said he removed my blindfold.

I saw a wonderful meadow of wild flowers with lighting bugs all over. A pond with lighted candles floating on lily pads and a large blanket spread out with a huge pick nick basket. It was a glorious sight to behold. Winston lead me to the blanket, set me down and removed my jacket and shoes. "My God Winston this place is mesmerizing, it's so peaceful and so beautiful." Danny say in awe of what he was seeing. Winston snuggled behind Danny. He pressed his face in Danny's soft sweet smelling hair and breathed deep. He loved his special man so much. He was so happy he could share this place with the one true love of his life. He knew now Danny would be his only love. 

Winston opened the basket and removed dessert for them. Strawberries dipped in chocolate. "Here my love take a bite." Winston said as he feed Danny. "You are so spoiling me baby, this place, this wonderful night. You have out done yourself." Winston laughed that deep sexy laugh, "I'm just getting started my love, come love I want to make love to you here, in OUR special place, Slow and long. Come to me now."

We made slow mind-blowing love for hours. I came so many times I lost count. We were covered in sweat and cum, It was the most loving tender beautiful sex we had have. It was so intense and so amazing, like nothing I have ever felt. It was perfect, the loving ,the dancing, the dinner, the limo, the Whole night!!! God I love this man. 


A. Williams

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