So back to that day in Homeroom, I was daydreaming when I heard the teacher call the class to order. She announced we had a new student coming in and this important to me .. how??, my how wrong I was.

A few minutes later in walks my wet dream!! OMG 6'6 230-240 lbs. of solid muscle, jet black super straight long, half way down his back long, silky shiny hair. Dark tan and large beautiful green eyes. Standing there in a black leather jacket, white dress shirt, dark tight blue jeans with a huge ..I said huge.. bulge and black dress boots. I could not stop starring soft cock started to firm up.

The teacher ask him to introduce himself and when I heard his very deep sexy voice, my cock went full hard. My 9 inch fat rod strained for release. I only heard his name, Winston Walker. My mind shifted into fantasy mode. I saw him naked with me licking him all over, tasting every inch and every spot on that gorgeous tan skin of his while he moaned and begged me for more.

So when a hand went in front of my face, I woke from my dream only to hear that deep sexy voice say "Hello.. hello may I sit here please ?" "O...O yes er its okay with me." I said. When he sat down, he leaned over and put his backpack between the chairs, I heard a small deep laugh, I also felt his soft hair brush my arm and O My.. My.. My.. I could smell him, his masculine musk smell hidden under a layer of clean soap scent and a very manly cologne. OMG help me, help me now, I almost shot my load that second, I was so hard it was starting to hurt. I bet that laugh I heard was because Winston saw my state of arousal, O no, I knew I was blushing.

I begged myself to gain control but it was useless as Winston held out his big hand and with those stunning green eyes looking deeply into mine as he introduced himself. He said deeply but softly "Hey, my name is Winston and you are ?" I had forgotten how to talk so I babbled out "O yea yea my name is er Danny, sorry man" I said as I held my hand out to shake with his. He only smiled as we shook hands. What a beautiful, wonderful smile, I thought, you know, the kind of smile that you can't help but smile back at. So I shot him one of my best smiles full of warmth and dimples. His eyebrows went up and still starring at me deeply, he blushed a deep shade of red. Still having his hand in mine and tingling feelings in my heart, running up my arm, down my spine and in my groin I said, "I am very happy to meet you". There was that sexy voice saying "Me too, I mean I am so very, very happy to meet you too." I tried to let go of his hand but he held on and blushed again before letting it go.

He was still starring at me with those gorgeous green eyes so I said while starring back, "Where did you move from ?' He replied still smiling, "From New York City, but if today is any indication, I believe I am going to be much, happier here in North Carolina." I asked "Why do you say that, we are just a small town, a very nice town but a small one just the same, not a big city full of action. We hardly ever get snow here like ya'll do up north and it's alot hotter in the summer."

In his sexy voice still starring at me with those eyes he said "I know it's hotter here Danny, already hotter for me, looking at you, sitting next to you, being this close to you. OMG I said that out loud didn't I ! O... O... I am so, so sorry Danny. I'm not usually like this, so forward so direct, so bold. Maybe we can forget what I said and start over." he looked away blushing even more. As the Teacher called the class to order again.

I said laughing softly "No you don't Mister! No do overs, no no. It's okay Winston, I'm a little embarrassed as well." Looking down at my crotch with my boner clearly visible in my jeans as his eyes followed mine. He smiled great big and so did I, as he also looked down at his crotch, my eyes followed. He was boned up just like me but his hard cock was snaked half way down to his knee !! "WOW." is all I could say. "WOW yourself Danny." Winston replied. Starring into each others eyes, we both laughed softly. I thought both of us were hoping something would come from our meeting each other today. I sure was hoping so, OMG I was sure hoping so.

When the bell rang and we stood to collect our stuff, Winston looped his arm around mine and held my hand. Pulling me along and into the hall he quickly and smoothly backed me very gently up against the wall. He took a step back looking into my eyes letting go of my hand. He leaned his face to my ear and said "I was wondering since I'm new and all, if you could show me where my next class is ?" I could feel his warm breath on my skin, I could feel his body heat and I was covered in goose bumps. Even though it was warm in the hall, I was shivering because he was so close. All I could do was nod my head. I heard that small deep laugh again as he pulled away from my ear and stepped a few feet back.

Smiling and looking at me with those eyes ...O those green eyes, he handed me his schedule of classes. I looked it over my hands shaking slightly and stammered "This way Winston." As we started off down the hall , he walked very close beside me. "We have 4th period English together and the same lunch group after, you think you'll be ok till then?" I asked as we stopped in front of his next class. I looked at him as I handed his schedule back to O my he is beautiful.

As if on Q, he flashed that smile and his whole face lit up, " I don't know, without my guide dog I might get lost till Christmas time. You know he's not the greatest dog around, he doesn't even act like he enjoys getting scratched on his belly!" And with that he attacks me and begins to tickle me something fierce. All I could do was laugh along with him and beg him to stop. "Have you forgot we are at school you crazy man ?' I said calming down pushing him back and starting to breath normal again.

Smiling at me and looking into my dark blue eyes with his green ones, he walks closer to me until we are toe to toe, chest to chest. I can hear my heart pounding, feel my stomach flipping. "Dan," he says softly and breathlessly

"I am beginning to feel crazy, beginning to feel crazy about you." He backs away and starts to walk into his class while saying to me "See you in English class, Dan." I hear that small deep laugh again as I walk to my next class.

Winston sat in class his mind a jumbled mess. What in the hell am I doing ?? he thought. I have never ever acted this way, never pursued anyone, never been so forward, never felt this confident... what's got into me ??? O my goodness, Dan is one glorious hunk of a man. One delicious hunk of a man. I have to make him mine.. No doubt about it, he will be mine and only mine. Damn, wait, I don't even know if he has a boyfriend ??? I don't really know if he likes me at all??? O yeah...YES I could feel it, I could see it, if nothing else he was attracted to me that's for sure. His hot body couldn't hide that, Yeah that wonderful fully hard throbbing cock... Listen to me !!! I cant believe I am thinking like this to myself. But truth be told, I have never been this attracted to anyone before.

O.. Danny .. Those lips, those red full kissable lips. Those dark blue eyes and long eyelashes, I could get lost in those eyes, I could stare all day into them. That sweet smelling soft brown hair, I would love to sleep with my face buried in that hair and smell that light scent of strawberry and apple all night long. That body, YES that glorious, delicious firm muscled body, I want to worship that body and bring you endless pleasure. Yes, yes, yes I have to make you mine and only mine.

Winston thought back over the past 4 or 5 years of his life. He had known since he was 12 he was gay. His parents were great about it when he came out to them when he was 16 years old. They still loved him and were still very proud of their son. Both had known Winston was gay way before he told them, they saw all the signs, especially his Father. So Winston's Father sat him down and had "The sex talk" with his son. However they didn't need to worry, Winston was still a virgin. He had been on lots of dates, always being the one who was asked out. But he had never felt a connection, never any deep feelings for any of the men he had dated. He wanted his first time to be special, loving, romantic. Yeah.. Yeah.. So I'm a sap, Yeah .. Yeah so I get all mushy and stuff. But I can dream right ???

Danny had to run to make it to his next class before the bell rang. That crazy man Winston, Danny thought. But as he said those words, his heart raced a little and he felt a tingle in his groin. He is one beautiful man, I think he was flirting with me. No I'm sure he was flirting and I think I did some of my own flirting right back at him. Danny came out of his thoughts to see Lisa waving for him to join her. Boy do I have loads to tell you, I told myself, smiling at her. Before I could even sit down she said "OK ...OK... what gives ? Come on spill the beans. I can tell something's up !" I blushed and she laughed, she knew me so good. God I love her so much, I don't know what I would do without her. I gave her the condensed version of what was going on and she squealed so loud, we had to end our conversation, after the Teacher threatened us both with detention. On our way out of class, I told her she would hopefully meet Winston at lunch. We gave each other a quick kiss and headed in opposite directions.

Walking down the hall, all I could think of was Winston. His manly smell, the feel of his soft hair as it had ran across my arm and those eyes... those beautiful big green eyes. Yes.. Yes my O my he is beautiful. All sudden I felt an arm slide around my waist and I smelled him once more. I tried to pull away but his grip tighten. "Winston you can't be this forward at school." I said as we continued to walk together. "Why not ?" he asked pouting at me. He looked so sweet and cute right then I had to smile at him. "Because only my best friends know I'm gay" I said. "There's that gorgeous smile I'm beginning to feel crazy about" he said in that deep sexy voice that made my groin tingle.

Still holding me as we walked and talked he asked "Do you really care if anyone sees us ?" Good question I thought. "You know Winston, between the tickle fest earlier and all the folks looking at us right now, I don't think I care at all." I said as I stopped dead in my tracks and pulled Winston into my arms for our 1st hug.

O.. my.. my YES he felt amazing, I could feel his muscles' but somehow he still felt soft. He smelled amazing, that hint of his man musk mixed with that cologne of his was intoxicating. I think I shocked him but in a few seconds he relaxed and seemed to melt into my arms. I was in heaven. Everything and everyone seemed to vanish and it seemed like time stood still.

It was only me and Winston in each others arms, my hands roamed his back and I felt his soft silky hair. He had his large hands on me in the same way as he said softly into my ear "O.. O Danny you feel so damn good. You smell so damn good, I could get used to this. I am beginning to feel crazy about you." All I could do was pull back and say "See you in English class Winston." I gave him a small deep laugh as I walked away..... Touché.


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