We were awakened by heavy hard knocking on the front door, "Shit who could that be?" Winston groaned getting out of bed and pulling on his boxers. "Back in a sec love." he said with a wink as he headed out the door. Winston was mumbling to himself on the way to the door, not happy about being disturbed. Winston opened the door and there stood Mitch. "Hey WWiiins..ton dddaarling." he stammered. "OOO my we are looking wonderful tonight." Mitch eyed Winston's body up and down slowly. He had been attracted to Winston since the first time he walked into the shop months ago. Winston realized he was only in his underwear, "Sorry man, I forgot you were coming over. Sorta in a hurry to get the door." Winston chuckled.

He felt Danny behind him as his arm went under his and rested on his chest. "Yeah Mitch as you can see, we were not expecting guest." Danny said sarcastically while rubbing Winston's nipple. "As a matter of fact if you had arrived five minutes ago, I'm sure we would not have heard the door over our screams of ecstasy." Winston had to laugh at Danny's lie. He knew he was not happy at all with Mitch being there, for some reason Danny was jealous of him. Winston whispered to Danny with a chuckle, "Down boy, Down my love." Mitch had turned bright red but replied, "I brought over your tuxes, I'll get them from the car."

Danny held Winston in place tight against him, he did not like or trust Mitch, he had seen the longing in his eyes for Winston and it pissed him off royally. Mitch walked back to the house and stared at Winston's glorious body, that big fat bulge in those tight boxers and knew he had to have him. Would have him if only one time. The hell with his lover, It would happen for sure. "Here you go Winston." Mitch said as he handed over the tuxes. "I am so sorry for not calling before I stopped by. I did not mean to intrude. Please forgive me Winston, good night fellas." Mitch said as he was leaving. Winston called out, "No harm done Mitch, see ya later."

Danny said "Good riddens Mother Fucker." Winston scolded Danny, "What's up with you? I have never heard you cuss this way!! Are you okay?" Danny shot back, "I'm okay now that son-of-a-bitch is gone, Mitch the bitch." Winston was getting irked, "He is an okay guy. What has he done to piss you off so much?" Danny could not believe what he was hearing, "Winston you can not be this stupid, that Bastard wants you, probably dreams of fucking you, don't tell me you are that blind!!!" Danny was almost screaming now. "Calm the fuck down Danny!! And I mean now, right the fuck now!!" "Why are you not hearing me?... I thought you loved me?... you don't believe me? I need to leave.." I stomped upstairs and started to grab my shit and throw it in my bag while tears streamed down my face.

All of a sudden Winston had me in his arms, off my feet and slung me on the bed. He was on top of me holding my wrists above my head . I could not move, he was too strong. He was crying as well, "Stop my love... please I beg you to stop... I love you so damn much... please calm down ... please be still." I stopped struggling and became still. I calmed down and stopped crying. Winston whispered, "O my love.. My sweet sweet love , you have to trust me, believe in me, trust in my deep love for you. If you don't trust me, we will have nothing." God I loved this man.

Winston chuckled, "Danny I think we just had our first fight! You got me so turned on right now Danny I'm having a hard time holding back. I want you.. OOO God I want you so fucking bad! Please.. love, let me to show you how very much I love you. Let me take you. LET ME INSIDE YOU" My heart melted, my body began to respond on it's own. I said softly, "Please yes O my baby please love me."

Winston brought his lips to mine and kissed me, owning me, claiming me as his own. He sucked and licked my neck as I let out low moans, I felt him bite me leaving his mark on me. The pain-pleasure almost set me off. Winston told me, "Danny you are mine... only mine.. You hear me!! I am going to make my mark all over your body... YOU ARE MINE AND I AM YOURS!!! You fucking hear me?" All I could do was whimper as he moved to my chest, licking me sucking my nipples. I felt another bite and screamed out, "Yes baby!! OOO.. Yes eat my tits.. I belong to you... bite me, mark me.

Quickly he ripped off his boxers and roughly snatched mine off. He threw my legs over my head and became to feast on my ass. Forcefully he licked me and sucked my hole, slapping my ass now and then moaning, groaning, "God damn love .. You taste so so fucking good.... Uuummmm.. I could eat your beautiful ass all night." I felt him bite my ass cheeks over and over leaving more marks on me, I was in heaven, "Winston damnit that feels sssooo good . Don't stop... harder... more... I love it." I begged. He shoved his tongue in me deep and my cock oozed precum as I moaned long and loud, "Yes.. YYYEEESSS.. YYYEEESSS.. WWWinssstonnnn..YYEESSS." He came back to my mouth, hard, deliberate, pushing his tongue down my throat he went to my ear and told me, "Danny I am going to make love to you now.. Right fucking now.. you are mine ..I want to claim you as mine... my love.. I don't want to be gentle... I want to shove my big, hard dick into your ass... talk to me love." Winston pleaded.

I was so turn on by his power... his strength.. All I could say was, "O ... Fuck yes.. O take me my baby ..OOO take me now." Even in his lust he grabbed the lube spreading over my hole and on his cock. He inserted his fat finger in my ass and I yelled out, "Winston more ... please more." he inserted two fingers in my ass and began to fuck me. The pleasure was great but I wanted more, "Please Winston, now my baby .. Your cock please." I felt him enter me and I screamed out, "Fuck yes... OOO God damn yes!! More Winston more my baby, push all of your wonderful dick in me...faster.. Fuck yes.. faster."

He was buried in me all the way. He held his position asking, "Danny my love are you hurting, I don't want to hurt you?" I said , "No my baby, no I'm not hurting...Please Winston make love to me...please make us one forever... I love you so much my baby." Winston moved slowly out and back in rubbing over something inside me I had never felt before, such pleasure, God it felt amazing. Over and over again I felt his cock rub that special place. He was slow and loving even in our frenzy, God I loved this man.

I whimper, "O Winston you fell so good inside me... please faster... please harder." He did as I asked , I heard him say, out of breath, "O my love you fell marvelous... so fucking good.. OOO my love you are so tight and so.. so hot. I don't know how much longer I can hold out." "OOO, FUCK WINSTON HARDER..... FASTER..... FUCK ME ...YOU BASRARD FUCK ME HARD. I pushed back hard meeting each of his thrust, harder, deeper, faster. We had our rhythm now pumping grinding both of us sweating and moaning. "Danny you are one fucking hot man YYEESS.. Fuck me back love, push back on my big fat cock yeah love OOO yeah that's it fuck yeah!" We were at it for almost an hour before I screamed, "Winston harder...harder I'm sssooo close, Fuck.. Fuck YES YES MAKE ME CUM...Now...Now baby CUM WITH MEEEEEE." I shot ropes after ropes of cum on my chest, I had never cum so much. I felt Winston cum in me over and over and over again. His cum in me was indescribable. God I love this man.

He slumped over my chest breathing heavy, he said , "Danny that was magical, my love, I am so hooked on you, OOO.. My love please never leave me .. It would crush me and I would die.. OOO I can not say enough how much I love you my love. My one and only love." I saw tears on Winston's beautiful face and I too began to get moist in my eyes. "O my magnificent, wonderful baby I will never leave you. I can't breath without you." I said as I let out a content sigh. Stroking Winston's hair while he lay on my chest I laughed softly, "I think we should argue more often!" There was that deep sexy laugh of Winston's I love so much.


A. Williams

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