Back to the lunchroom : I reached up and gently wiped those two small tears from Winston's face. O.. My.. O My he is beautiful, I thought. "Thanks Danny, sorry bout that man." he said. "O no you don't Mister, never apologize to me for showing your emotions." I replied softly but firmly still smiling at him. He smiled back "Yes sir." he stated with a sexy wink and a small deep laugh. Those eyes, O .. those green eyes I thought. Winston sort of escorted me back to were we had dropped our bags and I thought that was nice and somehow super sexy.

I looked up and saw my best buds walking our way, Lisa was the first to speak. "Hey Danny sweetie." She said, as she hugged me and gave my a kiss on the lips. Ben and Jamie not far behind, each gave me a guy hand shake bump hug if you know what I mean.

Ben spoke up and said "Hey man who's the new guy ?" I glanced at Lisa, her eyes wide as saucers and saw her mouth the word WOW. "Guys I want you to meet a new friend of mine, Winston Walker. He moved here from New York City and just started school today." I said. " And Winston, these are my best buds ever, Lisa, Ben and Jamie."

Winston nodded his head and waved at them then I heard Ben say. "Hey Winston nice to meet ya, any friend of my Danny boy is a friend of mine." Ben then gave him the bump hug and Winston returned it while smiling.

"So Winston." Jamie said with his arms crossed over his chest. "Are you the guy I heard about being a little aggressive to my guy Danny here?" He continued in a firm tone "Cause you see, I'm the protector of our small group and I'm not sure I like some of the gossip I been hearen ." I started to speak but Winston interrupted me and said "Yes Jamie I'm one and the same and I'm very glad Danny has a friend like you to watch out for him. I mean no disrespect to you man, but I believe both of us will be watching out for Danny from now own." As Winston finished , he looked at me deeply with those eyes ..O those big green eyes of his and my knees almost buckled. Jamie relaxed, nodded at Winston and gave him that guy hug ,which Winston accepted.

Winston and I sat down next to each other, while the others went to get their lunch. I felt his leg on mine and I pushed back. He looked at me and smiled as I smiled back I said " I'm sorry about what Jamie said, he really is a great guy." Winston said "There is that smile I'm beginning to feel crazy about. I like your friends and I'm happy Jamie is looking out for you, but I will as well. Can I ask you something Danny ?" "Sure" I said looking into those green eyes. Winston looked down for a few seconds then back into my eyes and asked, "Danny will you be My boyfriend and mine alone.. Only mine ?" I pulled Winston to me and wrapped my arms around him ..O..My ..My I could smell him, O..My he felt so good in my arms. I leaned my head to his ear, feeling that silky hair in my hands and said, "I am so glad you chose me and it would be my pleasure and honor to be your boyfriend," I released the hug and he said "Danny I'm beginning to feel crazy about you." I looked in is face and saw what I hoped was love and I said back to him, "I think I am beginning to feel crazy about you too Winston."

Winston loved the smell of Danny and he wanted to hold him again. He asked "Danny will you meet me after school in the back parking lot by my car so we can go to my house for a while ?" Danny was on cloud nine all of a sudden he had a hot beautiful boyfriend and now he wants to take me home with him ? Danny ask "Are your parents home ?' Winston said "Sure , my mom is but she won't mind. How bout it ?" I wanted to go, I just wanted to spend more time with Winston. So I said "I'll have to call home first to make sure it's okay." Winston said "Great see you there." but I called him back "What does your car look like ?" Winston replied with a huge grin on his face, "A cherry red 1960 Mustang, you can't miss it !" I nodded my head in acknowledgement as he walked away and I heard that deep small laugh again.


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