We did make it to this specialty market down from Winston's house. He told me to buy what I needed and wanted. "Winston what I WANT is you, I can't buy that here!! You are not on the menu ... I wish you were. Maybe you can be baby, for me?" I said hopefully. We finished shopping and returned to the house. When we had everything unloaded and put away, Winston came to me with a look of resolve and desire in his eyes. "Danny, I have tried to hold back my desire for you, my longing for you. I can not and will not anymore. Come to me love, I HAVE TO TASTE YOU NOW, THIS SECOND!!! He scooped me up in his strong arms and carried me to his bedroom. I could tell he was holding back as he placed me softly on the bed.

My dick was rock hard, my heart was pounding as he undressed me too slowly. He stood before me looking me over and undressed himself. He crawled upon me, his long black hair sweeping over me, his big strong tan body touching me, rubbing me ... his big strong hands all over me.

His face finally close to mine, his lips on mine, his tongue on mine but he left me for my neck as he licked and sucked I moaned deeply. He went further to each of my hard nipples and my stomach. His lips and tongue felt like fire on my skin, O.. O .. my his hot mouth was on my cock. In one gulp he took me to my balls, "O.. O.. Fuck baby." I screamed.

He began to suck me slowly, each down stroke he went to my balls. His mouth was like silk, so smooth, so wet. I knew I would not last much longer. O..O..O.. he was pulling my cum from me. "Please my baby slow down or I will cum." I said breathlessly in almost a whisper.

He pulled off of me and begged me, "O .. O.. my sweet, sweet love, I want to taste your cum, please love, cum for me." Winston began to worship my cock with earnest. It only took a few more minutes of his wonderful mouth and I was shouting, "My B.. B.. Baby ... OOOO YYYEEESSS UUUGGGHHHH ." My whole body locked, my orgasm hit me with such power I was shaking as blast after blast of my juice erupted into Winston's mouth, I saw lights behind my eyes then total blackness.

When I woke, Winston was there rubbing my sweat drenched hair. "Hey MY baby, what the hell happened?" I asked softly. He laughed that small deep sexy laugh of his, "O.. my darling love, you passed out when you came so fucking big for me. You gave me a huge load of your delicious warm sweet cum." He kissed me lips tenderly and I could taste my cum. My dick began to rise and I let out a small whimper as Winston slipped his hot wet tongue in between my lips. We kissed hungrily. Winston whispered while licking and kissing my ear, "Danny I am already hooked on your sweet taste. Ready to go again love?"

I was my turn to laugh, "No Mister.. Its my turn to taste you." I flipped Winston on his back and looked deeply into his eyes. "I love you." I said as I started my feast of my wonderful man. Slowly kissing, licking, nibbling first his lips. Then his ears , when I moved to his neck he moaned, "O..O yes love."

I licked those big hard biceps and continued all the way to his fingers. One by one I sucked them while staring into his eyes. I return with my mouth and found his armpit, O.. the smell of him, I moaned and tasted his musk. He tasted amazing just amazing. I repeated on his other arm as Winston whimpered and moaned every now and then. I reached his chest and his hard large nipples, I sucked and bit each one over and over. Winston's hand pushed me head harder to his chest and growled, "O...fuck yeah.. O.. that feels so good love." I continued to eat his chest moving to his eight pack abs. licking sucking, he was a fine stud.

My dick was rock hard and leaking all over his hairy legs. I made my way to his long fat cock and hairy balls, I positioned myself between his legs and took his member in my hand. As I stroked it I looked it over closely, I was mesmerized by it. It felt hard but soft, it was smooth but heavily veined. It was all mine, only mine! It oozed out some precum, I leaned and licked it off gently getting my first taste of Winston's seed. It was slick, salty but most of all buttery sweet and I was addicted that second. I closed my mouth over the head and rolled my tongue all around it. "Yes.. Yess.. Danny I love you... Please don't stop love." I pushed more of his luscious dick in my mouth but he was sooo big and sooo long I gagged. I continued up and down slowly, sloppily spit running to his balls.

I pulled off and sucked my spit off his hairy balls. I sucked and slurped each one as Winston groaned loudly. I raised his legs bending him into and finally looked upon his quivering pink hairy whole. I placed a kiss on his pucker and began to lick, suck and push my stiff tongue inside him. Winston screamed out now, "Fuck yes... O.. O FUCK YES my ..love ..O.. O.. O Danny yes yes yes." The more he moaned the harder I worked to give him pleasure. God I loved this man.

I ate his sweet hole for a while but moved to lick, kiss and suck down his lovely muscled legs. Hard hairy thighs, so strong, calves so well defined to his sexy feet. I sucked each gorgeous toe, while staring into those green eyes of his, he was smiling at me the entire time. I licked the sole of his foot and started on the other moving up his leg back to my prize.

Again I devoured his sweet ass then in one long slow lick I came from his hole back to the tip of his leaking cock. "Please love ...please suck me." Winston pleaded. I did just that with gusto, slurping, sucking taking in more of his beautiful dick with each stroke until finally my nose hit his pubes. "Fuck.. Fuck... O O O YES YES God O..O... O Danny Fuck... I'm dumdum OOOO uugghh YES YES YES ...MY LOVE I'M CCUMMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" Winston screamed.

He filled my mouth as I swallowed over and over again even when the cum stopped, his cock continued to spasm repeatedly as I held it in my mouth. Winston was gasping for breath, bed sheets gripped tightly in his hands a thin layer of sweat on his body. We stayed this way for a good five minutes until we both recovered. I had been so turned on as Winston shot, I had cum without even touching myself, I loved this man.

Finally I heard that deep sexy laugh of his that I loved. I released his dick and crawled up to him laying on top of his slick skin His eyes were closed and he had a huge grin on his face. I licked his lips and gave him a small kiss, "How was that my baby?" I asked. "O my sweet, sweet love, I have never dreamed having someone you love give you pleasure could be so glorious, superb, so intense and not to mention so, so very damn satisfying." he answered with a chuckle. "So.. So my baby are you ready to go again?" I asked.

Winston roared with laughter as he grabbed me tightly in his arms, "I love you so very much Danny. You wore me slam out love. I don't know if I can even walk right now. Please give me a kiss." We kisses in love now, slowly and tenderly. Our needs stated our since of urgency diminished. "Come love, lets snuggle." We spooned together and the last thing I heard before I dozed off was, "I love you Danny my love, always and forever no matter what."


A. Williams



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