Winston and I saw each other next in English class. I was there when he walked in and O.. my.. O.. my, He is beautiful, I thought to myself. He glanced up at saw me and smiled, O that smile of his was infectious. I smiled back as he approached, he said as he sat down next to me in that deep sexy voice,

"Hey you." He was so close and O help me, I could smell his smell again. I have never been attracted to anyone like this before and I could feel my cock tingle and twitch as it began to grow. I had to calm myself, yes, I loved these new feelings but I wanted and needed more than just lust, I wanted love. I said "Hey you back ." I then felt is leg against mine and I pushed back a little to let him know I liked the contact. The Teacher called the class to order and we focused on our work still touching.

Winston felt the heat of Danny's body on his and his cock came to attention. He knew he was very attracted to Danny but he longed for more, he longed for love. He had to pace himself and not give into his lust. He had to get to know Danny, everything, all the things that made Danny - Danny. He knew what to do...He hoped he knew. I have to sweep him off his feet, romance him, make him feel like he can't live without me, Winston thought.

I have to make him mine all mine and only mine.

The bell rang and Winston stood along with Danny and took his hand as they walked together to the lunch room. They placed their bags at a table and both got in line. Danny could feel the eyes upon him and could hear the whispers so could Winston. He said "I'm sorry Danny if you showed your true self to everyone because of me. I should have backed off before."

I looked into those eyes, those green eyes of his and said "No Winston I should have been my true self long ago, I'm very happy that I felt safe enough with you to let my walls down." As I began to get my meal, I looked back and saw tears in Winston's green eyes and I fell in love with him that second.

Winston looked at Danny and a saw his glorious smile with those dimples that made him weak in the knees but he saw a new look in those dark blue eyes of his that blew him away. He thought he saw love... His face looked so soft, his eyes were looking at him like never before, almost like he could see my soul. All I could do was let my tears fall. I fell in love with Danny that second. And I knew he had to mine ...all mine and only mine.


A. Williams

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