We woke Late Monday morning, our last day together thought Winston. He pulled Danny tighter to him. He felt so good, so warm and smooth. "Good morning Lover." Danny whispered as he snuggled into Winston's strong arms. There was that deep sexy laugh, "I like that pet name love, very much." Winston said as he started kissing and licking Danny's sweet neck. UUUMMM Danny moaned. "Do we need coffee love or should I continue?" Winston whispered. Danny reluctantly began to untangle himself and get out of bed. "You stay here Mister, I'll get coffee and be back." Danny kissed Winston and headed to the kitchen. Winston watched his loves sweet ass walk away and sighed, Damn, he stroked his hardon, he wondered if his desire for Danny would ever diminish. He rolled out of bed and hit the bathroom to relive himself. He pondered over the last few days.

How was he going to survive without Danny with him? He was part of him now, the best part of him. He was his heart and soul, his air to breathe, his whole life. He returned to the bed and waited for Danny. He had to calm down, make this day special for both of them, make it special for my love, for my Danny. Winston got an idea, a great idea, he got on his cell phone and made some calls. 

Danny returned with coffee, his hard cock leading the way. Winston laughed that deep sexy laugh, "Come love, let me help." Winston took the tray and lifted Danny and carried him to the bed. He placed him up against pillows and pulled the sheet over him and handed him a cup of coffee. "Love we have a big day today, I hope you had enough sleep?" Danny chuckled, "Should I ask or is it a another surprise?" Winston drank his coffee and smiled great big, "Don't ask love." Danny asked, "Do I need to cook us some breakfast before we go? I could make you some more of my special blueberry pancakes..??" Winston's eyes opened wide, "Yes love, please, would you do that for me?" It was Danny's turn to smile, "Of course Lover, I told you before, Anytime, Anything, I will do for you, I love you baby, always and forever, no matter what." 

Danny headed to the kitchen naked as a jaybird singing to himself. Winston had to laugh, what a lucky man he was.. Yes indeed. Winston showered and dressed while smelling breakfast cooking, he actually began to sing to himself as well. He had never been happier in his life. He came downstairs to see Danny dancing and setting the table.He loved Danny so much his heart felt like it would burst. Danny placed the food down and said, "Here my Lover, eat till your soul is content. I'm going to get a shower." 

Winston was in heaven, the food was so amazing as always. He waited for his love, his Danny. When Danny walked down , Winston grabbed him in his arms and kissed him deeply, lustfully, his tongue down this throat,  "I want you love, no... I need you now, please I need to be in you now. God Danny I love you so.. now love come with me.." Danny could only say, "Take me baby.. take me, I love you." Winston pulled him to the floor and began to undress him. Danny helped to remove his clothes. Winston grabbed Danny's legs and pushed them over his shoulders. He dove in and began to lick, suck, and fuck his ass with his tongue. Danny moaned , "Yes.. Ooo.. Yes baby get me ready for your big fat long cock... Yes OOO yes." Winston was moaning, the taste of Danny's ass was divine, so sweet , so luscious. He enjoying the flavors and smells of his lover. His Danny, his man, only his, no one else's. God he loved him so.

Winston lick from Danny's hole to the tip of his cock over and over. Danny's cock oozing sweet man juice for Winston to savor. "Yes.. OOOO.. That fells so damn good lover... suck me please.." Danny moaned. Winston took his beautiful cock all the way down his throat, swallowing around it as Danny moaned even louder. "FFUUUCCKK YYEESSSSS.. Suck my cock ... Yes just like that... SSSOOOO good." Winston did enjoy sucking his cock, so fat, so silky in his mouth and so yummy. He needed to taste his cum, he wanted it badly. He sucked harder and faster trying to pull the cum from Danny's balls. "OOOO BBAAABBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYY .... I'm getting close... YYEEAAHHH... fuck..fuck ...YYYEEESSS ..." Danny's muscles locked as he shoot 2 no 4 no 6 huge loads of cum into Winston's waiting mouth. Winston groaned deeply in pleasure as he gobbled his load down.

Danny quickly flipped Winston on his back nose to nose he said, "My turn lover." He kissed Winston hard and deep tasting his own cum. Danny knew Winston's hot spots and began to sample each one. First his ears, lightly chewing, licking and blowing as Winston moaned and shivered under him. Further to his neck, sucking, biting and bathing him in his spit. Further still to his chest and those big hard nipples, he sucked hard and bit gently as Winston moan loud, "YES... OOO Danny eat my tits... Fells so fuckin ggoodd.. YES...  YESSss..."Danny traveled down to his massive cock, hard as a rock, pulsing, so ready for his mouth. He sucked slowly, rolling his tongue around the large head licking down to his big hairy balls. He pulled one into his hot mouth, "FUCK YES...  SUCK MY BALLS LOVE .... YES.. YES." Winston growled.

Danny lapped and sucked his lovers balls then bent him in half and feasted on his hairy ass, god he loved this man. So juicy, so fucking delicious, so wonderful in every way. He would never get enough of him, god he tasted so.. So good, he was addicted to him, to his taste, his smell, the feeling of his hot hole around his hard cock, "Lover I want inside you." Winston moaned, "Yes love fuck me hard and make me cum. Take me.. Take me hot stud.. Where only we can go together in love."

They locked eyes, seeing the love, seeing the lust, seeing each others souls as Danny slide his cock into Winston's tight hot ass. They moaned together in deep satisfaction as Danny pushed all the way inside and held there. He moved slowly in and out, in and out never breaking the eye contact with Winston. Over and over, no hurry, the pleasure was powerful. They moaned, they kissed, they worked as one toward their release, toward their mutual satisfaction. In and out, Danny slowly made love to Winston, after an hour Winston moaned, "Faster love .. OOO.. I'm gonna cum love.. YES.. Nowww." Winston shoot load after load after load and then... all black.

Winston came to with Danny still on top of him. Realizing he had passed out from cumming so hard, he laughed his deep sexy laugh. "You hot fucking STUD, that was un-fucking believable, My love you are superb." Danny chuckled, his own orgasm had been off the charts, "My lover, every time with you is better than the last, I think onetime I'll die from so much pleasure. God Winston, I love you so much baby, so much." They laid holding each other tight in their sweat and cum, in compete bliss.

They woke later, Winston saying , "Come love lets get a shower, I have plans for us, come with me now." Danny followed as he knew what the shower could lead to. His cock already hard with longing, wanting more, always more of Winston. There was that deep sexy laugh, "Love are you ready for more?" Winston asked. Danny snickered and shot back, "Always baby, always, any time, any where, I can't get enough of you." Winston started the shower and pulled Danny in with him. The warm water flowed other them as they washed each other, slow and lovingly. They got dressed and Winston told Danny it was time to head out.

Winston escorted Danny to the car and placed him inside. Danny loved this special way his lover treated him, God I love this man !! All those little things that Winston did made Danny love him even more. He drove to a huge field full of hot air balloons."Come love, lets go for a ride." Danny was all smiles as Winston opened his door and walk him to the balloon. He took charge as only of man of his power could, "Walker a party of two." Yes sir the driver said, and we were off. In no time we were high in the sky above the hills, it was glorious, so beautiful, so majestic. Winston was behind me holding me tight, that made it all the better. Finally the balloon landed beside the river and I saw a blanket. Winston held my hand, in his other was a basket. "Come love, lets have lunch."

Winston lead me to the blanket, he helped me sit down slowly. He pulled out a bottle of wine and glasses pouring us each a glass. "Danny I hope you loved the ride, My love I would do anything, everything to make you happy." As we tapped glasses and drank I said, "My baby, my Winston, You make me feel so special every day, I'm only truly happy when I am with you, only you lover." He pulled out sandwiches from the basket, "Danny I made these for us.. Remember I'm not the wonderful cook you are but this is my homemade chicken salad. Please be gentle love." 

I had to smile, all my love wanted was approval. I took a bite then another, it was very, very good. "This is wonderful Baby, better than mine. More please." Winston was smiling ear to ear as he gave me another sandwich. We watched the river flow by, Winston asked, "Have you ever wanted to drift away, far away, maybe down a waterfall and just be gone. Gone from life, just free???"

"Yes I have Winston but now with you, being with you I feel whole like I finally belong, to you my baby, I belong to you. Please Winston make us one again, the way only we can be, In love.. Please baby believe me I love you always and forever, come to me now." Winston could not deny Danny anything he slid over his body, his long hair sweeping over him as he removed his clothes, God he was beautiful Winston thought as he kissed him deep and hard. Soon they were naked rubbing against each other moaning in lust. "Please Winston take me, put your dick in me .. Make me yours , only yours, I need you. I can't live without you." They moaned as Winston's  cock went in Danny's ass.

Winston cried as he make love to Danny. All his life he had waited and now he had the man of his dreams, a wonderful man inside and out. He was having a hard time believing it was real. He made slow love to Danny, his man felt so good he shouted , "Danny I'm going to cum, Love cumm.. WWIIITTTHHHMMME  NNNOOOWWW." They came together The best way to cum. They came down, panting for breath, all spent and sweat and cum covered but deliriously happy. All wrapped up in love,


A. Williams

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