Chapter 24: "A Thug Loves Run Deep."



Ka'Shon rolls over in a California King Bed styled with a red indian comforter. He lays in bed alone. He realizes that and jumps up. He looksAround the room of his house and smiles. He slid out of bed only wearing black Briefs. He yawned and walked over to the tall mirror and admired his fat ass. He rubbed his hands down it to admire his figure. He went walked over to the closet and grabbed a white robe and put it on. He walked over to the door and opened it. He heard chatter coming from downstairs. He rushed downstairs and went into the living room. He walked over to behind the couch rubbed the person head who was sitting. 

The person spoke, "baby i didnt know you was up."Dre got up from the chair and picked Ka'Shon up and laid him on the couch.

Ka'Shon asked,"who was you talking to?"I was on the phone with Rita, she bringing the baby over here, he replied.

I smiled at him and said, "so she agreed for you to get sole custody of Jamar."Dre leaned down and kissed Ka'Shon on the lips and questioned him, "are you ready to be a Dad?"Ka'Shon hugged Dre and said,"yes i am. Im not even shocked that she gave the baby to us after a month ofThe baby being born. She was back running the streets."

Walé chimed in as he walked in from the kitchen, "the bitch is a thot, im suprised it took this long."He plopped down on the chair and said, "that reminds me isnt today ,'the day'?"

Ka'Shon grabbed the collar of his robe and said,"yes today is the first day of summer."

Wale sat up and stated, "k. dont be stupid. Today is the day that you picked out to pull the plug onJa'Shon. Its no need to keep him suffering."

Ka'Shon retorted, "he isnt suffering , he is recovering. I know you feel as though i should just let him go onTo be with Kashmere and his unborn child, but i cant. My brother is waking up, so lets go finish decorating Jamar room."

Walé stood up and Ka'Shon untangled himself from Dre andThey ran upstairs.



I woke up from a nap that i didnt even know i drifted into. I sat up on the couch and forgot that we moved upstate to be closer to the hospital that Ja'Shon was moved to. I yawned as i heard Dre and Walé arguing about the Baby room upstairs. I got up and i had a raging boner. I haven't had sex in 6 months. I might get lucky and Ka'Shon may suck my dick. Its like right as im about to fuck life out of him, that tragic day pops into his head and he back out. I cant blame him though. Shit! I might wake up in the middle of the night from having a nightmare of that day. I do miss Parkville though. Miss seeing my brother and mom and all. However, for safety i took Ka'Shon and Walé and Ja'Shon and moved upstate. I was kind of hesistant giving Rita my addresss to drop off my son, but i had to she was not being a good mother. As i reached the stairs, i heard a knock at the door. I squinted my eyes, because Rita shouldnt be here for atleast an hour.I walked over to the door with my gun behind my shirt. I opened it and there stood a sexy ass chico boy. He had To be like 5'2 , he had a little mustache, a cute smile and a nice body.

I can tell because he had on noShirt and some little shorts on and damn that ass was fat. All of sudden he said, "hey papi, my boyfriend and I just moved next door and I was wondering can you help me fix my bathroom sink. He went to work and i really dont know nothing about mechanics. No offense, butYou look all thuggish i think you can fix a sink."

I stared into his dark eyes and smiled.I havent been called a thug in a long time. No lie it kind of turned me on. This is crazy , because i never saw another bottom as sexy besides my baby.I then replied, "yea ill help. I grab my tool box and come over."He smiled hard and said, "thanks im Carlos. And for your information by looking at your joggers , i can tell you have a big tool."

He turned around and walked offMy porch. I was in shocked that this just happened. I closed the door and went down to the basement to getMy toolbox.



"Walé that color wall screams Gay.Just because we gay doesnt mean Jamar has to be."

Walé stared at me and said, "bestfriend he is about to have to dick loving, ass eating, cum swaping Dads this hot pink wall is the least of his worries."

I dropped to the carpeted floor laughing. WAlé joined me and said, "gosh our lives are so different now. You are about to be a damn dad. I havent seen a penis in months. Dre is trying not to be a thug anymore. Senior year is next year. My sis--"

I stopped him because everytime Kashmere name was brought upHe would cry. I changed subject quick, "so Diamond is coming tovisit next week. Im Excited about that."Yea, me too, he replied.

Suddenly , there was three knocks on the door. I said, "Jamar is here." I then screamed, "BABY GET THE DOOR!"I recieved no answer. I got up and said, "i swear when this boy sleep, he dead.

I ran downstairs and looked into the livingroom , Dre was gone. I walked over to the door and opened it. RitaStood there holding Jamar. She hands him to me and said, "mommy love you."

She gave me a fake smirk and i returned one. For the lady six months Rita have been so bitchy. We didnt even know she went in labor. SheCalled a week later and told us. How dare she? I closed the door And walked over to the garage to see ifDre All white RangeRover was there and it was, so where the fuck is this boy. I walked back upstairs and i was playing with Jamar, making him laugh. Walé said, "uncle Walé did your room."

I laughed and said, "no daddy Ka'Shon did."

Walé got up to hold him and stated, "speaking of daddies , where is Dre?"

I shrugged my shoulder and said, "your guess is as good as mine.If he dont come back in ten minutes, imma call him."


Dre banged in the last strew under the sink. He got up and turned the water on and it worked. Carlos started clapping and said, "you are a life saver."Dre laughed and confessed, "i wont say im all that."They walked into Carlos and his boyfriend room and he said, "well your wife is lucky to have such a strong sexy man."

Dre stared at him and said, "thanks and i dont have wife.I have a boyfriend that means more to me than life itself."

Carlos whined, "i have to pay you for this."Dre replied, "i dont want your money."

They stared in each other eyesFor a little while and Carlos said, "good! Because i wanted to do another form of payment."

He walked to Dre and grabbed Dre dick through is joggers. Dre inhaled deeply and tried to remove his hand and snapped, "Carlos stop!"Carlos whispered, "you may want me to stop, but your hard big dick says other wise."

Dre backed up and stumbled on to the bed. Carlos grabbed the brim of Dre joggers and briefs and snatched them off. Dre dick was standing in full attention and Carlos mouth watered at it. Carlos said, "my man dick aint this size."

Dre replied, "your man aint nothing like me."

Carlos smirked and said, "oh yea then show me."Without thinking Dre stuffed his beef sausage into Carlos mouth. Carlos was sucking it like pro. Slurping it like a master. His mouth moved up and down on Dre shaft. Dre was moaning loud. Carlos was giving sloppy headAnd thats the best type. Everytime he took all of Dre in his mouth he wouldGag and his throat vibration would send Dre over the edge. All of sudden, Stay with me by Same Smith started playing and Carlos stopped servicing Dre. Dre said, "fuck! Thats my dude."Carlos went into the pants pocket ofThe joggers and pulled out his Iphone 6.

 Dre stared at the caller I.D that read my everything. How could he just do this to Ka'Shon. He wasn't thinking with the right head. However, it was too late now. He already begun to cheat , he might as well finish he thought. He snactched the phone and pressed the circular red button. 

He Looked into Carlos eyes and said, "jump on this dick and ride it likeYour life depends on it."Carlos stood up and pulled down hisJeans and he ass popped out. Dre sat up and slapped it and said, "i hope you tight."

Carlos confessed, "papi for a dickLike yours, im too tight."

He grabbed a condom and slid it on Dre erect penis. He jumped on it and slid Dre penis im him and he shouted, "FUCK DRE THIS IS A BIG DICK!"Dre placed his hands on Carlos hips and got into rythm. Carlos was screaming, "aww yess papi! Fuck me . Gosh! This is a monster dick!"He leaned down to kiss Dre and Dre said, "nope. These lips for my baby."Carlos smirked and said, "fine."And He kept riding that dick to they both climaxed and he fell on top of Dre Chest.



I WAS PISSED! I have been calling Deandre phone for the last hour.I walked into the kitchen and i was starting to worry. Walé was doing dishes. I sat down at the stool and Walé said, "i just put Jamar to sleep. Dre came yet."

Before i can answer. We heard the patio glass slide open Dre walked into the kitchen and said, "baby you going to blow me up. If i dont answer im busy. I was helping the new nieghborhood fix his sink."He came over and Kissed me. 

Somethings up with him, i can tell. He said, " i feel dirty. Im going to shower."I asked, "you want me to shower with you and your baby upstairs."He replied, "its okay and its Our baby."

He walked away and i just stared at him something is up. And whoThe hell is this new neighbor?Walé finish washing the dishes and said, "see you later Bestfriend. ImGoing to check on your brother."

He kissed my cheek and walked out.I went over to the kitchen window and looked out it. I spotted a black mustang pulling up and out hopped a sexy black dude. He had to be like 24 and 6'6. He was muscled down. He wore a tshirt and cargo shorts. ItShowed off all his body tattoos. He looked all thug. I then looked up and saw a chico boy wrapping himself in a towel and he looked happy. What the hell?



I got out of my car and walked inside the hospital. I walked in and checked in. I walked over to Ja'Shon room and walked in.I walked over to his bedside and he looked so different. His hair grew out and he looked so manly. I chuckled and said, "you should be happy. Your brother backed out to pull the plug. Well, im happy to, because lifeWouldnt be the same without you in my life. All the while i was lying toMyself about my feelings forYou. I was in love with a thug and i dont care."

I rubbed his face and suddenly,His hand grabbed mine and in a raspy tone Ja'Shon said, "Walé i loveYou too."I got so overwhelmed i started crying and screaming for the doctor.I pulled out my phone and called Dre and K. Fast.



As i lotioned up. My boyfriend walked into the room and said, "baby did you talk to him?"Carlos smiled and said, "yes i did, Brock. Well I actually did more thanThat. Now all we have to do isBlackmail him and i think it willBe smooth selling. Dre will join your Drug Cartel, if i can bet my last penny on it.Carlos jumped up and wrapped himseld around Brock and they backed up to the wall. Brock dropped his pants and ripped off CarlosTowel and slid his black dick all the way up in him. Carlos Winced in pain as his boyfriend started to fuck his guts out. 

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Book 2: The Thug and The Bottom That Loves Him.



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