Chapter 8: Strip Tease.



"Im finally done with these crutches. The doctor called this morning with my xray results. My leg is healed."

We all sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast and Ja'Shon said, "thats good. Kashmere are you ready to go?"

Kashmere said, "sure."

I asked, "where yall going?"

Walé chimed in, "upstairs to try and make babies."

Kash laughed and said, "dont make it sound like a job, but yes we are. Im ovulating for this week so we have to try every time we get. I have to be at work in 30 minutes so i have time for a quickie."

I said, "ewww to much info."

My brother picked her up and carried her upstairs. I then grabbed my glass of orange juice and said, "lets go by the pool Walé."

He stood up and followed me. I laid on the pool chair and he said, "so are you still going clubing with the Thug?"

Yea i am. I txted him this morning to see if we was still going and he replied yea. Whats your plans?

"Alex is back from Europe and i want to see him so he is coming by to get me and we are going to hit the town. And hey do you know Hameed stays next door. I was taking trash out and he was too and he spoke. The kid is actually nice nowadays."

Yea i know he stay there he told me. And yes very nice, he is supposed to be coming tonight aswell.

"Have fun with the Thug, ill be with a nice boy."

You really like Alex huh?

Yea i do but someone who shall remain nameless doesnt want me with him.

"Who? An ex?"

Not an ex, a tease. Thats all a freaking tease. He give me the Dick and thats all. However, he expect me not to fuck anyone else but him.

"Sounds complicated i dont wanna know who it is."

Good because you might not recover if i tell you.

We laughed and his phone rang. He answered and said, "oh my. Okay. Ill be out front in a minute."

He hung up and said, "alex here. see you later."

He kissed my forehead and ran off. I took off my shorts and shirt and tanned my caramel body. The sun felt so good i closed my eyes and soaked in it. All of a sudden the sun was blocked. I opened my eyes and saw Hameed dressed in Swimming trunks and thats it. I said, "may i help you?"

He smirked and said, "yea you may."

He scooped me up and i screamed, "do not throw me in this water."

He jumped in screaming, "Too late!"

As our bodies touched the water i became instantly cool. It was actually warm. We came up for air and i said, "Hameed im going to kill you?"

He swammed around and then said, "are you ready for the Strip club tonight. You are going to see some ass and titties."

I laughed and said, "yes i am actually. I cannot wait. Im off the crutches and im hitting the club with my straight friends. Tonight sounds interesting."

Well yea. Anyways i came over to tell you that We meeting Dre at his house. So when you get dress come over to my house and we taking my car. 

"Okay. And Hameed can i ask you something?"


"Why did you kiss me on the cheek yesterday?"

I dont know. It felt necessary. He chuckled and i laughed.

"I guess thats a valid answer."

He went under the water and picked me up and slammed me again. I screamed, "stop boy."

Or what? He retorted.

He swimmed up to me and i grabbed the brim of his pants and said, "or im going to pants you."

I snatched down at his trunks and swimmed under the water and grabbed them off. He lucky he had on briefs. I swimmed out of the pool and he started chasing me around the deck. 

"Ka'Shon give me back my shorts."

I was laughing and running. He briefs hugged his waist pretty good. The water made his dick visible as shit. He finally caught my arm and wrapped his arms around me pressing my wet green briefs against his dick. My asshole made a slight twitch. He picked me up and ran toward the water and just as he was about to jumped we slipped and fell to the ground. I landed on top of him. Our stomach touching. I said, "is your back okay?"

We stared into each other eyes and he said, "yea im good, but your are not. Your dick is hard and its poking me."

I stood up and snapped, "great. Ill call you when im on my way over."

I walked over to my clothes grabbed them and went inside. Kashmere was walking out of the front door and said, "see you later. Tell your brother that ill be working late tonight."

I walked up the stairs and opened their room door. My brother was still naked and i saw his big dick. I closed my eyes and said, "Kash said that she will be home late."

He laughed said, "boy i used to bath your little ass. I saw you naked before. And we got the same thing. You are 17 not 3 open your damn eyes."

I followed what he said. He was standing there naked and said, "so what you doing later?"

He kept drying off and i said, "going to a strip club with some friends."

Well i just gave you your first strip tease. Look im going to see a man about a dog. make sure you lock up the house when you leave okay, he replied.

 I walked out and went down the hall to my room. I went into my bathroom and turned my shower on. I cannot believe my brother flaunted his dick to me. It was amazing i must admit. It was a bit bigger than mine.


I Stepped out the shower for the second time today. I wrapped myself in a towel. I heard my phone ring and i ran and grabbed it. 


Me: "hello?"

Dre: I just finished washing my dick and balls im going to start getting dress. What you doing?

Me: standing here in my towel talking to you.

Dre: oh my bad. Well hurry up and get dress. I cannot wait to turn up.

I laughed and said: "well okay i will. And Dre thanks for tonight, you could have been doing a million other things.

It went silent and he said, "not a million probably a thousand. But i wanna kick it with you like when we first met. And i promise Hameed want mess with you tonight. Because if he do imma knock his ass out.

Me: Mayweather calm down. I think we would be cool, he actually have been kind of nice.

Dre: well my body freezing talking to you naked txt me when yall on my way to my house.


I put my phone down and tried to imagine him naked and then i slapped myseld and said, "no thats your friend."

I grabbed my Grey briefs and slid them over my fat ass. I grabbed my Cheetah print M.C hammer pants and i put on my White Polo VNeck. I sprayed myself with some Polo Cologne and i put my Guiseppe Sneakers on.i looked at myself in my tall mirror and said, "you are a bad bitch."

I grabbed my phone, wallet, and keys and headed out. I made sure all the doors was locked and i called Hameed and said, "im outside."

I made it to his lawn and i saw his door opening he had on all black looking classy as fuck. He took off his shades and said, "damn you can dress my nigga."

You too if i can say so myself. When we got in his car i called Dre and told him we on our way. I hung up and Hameed pulled off. He looked kind of still uneasy about what Happened at the pool, so i leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and he said, "what was that for?"

I dont know. It felt necessary.

He smirked and said, "the hard on didnt bother me. I expected that to happen. You are gay and im a sexy black indian dude. You didnt have to get up and leave."

I know but the last couple of days with you have been so cool. And I thought i screwed it up.

"Ka'Shon i let you suck my nipples. You think you getting hard was going to make me mad before that. Just chill and go with the flow."

I smirked and txted Diamond. 

"On our way. I hope tonight is fun."

She replied,

"Enjoy bestfriend. Enjoy. Also, try to control those feelings."

I chuckled and replied, "okay i will."

I put my phone down and then we pulled up Dre house. Hameed blew the horn and Dre came out dressed in  a white fitted coat with some white jeans and white sneakers. So much for controlling my feelings this boy look freaking amazing. Derrick followed behind him and said, "Hammie can i go?"

Hameed laughed and said, "no you cannot Derrick."

Awe its cute he got a pet name for Hameed.

He then looked at me and i said, "Derrick how about tomorrow, we go to the water park."

His face lit up and said, "you promise Ka'Shon."

I promise.

Dre got in and said, "get back here with me Ka'Shon, so you can do this GPS, i dont know how to."

I hopped over the seat as Hameed pulled off and i fell into Dre lap. He looked at me with an attitude and i hopped off quick. I grabbed the GPS and configured it and put the address of the club in that Dre gave me.

No Love by August Alsina and Nicki Minaj came on and i said, "turn it up."

Hameed did and i started singing. Dre smirked and said, "you know you cant sing right." As the song progressed i was singing my heart out.

Nicki verse started and i looked at Dre and sanged, "Deandre you know im here to save you. Me and them girls we aint the same boo. You know i hate it, when you leave me."

He laughed and cut me off. Shockingly, him and Hameed sanged,

"Cuz' you love it, then you leave it and you know how bad i need it. You so fuckin conceited why you coming over weeded?"

I cut them off started spitting her rap part while staring at Dre,

"You cant treat me like you treat them, yes i am the creme de la creme, yes i am from 1 to 10, 10. You Keep frontin in them streets keep saying we just friends. You cant front like this aint way realer. I know that you hard i know that you a killer. I know that you started off a dope dealer but let you guard down your niggas know that you feel her. So what you want baby?"

Dre sanged, "all i want is you. So what you tryna do?" 

We stared into each other eyes and the song just kept playing. We was just play singing and rapping but those words spoke to me and by looking at Dre i know they spoke to him. All of a sudden, the GPS said, "your destination is on your right."

I looked out the window and saw Club Tease. We parked and got out. We paid the fee and showed him our fake i.ds and we walked in. Hameed said, "its alot of ladies here ."

I looked around and said, "yea it is."

Dre chimed in, "hell yea."

We walked in and my jaw nearly dropped. All you see is dick and balls and chest and man in gstrings. Hameed laughed and said, "its ladies night."

Dre leaned toward and whispered in my ear, "this is for you my friend."

I turned around and he handed me a stack of ones and said, "turn up. Hameed and I going to get us some  drinks."

I walked over to the beefy man and started throwing ones at him. He then took of his gstring and showed his big dick. He wiggled it around and then bent down stuck it into his mouth. I threw about 50 ones at that man. Dre came back and handed me shot and i drank it. I said, "thank you."

Hameed was talking to some female that was in there.

Anaconda by Nicki Minaj came on and the strippers came out shaking their asses. I started throwing the money and Dre said, "dont use the whole 3 racks in the first 20 minutes."

I looked at him and saw a nice person. The one that i met when i was tutoring him. Sadly, this is the one that i fell for. I rather him be the Jerk Thug, so i wont have to think about kissing him. FUCK MY LIFE.



"I hope you had fun tonight."

I did Dre thank you for tonight. Im glad we back cool. 

"Yea. Where is Hameed?this car hot."

I took off my shirt and coat and I noticed Ka'Shon look away. I chuckled and said, "is it that bad?"

Is what that bad? I replied.

"That you cant even see me with my shirt off and not be turned on."

Oh yeah. Its is that bad. 

"Ka'Shon what do you see in me honestly? Girls say im not nice, im not sensitive. All im there for is to fuck them and leave. Im not a nice person."

Ka'Shon turned and looked at me and said, "well first off im not a girl and i dont have to be told im pretty and the boy i like dont have to be nice. Its just you are not someone i typically like. You all tough and bad ass and i find that so attractive. You may put up a wall, but around me you let me in. Deandre you dont know how much it take for me not to touch you to kiss you. Im fighting it hard im truly am. Thats why i was being standoffish because i dont wanna be tempted by you."

I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "look if me being around cause you to feel vulnerable, ill stop co--"

Ka'Shon cut me off and said, "thats the problem. I want you around. I care about you alot Dre."

I never had someone care for me besides my little brother and my boss. I fuck hoes so its no strings attached. Why do you have to come in my life and cause me to care, i replied.

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "i dont know but letting you care doesnt show that you weak, it shows that you have a heart under all that tough exterior."

I reached over and grabbed his chin causing him to look at me and asked, "you think i have a heart?"

Ka'Shon slid over close to me and placed his hand over my heart and said, "yes i do."

I got so frustrated that he was causing me to lose control. I yanked him by his shirt and said, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?"

Ka'Shon rubbed my face and said, "because im in love with you."

He leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips. At first I wanted to push him and beat him to a pulp. However, the kiss took over me and i started kissing him back.he climbed on top of me and i placed my hands on his ass. It felt so good and wrong. We stopped and i said, "im not gay."

Ka'shon said, "i know you are not."

I leaned up and kissed him again and said, "what are we doing?"

We heard the cardoors unlock and he jumped off of me. I put back on my shirt and Hameed got in and said,"damn that line was packed in the bathroom. Lets go."

I looked over at Ka'Shon and he stared at me. I put my head down . I was ashamed. I was ashamed because i was thug and i think i might be in love with a gay boy.



Alex dropped me off and i gave him a kiss on the lips and said, "call me tomorrow."

I walked up to my house and went in. I heard a tv in the living room. I walked over and said, "Ka'Shon?"

Ja'Shon looked over the couch and said, "do it look like Ka'Shon watch MonsterJam. He isnt home yet and either is your sister.

I rolled my eyes and said, "well goodnight."

Ja'Shon said, "night."

I stood there for awhile in total shock. He didnt get up and try to fuck my brains out right here in this living room. He didnt tell me to jump on his dick. He didnt tell me that he is jealous of Alex dropping me off.

He looked back at me and said, "are you waiting for something?"

Actually yea i was. 

"Nope. You not getting it. You the one said i cant have my cake and eat it too. And when i was fucking your sisters brains out this morning i realized i rather just have my cake. So goodnight Walé."

I looked at him and walked over to him and slapped him.

He snapped, "you have 10 seconds to start running because imma whip your ass. And i should let you know im good at skipping numbers."

I snapped, "dont you dare talk to me like im some hoe."

Thats what you are. You fucked your sister man and your bestfriends brother. You are a hoe. 

"And you are a closeted fool who think he is straight because he eats pussy every night. Hahaaha you a fucking joke."

Joke? no. More like tease. I made you think you was important you was nothing. FYI Im on 6."

I snapped, "7 8 9 10. Do something."

Ja'Shon jumped up and grabbed my by my shirt and threw me into the pantry closet he closed the door behind him and said, "the Daddy Dick you want. The daddy dick you shall get."

He unbuckled his pants and i stood up. He stepped out of his pants and dropped  his briefs and shirt. He walked over to me and said, "take off those damn clothes so i can fuck that Bussy right."

I took off my shirt and pants and underwear. I bent over the counter and said, "before you fuck me. Tell me one thing. Who dick is that?"

Ja'shon sucked his teeth and rammed his dick into me and said, "yours!"

He went to fucking me silly. I was hollering in pain. It was something about this man i love very much. All of a sudden we heard Kashmere say, "honey im home where are you?"

He stopped fucking me and slid out fast causing me to moan. He covered my mouth and said, "dont say a fucking word."


Chapter 9: #CaughtInTheAct


I slid on my underwear and sneaked out the patio. I ran for the pool and jumped in. As i was coming up for air Kashmere stood there and said, "baby i was calling you. Lets go take a bath together. I looked into the house and saw Walé sneaking upstairs with our clothes in hand. I said, "baby how about in the pool."

She whined, "its to cold."

Okay im coming. I swimmed out and she looked down at my briefs and said, "when did you get yellow underwear and they look to small."

I looked down and realized i had on Walé underwear. I said, "these came with an order of underwear i did. Come on lets get inside."



"Dre imma call you when i get home and tell Derrick ill be back in the morning to take him to the water park."

Dre looked back and threw up his hand at me. I feel so brave but at the same time wrong. I kissed Dre tonight and he kissed me back. He even felt my ass. I need to lay down . I got out and got in the front seat.Hameed said, "are you done turning up? Because i would like you to come over and play the game at my house."

I looked at him and said, "why not? I need to relax and im not sleepy."

He pulled off and i said, "sorry about the club?"

Yea. It was cool. I was just getting at the women anyways and besides those guys on stage was doing some ill shit. I gotta learn how to do that.

"I think you will never know. You got to know how to stroke."

Oh i can stroke.

I laughed and turned up the music. We got to our neighborhood pretty fast. I looked over at my house and Walé bathroom light was on. He must be home. I followed Hameed into his house and we went upstairs. I asked, "where is your dad?"

Business trip, for 3 months. So i have this whole house to myself.

Thats cool.

I pulled out my phone and txted Dre "im home."

He replied as we made it to Hameed room, "cool and goodnight. P.S your lips taste good. And i cannot believe i just txted that."

I replied, "yours did too and it was just in the moment. It didnt mean nothing if you didn't want it to."

We got to his room and he took off his shit and pants and slid on some black sweats. I cut on his television and the game. I grabbed the controllers and threw one at him.

I sat on his bed and he said, "so the same rules or no?"

Why does something tell me you wanna see me naked?

"No i dont , but its turn up time so we gotta add something to it."

I dropped the remote and said, "well how about you just show me those moves from the stripper.

He laughed and said, "another day. Now pick up the controller."

I retorted, "nope."

He looked at me and said, "Ka'Shon dont get punched. You know i will."

I stood up and said, "oh yea. Do it."

He stood up and we faced each other. He then said, "lets wrestle. Who ever gets pin have to --"

I cut him off and said, "have to remove a piece of clothing."

He smirked at me and said, "why do i get the impression you just wanna see me naked?"

I started to ponder and was that it or was I just toying with him. Hameed is sexy as shit. Also, he is allowing me to get free feels and looks at him so why not. Im still single even though Dre and I kissed , that clearly didnt mean anything because he would have came home with me.

Hameed said, " 3 , 2 , 1 Go!"

We went to wrestling and he picked me up and put pinned me down easily. I stood up and took off my socks. He said, "dont make it this easy."

I laughed and grabbed his shirt and tripped him on the ground and said, "pinned."

He got up and pulled off his shirt. We went around in a circle and i grabbed him and we tussled for a minute and then i went on my back and i flipped him over and said, "pinned."

He pulled off his socks and i said, "i thought you was straight. aint you supposed to be the tough one."

He clipped my feet and i fell down on the carpet and he climbed on top of me and said, "pinned."

I rose up and took of my shirt. We attacked each other and i fell backwards and he said, "pinned."

I slid out of my Pants and i stood there in my underwear. He laughed and said, "you have one more pin and you are Nak--"

I grabbed him by the neck and tripped him down and climbed on top of him and said, "again."

He stood up and slid out of sweats. I said, "okay game over."

He said, "oh no its not. Are you scared that you are going to be the one naked."

I chuckled and swiftly grabbed the brim of his briefs and swiped the down exposing his fat, long, sexy dick. I said, "i won."

He stepped out of them and said, "you cheated."

He started chasing me around the room and then he tackled me on the bed and he grabbed my briefs and pulled them down revealing my dick and ass. He threw them to side and i wrapped my legs around his waist and he said, "well this escalated quickly."

We looked into each other eyes and i said, "you think."

Let go of my body.

I replied, "what if i dont want too?"

Then you out of gas because i dont get down like that.

"Says the one who rips off a gay boy clothes and has his dick laying on my stomach."

He looked down in my eyes and said, "Ka'Shon what are you doing to me?"

The room door burst open and Dre snapped, "THAT IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YALL DOING?"

I pushed Hameed off of me and i wrapped myself with his covers and said, "Omg! Dre what are you doing here?"

I can ask you the same thing, but it look like you was about to fuck each other.

Hameed snapped, "im not gay."

I chimed in, "we was just wrestling."

Dre snapped, "fuck both of yall punks. Im out."

He walked out the door and Hameed looked at me and i laid down in his bed. This cannot be happening. The question is why was he here?



I got out of the shower and put on some grey sweats and no shirt. I laid down in my bed and just stared at the ceiling. I cannot believe that we almost got caught. That was sign that we have to stop this. My door creaked opened and Ja'Shon walked in and he threw me my underwear and said, "im sorry."

I caught them and said, "i am too. Goodnight."


My phone started ringing and it was Diamond. I answered and said,

"Yes diamond."

She replied,"is Ka'Shon home. He havent gave me the Tea on how the night went."

I got out of the bed and said, "let me see."

I walked down the hall to his room and said, "nope he isnt back yet."

Okay. And whats wrong with you?

"A guy a stupid guy."

Your date with Alex didnt go well?

"That was great. Its another guy that has me going crazy."

I went back in my room and laid down. 

Diamond said, "well stop your little hoe ways and stick with one guy."

Thats the problem Diamond. I need them both. Alex is there for me emotionally and physically and Ja'Shon is there for my sexually.

I covered my mouth because i had just been caught.

She snapped, "your fucking your sister boyfriend and your bestfriend brother. What the fuck? Walé this is a new low for you. You have to stop. 

"I know diamond and please dont tell ka'shon."

Im not thats not my place to tell him. Thats your problem. Ill be over tomorrow for Sunday dinner, my parents are going out of town.


I hung up my phone and got under the covers and drifted to sleep.



I sat in the parking lot awaiting my boss to arrive. I called him and told him i was in a bad headspace and needed to talk. I saw headlights pull up and he hopped out and got into my car.

I said, "sorry to bother you at this late hour, but something happened and im almost lost it."

My boss said, "whats going on?"

Well, i have these complicated feelings for this one person. And tonight we kissed and i thought it meant something. So i was on my way over to my buddy house to let him know about and get his input and when i get there. The person and my dog in bed together naked , bout to fuck.

"Damn thats Fucked up Dre, But atleast you know for sure that this person is not for you. So those feelings shouldnt be complicated no more. I just sort of went through the same. I was fucking around on my girl and tonight i almost got caught and that made me realize i have to stop and be a one women man. This thug life will get to your head, but make sure you know how to handle it."

We clapped each other up and i said, "thanks J. One love man."

One love and any time you know imHere for you. Go home and makes sure your little brother and moms good. Tomorrow hit me up and if you still feeling down about this person than you need to comfort that person and let them know how you reall feel. Thugs have feelings too.

He got out the car and i sat back realized he was right. I have to Tell Ka'Shon how i really feel. I have too. I think i may be in love with a dude. Fuck this is crazy.


Chapter 10: Complicated Feelings.



I woke up on this Monday feeling like i didnt want to face school because i knew i had blew all my chances with Dre. On the other hand, Hameed and I have been txtin constantly since Saturday night. He think i seduced him and he likes it and wants to try this out. I cannot. This is too much for me. I have to put up with my complicated feelings for Dre and now my new complex feelings for Hameed. Yesterday dinner was so quiet. No one talked but Diamond. My brother seemed mad. Walé looked fed up. And Kashmere was eating. 

I got out of bed with a raging hard on. I walked into my bathroom and turned on my bathwater. I walked back to get my towel and Hameed was in my room. I looked at him shocked and said, "what are you doing here?"

He looked at me and said,"im taking you to school. I looked up that gay guys like when guys are treating them like nice and shit."

I smirked at him and said, "well we also dont like it when straight confused boys sneak in our rooms."

He chuckled and sat down on my bed and said, "i couldnt use the front door im trying to hide this."

I rolled my eyes and said, "well im going to shower. Ill be out in a minute."

I walked into the bathroom and took off my shirt and briefs and stepped into the shower. As i bath , someone jumped in the tub with me. I turned and saw  it was Hameed. Before i can speak he covered my mouth and Walé said, "Ka'Shon hurry up in there. We have to leave."

I spoke, "im Not feeling well. You can go ahead and leave. Ill ask my brother to take me before he head to work."

Okay txt me when you leave. 

I heard him closed my room door and Hameed was looking at my ass. He stepped out and said, "you ass is huge."

I know that.

"How did it get like that?"

I dont know. I guess i was blessed now lock my room door while i finished up.



I pulled up to the school and noticed that i was actually on time today. I had to see Ka'Shon. I had to. I parked and got out. I walked into the school and walked up to his locker. I spotted hik walking into the school with Hameed, However, Hameed turned the corner. He walked up and noticed me.

He said, "Dre look im sorry, but what you saw wasnt what you thought. Wait! You know what i dont have to explain anything to you because i just dont."

He opened his locker and i whispered, "oh so you dont think kissing me and then laying in my bestfriend bed naked with him isnt going to raise red flags."

I kissed you or we kiss each other. Atleast your bestfriend dont have a problem telling me how he feel.

"Oh you fucking him?"

Nope. Im not a whore and whats its to you?

He slammed his locker and started to walk off and i grabbed his arm and pushed open the bathroom door and threw him inside.

I snapped, "dont ever walk away while im talking."

He rolled his eyes and said, "Dre I messed up okay. I shouldnt have kissed you and then did that with Hameed but in the end we arent together and i have the right to be single."

Listen, thats cool, but dont complicate my feelings for you. When we kissed it was like fire burned inside of me and i felt alive. I've kissed alot of girls but you was the first person i kissed and it felt real and loving. You make me feel vulnerable and not in control and that scares me. And on top of all of that you are a fuckig dude. Im not gay but what i have for you is true love and i cannot sit back and let you not know that."

He breathed in and said, "Dre i love you too and it scares me aswell when im around you. I feel free and with no care in the world. However, i have two people tugging for my heart at the moment so i need to think about it."

I walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. It shocked me. I picked him up and leaned against the wall and we made out. I rubbed his face and  said, "i love you Ka'Shon."

I put him down and ran out the bathroom. I cannot deal with these complicated ass feelings. Im not gay i cant be.



I walked down the hall and saw Dre running pass me from the bathroom. He brushed right pass me. I then saw Ka'Shon come from the bathroom. I ran up to him and said, "what tea?"

He looked at me and snapped, "how about you mind your own damn business?"

He brushed passed me and i said, "someone is bitter."

My phone vibrated and it was a message from Ja'Shon.

"We need to talk. Im outside your school come here."

I breathed in and walked out the school. I cannot with this boy today. He is not going to fiddle with my feelings today. I spotted his gold Benz and ran and got into it. He pulled off and i said, "school starts in 15 minutes."

You missing today. we have to talk. Now shut up and put your seatbelt on.

Damn Daddy.

I put my seatbelt on and sat back. He was driving for like an hour and then he said, "Walé i have serious feelings for you and they cant just go away. Yesterday at dinner i wanted to slap you so hard for not even staring at me."

You tried to play footies with me while my sisters sat 2 feet away. I cannot do this to her no more. She deserve more than that. She deserve a man that is faithful.

"I am faithful. You not a female so im not cheating."

You sound really stupid. Ja'Shon it doesnt matter and i dont care. You shouldn't be doing this with me, so find some other dude be your sideline because i just left the team.

He leaned over and started feeling on my dick through my grey joggers. I said, "stop."

My dick started getting hard and he said, "I thought you was done."

I grabbed his hand pressed it more into my joggers and said, "it's complicated."

He made a sharp left into the Embassy Suite hotel and parked. We got out and he ordered a room. We got in the elevator and headed up to the room. We got to room 5-03 and he opened the door and we started ripping each other clothes off from the door to the bed. He laid me down and started sucking all over my chest. I moaned and said, "i love you."

He stopped and looked at me and said, "you do?"


I love you too.

We began making out. I unbuckled his Fendi belt and dropped them. I grabbed hold of that thick dick and said, "i want it inside me."

We finished undressing and he slid his dick in me and i said, "i miss this feeling."

He started fucking me senseless. I was screaming, "JJJJJJJ!!!"

He flipped me over and started hitting me from the back. He put his thumbs on my back dimples and started to fuck me even harder. He picked me up and started fucking me in the air. This felt so good.


After riding that dick to he came i laid on his chest and said, "Ja'Shon lets run away together."

I looked up at him and he said, "i wish i can, but we cannot. Now get dress and lets go eat."



I walked out of the school and Diamond caught up to me and said, "Ka'Shon whats wrong ?"

Nothing. Dre drama.whats up?

"I wanted to come over but Walé isnt picking up and you are down and out."

Walé wasnt even in Class today.

"He have an iPhone 6 lets see where he was location time."

I pulled out my phone and went to the Find My Iphone App. I typed in His number and code and it loaded. 

The address came up. Fort Robins Steak And Grill.

Diamond said, "why is he at a steak and grill."

I dont know. Lets go find out. Did you drive to school?

Yep moms left her car. Come on.

We ran over to her moms car and hopped in. We pulled off and headed to Fort Robins. It took us like 25 Minutes we pulled up and as we was pulling up we saw Walé walk out. Then seconds later my brother followed behind him.

I looked at Diamond and asked, "why are they together?"

Diamond shrugged her shoulders. I looked back at them and Walé grabbed my brother hand. What the fuck?

I jumped out the car and screamed, "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON?"

Walé and Ja'Shon jaws dropped to the floor and i crossed my arms and said, "i have all day so somebody have to explain to me."

Walé said, "Ka'Shon im so--"

I snapped, "you sorry for what? Yall fucking."


Walé said, "listen hear pot. This kettle have had with your innoncent role. I have feelings for your brother just as you do for Dre. I ran up on him and slapped him and said, "i dont card if Ja'Shon promised your ass the moon. That is my brother and your sister boyfriend how could you."

Then i looked at my brother and said, "you called me all type of punks and faggots and you are out here running the town wit the queen of them. You are a joke Ja'Shon. Dont say anything to me."

I walke over to Diamond  and got back in the car and said, "lets go take me home . Im going to a hotel."


Diamond dropped me off and said, "call me later if you need anything."

I got out and went up to my room. I grabbed my MCM bag and packed a few things. Todya has not been my day. From Dre this morning to Walé/Ja'Shon this afternoon. I heard my patio door open and i snapped, "Hameed can you please try the damn door."

I turned around and saw Dre standing ther with flowers and dressed in a suit. I threw my hands up and said, "i dont have time for this. Too much is going on."

Dre grabbed my arm and i said, "i need to get away. Please."

Well lets go. You can stay at my house or we can get a hotel room.

"Okay. Lets go."

We walked downstairs and when we got to the front door i opened it and saw my brother. He stared at Dre and said, "Dre?" 

Dre looked at him and said, "Boss?"

I looked at those two and said, "let me guess you fucking him too."

I pushed passed my brother and ran down the street. I was running i heard a horn and i looked in the street and saw Hameed. He leaned over and opened the car door. I ran and got in and snapped, "take me anywhere. Just not here please."



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