Chapter 20: New Year Teas.



I felt the body under me shift which caused me to look up. Dre was rolling over in my bed. We had came upstairs because the fire was to hot. I grabbed my pillow and laid facing my patio. I felt Dre hands wrap around me and whispered, "tell me that it was dream. I didnt really rock the fuck out your world."

I looked back at him and replied, "yes it happened and correction i rocked yours. Best hole you ever stuck your dick in?"

Yea, it was bae. And you do suck dick good.

"You do too. That shocked me."

It shocked me to shit.

We chuckled and I snuggled in his arms and he said, "i love you."

I love you too, Dre.

We drifted back to sleep . Love was definitely in the air.



I Woke up on a couch wrapped in a cover. I looked around and realized this wasnt my house. I cannot believes i slept over Hameeds Dads House. I dug into my joggers and looked at my phone with one eye open and realized it was 5:45. I might as well wait to the morning to leave now. Last night was a good night. Christmas was better than I expected for me. I ate some amazing food prepared by Asheem. Then we played Cards and watched some christmas movies. I guess thats when I fell asleep. I know this was a good thing for him having somewhat of a son here with him. This house to large to be staying here along. I heard those doggy paws and Tyler hopped on the couch and licked my face. I laughed and scooted over for he can lay. I laid back down to return to a good sleep.




I looked at the doctor as he examined Rita stomach. He said, "thats the heart beat." I heard it and it felt so good to know that im about to be a father, if this hoe telling the truth. She looked at me and said, "do you wanna know the sex?"

I looked at her shocked and said, "it doesnt matter."

The doctor chimed in, "well you are 3 and a half months so i can tell yall."

He rubbed Rita stomach and the baby shifted and opened its leg and the doctor said, "Well yall can clearly see that its a boy. His penis is kind of big for a baby."

I chuckled and said, "well he take after his daddy." This might be my baby after all. 

Rita grabbed my hand and the doctor said, "i wish the happy couple luck. I will be delivering yall baby."

I retorted, "oh no we aint a couple. ImIn a happy relationship with My boyfriend."

The doctor cleared his throat and replied, "oh my! You luck so street and so badass. Tattoos on your arm. Nice build. Very masculine. Never would have thought."

Rita chimed in, "yep and Ka'Shon is a  loving person , he will be a perfect step dad to our child. He was going to come today , but he had a exam. Next time for sure."

Rita and Ka'Shon have been trying to be friends ever since the new years party. We go to lunches and stuff together. Me being the man I had to let them know that its no need for yall not to like each other. Yall are both going to be in my life and my child is more important than who on my dick. Ka'Shon was hesistant at first , but my Dick always put him at ease. 

Rita cleaned up and i helped her off the table and we walked out of the room. She said, "well you have your boy. I know you happy."

I smirked at her and said, "hell yea."

She stopped me and said, "Dre thank you for coming, im scared. I might seem like a tough bitch, but im scared."

I hugged her and said, "thats normal. Beaides, this baby going to be straight. Speaking of being straight i have to go meet Ja'Shon at the warehouse. I have a job to do. You good to get home."

She smirked and said, "yea."


Ja'Shon handed me a note and it said, "someone is after us."

I looked up at him and said, "how do you know?"

I closed the office door and he said, "well our connect with the puerto ricans to get weed and cocaine have been stealing from these puertoricans and now the islanders are after what they think is their money. Which is--"

I cut him off and said, "our money. So  what are we going to do?"

He sat up and said, "well we are going to close down the warehouse for awhile and change up route so they dont know where are boys are at. Until i say we going to get them, relax. And arent you late?"

For what, i replied.

"Picking up my brother."

I jumped up and said, "fuck! He is going to kill me."




I crossed my arms and Diamond laughed. I looked at her she said, "sorry its not my fault that you have to shit."

I chuckled and said, "no its not, but it is going to be your fault when i murder you. I know he isnt still at the doctor."

We walked over and sat on the bench in front of our school. Diamond said,"So Walé tried to speak to me in the hall? I wanted to talk to him but I couldn't. I know its a new year and everything but i cant talk to him. He betrayed me. Like really did."

Yea. Its tough but we say hi and bye , but he barely even be home now. He be somwhere, i replied.

"Probably fucking someone else man, Diamond snapped."

You wrong for that one.

We burst out laughing and i held my stomach. Thats how funny that was. I looked down the street and saw Sean walking over to us. Diamond pinched my thigh and said, "he better not speak to me."

He got closer and when he noticed us, he waved and i gave him a fake smirk. Ever since he started going to our school Diamond have been ducking and dodging him. However, i never once heard her say she was mad at him. Its more like she was embarrassed. Its not fair because, if thats the case she shouldn't be so hard on Walé. Like you know hes a whore. But you didnt know your boyfriend was getting fucked probably by A rapist named Big Sal in jail. 

All of a sudden I saw Dre new Silver 2015 Audi swerve on the curb and park. I jumped up and before I can snapped, Dre ran over and scooped me up and twirled me around and kissed me on the lips. Every time i try to be mad at this thug. I cannot. He knows what makes my heart melt. He stopped and I looked into his eyes and he said, "im so sorry. I got caught up at the warehouse with your brother."

He put me down and i said, "how did the doctor go?"

He looked at me and smiled. I playfully punched him in the abs and said, "what happened?"

The baby is a boy, he retorted.

I jumped up on top of him and was screaming in joy. This is what he wanted and he got it. Rita wanted a girl and i was scared for that, becauss she might turn out a thot. And ill deal with a thug son then a thot daughter. Diamond started clapping and said, "well i see yall later. I have a project to do at the library."

Dre said, "ill drop you off."

She repled, "its out the way. Ill walk. Only 5 minutes. Besides, yall have to celebrate in the right way."

Dre slapped my ass and said, "yea we do."

Its amazing how Dre still so manly but so open to do these type of things. No one has grew balls to even say something about it to him, because Dre might kill him.

I ran over and hugged Diamond and then we got in the car and headed home. We pulled up to my house and got out the car. I walked up to the door and opened it. Dre picked me up from the back, slammed the door, and took off upstairs. I was laughing. He walked into my room and locked the door and threw me on the bed. He ripped off his Polo Ralph Lauren shirt and threw it on the floor. His abs was defined and those brown quarter size nipples, always turn me on. He unbuckled his belt and dropped those jeans. He stepped out of them and his caramel complexion never looked so good. Those grey briefs was fulled with my Long, thick dick that ive been waiting to have in my mouth an ass all day. I took off my shirt and shorts. He slowly walked over to me and grind our dicks together as he got between my legs. I wrapped my legs around his waist and we started making out. He was moaning and I loved when he did that. I rolled us over and he was under me and he had he hands on my ass. I leaned down and started sucking on his neck and licked all the way down to his nipples. I started sucking on them. He grunted everytime. I think im the reason why they so big and tender. I suck on these things all day when we be in the bed. I have a nipple fetish i think. I then licked over all his abs. Kissing all 8 of them. I then pulled down his briefs and his dick flung out. I was happy. I kissed and licked over the whole thing. I then took it into my mouth and i was trying to suck the brown off. He was moaning my name. That always turned me on even more. I opened my mouth and slid the whole Thing in. It was kissing my throat. He held my head down for three seconds and screamed, "fuckkkkkk!" I came up for air and he leaned over and grabbed the condom and said, "baby ride me."

I grAbbed the condom and slid it on his cock with my mouth. I then sat on it slowly. My ass walls slowly but surely let me his dick in me and hugged it tight. Making me feel so damn good. He placd his hands on my hip and started rocking me back and forth on it. I placed my hands on his chest and strarted riding it. We was moaning together and breathing in sync. After about 30 minutes of riding. He flipped me over and started hitting me from the back. He was piping me good. I started biting my covers. I screamed, "dre im about to cum!!!"

He pulled out and flipped me over and jacked that big dick for 2 seconds and released his seed all over my stomach. He then started jerking. He climbed on top of me and i said, "that bussy good huh?"

He looked at me and picked me up and walked into the shower. I knew round 2 was coming.



I walked up to my door when I heard Asheem say, "Walé I got something to show you."

I walked off the porch and walked across the yard. Asheem and I have become real close since christmas. He is like a Dad i never had. I walked into his house and followed him upstairs. He went into his bedroom and said, "look!"

I looked on the wall and it was a potrait of him standing only in briefs, with a black background. I cleared my throat and said, "why are you showing me this?"

Well, you gay and you very blunt. So you will tell the trut on how i look, he replied.

"Well, i like it. You dont look 38. Your body is perfect. Your legs is big and strong. Your face is sexy."

Thanks and you think im sexy?

"Well Yea. You are a fine old man."

He walked over to me and said, "Walé im sick of you calling me old. I dont look old , so im not old."

I chuckled and said, "well then. You are a sexy man. Even though, your abs in the picture  our airbrushed on."

He looked at me and snatched his shirt off and said, "do these looked airbrushed." His abs was amazing. I wanted to touch them. I wanted to rip those work pants off and see that dick. I havent had dick in so long. Ever since Sean im scared to mess up anybody else life.

He put his shirt back on and said, "okay and can you come over and watch Tyler later. I have a client down at the office."


I exited the house and went home. I opened the door and Kashmere was walking out the door. She has gotten so big pregnant. I rubbed her belly and she said, "im going to drop something off to moms. You want to go?"

No, im tired.

I hugged her and walked upstairs. I heard Dre and Ka'Shon laughing. They are so cute to me. I walked into my room and closed the door. I heard my shower on. I dropped my bag and grabbed my umbrella. I walked into the bathroom and pulled back the curtain. Ja'Shon turned around and said, "my bad bruh. Our shower broke."

I put down the umbrella and was just staring at his rock hard body. I havent seen him like this in so long. Ive been doing good , however, this boy look amazing with this water running down his body. He started chuckling and said, "umm Walé." He was looking down at my joggers. I followed his eyes and my dick was standing tall.

I rolled my eyes and he said, "its okay. All you have to do is take off those clothes. Close the door. Get in and let me beat that bussy up. You dont have to be starving yourself when you have this big ass sausage right here. No strings attached. Ill fuck you whenever you want. I want never pursue you, only you have to pursue me."

I bit my lip because this sounded like a good plan. Like i need some dick and i need it like now. He started grabbing at his dick. Twirling it around in circles. My eyes followed it. I grabbed the waistband on my joggers and snatched them off and then my briefs. I slammed the door and took off my shirt. I jumped in the shower and Ja'Shon threw me up against the wall and snapped, "be quiet."

I bent over and he stuck his dick in me raw. He started fucking me i felt so good and alive again. He was right. That sausage is stuffing me right.


I laid in my bed catchig me breath from that good fucking. Ja'Shon wrapped himself in a towel and walked out. I looked over at my phone and i saw it was a miss call from Diamond. I must have been dreaming. I was scared to call back. However, i do want my friend back.Ugh, What to do?




"So are you sure all our workers our off the streets?"

Jamie said, "yea boss. I just locked down the warehouse. Those puerto ricans isnt going to find us."

I hung up and walked into the kitchen. I gave Dre a smirk and he nodded his head. I sat next to Kashmere and started eating. Walé wasnt down here. This dick must have put his ass into a coma. I asked, "where Walé, Ka'Shon?"

Ka'Shon bit his steak and said, "he is helping out Hameed Dad with something."

I continued eating. Kashmere said, "crap." She felt on her stomach and i said, "is everything okay?" She said, "yea it is. She just moving around thats all."

She? I snapped.

"Yea i want a girl."

I looked at her and said, "i want a boy."

Dre chimed in , "Rita having a boy."

I clapped and said, "see even my prodigy having a boy."

Kashmere laughed and said, "well i want a girl. Sorry."

I got a txt and i looked down at my phone. It was from Walé. I slid it open and it said, "BE IN MY ROOMTONIGHT AT 12. KASH HAS TO WORK!"

I replied, "Okay Ill Be There."


"Kashmere what time you have to work tonight?"

She finished ironing her shirt and said, "11:30." It looked like she had an attitude. I said, "is there a problem?"

She snapped, "i dont know if im tripping or what, but i feel you cheating on me with another bitch."

I chuckled, "and said please tell me why you think that?"

You havent fucked me since i got pregnant. Ive even sucked your dick why you was sleep and you didnt get hard. I tried to take baths with you, but you arent down for that. I dont know what it is. you aint getting pussy here , but you still happy. Which only means you cheating, She snapped.

"Kash im not going to get into this with you."

She hurried and got dress and headed out. I laid back on my bed and started breathing hard. I cant believe she have been noticing. Yes, i have been cheating on her. Ever since Walé didnt want to fuck no more.Ive been fucking one of my new workers, daily. Dre bestfriend, Sean. However, now ive dickmatized Walé again i dont need Sean. Sean ass isnt as good as Walé. My phone started ringing messing up my train of thought. It was Jaime.

I picked up and said, "hello."



I looked around and said, "oh shit."

Then my phone ranged again, but this time it was Sean. I picked up and snapped, "Get over here now, i need to release some stress. Come through Walé patio."

I hung up and lathered myself and baby oil and put on a robe and walked down the hall into Walé room. I locked his door and Walé was walking out the shower. He ran over and jumped on me and i said, "hold up. Someone else is coming. Im in need of a threesome."

We heared the patio open and Sean walked in. I Dropped my briefs and laid down on the bed and said, "YALL TWO SUCK THIS DICK NOW."

They dropped to their knees and started to worship my dick.

To Be Continued...



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