Chapter 19: How the Thug Stole my Heart On Christmas.



I woke up to the smell of Bacon. I rolled over and grunted, because i squished my hard dick. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked out my patio window and saw snow dropping. Thats when it hit me, its christmas morning. I gave myself a smirk and got out of bed. I pulled down my briefs and put on a fresh pair. I went into the bathroom and freshened up. I put on some sweatpants and a shirt and headed downstairs. I heard Mumbling and it must be from Kashmere and Walé. I arrived and they was unwrapping gifts that they had brought for each other. I walked up and said and in the most cheerful tone ever , "Merry Christmas." They looked at me and ran over and hugged me. I laughed and put all the beef with Walé to the side. In the end its christmas. The front door open and Ja'Shon was carrying a box and someone was holding the otherside. I didnt know who that was. I then heard Ja'Shon say, "Merry Chistmas Little Bro."

I finally got a glimpse of the box and it was a freaking Piano. I loved playing and i had a little singing. It had to cost him a fortune. I ran over and hugged him as he lowered the box and said, "thank you."

He laughed and said, "uhh you welcome, but i didnt but you this. I brought you watches, shades, and clothes from your favorite designers."

I then heard a familiar voice say, "Merry Christmas Ka'Shon."

I turned around to see Dre standing there posing like a male model. I smirked at him and said, "aww thanks Dre." 

He walked over to me and picked me up and twirled me around and kiss me. I felt so in love. I then realized that my brother, his boss, was in the room. I said, "my bro--"

Dre snapped, "i told him last night. And this gift is just the beginning. Im going to make this christmas your best one yet."

I smiled at him and tippytoed and kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around me and i jerked and said, "oh wait! Yall gifts."

I ran over to the patio closet and grabbed all the bags ive been stashing. I came out and said, "sorry i didnt have time to wrap them."

I dug in the bag and gave Walé a Michael Kors BookBag and a Watch. I handed Kashmere a Prada Bag and A Chanel Baby Collection of Clothes. Then i gave my brother a gift card to Versace. Then i looked at Dre and said, "your Gift is coming soon."

I licked my lips and he squenched his eyes and said, "oh yeah."

I then heard Diamond say, "Merry Xmas Bestie."

I ran over and hugged her. She we handed each other our gifts and i said, "someone is in a good mood."

Well, i am in one. So all that bull crap is in the past. Certain people just cut off, she retorted.

We hugged again and Dre said, "Slim get dress. We have no time to waste."

I smiled at him and headed upstairs to get dress. I sat down on the bed and wrapped my head around the whole situation. This Thug have stolen from me. He stole my heart on this christmas day. I laid back on myBed and smiled into the sky.



"Hold Me Up Slim, I cannot skate."

Ka'Shon started laughing as he grab my arm. I cannot skate for crap, especially on ice. However, My Baby wanted to do it and so thats what we doing. I finally regained focus and we started skating around. We held hand and it was alot of people out here. At this point i didnt care no more what people thought. This is who i am in love with, so fuck the haters. 

Slim then said, "so what made you buy me that piano?"

I breathed in and said, "well i heard you singing last night when i came over to drop something off to your brother."

Why didnt you come in and speak?, i asked.

"well i got to the door and had a daydream about us having sex. It felt so real but it was a dream. You are my dream, ever since i first saw you, Ka'Shon."

His face lit up and twirled around on the ice. I said, "okay, keep showing off."

I tried to skate over to him and slipped and fell on the ice. Ka'Shon rushed over and put his hand down to help me up and i grabbed it and yanked him down. He ended up falling on top of me and i rolled him over and he was screaming. I rubbed his face with the mittens on my hand and said, "i love you Slim."

I love you too Dre.

I leaned down and kissed those sexy ass lips and it helped me become a little warmer. It was mad cold out here. He then said, "okay can we go someowhere warm to eat."

I smirked and we got up and i was happy to get my feet off of these skates. 


We sat at a table inside Benihanas waiting for our food. I stared at Ka'Shon and started smiling. I then said, "Bae lets talk about the Rita situation."

Ka'Shon face got sour and i stated, "i go to the doctor with her in a week or so. She said she keeping the baby. However, that does not mean that i wont be with you. I love you and i will be ther for my child. Im going to take care of my fatherly duties. Also, that doesnt mean i would be fucking rita or being with her. You understand?"

Yea i do. I just was hurt that you got her pregnant and i know thats something every boy want a child to call theres and please i wasn't worried about Rita ass. My Pussy wayyy bettter and tighter than hers, i retorted.

"Oh so you felt like i was going to leave you because you cant give me a child? Thats not right and besides we can adopt or do the surrogate crap. I was lookig up stuff. And Rita pussy good so you saying yours better?"

He bit his bread and whispered, "its nothing better than a tight , virgin, wet pussy . You better just hope you dont nut fast."

I last for atleast an hour each round.

We both was quiet and i said, "you getting me hard. You wanna leave and go do this."

Ka'Shon laughed and said, "nope later."

I rubbed my anaconda and let out a slight grunt.



I walked out to the trash and threw the boxe away. I had noticed Hameed father getting out of his car. I said, "Merrt Christmas Mr.Allam."

He waved and said, "Merry Christmas to you too and please Call me Asheem."

I smiled and he said, "why arent you out with your friends?"

I put my hands in my Northface Jacket Pockets and said, "well i havent been a friend to them so yea. Ill be spending this christmas alone in the house."

That makes two of us. Ever Since my son passed away last month, the firm i worked for gave me 8 months off with pay. I havent been out the house. Only to the store. I just left from getting some food. If you dont mind, will you help me bring these things in the house, he replied. 

I smiled and said, "sure."

I walked over to his RangeRover and grabbed a couple of bags and he grabbed the rest. I walked into his house and my god was it beautiful. From the spiral staircase to the burning fireplace. I walked into the kitchen and placed the bags down. 

I tiredly said, "umm Asheem, you know its only you right. Why did you but all this food."

He placed his bags down and smiled that perfect smild. He was kind of cute for a older guy. He was like 6'2 , 165 all muscle. He had long hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He had to be like 38. 

He then said, "well back when my wife and son was with me. Every xmas we would buy all our favorite food and cook it and eat it. Now its just me and i dont wanna break tradition."

I said, "aww thats sweet. Hameed is watching you from the heavens right now.  He would be proud."

I heard dog nails hitting the floor and in ran a dalmation. I ran over to it and started playing with him. I said, "oh my god he is so cute. Whats his name?"

Asheem chuckled and said, "Tyler. I got him as a puppy the day after Hameeds funeral.  He has been a great companion."

Yes he is. He rolled over and i rubbed his belly. 

Asheem then said, "if you want Walé you can come back over for dinner. Its only me and Tyler."

I got up and looked into his brown eyes and said, "sure. Why not? Matter of fact, ill stay and help you cook al this food."

Thank you so much.

No problem. Its the season to be jolly.

We both laughed and i walked over and started helping him unbag the food. 

I then said, " you cool for an old dude."

He cracked up and said, "im not old. Im only 37. I have no grey hair."

He lifted up his shirt and showed off his abs and said, "my body isnt wrinkle."

I said, "well excuse me. You arent old. My bad."

We finished unbagging and he said, "and you are cool for a gay guy."

I looked at him and he winked at me. I said, "gay? Well yes i am."

We chuckled again. I guess the christmas will turn around.



As we pulled up to my house. It was dard and snowing bad. I swear we was having a snow storm. I looked at Dre and said, "i had fun today."

He parked the car snd we jumped out and ran to my door. I knocked for awhile and no one came. I said, "i guess we have to climb up the post to my room patio. Walé must have found something to do."

We ran around the back and climbed up the post and i luckily didnt lock the patio door, ever since Hameed died. I guess im wishing one day he come through it. We got inside and i closed the door and Dre shouted, "Shit its cold." The heat in the house chilled us upp fast though.

I took off my jacket and shirt. I sat down on my bed and took off my jeans. I said, "lets go downstairs by the fireplace, i need more heat. I grabbed some of my blankets and we headed downstairs. The fireplace felt so good and warm. I laid the sheets out and then Dre and I laid down. He wrapped his arms around me and i stared into those hazel eyes. I then started kissing him and taking off his jacket. I climbed on top of him and peeled off his shirt. I stared down at those beautiful abs and nipples and started sucking on them. He grunted and moaned. I licked his nipples so soft. I then trailed my tongue down his happy trail and through the middle of his abs. I unbuckled his jeans and slid them off and through them to the side. His dick was standing tall. He whispered, "dont be scared."

I grabbed the brim of them and pulled them down revealing a massive hard chocolate dick. I started lickikg the head and it taste so delicious. I then put the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking it. For my first time i sure had him moaning loud. I deepthroated a couple of times and i didnt gagged. Dre then sat up and pulled me to him and we started kissing as he pulled down my briefs. I kicked them off and he laid me down and spreaded my legs and went to town eating my Virgin hole. His tongue was so warm . I moaned , "dreee eat it!"

He stuck his head deeper into my hole. Every so often his tongue would slid in and cause me to squirm. All of a sudden i felt a hot mouth of my dick and that surprised me. I looked down and saw Dre going to town on my dick. He was sucking life out of me. He did it so well. He then looked up at me and said, "are you ready?"

As ill ever be baby. I love you.

He put a condom on and said," i love you to."

I slid his dick head into me so slow that the pain wasnt even hurting. It felt loving. He then slid more of his dick in me and it felt so new and so real. He finally got all 11 inches in me and he leaned over me and started kissing me as he grind slow. I called his name so many times. This Dick felt fucking amazing. He started to pick up speed and i started moaning louderr. He was sucking on my neck at the same time. I knew i would have passion marks. I rolled us over and started riding his dick. I was pushing down on his chest and he was demanding me, "ride this dick slim. Ride it."

That made me feel confident, i had to please my man. I spinned around on it and started riding it from the back. He grunted, "gooddamnn you tightt baby."

After 20 minutes. He stood up and started fucking me in the air. I had my legs wrapped around his neck. I felt so good. And this dick did too. He laid back down on the cover and pulled out. He pulled off the condom and we got into a sixty nine and started sucking each others dick. I then started licking his hole and he said, "dont do that slim." I guess he dont want his ass played with...yet.

He deepthroated me one more time and nutted in his mouth. By my surprise he didnt jerk back his swallowed my seed. He got up and stood over me and kept jerking his dick. I  knew he wanted to nut on my face. I was a bit scared. He then said, "its coming." That was followed by ropes of cum exiting his dick hole and landing in my mouth. I felt like a cum catcher. He laid down and we wrapped each other up in the covers and with each other. I laid on his chest and said, "i love you Dre."

I love you too Ka'Shon, he replied.

I then stated, "you stole something from me , you thug."

He looked into my eyes and said, "oh yea, whats that?"

You stole my heart.

"Well i promise i will never break it . Ill protect it."

We kissed again and i laid back on his chest and drifted to sleep.

To be continued...



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