Chapter 5: Jealousy is an Ugly Color.


I walked out of the Gym from purchasing my Homecoming Ticket for this Friday. The Theme is Casino Nights. I cannot wait to get all dressed up. Walé walked up to me and said,"so im too ready for this homecoming dance. My sister already said she is buying me some Christian Louboutins."

Kashmere always spoils you.

"Well Since Your brother and her got back together last week, she have been happy. My mom wasnt happy about her eyes but she will get over it."

I stared at him and said, "yea they have been okay. We painted the living room yesterday. I am so happy that green is now Blue."

Walé spotted Alex , his new fling, and said, "ill be back."

I chuckled and went to my locker. I heard a familiar voice say, "so i passed my math mid-term all thanks to the best tutor at this shitty school."

I turned around and Dre was holding the mid-term paper with the number 97 on it. I grabbed it and said,"Dre you did better than i thought."

I know right. Ka'Shon i thought i was going to have like a C. Wheres Diamond?

I looked confused and replied, "on her way to cheerleader practice. Why?"

Well i brought these two homecoming tickets and i think i want to ask her.

"Why are you taking her? I mean like how do you know she will say Yes. You arent her type."

Well thats why you are my brother from another mother. You are going to put in a good word. Just get her to be right here tomorrow thanks.

He punched me in the chest and walked off. I heard him call Hameed name and i rolled my eyes. I hate that boy. Also, i have been really catching a whole lot of feelings for Dre since we started being together these last two weeks. I have stayed at his house for days to help him pass Math. I think im in love and im kind of jealous that he like Diamond. However, thats what i get for going for the straight guy. Jokes on me.

Walé walked up and said, "you look sick. What did Dre do because ill go beat his thug ass."

He didnt do anything, but ask me to ask Diamond to go to homecoming with him.

Wale pursed his lips and said,"ohhhh i see it just hit you that your study sessions was just that study sessions. Hes straight leave him alone, now Alex is bringing his friend Dexter to homecoming so we can double date."

I hugged Walé and said, "as long as he is cute im game and i love you."

I love you too Bestfriend. Now lets go tell Diamond about this thug chile.

We walked off and i chuckled. Deep down i was hurt, bit Walé was right; he is straight. I need to find someone like me. I hope Dexter can take my mind off of Dre.

"You guys are lying. I never told yall this, but i have liked him since he got here. Im going to say Yes, when he ask me."

Walé laughed and said,

"Well damn Diamond that was unexpected. We thought you was going to throw up."

I chimed in,

"Well yea that what we thought, so yea he said be by my locker tomorrow morning. good luck."

Diamond hugged me and said, "well i have practice see yall later."

She walked off and Wale said, "atleast all of us have Dates now. Diamond and the Thug. Dont see it but hey."

Me neither Walé.


"Kashmere girl i love these shoes."
She laughed and said,"little brother its all for you. Now go up to Ka'Shon room and get dress please. So i can take pictures."

I grabbed the shoe box and ran upstairs. When i made it to the top Ja'Shon was coming out of the shower. He had on a towel and was dripping in water. 

I looked at him and he smirked. He grabbed his dick through the towel and i licked my lips. I have been fightig this urge for 2 weeks, since we ended things. Him and my sister are together. I cant. He blew a kiss at me and i walked into Ka'Shon room. He was picking out his fade. He was already dress. He had on a black suit with a red tie and white shirt. He had on his Versace Boots, a Hermes belt, and a Rolexx watch. I dont know how his brother and my sister pay for all these name brands but i dont care.

I said, "yessss bestieeee."

He spinned around and said, "bitch i look fucking good. Now can you get dress. Dexter txted me and said they are on the way."

I quickly grabbed my towel and said, "iron my shirt while i shower."

I ran to the bathroom and stripped and got into the shower. As i washed up i heard a knock at the door and someone opened the door and said, "Ka'shon?"

No Ja'Shon. Its Me.

He said, "i can ask you. How are yall getting to this dance?"

These boys who are taking us.

"You have a nigga coming to get you?"

Umm yea. And he not a nigga he is latin. Alex.

"Damn that was fast. You said 'fuck me.'"

I breathed in hard and was about to respond , but he slammed the door. I know for a fact this boy isnt mad. He has no right to be jealous. Ugh, this makes moving on harder, because he cares.


"Kash thats enough pictures."
My brother chimed in and said, "yea thats enough. Lets go upstairs and try to make a baby when they leave."

He smirked and evil one and i was confused. Why is he acting bitter and salty. Walé looked at me and said, "let wait outside."

He grabbed my hand and lead us outside. The Black Hummer pulled up. Dexter stepped out and my god this boy was fucking sexy. He had on the same colors i did. He was dropped dead fine. I walked over to him and he hugged me. He smelled my Givenchy Cologne. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "nice to finally meet you Ka'Shon."

The pleasure is all mine. 

He opened the back door and i got in and he folllowed. We let Walé get it in the front. I just kept staring at Dexter. He started smirking. I asked, "So why do you go to Columbia High?"

He licked his latin lips and said, "well they have a good lacrosse team and i love it. Why do you go to ParkVille?"

Honestly, i dont know.

He laughed and it was cute. He looked so manly. I would be damned to see him in public and say he gay. Thankss Walè he would do find with helping me with my Dre.

My phone ranged and i answered, "hello?"

Diamond stated, "we just got here , where are you guys?"

We are like 20 minutes away.

"Well, ill tell Dre to wait for you guys before we go in."

Okay thanks. And bitch you better be slaying them hoes.

"You know i am. You better be snatching edges off boy."

Yasss i am.

I hung up ans Dexter grabbed my hand and said, "you are funny."


We walked up to the Beacon Hall and it was packed. Our school was slaying. Everyone looked good. Walé and Alex was just walking ahead of Dexter and I. I heard Diamond scream My Name and i looked foward and saw her. She looked amazing. She wore a bad ass dress. Eyebrows on Fleek. We hugged and i spotted Dre and he tried to speak but i cut him off confusing him.

"Diamond this is Dexter, my date. Dexter this is Diamond."

He hugged her and Dre face was looked stupid. I felt Diamond about to introduce the boys , so i said, "Diamond we have to take pictures."

Dre chimed in, "im Dre, Dexter. Im Diamond date. And Ka'Shon Friend."

Dexter and hin shook hands and i rolled my eyes and turned around so they couldnt see. What in the world am i doing? Why am i trying to make him Jealous?

Walé called us and said, "come on lets get in line."

After a 10 minute wait we finally made it and it looked amazing in there. The tables was Casino decorated, the lights was off. The only lights we had was the disco balls on the ceiling. I whispered in Dexter ear, "im going to the bathroom, ill be back."

I walked off and went to the bathroom. It was empty. As i walked into a stall, the door opened and i turned to see Dre. He locked the door  and snapped, "Are we fucking beefing? You have been avoiding me since Tuesday. What the fuck?"

I havent. I just was giving you and Diamond some time to be together. And besides you are passing Math so i thought we was done hanging.

"Ka'Shon stop acting stupid. You know damn well i was still fucking with you. I thought we was friends, hell brothers. But i guess i was wrong."

I guess you was. 

"Wait! I fucking get it. You are jealous of Diamond and I. Now it all makes sense why you been tripping."

I chuckled and said, "dont flatter yourself. Im not jealous of anything."

He walked over closer to me and said, "oh so you not. So why was you trying to flash buddy and show him off for. Whats his name? Denver."

Its Dexter and i was not trying to show him off. You are no one to try and make jealous. Now leave me be and go back to my bestfriend she is waiting.

He wiped around his mouth and said, "i never saw you act like this. Jealousy is an ugly color on you. And for your information you have nothing to be jealous about. I was still going to be chilling with you, but thats not happening either. So fuck you."

Fuck you too , you thug.

"You faggot punk bitch."

He pushed me into the stall door and walked away. I ran up on him and pushed him back and snapped, "dont put your hands on me."

He turned to me and said, "ka'shon you better let me leave before you be needing a wired Jaw."

Hahahahaha and who going to break this one. Not your little weak ass.


He pushed my chest and walked toward me saying, "weak is what you are, because weak people dont hide how they feel."

He pushed me harder and i fell down. He walked out the door and i sat there in total awe. He was right i was weak, however, if i tell him how i feel its not going to change anything. He isnt gay and dont feel the same about me. 

I used the bathroom and washed up. I rejoined Dexter on the dance floor and we danced the night away. He was so fun. 

As the night was coming to an end. Alex and Walé went off somewhere. Diamond told me Dre was taking her home. Dexter and I walked out of the hall and was just talking.

He said,"so why are you hiding your feelings for Dre?"

I stopped him and said, "huh?"

Dexter laughed and said, "its cool. I saw how you looked at him all night. You was dancing with me to make him notice you or you was dancing with me imagining it was him. You clearly like him alot, and i know you think it will never work because he is straight, but you will never  know unless you ask."

Dexter kissed my cheek and said, "go tell him how you feel Ka'Shon."

I smiled and realized he was right. I said, "well can you ask Alex for the Ke--"

He handed me the keyd and said, "just make sure you come back and get us."

I hugged him and said, "thanks."

I ran to the parking lot and got into the car. I was done hiding my feelings for him and if he dont feel the same way i will be okay. I just cannot contain myself no more. Im in love with this thug. I jumped into the car and crunk it up and drove fast over to Dre house, hoping he was home.

I pulled up in his driveway and saw his car parked. I smiled and ran to the door. I breathed in and knocked on it. I heard him say, "im coming."

The door opened and he stood their in nothing but his Green and white Breifs from Abercombie.

He looked confused and said, "why are you here?"

I snapped, "im here to show you that im not weak. Look Dre since the first time i laid eyes on you i knew i had a thing for you, but those feelings grew in these last couple of weeks due to me spending alot of time with you. And i know you arent gay but i couldnt keep these feelings bottled up inside anymore. Dre i think i have fell for you and i cannot see myself without you. And you was right, i was jealous. And i know im stupid for making this trip and you can put one of your bullets in between my eyes.

I breathed in and out again and he stood at the door quiet. 

I continued, "say anything please."

He parted his lips and said, "i knew it. I fucking knew it. Now get your faggot ass off my porch. Its too much pussy out here for me to like you."

He backed up and slammed the door in my face. My heart ached in pain. I wiped the tears falling from my eyes and made my way back to the car. Atleast, i got it off my chest.

I leaned against my front door and complete shock. I cannot! Ka'Shon just confessed his love for me. I was peeping it over the last two weeks and i knew it. I shouldnt have hurt his feelings like that, but im not gay.

I heard footsteps coming downstairs. Diamond walked over to me and slapped me in the face.

"My bestfriend isnt a faggot. He is a boy that likes boys. Thats all. And you supposed to be this Thug thats so tough, but you are the weak one."

I rubbed my face and she continued,

"I was watching you all night staring at Ka'Shon shaking his ass on that boy. You wanted to be that boy or you was Jealous. Or both? Then when i was dancing on you , you was into it. You may not think you have feelings for Ka'Shon, but its something. Dont throw that all away because you are scared of what others may think. Yall care for each other and thats all he wanted you to say. Say that you do care."

I hugged Diamond because she was right. I do care about Ka'Shon alot. I ran upstairs and threw on some gym shorts. I grabbed my car keys and ran downstairs.  She asked, "where are you going?"

I looked back at her and said, "im going to tell Ka'Shon that i do care."

I ran over to my car and pulled out of my driveway fast. As i flying down the street and the traffic started picking up. Something had to happen up there. I turned off my car and hopped out. I walked down the street shirtless. I turned the corner and saw A black hummer crashed into a tree. Everybody was just standing around it. The police havent came or the ambulance. I then saw the person hand hanging out the car and i saw that Michael Kord gold watch. That was Ka'Shon owns. I pushed through the people and went up to the car and saw Ka'Shon bleeding from the head and he was knocked out. I reached in and unlatched the seatbelt. I opened the door and picked him up. I couldn't believe this, this is all my fault. He slightly opened his eyes and said, "Dreeeee, help me."

Him crying for help hit a nerve. An old lady said,"the ambulance is on its way."

Ka'Shon coughed and blood came out his mouth and i snapped, "i dont have time for that."

I started running down the street. I went pass my car and just kept running down the street. I had to make it to the hospital. He wrapped his arms around my neck and i said, "stay with me Ka'Shon. We almost there, im sorry. And you better not die on me or imma kill you my damn self."

I kept on running. I finally turned a corner and ParkVille General Hospital was in my view. I said, "hold on baby boy im almost there."

I was out of air and i didnt care. I made it to the emergency room and i snapped with my last breath, "CALL THE MOTHERFUCKING DOCTORS. HE NEEDS HELP NOW."

These two nurses ran over with a gurnie and helped him on it and i snapped, "yall better make sure he make it."

I then looked Ka'Shon in his eyes. They was dizzy and it was just so much blood. 

I grabbed his hand and said, "you better survive this since you not weak."

He smirked and managed to say, "ok."

The heart machine started beeping and the nurse said, "lets go call doctor Smith."

As they went through the doors i screamed out, "KA'SHON I CARE ABOUT YOU."

I took a seat and wiped my face and realized that i had tears. I couldnt believe this happened tonight. All this over jealousy.


"Im sure he will return your car Alex. Just take this cab home."

I stepped out the cab and handed Dexter 100 dollars and said, "this is for the cab. When Ka'Shon come home ill call yall."

I walked into the gate and knocked on the door. Ja'Shon answered and said, "what are you doing here?"

Im spending the night. Has Ka'Shon been home?


I walked in and said, "wheres my sister?"

Work. They called her in. So how was your night with your boyfriend?

"That isnt my boyfriend and great. Wow Ja'Shon you are jealous."

I started to walk upstairs and he grabbed my arm and said, "damn right im jealous. I cannot imagine another dude dick going up in you but mines." 

I turned to him and said, "you are with my sister."

She isnt here now.

I jumped on Ja'Shon and wrapped my arms aroud his waist. We started to kiss as he carried us upstairs. He kicked his door open and threw me on the bed. I landed on the remote and the tv turned on.

We continued to kiss as i ripped off his shirt. All of sudden i heard the news lady say, "a young man driving a black hummer was in a serious car accident this night that ended with him being carried to the hospital by a bystander. He is a ParkVille General Hospital right now."

I pushed Ja'Shon off me and said, "wait!"

I looked at the newd and it showed a picture of the car and I screamed, "Ja'Shon lets go!"


I snapped, "The Hospital. Ka'Shon was in a car accident."




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