Chapter 17: Bad Habits Never Change.



"So you are not buying Derrick the Ps4 Dre?"

He sat up in my bed and said, "i dont know, probably and Slim could you lay down. Its 6:45, snowing outside, and cold. All i wanna do is cuddle, he replied.

I laid down and we entangle our bodies  together and the warm friction made it feel good. His dick was poking me all in my stomach. I said, "um this is why we shouldnt cuddle?"

He dug his hand in his briefs and adjusted it and said, "this aint my fault it's yours. You woke me up to have morning wood and also you wont let me fuck."

Well, im waiting for the moment to be special.

"I thought yall gay boys cant live without dick in ya life."

I shot a look at him and he said, "i didnt mean it like that baby."

I rubbed his head and said, "umhm. You of all people should know everything is not what it seems. You a drug dealing thug who fucked girls daily. However, you fell in love with me."

Dre leaned up, kissed me, and whispered in a sexy tone, "yea because you seduced me."

I kissed him back and said, "whatever."

He started tickling me and i started cracking up. I was shaking and screaming, "stop boy." All of a sudden i flipped and fell off the bed. I jumped up in my yellow briefs and said, "its on boy."

He spreaded his legs showing his well defined body even more and showing off that nice dick print. I ran and jumped on the bed and we started play fighting. He slapped my ass and i shouted, "owww!" He rolled us over and picked me up and started walking towards the bathroom. I wrapped my legs around him and said, "where are we going?"

To take a hot bath, im cold, he replied.



I rolled over in my bed and my body felt so exhausted. Last night was unforgettable. Sean fucked the brain cells out of me. His fat latin dick is no joke. I know im going to be having problems walking and sitting down. I wrapped myself in my throw blanket and walked out of my room. I heard talking downstairs. I walked slowly down and i saw Ms.Austin talking to some boy who looked like he was 25. He looked kind of familiar. I walked into the living room and said, "goodmorning."

She replied, "Goodmorning." And so did the mystery guy. She then said, "Walé yall was only 8 when he left , but do yall remember my little brother, Cooper." When she said that name it sent chills through my body. I remember exactly who this boy was. He was 16 and use to live with Ka'Shon and them. He was their uncle and then for some reason he left, just vanished. Ka'Shon and I never liked him, Ja'Shon didnt either. I gave him a fake smile and walked into the kitchen. He has changed so much. He got long dreds and a body like a greek god. I sat down at the diner table and pulled out phone and txted Ka'Shon right away. 

"Get down here now.your uncle Cooper is here."

A few seconds later i heard rumbling coming from the stairs and Ka'Shon snapped, "Uncle Cooper what are you doing here?"

I waltz back into the living room and his mom answered, "he is back in town and he wanted to see me."

Ka'Shon snapped, "how could you let him back into your life after you caught him trying to rape me?"

My eyes got wide and Uncle Cooper said, "that was the past. I was a dumb teen. Im sorry. Im a pastor now and i have wife and 3 kids."

He tried walking up to Ka'Shon and I ran over and stopped him and said, "its maybe time for you to leave. You arent going to ruin this christmas for my best friend."

He sucked his teeth and Ms.Austin said, "coop just leave ill call you later."

He walked passed us and went out into the cold. Ka'Shon looked at his mom and snapped, "i see you havent change. Bad habits is hard to overcome. You always have to be so rude and disrespectful. I want you out of our house aswell. How could you bring him here?"

She snapped back, "he is my brother and besides you are gay anyways so does it matter if he was trying to fuck you."

I chuckled and screamed upstairs, "DRE PACK UP HER SHIT SHE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW."

She walked over to me and said, "you punk little bitch better watch your mouth before i beat your ass. I know its still hurting from that guy you had sneaking from your window this morning."

Ka'Shon snapped, "mom just leave already."

I cannot believe this old bitch was being noisy. Dre came downstairs with two bags and handed it to K. And he gave it to his mom. She smirked and said, "i guess it was fun while it lasted. Have a marvelous holiday."

She walked out the door and i looked at Ka'Shon and asked, "are you okay?" He trembled a little bit and said, "yea im fine. I cant just believe her nerve."

Dre kissed him on the forehead and said, "come sit down. Walé fix him some hot tea."

I nodded and walked away. Ka'Shon then said, "i guess Santa did send you a guy. I hope you keep him and show him off to us." I chuckled and said, "i hope i do too."

I walked into the kitchen and tears started running down my face. I cannot believe i did that now. I guess Ka'Shon was right. Bad habits are hard to overcome.




"You landed on my property boy you owe me thirty five hundred dollars."

Dre looked at me and said, "baby i been getting money you can have this." He threw me the money and Diamond grabbed the dice and rolled. Sean said, "damn Diamond you landed on my property, pay me."

She angrily handed him the money. Sean then said, "you still have an attitude , i told you last night i was at my moms."

I called your moms, you wasnt there, diamond replied.

Sean sucked his teeth and Walé said, "whose turn?" I grabbed the dice and before i could roll, Diamond said, "sean imma ask you one more time. Where was you at last night. If you was with another girl, fine. Just tell me."

I wasnt with a girl. Damn drop it., he snapped.

I looked over at Walé and his face looked so guilty. He was hiding something. Then it clicked. Walé had a guy over last night. And his reputation is to fuck people in relationships. I dropped the dice as the doorbell rang and i said, "I got it and Walé come with me."

He looked at me confused and got up and followed me down the hall to the door. I whispered, "tell me you didnt fuck Sean last night?"

What? Hell no, he retorted.

"Are you sure?"

Yes. I cannot even believe that you think ill jeopardize anymore of my friendships.

"Im sorry. I just had to ask. Now go upstairs and grab my phone charger while i answer the door."

He nodded and ran upstairs. I fixed my sweatpants and opened the door. I looked at the tall tramp of a lady and she had green hair in, she looked like a whore. I said, "sorry im not buying anything you are selling."

She replied, "im not selling anything. I come bearing gifts actually. I tracked down Dre phone to here and i have something for him."

I looked at her confused and asked, "whats that?"

She went into her Prada bag and pulled out something and said, "this ! Tell him im pregnant with his child. My name Rita by the way."

She put her jacket hoodie back on and went back into the snow. I closed the door and Dre walked up and i stuffed the pregnancy stick test into my pocket . He wrapped his arms around me and said, "who was at the door?"

My heart was aching in pain. I cannot believe Dre got this girl pregnant. Im fighting back these tears. This have been a crazy day. First the man that tried to rape me shows up, then my mom flips on me, now my thug boy boyfriend has gotten some girl pregnant. 

I replied, "it was one of santas elves. She came bearing gifts. However, they wasnt for me."

I unloosened his arms and walked back into the living room. I took a seat on the chair and Diamond and Sean was still bickering. Walé came back and handed me the charger. I plugged my phone up and i said, "im going to take a shower ill be back. Find a movie on Netflix."



I watched as Ka'Shon walked upstairs and i knew something was wrong. Walé started searching through Netflix and i was just pondering about what could be wrong. Sean then said, "thats my movie. I fucking love babyboy. Aye Dre remember when we was watching Babyboy and then your little brother had said 'dick' that shit was funny. He was only like four."

I smirked and said, "hell yea my mom beat his ass."

I went back into my thoughts and Walé said, "lets watch a Christmas movie." I shrugged my shoulders and said, "okay. Let me go check on Ka'Shon." 

I jumped up and headed upstairs. I made it to his room and i heard the shower running. The door was slightly  open. I walked in and took off my shirt. I dropped it to the floor. I rubbed down my abs and pulled down my pants and briefs. I then looked down and saw something sticking out of his sweatpants pocket. I leaned down and pulled it out. It was a pregnancy test. I looked at the results and covered my mouth. It was positive. How in the fuck is a boy pregnant? Thats not even possible. Secondly, i havent sticked my dick in him yet so he have been cheating if this is slightly real. I hopped in the shower and he said, "Dre what are you doing?"

I pushed it in his face and said, "what the fuck is this?"

Ka'Shon just looked away and ignored me. I snapped, "dont play with me what the hell is this."

He retorted, "baby boy you tell me what it is, because its for you."

Slim, i aint fuck you so i aint this baby father.

He rubbed his forehead and snapped, "boys cant get pregnant, idiot. And you right you havent fucked me. However, you did fuck Santa elf who came to the door. Her name is Rita. Yea thats her pregnancy test and the baby is your christmas gift. Congrats."

My heartdropped and i stepped back in the shower and dropped the stick. Ka'Shon started crying saying, "Dre you are a son of a bitch. you got a girl pregnant. I was thinking of giving you my all and now im not sure. So get out of my tub, get dress and go find your baby mother. Yall need to talk, i suppose."

I walked toward him and said, "Rita a whore. Im not this baby father. I used a condom everytime. Plus i never nutted in her. Always on her face."

I tried to hug him and he pushed me away and said, "dont touch me. You dont love me."

I pointed in his face as the hot water ran down our face and stated, "wow that is foul coming from you. You know the reason im over here is because my mom wont let me come home, because i told her about you. Hahahaha, that was a mistake. I did and still do love you. This baby dont change shit. But i guess it do to you. See your childish ass later K."

I stepped out the tub dried off and left.



Today has been so horrible. Now i sit in my tub crying my eyes out. Ive hurt Dre badly. I cannot believe he told his mom, however, that doesn't change the fact he got Rita pregnant. I need to just go to sleep and try this all over again. I finally got out the shower and got dressed up. All of a sudden, i heard a loud crash. I quickly put my feet in my Ugg boots and ran downstairs. When i arrived to the living room i saw Diamond and Walé full on fist fighting. Sean broke them up and Diamond grabbed her bag and ran for the door i snapped, "what happened?"

She replied, "ask that hoe."

I looked at Walé and he was rubbing his eye and looking sad. I really dont have time for this.


Chapter 18: Dick Christmas Eve.



"This Christmas will be , a very special christmas for meeeee."

I heard a knock at the door and i took out my headphone buds and said, "come in." The door creaked open and Walé walked in. I Rolled my eyes and said, "Walé not right now. I just woke up about an hour ago i don't feel like getting into this. Plus its christmas eve."

Walé still walked in and stated,"look im sick of apologizing--"

I snapped, "then stop. Plus you didnt fuck my man. You fucked Diamonds. Like how could you. Then you lied to my face about it. You are a whore."

Walé threw his hands up and said, "the dick just does something to me. Its like sex is always on my mind. I didnt mean to sleep with Sean or your brother. I know thats why you still mad."

I sat up and stated, "Walé first off i got over the whole Ja'Shon situation. I thought you grew. Nope, you turn around and fuck Sean. And please stop with the you didnt mean it. What you accidentally fell and his dick landed in your ass. No, you was well aware of your actions. So stop trying to play victim. Im over it. Its christmas eve. My brother and Kashmere return today. And i just want to have a somewhat happy holiday." I gave him a fake smile and he sissy walked out the room. I rolled my eyes and resumed on my phone. I then recieved a message. I slid my phone open and it was a message from Dre.

"Ka'Shon i havent heard from you in days. I know you not still mad about that thot. Please call me when you get a chance."

My heart started racing and the memory of me looking down at that positive pregnancy test came flooding back. This really hurted my feelings. I thought Dre and I was finally over an obstacle when all the while we was just getting started. I wanted to call him so bad but my stubborn ass couldnt dial him up. If he choose me over his unborn child is wrong. I know how it feels to grow up and feel neglected and not wanted. That child shouldnt have to go through that. All of a sudden another txt message came through, "Slim, can we just talk. Im sorry if this baby makes things complicated, but this my mistake , not yours. I havent slept in days. I have to know if you okay." My fingers started fidgeting and i was about to reply when another imessage came through. "You know what i was ready to be gay for you. You are a selfish faggot. I gave up all my hoes, Told my mom i was in love with a boy, was almost ready to tell the world that i was in love with you. And if one mistake can change your view about me then you never cared. So Slim have a nice life."

I dropped my phone on my bed and grabbed my pillow and cuddled with it. Tears ran down my face and i felt like my whole world was spinnning in high speed, non-stop. Dre has the right to be mad and also do I. 



I placed my phone in my pocket and walked out of the warehouse office and locked the door. I was so mad that Ka'Shon is so hurt about this baby. I go with Rita to the doctor in a few weeks for a checkup on the baby. If its mine im going to do my fatherly duties. I headed out the warehouse and noticed Sean by my car. I walked up to him and we clapped each other up. He said, "bruh we need to talk."

We got in my car, i cranked it ,and turned the heat up. It was cold. I said, "so wassup?"

He breathed in and said, "well Diamond and I broke up after you left the other day at your boyfriend house."

I replied, "thats not my boyfriend, but why yall broke up?"

Sean said, "well i fucked Walé."

I shot a fast look at him and he said, "you fucking niggas too. So dont look so shock."

First off i never fucked a dude. Only kissed one, plus thats over now, i think. And what the fuck? How could you fuck her bestfriend. And how did you get caught? And wait you gay?, i snapped.

He chuckled and stated, "slow down with the questions. But, i know it was wrong to fuck him but dude sends me major sex vibes. That ass, his body, his fat brown dick, and his dick sucking lips. Plus, i got caught because as we was watching a movie Walé just blurted it out, trying to be a good friend. That ended with them fighting. And im not gay i just found a interest in dick when i went to jail for those 3 months for you. Im a sexy dude so those men was fucking me silly."

I stared at Sean and i can tell he was so serious. This boy was more thug than me i cannot believe he was a bitch in jail. I feel like that was my fault. 

I rubbed his shoulder and said, "im sorry man. I should have did that time. I can't believe those men made you a bitch."

At first i resented doing that, however, as they fucked my mouth and ass  everyday, i started to become aroused, He replied.

I pulled off and headed to my crib to see my little brother before i go pick up this money for Ja'Shon. He return today. Sean said, "it feels good huh?"

Does what feel good?

"Having someone to love you for you. That boy sees you for you. The way he stare at you and smile when you around is pure love. So whatever happened between yall , you need to fix it. Dont let true love go to waste, because you wont realize what you got til its gone."

I looked over at Sean while driving and stated, "you really think Ka'Shon and I are true love?"

Yes, i do. He humbles your tough ass.  I never would have thought we would be having a conversation based on you being in love with a dude, but hey we are.

"Sean look i love the kid alot. Not just because he sexy as fuck, even though his ass is amazing. Its just how i feel around him that makes me want to be great. Since i first laid eyes on him i felt an instant connection. Now thats all gone due to me getting this bitch pregnant."

Sean snapped, "Dre i never knew you to react off excuses. That would be easy. Leave him alone and be with this girl and your baby. However, love should not be that easy. Real Love is that type of love that survives it through the storm. Its thats love that is that dark hour before dawn.Now make this boy have the best Christmas Dre."

My friend was speaking true shit. I am going to make Ka'Shon christmas the best one he has ever had.



I was walking to the kitchen when i heard a knock at the door. It has to be Ja'Shon and my sister. I slid over to the door and opened it. Ja'Shon ran in and dropped bags on the floor and said, "Hey. How was yall weekend?"

I replied, "shocking. Your mom and uncle came here. Your dad cheated on her with the pool boy. Umm, yea and alot of more stuff."

He looked at me and said,"i dont wanna hear nothing else."

I chuckled and asked, "wheres Kash?"

She went by your moms. Wheres Ka'Shon?


I started to walk toward the stairs and he said, "can you help me please with these bags to my room."

I grabbed two or three and headed up there. I walked into his room and placed the bags on the bed and spinned around to walk out. He took off his shirt and coat and dropped his shorts and said, " i need a shower. Like now." He was standing there in his blue briefs and i breathed in hard and started walking off. He said, "kash aint here. Ka'Shon in his room, if you want we can shower together. I know you miss this body and dick."

I said, "i do alot, but we have to stop. I have to stop. I have did enough damage. I walked out of his room and walked into mine. I felt so good turning him down. However, my dick is rock hard and my asshole is wet. I locked the door and went over to my dresser and grabbed my 10 inch dildo. I slid down my sweats and got under my cover and stuck the dildo head in my mouth. I started sucking on it imagining it was Ja'Shons own. I was getting it all slobbery and wet. I then opened my legs pressed the head of it up against my hole and stuck it in. I let out a slight moan and started to fuck myself. I had my eyes closed visioning that Ja'Shon was the one fucking me. I then threw the cover off of my body and sat on it and started riding it. This felt so good. I started moaning a little louder. I then heard a knock at the door and it was Ja'Shon. He said, "aye Walé come here."

I slid the dildo out and put  on some briefs and opened the door. He whispered, "i know what you doing in there. I had my ear to the door. You was dildoing yourself and moaning my name. Why didnt you just jump in the shower with me?"

Because im trying to change. Now Merry Christmas Eve.

I slammed the door and smiled.



I finished picking up all the money and supplying the boys with more weed. Sean was riding with me for awhile but then he had to go. I was on my way over to Ja'Shon house, i was kind of dredding it because i didnt want to see Ka'Shon being mad at me. I have a nice christmas planned for him. However, i have to make sure he feel better. Sean said that the only way to make a gay dude feel better is to give him head. I thought he meant sucking his dick, i dont do that. However, meant eat and lick his asshole or shall i say 'bussy' , boy pussy. I dont even know what and how to do that. Sean said its just like pussy and im the pussy eating pro so i think i should excell. Im going to try, lets see. 

I pulled up and grabbed the black duffel bag and headed up to the porch. Before i could knock Ja'Shon opened it and i rushed in. I was cold as fuck. He closed the door and grabbed the bag. I said, "welcomeBack."

He replied, "yea, but hows your mom and brother."

Well, i just went by and saw him. Moms kicked me out so i have been sleeping at the warehouse.

"Why she kicked you out?"

I breathed in and that gave me a chance to think of a lie. I said, "she dont want me in the streets."

Well, the money have to be made . And nonsense you can sleep over here. Its Christmas dont spend it alone. Imma go drop this at the bank, before it close. Go upstairs and tell K. To fix up the guest room. 

We clapped eachother up and i headed upstairs. I guess this was my time to make him feel better and not mad at me. I got to his door and opened it. He was sleep. He was laying on his stomach with his nice ass sticking up in the air. I closed the door and locked it. I walked over to the bed and eased down. I grabbed the brim of his jeans and slid them down to his knees. His fat ass was so round and soft looking. I looked at his red and white poka dot briefs and pulled them down.i saw his ass just bouncing like jello as i slid them down. I then grabbed his ass cheeks and felt them, i spreaded them and his little pink hole looked nice. I licked my lips and remember that Sean said, "treat it like a pussy." I leaned down and ran my tongue across it and it wasnt all that bad. I then started eating it like cake. Sucking and eating. I tasted right. I then tried to stick my tongue in but it was so tight only a little bit would fit. I then heard him moan and i stopped. All of sudden, his right hand grabbed the back of my head stuffed my face back in between his cheeks. I smirked and i guessed i was doing a good job. I started sucking faster and licking it faster. He was moaning my name and saying, "i forgive you. I cant lose you."

I replied, "i cant lose you either slim. I love you too much."

I stopped and he flipped over. I crawled up to his face kissing on his neck. He hugged me and rolled over. He kissed my lips and whispered, "Dre i love you."

I love you too Ka'Shon. Stay with me okay.

"I will because you are all i need."

We smiled at eachother and those hazel eyes looked beautiful. I then asked, "so does head count as Virginity lost?"

Not to me. Not into you stick that dick in me.

"Oh really. So you going to give me top."

Ka'shon pulled up his pants and said, "i cannot let you go blueballs."

He grabbed at my dick through my sweatpants and i moaned.

"Goah this feels so different but good."

He pulled down my pants and boxers at the same time and stared at my monster dick and breathed hard.

I whispered, "im sorry Slim. I was blessed."

He grabbed hold of my hard dick and said, " i see."

He then stuck it in his mouth and started sucking it. I was bucking like crazy. It felt like he was sucking the sould out of my dick. He even deepthroated a couple of times. I knew that because i can feel inside his throat with my dick head. I closed my eyes and sat back. He then stopped and started licking and sucking on my balls. I said, "ohh shittt!"

He then lift my legs up and started licking my asshole. It felt funny but inticing. I grunted and said, "im bout to cum."

He quickly returned to sucking on my dick and i told him to move im about to cum. Instead he deepthroated me and i blasted my seed all in his throat. My legs was shivering. It felt so good. I was in sexualt extasy. I still had my eyes closed as he finished cleaning up my dick. I then heard him jacking off and ass i opened my eyes i saw him standing over my face and before i can move he started shooting ropes of cum over my face. It felt warm. He started licking his cum up off of my face and i kissed him. He said, "that was amazing."

Wait til i fuck your virgin ass.

"I cant wait either."

I then felt someone tapping my shoulder and i turned around and realized i was still in the hallway of their house. Walé said, "are you okay?"

I replied, "yea i am."

I looked down and saw a cum stain all in front of my pants. I cant believe that daydream was that epic. I cannot wait til i give him this dick tomorrow.

To be Continued.

Coming Next.. Chapter 19: How the Thug stole my heart on Christmas.



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