Chapter 23: When Fucking Turns into Death.



As i was sucking on Dre ass lips, his next words shocked the fuck out of me.

 "Fuck me Baby."

I stopped sucking on them and looked him in his eyes and replied, "bae you didnt just say what i thought you said."

Dre sat up and rubbed his mustache hairs. He grabbed my arm and put me on top of him. I laid on top of him and our breaths was in sync and our chest was moving in rhythm. I stared into those light hazel eyes and rubbed his cheek. I licked my lips and he smirked at me. 

He leaned up and kissed me and whispered, "baby i want you to fuck me." took my right hand and rubbed my dick to get it back hard.

 I cant believe Dre the thug, my thug; wants me to fuck him. I love him so much. This is my bae.I aimed to put it in his ass and he said, "go sloww!"

Just as my pink mushroom head was asking for entry from Dre Tight virgin hole.There was three bangs on my door. We jumped up and i slid on my briefs as they kept banging. I opened it and before i can snap. Sean and Walé ran in, Frantically.

Sean snapped, "Ja'Shon watchers outside is dead. And someome broke in the house."

I snapped, "where is Kashmere and J.?"Walé paced the floor and snapped, "i dont know about my sister, but J. is checking out downstairs."

I was lost for words and before i can even speak. Dre spinned me around and kissed me on the lips and took off out of my room with a gun and Sean was behind him.

Walé locked my room door and said,"im scared K."I grabbed his wrist and went into my walk-in closet. I grabbed my Bat and we went into a section and sat down.Walé whispered, "this is to much. Im scared. Im so so scared."

I looked at him and said, "walé take a fucking hold of your balls. I know you still have him. Panicking is not going to help the situation. Dre , My Brother, and Sean will handle this. And if the killers coming in here im going to whack one of their asses with this bat."

Wale snapped, "K. reality check! You are a bottom sissy gay boy. Just because you are taking dick from a thug doesnt make you one."

I looked into his eyes and said, "boy i killed someone to protect myself i think i can do it again and shut up this isnt how you hide."

It went silent! I was holding on to the bat for dear life. These last couple of months of my life have been crazy. A car accident, finding out my brother is a thug, losing and gaining my best friend, moving into the surburban area, the death of a good friend.And most of all, falling for a thug name Dre.Now im in a closet with a bat dressed only in Briefs hiding from a damn drug cartel.All of sudden, we heard 3 gunshots. Wale screamed. I slapped him and said, "calm down."

 That didn't help he still was screamin. I then cocked back and slapped him. He stopped and i said, "ill be back im going to check on them."Do not leave me here, im coming."Well be quiet. Please."He stood up as i put on some gym shorts. We walked slowly out the closet. My nerves was shaking bad. 

I unlocked the doorknob and thats when we heard a gunshot and my patio glass shattered to the floor.We turned around and saw a guy dresssed in black. He walked in and Wale went to SCREAMINNGGG! I put the bat up over my head to swing. And he was walking slowly over to me. He had his black gun pointed at us. 

He snapped, "YOU FAGGOTS GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES!"I swung the bat and he caught it and dropped and said, "GET ON YOURS KNEES!"I looked over and saw Walé on his knees already. I got down and snapped, "wheres Dre and them?"Downstairs most likely dead! Now im wheres is my money , Dicksuckers! he retorted.

Walé cried out, "we dont know, please let us go."The man chuckled and said, "i cant do that now open your mouth i need to release a load and i want to be the last person you gay faggots sucked up before you die."

My eyes got big as he unzipped his pants. If he thought i was going to suck his dick he had another thing coming. He dropped his pants and there hanged a soft latino dick. 

He walked over to Wale and said, "put it in your mouth! If you try anything stupid, i will kill you, faggot."Walé was crying and was very emotional. I know we wasnt on the best of terms ,but it hurts me to see him like this.He opened his mouth and started sucking the man dick. 

Walé was highly skilled in this area. He was swallowing all of it and that man was hard in two seconds. The man groaned and said, "goddamnn you know how to suck DICK!"Suddenly, the man fell to the ground and Wale spit out the mans Dick and said, "KASHON RUN!" I was shell shocked. 

Blood was spewing from the area where his dick used to be."I got up and grabbed his arm and we ran for the window. I snapped,"jumped!"

We grabbed hold of the ballinster and a gunshot went off as we jumped over. We fell into the water in our pool and when i came up for air the whole pool was filled with blood. I started screaming , "noo!"I grabbed Walé and i swimmed over to the poolside. 

We got out the pool dripping water. He was holding his leg, he must have got shot. I started crying saying,"walé im sorry."He said, "call the cops." I got up and ran into the house downstairs. It was a man dressed like the man upstairs dead. Then i saw someone limping from the kitchen. I ran up and slammed the person. Sean snapped, "ka'shon its me.we have to leave. Dre is working for the puertoricans he shot your brothers babymama dead her body is in the Garage."

I stood up and said, "what! You lying ! Wheres Ja'Shon?"Sean said, "i dont know we have to leave."

We walked towards the living room and Dre snapped, "PUSSY GET AWAY FROM MY BABY!"I turned around and saw Dre limping. It look like he was shot.

 I snapped, "what happened?"

Sean was the mole. He was working for them puertoricans to kill us. When we got downstairs he shot JA'Shon in the stomach and killed Kashmere. he grazed me with a bullet. He replied.

I tried to back up from Sean but it was too late he slapped the shit out of me and i flew on top of the glass table. He started to run for the door and gunshots went off and I heard Sean scream, "agghh!"I got up and walked over to the Dre. He hugged me and said, "I already called the ambulance and cops. Go check on your brother."I kissed him and said, "go get Walé from outside. By the pool."I ran into the garage and saw pregnant Kashmere laying dead on the floor and the tears started flowing from my eyes. I then heard Ja'Shon cough.

 I looked around and saw him leaned up against the Garage wall. I ran over and said, "oh my god! Help is on the way. Stay with me big brother."

He looked into my eyes and said, "look at my little brother, all grown up. I always been proud of you. You was my role model, because you always had the guts to do what you wanted to. Thats why i really took you from mom and dad. They was ashamed to have a gay son. I wasnt ashamed to have a gay brother. After All, im not that straight myself."

We laughed a little and i wiped his tears. He continued, "im sorry i screwed up and put your life in danger. That thug life isnt the right life. The cars, the house, and the money only 25% of what that game is. If i live from this we are moving to a beach house in the bahamas."

I grabbed his hand and he looked over and saw Kashmere dead. He crawled over to Kashmere and kissed his babymomma forehead and whispered, "i love you Kash."He then leaned down and kissed her stomach and said, "i love you my unborn child."I wiped my nose and smiled. After all of this, i smiled. I cant believe my brother lost his girlfriend and baby. 

The garage door opened and it was swarmed with cops and amubulance.



Dre and I sat in the waiting room at the hospital and pure silence awaiting Walé and my brother to get out of surgery. Today was a crazy as day. Dre leaned into my shoulder and wrapped his arm around me.

 I laid my head on his and he said, "baby i love you. And im sorry for putting you in this life."

I replied, "i love you too and stop apologizing for that. I put myself in this life when i chose to be with a thug named Deandre."

He leaned up and kissed me and said, "i promise after this. Thats it. This thug is hanging up the game. I cannot lose no more people."

Before i could reply Dre mom and brother came running towards us and Dre stood up. His mom and brother hugged him so tight and she said, "i saw the news. Baby im sorry for being mean to you. I love you Dre."

I smiled and she said, "hi im kesha. Happy to see you alive." and i said, "thanks and nice to meet you."

I then heard Diamond scream,"K.!"I stood up and ran over to her and hugged her tight. She cried out, "when i saa-w th-e Ne-ws and Sss-aw people dead , i thought it was you guys. Im so sorry about Kash."

I cried and confessed, "this is all toMuch right now."

Then i heard Rita voice say, "Ka'Shon where is your boyfriend?"I looked at her pregnant self and she had gotten bigger. She hugged me and i pointed to Dre. 

Before she can walk over there , the O.R doors opened and the doctor said, "ja'shon and Walé family please!"We all rushed over there and he said, "i have good and bad news."A familiar voice chimed in, "doc stop playing and tell me whats the update on my son."

My mom and Walé mom walked up. The doctor pursed his lips and said, "Well Walé is fine, we snitched himUp and he is recovering. However, Ja'Shon lost alot of blood in surgery. The bullet prieced his small intestine and that could not be repaired."I covered my mouth and Dre held my hand.

He then continued, "we lost him twice in surgery and we was able to get himBack both times."

I snapped, "sir whats the fucking update on my brother."

He said, "your brother is........"

To Be Continued.

(Final Chapter For Book 1 of The Thug Series Up Next)

Book 2 title: The Thug and The Bottom That Love Him.



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