Chapter 11: Heartaches and Heartbreaks.



I stood at the door in my suit and flowers and screamed Ka'Shon's name. Walé walked in the house and i looked back at my Boss. He snapped, "follow me now."

I walked after him inside his house and went into his den. He closed the door and snapped, "Dre you better start fucking talking. how in the fuck you know my brother and what are you doing in my damn house with a suit and flowers for?"

I swallowed my spit and said, "well i didnt know Ka'Shon was your brother, but i transferred schools and we met. We friends and he told me to come and get him thats why im here."

He rubbed his forehead and i think he was believing my lie. He said, "look go find my brother please. Its too much going on today Dre."

I put the flowers down and ran out the den and house to get to my car. I jumped in my car and took off going i dont know.



"Hameed,yes my brother is fucking my bestfriend. And my brother knows Dre, so they probably fucking too. This is too much drama. Take me away from here."

Hameed said, "okay well lets go to Atlanta."

Fine with me.



I wrapped myself in the hotel towel and walked out to the room. Hameed was laying down on the other bed. I dug in my bag i brought from walmart and pulled out some briefs. I put them on and i heard Hameed say, "your ass is fat."

I looked back at him and said, "i thought you was sleep."

I was , but when i rolled over i was flashed by you sliding up your underwear. 

"Get up lets go get something to eat. I saw a OutBack down the street."

"Anything for you. I hate seeing you sad and mad."

Well i feel alittle better now, but i will be happier if i have a nice fat steak on my plate.

He jumped up and slid on his shoes. We walked out of the room. We got in the car Hameed said, "so whats your deal with Dre. Like is he your boyfriend?"

No he isnt. Its just complicated. We have these feelings for each other that cannot be explained. Then i have these crazy feelings for you and this is throwing me over a cliff.

"Well honestly i do like you alot but if you love him more i will be find with you with him."

"So are you gay or what?"

I dont know maybe, but what i know for sure is that i like you a whole lot.

I smiled at him and said, "oh Hameed."



I sat in the couch downstairs eating Butter Pecan Ice Cream watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I was wrapped in my Throw Blanket and was just not feeling it. Today is a dream. It has to be. I did not lose my bestie all over some dick. And now i have to tell my sister. I cannot keep this from her any longer. Ja'Shon walked into the living room with a plate of chinese food and said, "you okay?"

No im not. I lost my bestfriend over this. And im telling my sister.

"No the hell you are not Walé. I will have to kill you. Im not gay and i be damn if my bae found out."

Remember when i was your bae. Boy you are confused and if you dont want me to tell her you better , because i cannot with this secret no more.

The front door opened and we hesrd Kash running saying, "BABY WHERE ARE YOU?"

She turned the corner and Ja'Shon said, "i have to tell you something."

She interupted him and said, "Me too. I just took a pregnancy test this morning. baby in pregnant."

I looked up at Ja'Shon and then at my sister and said, "thats good oh my god. I finally have a niece or nephew."

Ja'Shon went up and hugged her she said, "baby what do you to tell me?"

He replied, "i brought you a new Michael Kors Bag. Its on the bed."

They kissed and she took off upstairs. When she was fully gone i said, "Fine we wont tell her , but it can never happen again and we better hope Ka'Shon keep his mouth shut."



We returned back to the room and i grabbed the ice bucket and said, "ill be back. Find a movie to watch."

I walked out the room and went down the hall. When i turned the corner i bumped into a boy. I looked up and saw Dre face. I said, "what are you doing here?"

Your brother sent me.

"Great. First you fucking around with him and now you are doing his bidding."

I brushed passed him and he grabbed my arm and snapped, "i never fucked around with your brother nor any boy. You was the first boy i ever kissed. I know your brother because he is my boss."

Boss? My brother works at a fucking mechanic shop. He doesnt even own it.

"Your brother is the boss of another thing. Wake up Ka'Shon. Im a thug remember and who are thug bosses."

I laughed and said, "are you saying my brother is a drug lord thug or something?"

Yes i am. Look pack your stuff. Im taking you home.

"Well i dont wanna go home. Im staying here . I need some space."

So whats the deal with Hameed? You fucking him?

"No im not, but i do like him alot."

I filled up the ice bucket and said, "now run back to my brother and tell him i said, 'im not coming back until im ready.' And as for you, Dre when you realize what you want, ill be waiting baby. Just dont wait to late, someone might snatch me up."

I rubbed his face and walked down the hall. I felt good to get that off my chest to him. I went into the room and climbed into bed with Hameed and told him, "HOLD ME TIGHT."

Hameed wrapped his arm around me and i said, "tighter."

He obliged and i laid on his chest trying to heal my heartache and heartbreaks.


Chapter 12: Back To The Bitter Basics.



KA'SHON POV Hameed pulled up in front of my house and i said, "i guess this week away is over. Thansk for everything."I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He replied,"no problem. Its friday so ill be going to the town fair you want to come."

Maybe, but I'll probably meet you there. Diamond and I are driving her moms car.

I stepped out the car and walked up to the door. I opened it and walked in. Walé was coming down the stairs and he said, "K. could we talk?"

About what?

"What happened?"

Nope, because I really dont care now go find my brother and ride his dick to the balls fall off.

I walked upstairs and bumped him.he chuckled and said, "i guess man."

I walked into my room and Ja'Shon was sitting on my bed.

He spoke, "i saw you pull up."

Oh. now get out.

"We need to talk. Look please dont tell Kashmere about Walé and I, it will crush her and also she is pregnant. So she doensnt need the stress."

I drpped my bag and said, "Ja'Shon I honestly dont care about yall secret.Thats yalls and what yall do with it has nothing to do with me. Im over it and much better. Yall are bug enough to make yall own choices. Just leave me out of it. Now get out please."

He stood up and said, "nice to have you back Ka'Shon."

Whatever you faggot. Also, Walé downstairs if you was wondering.

He looked back at me and said, "youHave been waiting to call me that."

"Yup i have. I guess Dad cant make straight kids."

I am straight.

Says the one fucking a boy up the ass.

Befor she can respond i slammed my door and breathed in. I felt so bitter and i really dont care.

I pulled out my phone and txted Diamond that i was home and she can come over.


Chapter 13: All i need is a little love in my life.




Im about to throw up and this is why I hate rollercoaster. Diamond looked at me and said, "Ka'Shon are you okay?"

Hameed was just laughing saying, "Diamond he was talking saying he can handle it."

I held my stomach and said, "yall shut up okay. It feel like my dick in my chest and my ass in my mouth. Every thing is in a jumble."

We all burst out laughing and i said, "lets go play a game i want a teddy bear."

We all walked over to the game and sat down and Diamond leaned over and said, "bestie i know you feeling Dre and all , but Hameed is mad cool when he is not a dick. Dont give up on him and go for something that is never going to happen."

I replied, "i know. He has been really nice and i like him alot and he is not afraid to be in public like a fair with me. all i need is a little love in my life. And if Dre doesnt give it to me he will most definitely take his place."

I handed the man my money for the game and so did Diamond. Hameed screamed out, "yall better be ready because im going to win."

I grabbed the water gun and aimed nicely to the hole. The man ringed rhe bell and the game began. I hit my target spoton and my water started filling up. As i got close to the finish i knew it had it. All of a sudden Hameed water tube lit up and he won. I stood up and said, "crap."

Diamond chimed in, "i had no chance."

He grabbed the brown teddy bear and gave it to Hameed. We walked off and i said, "boy dont be showboating i could have won."

Could have, should have, but you didnt. Its okay. Im better at hitting the right spot. 

He winked at me and i smirked. He handed me the bear and said, "but i got this for you."

All of a sudden i heard some guy say, "aww look Hameed gave his little boyfriend a bear."

We looked up and i noticed it was Craig and Devin Jenkins. They are twin brothers. They are black and tall. Also, they are on the football team with Hameed.

Hameed snapped, "he isnt my boyfriend we are just friends. Cmon Ka'Shon."

We walked off and i felt someone hand push me and i stumbles and Craig said, "shut your little faggot mouth."

The sad thing is i didnt even speak. Hameed pushed Craig back and said, "watch your mouth."

Diamond chimed in, "Craig take your ignorant ass home. You arent funny."

Devin said, "aww look at Hameed defend his man. Im starting to think they are having sex. They both our faggots. School will hear about this."

I snapped, "well that will be a rumor because Hameed isnt ga--"

Hameed cut me off and said, "i dont care tell them. Im maybe gay anyways. So what! No one at ParkVille high will come to me with a problem if they want to live."

I was so shocked at what Hameed just said. He actually defended us to these boys. He maybe did  really love and I shouldn't be treating him like second in line. I grabbed his hand and said, "lets go those jerks arent worth it. Im hungry lets go to a resaurant."

All three of us walked off and Devin screamed, "Aye faggots how about yall eat on this."

We looked back and he was grabbin his crotch. His brother laughed and I screamed back, "I would but im really hungry and a small size wouldnt satisfy me."

Diamond and Hameed laughed and we walked toward the exit. Diamond said, "you got they ass."



I walked into Ja'Shon office and sat down and said,

"Boss the warehouse is secure. The new security detail is good."

Yea. I know. Dre have you been speaking to my brother?

"Honestly no. I think ill give him some space. When i went and found him in ATL he wasnt to happy about me and you being drug dealers and thugs."

J. Banged the desk and said, "you told him. Why would you do that?"

Because I trust him and i thought he knew. I didnt know that he was that dumb to think a little mechanic job can pay for a huge house.

"Well he havent talked to me since he came back home earlier. Ill give him some time. Now you have the night off go have some fun."

I stood up and said, "thanks boss. Ill talk to you later."

I walked out of the warehouse and jumped in my car and pulled off. I was starving for some sex, i had to relieve this stress. I called up Rita and she said, "yes i was just thinking about that juicy dick of yours."

I smirked and said, "well be outside in 5 im coming to get you. I want dinner and sex. Dont matter the price ill pay it."

Well, i want some Joes Crab Shack.

"Thats cool. Get dress baby im on the way."

I hung up and breathed in hard. Ka'Shon have my mind gone and i have to find a release. He said to go to him when im ready to be together and honestly i dont think that will ever come. I love him, yes. But im not gay. I love pussy. His lips did feel good, but that is not what i like.... I think. I just have to figure out all these crazy thoughts. I think my obsession to find someone who love me for me has clouded my judgement of this situation. Im a thug thats the only thing i know for sure.



"Yes a table for 3 please."

The fat white man grabbed three menus and told us to follow him. We walked down the the place and i love the smell of Crabs in the air. Those are my favorite sea food.

Diamond said, "i swear we have been eating at this place since we was 13. We are 17 and i swear we should be crabs, hell we should own Joes Crab Shack."

Hameed laughed and said, "well i like seafood , but red lobster and Outback is my place."

We sat down and Diamond was about to sit and then she said, "let me go pee."

She flipped her long hair and walked off twisting her ass in her jeans. Hameed sat across from me. He was on his phone and i said, "thanks, You know sticking up for me at the fair. You didnt have to do that. I really appreciate that."

He replied, "its just i dont like bullies.i was one for a long time and my therapist broke me and made me realize that i was bullying because i had inner demons. The day we fought in the mall was because i looke at you and saw somone who was brave and didnt care to wear girl shorts and tight shorts. You may think you not confident but you have alot of that."

I smiled at him and said, "thank you and you are the brave one. You learned from all your mistakes. Now you are not a dick anymore. You are a friend."

He looked at me in my eyes and lickes his lips and said, "i would like to be more than that, but you have things to sort out."

I smiled at him and said, "well we can--"

Dre cut me off and snapped, "what are yall doing here?"

We looked up at him and he was with some tranp. She had thot wrote across her forehead.

She said, "Dre you know these punks?"

Dre breathed in and said, "used to, but i guess i took to long to come to my senses."

His eyes stared like daggers at mine. I knew exactly what he meant by that. He took what i said in Atlanta and went with it. I told him to make up his mind and he just did, subliminally. What he didn't understand was that this wasnt a date. However, no need for me to fight anymore. Im all cried out with nothing to say. 

He then said, "rita come on , they are dead to me."

They walked off and Hameed said, "are you okay?"

I bit my lip and said, "i dont have no other choice but to be."

Diamond returned and said,"yall knoww Dre here?"

I picked up my menu and said, "dre who?"

And i meant that with a passion. That thug is officially out of my life. And vice versa he is dead to me too.



"Kash you are only 2 months, this can wait."

She put the baby stroller down and said,"boy its not even that serious. You could have stayed home if you was going to be negative. Besides, why arent you with Ka'Shon and Diamond?"

We are in a disagreement. Its petty we should get over it. But for now its beef time.

"Friend drama is the worst. Im so glad i only have one friend Ja'Shon."

I laughed loud and said, "yea thats a good friend. You know he cheating on you. He did it once he will do it again."

Well, this baby will help him stop. I finally got pregnant and we can be a happy family.

"Yea we will be one."



Dre is beating Rita pussy up and then he asked can he fuck her in the ass.

She said, "sure thats an extra 750 baby."

He flipped her around and stuck it in and it was so tight and he grunted, "awww fuckk you tight Ka'Shon."

She snapped, "what did you call me?"

He corrected myself and started fuckig her silly. He cannot believe he called her Ka'Shon. Does that mean something? Only time will tell.


Hameed walked Ka'Shon to the front door and said, "tonight was fun."

Ka'Shon replied, "yea it was. Thanks again."

He grabbed the knob and Hameed grabbed his arm and embraced him. Their lips clashed into each others and they made out. Hameed hands reached down and grabbed Ka'Shon's ass. He grabbed it and Ka'Shon started laughing. They stop kissing and Hameed said, "why you laughing?"

Well, because our breaths smell like crabs, but that kiss felt like heaven.

"My lips are golden."

Yea they are Dre--- I mean Hameed.

Hameed face went sad and walked off the porch and said, "Ka'Shon all i wanted was a little bit a love in my life."

To Be Continued.... Chapter 14 will leave you speechless. Stay Tuned.



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