Chapter 6: Recovery.



I walked out of the emergency room and back down the street to my car. When i arrived the news and police was ahead. I didnt want them to see all this blood on me, so i hopped in the car and headed home to shower and head back to the hospital later to check on him. I pulled out my phone and called Diamond. She didnt pick up. Moments later i pulled up to my house and jumped out. I ran inside and went to my room. Diamond was gone. I grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the hot water overflow on top of my head. I cannot believe that this happened tonight. I cannot think straight. All i could think about was this being my fault. The kid just wanted me to say i care. Me being a stubborn ass made him feel worthless and he ran into a tree. I washes his blood off of my chest and neck and bathe quickly. I got out and i headd my phone ringing. I went over and grabbed it. I answered, "hello?"

Paulie said, "something came up with the boss . You and I have to go get the shipment from Atlanta."

Thats 3 hours away.

"I know but it has to be done. Ill be there to pick you up in like 20 minutes."

He clicked on me and i got dress. I guess i have to check on Ka'Shon tomorrow. I txted Diamond everything that happened and awaited for Paulie to come.



"When can we see him?"

The nurse breathed in and said, "after his surgery. I think he is going to make it. The young man who carried him here is a hero."

I looked at Ja'Shon and he was pacing the hospital floor. I walked over to him and said, "calm down its going to be okay."

Ja'Shon looked into my eyes and snapped,"Walé my little brother is in surgery. In no way this is okay. "

I opened my arms to hug him and he pushed me a way and said, ""what the fuck are you doing?"

Im trying to be strong for the both of us. If you havent noticed thats my best friend in there. I heard Diamond say, "Wale?"

I turned to her and her face was puffy. I know this hit her hard. I ran over and hugged her. She cried out, "i just saw him and then this happens."

We sat down and Ja'Shon said, "let me call your sister. Ill be back."

I nodded and said,"Diamond what you mean?"

She wiped her face and replied, "he came over to Dre house tonight and confessed his love for him. Dre snapped on him and he left crying and out of it."

I stood up and snapped, "you telling me that this thug is the reason my best friend is fighting for his life."

Diamond grabbed my hand and said, "let me finish. Then i came downstairs and slapped him for being mean to Ka'Shon. He realized he was wrong and that he do care about him and he took off after him to tell him. I went home and then  i got a message from Dre saying that Ka'Shon had been in an accident and that he ran him here from the scene."

I covered my mouth and said, "the nurse said that a young man ran him in here and he might have saved his life."

Diamond grabbed hold of my hand and said, "lets hope Dre did."

Ja'shon walked back in and said, "Kashmere is on her way."

The doctor came out and asked, "where is the family of Ka'Shon Austin?"

We all got up and walked over to him. Ja'Shon snapped, "tell me my brother is okay?"

The doctor smiled and said, "yes he is. The surgery ended well. However, we did lose him for a couple of seconds. He is recovering in room 33. Yall can go see him now."

I chimed in, "is he awake?"

No he is resting. He will wake up when he is ready. So having love ones around may help.

We all walked passed the doctor and went into Ka'Shon room. He had bandages around his head and a tube in his nose. Ja'Shon walked over to him and grabbed his hand and said, "you better wake up K."

Diamond and I walked over to his bedside and started talking to him and stuff. Ja'Shon got a call and went outside.


Ja'Shon answered the phone and said, "wassup Paulie?"

Paulie replied, "Boss i hope your things are packed to move into a mansion because you are a very rich man. The trade off was 3,000,000."

Ja'Shon smirked and said, "thats whats up. Pay off everyone and bring me the rest later at the warehouse. I got family business right now. Also, tell Dre that i said thanks for dropping his plans and going with you."

Okay Boss. 

He hung up and Kashmere walked up and she said, "did i hear 3 million dollars. Baby i can finally stop working so much and we can live stable."

Ja'Shon smirked at her and picked her up and we kissed. 

"Yea baby. You can get your house you wanted and also we can start a family, but for right now lets be there for my brother."

They walked inside the room and rejoined Walé and Diamond.




I finished eating my wendys and also i just left Chase Bank depositing 200,000 from the last shipment. I got back in line and ordered a ceasar salad and lemonade for Ka'Shon im going to see him after this. After they took the money and made the salad i grabbed the bag and headed to my car. I got in and headed to the hospital. I pulled  up and breathed hard. As i looked at the entrance it just reminded me of last night. It made my dick jump how scared i was. I grabbed the salad and Lemonade and headed inside. I walked up to the reception office and the nurse smiled and said, "I remember you and the visitors for Ka'Shon and just left to go eat. So you can go in. room 33"

I smiled as she handed me the pass. I walked down the hall and it was cold. When i made it to the door i walked in and saw him laying there wrapped in white gauze looking like a mummy. I walked over and said, "i figured you wasnt up, but i still brought you a salad and a lemonade from Wendys.When my Dad was like this the doctors said you can hear me so yea thats why im talking.I guess you arent weak after all huh? You pulled through like i knew you would. Now i need you to wake up and tell me that this isnt my fault. Tell me that you forgive me for what i said. I havent been feeling right since last night."

I grabbed his hand and put my head down. I was getting overwhelmed. I felt  his hand try to grab mine and i looked up. 

He eyes was not all the way open but slightly.he used his raspy voice and said, "could you please be quiet im trying to rest."

I chuckled and said, "im sorry, but you have to tell me."

Ka'shon breathed in and said, "this isnt your fault. I shouldnt have went to your house. Thats the last thing I remember before waking up an hour ago."

You dont remember me carrying you here from the accident? 

"No i dont. I dont even remember the accident. Im just happy to be alive."

I sat back and said, "yea you should be."

He didnt remember anything. He dont even remember me telling him i care for him.

He then asked, "Dre why are you here?" 

To make sure you was okay.

"No, you are here to make sure id forgive you.Yes, i forgive you for calling me those names. However, i deserved it. I shouldnt have told you that. I let the jealousy get to my head. Friends?"

I smirked at him and said, "friends."

we bumped fist and he said, "now could you let me rest please."

I laughed and stood up. I walked toward the door and said, "recover well my friend. Recover well."



"Thank God Ja'Shon left. He was working nerve being so nice."

Walé laughed and said, "Your brother is nice. I like him as a brother."

Diamond chimed in, "or maybe you like him like him."

We laughed and Walé said, "whatever."

I then said, "so Dre came here and checked up on me. I never seem him so sincere and nice. It had to be because he thinks this is all his fault. What was i thinking?"

Diamond retorted, "wait! He didnt ever get to tell you. He the one carried you here. The reason he was there because he was on his way to you to tell you he car--"

I cut her off and i said, "i know he got to tell me that last night. As the nurses was hooking me to every machine. I heard him scream down the hall that he cared. However, when he got here i realized it wasnt the type of lover care i wanted. It was care from a friend. So that thing i had for him is dead and we are friends."

Walé hugged me and said, "well im going home to sleep in my own bed. You want me bring you anything tomorrow?

Yea, my Green and White Build A Bear from my house. 

"I got you. Ill go over there and get it."

He hugged Diamond and then stated, "Alex also said forget about the car, his insurance will cover it. He is just happy you are alive and well. Also, Dexter said to txt him. Your phone is in that bag over there."

I smirked at him and he left. Diamond stood up to leave and i said, "Di listen im sorry for trying to break you and Dre apart. I let my gay hormones get the best of me. He really likes you and you like him , so go for it."

She smiled and replied, "something tells me he doesnt like me that much. And we are bestfriends nothing can come between us, especially not know thug."

She kissed my forehead and walked off. I closed my eyes and drifted into a slumber.



I got off the phone with the realtor and she informed me that i can come see the house tomorrow. Its only im the suburbs of ParkVille Georgia. Its a 2 million dollar home with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. A Pool. A nice dining area and kitchen. My family will be good. That is only reason im into the drug game. To make sure my girl, my brother, and our future kids have a nice life. I put the phone down and i heard a knock at the door. I stood up and went downstairs. I opened the door and it was Mom and Dad. I looked confused and said, "wow i didnt know that you two can come over here."

My mom asked, "where's Ka'Shon? Is he okay? How dare you not call with that type of news? We have to find out from the News."

I laughed and said, "he is resting at the hospital and dont think you are going to see him, i placed you two on the no visitations list."

My dad snapped, "he is our son."

I snapped, "yall son? No i take care of him. I make sure he eats and go to school. I provide him with care that he needs. You two dumped him off on to the street all because he like Dick. And Dont excuse my language. We wont nothing to do with yall and i mean that. Now get off my porch."

I slammed the door and their faces and walked over to the kitchen. The doorbell ranged again and i ran over to it. I opened it and snapped, "ARE YALL DEAF?"

Walé stared at me with a confused look on. He had on some jeans and a Urban Outfitter Graphic Tee. 

He said, "no i think i can hear, but after that scream i maybe."

I let him in and he said, "im here to get something for K. he wants me to bring it tomorrow when I visit after school."

Walé started walking upstairs and i watched his ass jiggle as he walked up. I licked my lips and followed him upstairs. We walked into Ka'Shon room and i said, "so are we going to finish what we started?"

Walé grabbed the bear and said, "ughh no. I have to get home. My mom havent seen me in days."

Well, she isnt going to see you that mucb after this week. Kashmere is asking her to let you move with us in the Suburbs of ParkVille. I stumbled across some money and buying us a house.

He laughed and said, "i will tell my sister no thanks. You cannot have you cake and eat it too."

He tried to walk pass me and i grabbed his arm and said, "but i like cake, especially yours."

I pulled him in closer and rubbed his fat ass. It was so soft and thick. He looked up at me and said, "Ja'Shon why do you want to ruin your family."

Im not ruining anything, now stop fighting it. You know you want to fight with me and then fuck me. Thats our thing.

Walé rolled his eyes and said, "see thats the problem. We should have a thing."

I pulled down my gym shorts and Briefs and let my dick hang free and said, "well we do so wassup."

Walé looked down at my dick and said, "Ja'Shon stop."

I bit my lip and said, "now suck this dick dry i need to relieve some of this stress."

Walé backed up and put the bear back and said, "this is the last time."

I pushed the top of his head and he got on his knees. I leaned back on the door and he took my whole dick in his mouth and i grunted, "damnnn boyyy you are good at this!!"


Chapter 7: Sudden Changes.
"This is my last box I promise."
Ja'Shon looked at me and said, "the movers are going to want more money after loading all of your crap. Now you head over to school while i finish packing up."
Walé screamed upstairs, "cripple, come on."
I grabbed my crutches and placed them under my arms and follwoed Ja'Shon downstairs. Kashmere came to the front door and said, "Walé are you sure you dont wanna move in. Mom said its fine. We have more than enough room and plus you would be with your bestfriend twenty four seven."
I gave Walé the puppy dog face and My brother snapped, "he doesn't want to move in with us, bae dont force him."
Walé face got sad and he said, "Kash im okay. Now give me the car keys so Ka'Shon and I can leave for school."
I grabbed my bookbag and Walé grabbed the car keys and we jumped in Kashmeres new RangeRover and headed to school i style. I just hate i have to carry around these crutches. This is my first day back since the accident. I know everyone is going to be staring.

Walé said, "so are you happy about the move to the Suburbs?"
I guess. It does seem sudden , but hey i get a bigger room. A bigger closet. And a pool. So yea im happy. The only thing is My bestfriend doesnt want to come and live lavish with me.
"You know i would love too, but i dont wanna leave my mom all alone. Besides, your brother hates me. I know you felt the pressure this morning.
Yea i dont know what thats about. However, ive been around him for the past week and im ready to see new faces.

We pulled into the school parking lot and Walé jumped out and opened my door and handed me my crutches. I   have two more days with these things and they are making me mad. I crutched into building and made it to my locker. I heard Diamond say, "cripple! I cannot wait to see your new house today. After school right?"

Yup. You and Walé are going to help me put my things up. We have Kashmeres new car so we driving over there.
Dre walked passed us and i didnt get a wassup or even a recognition. Diamond said, "well someone is still cold. You should have messaged him back last week."
He wanted me to come chill. I couldnt. 
"You couldn't? Or you didnt want to? Its a difference."
She kissed my cheek and walked off. I got my Math book and tried to turn around and i fell. I breathed in hard and Hameed walked over to me and helped me up. I looked at him confused and said, "thanks. Can you hand me my book."
He picked it up and gave it to me and said, "no problem. Dont take me being nice as we friends. Just want you to hurry up and get better so we can go back to hating each other and fighting."
I looked up at him and said, "something tells me you like fighting with me."
So! What if i do?
He licked his pink lips and walked off. This has to be a dream. In what world is the School Black Bully is being nice to the light skin Gay Boy. I crutched into class and made it to my seat. My Math teacher walked in and said, "nice to see you back Mr. Austin. However, you still have to take todays Pop quiz."
I looked over at Walé and he rolled his eyes. I looked at the seat behind me and Dre wasnt in it. I then heard the door slam and the teacher said, "Mr. Dre if i had a dollar for every day you was late. I wouldnt be a teacher. Ill be sipping mohijtos on some foreign beach.
The whole class laughed but Dre didnt. He walked passed me and sat down behind me. I looked back and whispered, "hey."
He ignored me and i said it again.
He snapped in a whispered tone, "Ka'Shon im not for the constant back and forth with you. One minute we cool the next we are mad. I cannot with that. So you need to make up your mind on what are we? We friends or what?"
Dre looke--
He cut me off and said, "no need for an explanation. Im glad to see you back well. Ill stay out of your life and maybe bad things want happen."
I grabbed my pop quiz paper and handed one to Dre. I looked back and he pulled a pencil out and started working. I think this time is for real. We arent cool anymore. I guess its for the best. I turned around and resumed with my quiz.
After class, i was headed to Cooking class. Diamond took my book back to my locker for me and i still made it to class 3 minutes late. Ms. Pope said, "Ka'Shon nice to have you back. Today we are making Pigs and a blanket and since the partners already been mapped out you have to cook with the only other person who doesnt have a partner, Hameed."
I looked over at him and said, "that should be fine."
I walked over to our station and said, "we are partners. If you dont wanna be ill tell Ms. Pope to switch."
Im cool. Besides, my therapist said that i should do things that i dont nornally do to change for the better.
"Therapist? Oh so you figured out you have a problem. How long have i been gone?"
He chuckled and said, "i know i was mean to alot of people, especially you. Im sorry for that.and i know sorry doesnt changd what i did , but its a damn good place to start."

I wish your friend go therapy. I sweat he is so unpredictable.
"Dre isnt unpredictable. He is just different. He like to be in control and when he feels he is losing it, it scares him. I swear you two have a love and hate relationship. And he isnt even gay."
I laughed and Hameed said, "serious Ka'Shon."
So you did know my name? You was just being a big dick.
He shook his head 'yea.'
Then i said, "well you are what you eat."
He looked at me and started laughing and said, "yup and they have to be big."
I laughed and said, "your a funny. Never noticed."
He replied, "you are too. Now lets start cooking before we get an 'F.'

I was sitting in the library doing work for my next class , when i noticed Dre walk in. He looked at me and waved i rolled my eyes. He walked over to me and whispered, "what did i do to you?"
You are being a huge jerk to my best friend.
"Your bestfriend doesnt want to be friends with me."
Yea, because he thinks he is going to fall for you again. Dont invite him to your house. Do other manly things. Like take him to the Strip Club.
Dre chuckled and said, "he wouldnt enjoy it. Pussy and titties isnt his forté.
Nice Vocabulary Genius.go to a gay one. Show him that yall can be friends. Ka'Shon wears his feelings on his shoulder , so be delicate. Buy him a lap dance and few drinks. It should win you his trust again. And whatever you dont bring up the accident or be a bigger dick than you already are. Change up things.
"Thanks Diamond ill see. Now i have to go , i have a study date with Penny."
Pornstar Penny? Something tells me you arent going to be studying work, i replied.
"You are smarter than i thought Watson."
See you later Sherlock.
He smirked and walked off. This boy has charn like no other. You cannot stay mad at him. If he do something wrong you have to cut him slack. He has it honest. Dude is a gift from the gods. I see why Ka'Shon is trying to stay away. 
I walked out of the library and spotted Hameed and Ka'Shon laughing walking down the hall to the Cafe. I looked at Penny and said, "hold up."
I ran over to the two of them and said, "Ka'Shon?"
He turned and said, "What?"
Be ready tomorrow night we are hitting up the strip club. Hameed you can come too. Im not taking no for answer.
The both nodded at me and i ran off to Meet Penny in the Janitor closet to feed her all of my babies.

"Diamond hang that poste on that wall please."
She obeyed and Walé ran  into my new room and said, "this house is freaking amazing. I called my mom and told her i want to move in."
I screamed, "yayyy!!!!"
He ran and jumped on my bed and i said, "today has been full of change. Hameed is actually nice now. We actually held a conversation. We have a new amazing house. And also, Dre finally wants to do something that friends do. We are going to a strip club tomorrow. So life have been great today."
Walé hugged me and said, "Ja'Shon is going to take me to pack up my things ill be back for dinner."
He ran out the room and Diamond said, "so Beyonce is finally up."
I looked at the poster and said, "yess hunty!"
Diamond laid down on my bed and said, "damn we worked our asses off today."
I laid on her shoulder and said, "yea we did. Thank you."
You welcome. Now i have to go. My little brother have a hockey game. Call me later. Pool tomorrow morning?
She walked out and i laid down on the pillow. My phone buzzed in a txt and it was from Hameed. I slid it open and it said,
Nothing, just finish moving in to my new house.
"ParkVille Suburbs . I know. I saw you crutching inside your house. You are my next door neighbor."
Thats crazy. I didnt know you lived over here.
"Well i didnt, but my mom and dad divorced finaled and Dad got custody of me."
Cool, well you can come over anytime new friend.
"Well open your room patio door."
I leaned up and limped over to the patio door and opened it. I looked outside to the back and saw Hameed hopping over his house Brown Fence. He climbed up the wall ladder and hopped on to my patio. I said, "you seem like a pro of climbing into peoples windows."
He laughed and helped me back into my room. We sat in my room chairs and he said, "no just had alot of experience of sneaking in people houses to fuck their daughters."
Typical Teen boy, i retorted.
He spotted my Xbox and said, "you have an Xbox. Please tell me your only have girly games."
I only have Tinkerbell and Bratz. 
He shook his head and i said, "im lying. I have all the call of duties. I have madden. 2K14 and 15."
He stopped me and walked over and popped in 2K15. He threw my my red controller and said, "are you prepared to lose?"
I bet you im not going to.
"Oh yea Ka'Shon. Well lets make it a bet. For every 15 points you nake you have to do a Dare."
I looked into his Caramel colored eyes and said, "you are on."

I ran Mario C. down rhe court and stop at the 3 point line nas pressed the shoot button and scored. That took my score from 13 to 16. I paused the game and I looked over at Hameed and said, "hmmm you have to take off your shirt."
He grabbed the botton of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He had a banging body. Had to be an 8 pack with a happy trail from his naval into his black briefs. He snapped his fingers at me and said, "stop staring and press unpause."
I followed instruction and he drove down court and did a nice lay up with Lebron J. that made him get 15. He paused it and said, "i dare you to take off those shorts."
I looked at him confused and he said, "you made strip so you have too. I dont wanna see you naked but its only fair you be exposed as well."
I stood up and slid my pants of. I sat back on the bed with my Yellow Jockey Briefs shining up the room. He laughed and said, "those are bright."
I laughed and said, "come on."
He unpaused and we went to scoring on eachother. He made it to 31 while i was 28. He said, "take off your shirt."
I took of my white vneck and he said, "im shocked you work out?"
Actually no. My body just fit, i replied.
He unpaused and i ran down court and shot a 3 with Dwayne Wade and tied the score. I said, "drop those Grey sweatpants buddy."
He stood up and pulled then down revealing some vert tight Black breifs. They literally showed his dick print and i can make out his dick head. It was fat. He sat down and said, "this is turning gay fast." 
I laughed and said, "ive been gay so this is suddenly changing you."
No its not. A Dare is A Dare.
I unpaused and we played the score became tied at 44. I made mistake and fouled him causing him to go to the free throw line. He shot the ball and made 45 and then 46.
I looked at him and he said, "hmm i want you to uhh. Suck my nipple."
I looked  at him and said, "hameed your nipples look real suckable but why do you want me to do this. You arent gay."
Im not, but a dare is a dare. Its all in fun. Besides, girls suck on my nipples and it turns me on.
I bit my bottom lip and said, "okayy lay back."
He laid back on my King size bed. I put my controller down and climbed on top of him. We looked into each other eyes for awhile and then i looked down a his quarter size nipple, poking out at me. I never did this only saw it in porn.
I leaned down and ran my tongur against. He let put a slight moan. I then placed my whole mouth on it and sucked on it like a lolipop. I even nibbled on it a few times. His body was so well defined. I didnt want to stop he was moaning so sexy. That made me suck on it more. I then ran my tongue across his chest to his other one and started sucking it. He then whispered, "okay stop. Im getting hard and turned on."
I sat up and said, "okay."
He leaned up and his phone started ringing. He got it and said, "wassup Dre."
I didnt hear Dre reply.
But Hameed hung up and said, "well i got to go. Dre wants me to come over his crib. We can finish the game another time. He got dress back up and kissed me on the cheek. He smirked at me and went out my window. I laid my back down and said, "what in the actual fuck?" Change is actually a good thing. Its sudden but its good. Do i like Hameed? 
I got dressed and the  Walé opened my door and said, "we are back. You want to help."
I limped over to the door and said, "sure."



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