Chapter 3: "It Still Hurts."



This week has flew by and its friday and im so happy.  My Bestfriends and I are going to a party to night and i cannot wait. I sat in P.E watching the boys play basketball on the court. Their dicks was bouncing up and down as they ran up the court. I looked around the gym and spotted Dre. He was listening to Dre Beats. I havent spoke to him since tuesday when he dropped me home. I guess whatever we had is over and i cannot be even happier. That Thug wasnt going to have me gone.

My phone buzzed in my Jean pocket. I pulled it out and i had someone calling me, it was Diamond.

I answered, "hello?"

Shon we are going to mall afterschool. I need a dress , my mom gave me the car. Meet me in the parking lot.

"Okay. I think I need some shoes."

She hung up and the school bell rang. I picked up bookbag and walked off of the bleachers and headed to meet Diamond. I made it to my locker to put all my books up. 

I heard Dre say, "so we beefing or something?"

I placed my books in and replied,"you dont speak to me so i guess we are."

I slammed my locker and he said, "bruh you be on some other shit. Im not your nigga. Or your gay lover. I dont have to speak to you all the time."

I spinned around and said, "i didnt say you had to."

Hameed walked up behind him and said, "Dre we hitting up that party tonight. The hoes going to be shaking that ass."

Dre clapped him up and Hameed said, "why you talking to this punk?"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms and said, "yes Dre why are you talking to me?"

Dre looked at both of us and snapped, "Hameed he was looking at me like he wanted my dick so i was going to beat his  ass. His ole faggot ass."

Hameed laughed and i didnt. That hurted.  I dont want him... i think.

I let him have that and i walked off. I grabbed my phone and i had a facebook message in a matter of 10 seconds, from Dre.

"Im sorry. You know i didnt mean that."

I replied, "i dont care it still hurts. Dre bye."

I walked over to Diamond and she noticed my face was mad. She said, "are you okay?"

I quickly replied, "yea lets go. Where Walè?"


"Fuck meee!! Harder Ja'Shon! Harder!"
As his dick slid in and out of me i was wincing in pain. This type of dick have you slow walking and cant sit for days. He picked up speed and went into overdrive. Today has been amazing. Ja'Shon called me during lunch and said, "leave school and come over."  I did just that.
All of a sudden i heard Nicki Minaj Anaconda playing. Ja'Shon stopped and said, "whats that?"
I leaned off the bed and dug into my pants pocket and grabbed my phone. It was Ka'Shon.
I cleared my throat and answered. 
He asked, "where you at?"
I replied, "home. I left school. Didnt feel good."
Well, are you coming to the party tonight.
"Yea i am. Just need some rest."
Ja'Shon slid his dick back in me causing me to shiver.  He started fucking me again and i ended the conversation and threw my phone. I looked back and slapped him.
He said, "whats that for?"
I pushed him back with my ass and spinned on his dick and snapped, "this is wrong. I shouldn't be here."
He replied, "i know but shit you here now. I promise this the last time. Now less talking and more riding."
I smirked at him and leaned down to kiss him. He moved his face and said, "cmon now these lips are for your sister. Just ride the dick please."
I obeyed and sent him over the edge.
I walked out of the Versace store with three bags and sat down waiting for Diamond, whereever she is. I looked over and spotted Hameed staring at me. I jerked my neck at him and snapped, "you see something you like?"

He retorted, "shut your weak ass up."

I put my bags down on the couch and said, "then beat my weak ass."

He charged over at me and swung a punch. I moved my head and he missed. I grabbed the collar of his green shirt and went to pounding himin the head. He picked me up and slammed me on the floor. That took wind out of me. He then grabbed my shirt and was about to punch me, but someone grabbed his fist and said, "bruh you tripping. Lets go."

Dre picked Hameed up and he said, "that pussy hit me first Dre."

I stood up and was trying to hit him again. Dre shoved me back and said, "leave it alone Slim."

I snapped, "fuck yall. Its okay ill catch you at the party boy."

Hameed snatched away and ran off. Dre stared at me and snapped,"oh so it fuck me? Alright. Next time i wont stop him from beating your ass."

I chuckled and said, "Dre leave me alone please."

Diamond came up and snapped, "what the hell is going on?"

Nothing lets go, i grabbed my bags and walked off.

I looked backed and Diamond and Dre was talking. I went to the car and waiting for her. She came out with her bags and said, "Dre is a mess. Talking about i owe him a dance at the party. Lies. Anyways why you fighting?"

She unlocked the door and got in i sat down and said, "hameed always saying stuff so when i see him again we are fighting. With his little dick ass."

She crunk up the car and pulled off. About 30 minutes later she pulled up to my house and i got out with my bags and went to the door. The door was open. I walked in and looked around for Ja'Shon. I know kashmere isnt home yet. I walked upstairs and opened my room door and Walè was sleep on my bed. I walked over and woke him up and said, "when did you get here?"

He said,"after you called. I packed a bag and came over."

I laid down with him and he said,"this party better be turned."

Hell Yea it better be, i replied.



"Shake that ass Ka'Shon."

I was shaking it fast. Walé and Diamond was smacking my butt. This house party has been bumping ever since we got here an hour ago. I stopped dancing and Diamond handed me my cup of liquor. I drunk it all and said,"ill be back, im going to the bathroom."

I walked over to the bathroom and all of a sudden a drunk girl walked up to me and said, "can i skip please."I let her go. I stood there with my hands crossed. The girl finally came out and i peed and tried to makeIt through the crowd to my friends. I finally spotted Diamond, she was talking to some boy. I walked over and realized it was Dre. He said,"wassup" to me but i ignored him. He then said, "diamond what about that dance."

Before she can even reply we heard was gunshots. The whole party went into frenzy and that caused alot of chaos. Someone cut the lights so it was dark. I just went to running towards something. I felt someome grab my hand and they leaded me some where. We got outside and i was picked up off of my feet and i just buried my face into the person chest. It was a boy. He stopped and said,"get in the car." The boy put me down and realized it was Dre. I snapped, "no, my friends are back there."

He sucked his teeth and said,"well stay and die. you can call them when we get away from here."

I went around the car and got in. I txted Diamond, "where are yall? Im okay."

She txted back fast, "we are on the way to my house. See you tomorrow. Love ya."

Dre pulled out of the lot and started driving. I said, "why did you pick me up?"

He said, "you was moving slow. I just had to hurry, so i picked you up."

Where are we going?

"I wanted to go to the beach. You good with that."

I guess.

He snapped, "good and you better not be fighting no more either."

Before i can reply he blasted his music. I sat back and looked out the window. About an hour later we pulled up to this secluded beach and it was dark.

I sat up and said,"i never knew of this beach."

Yea, i found it like a year ago. I used to come here when my mom used to make me mad. I came out here to think. This was my place and i have allowed you to come so no attitude tonight.

He began taking off his shirt and i asked, "what are you doing?"

To get in the water. I have a towel and the trunk.lets go.

"Boy im not getting in that water. I know its cold."

Well that sucks for you.

He opened the door and slid out of his leather pants and now he was standing here in his Black Briefs. Looking sexy as ever. He through the pants in the car and ran off. I took off my shirt and said,"why not?"

I stepped out the car and took off my skinny jeans and put them down. As i walk onto the sand it was windy. I knew i was about to get a cold. My dick was freezing and my ass. 

Dre screamed, "hurry up and get in. It feels good as fuck."

I ran into the water and it did. I started swimming over to him and he said,"see i told you."

He picked me up and slammed me into the water. I couldn't believe that he did that. I stared at him and said,"oh my god. Imma kill you." 

I grabbed his wet arm and tried to slam him but i couldnt. He was to bigger than me. He laughed and said,"slim what you trying to do?"

He moved closer to me and picked me up and i wrapped my legs around  his waist so he wont slam me. Our dicks was touching and his shit felt big and long. He chuckled and said, "let me go. Let me slam you."

I cried out, "no are you crazy."

He then jumped up and drowned both of us. I wrapped my arms around his neck and when he came up from air , he threw me off of him.

"Your dick hard, you tripping. Im notLike that."

He swimmed out of water and i stayed in it until my hard on left. I couldn't believe this happened. I know he would not like to be friends now. I got out of the water and walked over to the car freezing cold. He threw me a towel and said,"dry off and hurry. I got shit to do."

I quickly dried off and put my pants and shirt on.  I sat down and we sat there awkward for a minute and i have broke the silence. "Im sorry Dre. I didnt mean to get hard. Its just been awhile i guess."

Been Awhile? Or it never happened. 

"How you know im a Virgin?"

The way you act. So mad all the time. If you get laid you will be cool. So you lied about knowing how to ride dick good?

I chuckled and said, "nope because everything i do. Im the best."

He crunk up the car and said, "oh is that so."

I never told someone i was a virgin before, however, he just made mefeel so comfortable. And that scares me. He pulled up at his house and said,"i cannot drive on the other side of town right now. I have to meet up with someone about this weed. And also This girl going to give me some head . Heres my key, go up to my room and sleep. You can get a shirt and briefs to sleep in."

He gave me the key and unlocked the doors. I didnt even know this man was about to do this. I said, "what about your mom?"

Its friday. She wont be home until tomorrow evening. My little brother at my aunts house, its cool. Ill be back later on tonight. 

I stepped out the car and watched him pull off. I quickly ran over to the door and unlocked it and went up to his room. I put the key in and opened that door. I went over to his drawer and searched through his drawer for briefs . Condoms, socks, Boxers, and Porn Magazines was in the drawer. I chuckled. I grabbed the yellow pair of breifs and then went to his closet and got a white Vneck shirt and a towel and rag. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. As i slid the briefs on it felt like he was touching me in away. The thought of his dick being in these made me feel good. I put on the shirt and walked into his room. I closed his door and climbed into his bed. I got under the comforters and laid on the pillow. Suddenly, i drifted into a quick sleep.

A loud noise woke me up and Dre ran into the room. I sat up in the bed as he locked the door. He took off his shirt and was pacing. I said, "whats wrong?"

He replied, "i killed him. The one that shot up the party was there to kill me and i killed him tonight."

My eyes widened and i said, "Dre calm down. Please."

He took off his pants and climbed into the bed and laid down. I tapped his shoulder and he turned over to me and hugged me. I was shocked but i hugged him back. I laid down and i couldnt believe we was cuddling right now. I put the cover over us and said,"its okay Dre. Its going to be okay."

He leaned on my shoulder and i laid my head on the pillow and we drifted  to sleep.


Chapter 4: The Shocking Day After.


I rolled over in the bed and realized where i was at and jumped up. I looked around and saw Dre sitting by his window smoking some weed.

He looked over at me and said,"goodmoring sleeping Punk."

Haha. Goodmorning. Are you okay?

"Yea im fine. I just had a problem with your hardon last night. So i slept on this carpet. But thanks for being there."

Im sorry.also, No problem Dre, but last night you came in here and said you killed someone. What was that about?

"I probably was drunk. I dont know, but you have to go. I have a trip later on today."

I got out the bed and said,"throw me my jeans."

He finished smoking and threw them. I slid into them and stuffed my fat ass into my jeans. Dre was looking at me. I smirked and asked, "what?"

He replied,"nothing just daydreaming."

My phone started ringing and it was Ja'Shon. I picked up and said, "hello?"

He replied, "where the fuck are you?"

At a friends, why?

"You need to come home now. Kashmere and I got into it bad and i maybe going to jail. I hit her."

I  panicked fast. The only thing i can think about was going back to my parents or worse back on the street.I hung up the phone and said, "get me home now. Cmon."

About 20 minutes later Dre dropped me off and i told him ill keep him updated. I ran into my gate and into my house. I turned into the living room Kashmere was holding an Ice Bag on her eye. I sat next to her on the couch and asked, "where is Ja'Shon? He went to jail."

No, i told him i wasnt going to call them if he left and went to a hotel for awhile.

"What happened? Why are yall fighting?"

She removed the ice bag and she had a nice size bruise around her eye. My brother hit her hard. He is to muscular anyways. 

She stated, "last night i came home from work and we started kissing and he carried me to the shower and we got in together. I noticed passion marks on his neck and body. I flipped out because i know for a fact i didnt put them there. So we got to arguing. I ended that and slept down here. When i woke up this morning i stole his phone and went through it and found out he is cheating on me. So we started fighting.

I held my heart and said, "cheating on you? With who?"

I dont know some whore named Chelsea, but knowing him thats not her name. He switched it to throw me off, before i can call the bitch he came downstairs.

I sat back and said, "well im going to call him and im sorry for your eye."


"I knew it . I knew it. I knew she was going to find out. My sister isnt dumb."

As i cleaned Ja'Shon wounds my sister gave him he winced in pain. 

He then said, "fuck her man and you better be glad i changed the name to a girls own. She would have killed us. This is all your fault."

I jumped off the hotel bed and said, "my fault? How in the fuck? You are the one who pursued me, remember?"

He grabbed my arm and said, "chill out alright. Its both of our fault. I just let my dick take over sometimes."

I eased back down on the bed and said, "so how are you going to make this right?"

I dont know. Ill let her chill down for the week. Then ill come back and eat that pussy right and i will be back in her life. 

"We have to stop this ja'shon."

I know Walé but not now.

He grabbed my arm and snatched me into his lap. He grabbed my bottom jaw and kissed me. I was kissing him back and all but this shocked me. He told me his lips is only for Kashmere. They felt so good.I sat on his lap and said, "well since you thinking about eating my sister pussy. How about you practice on this bussy."

He smirked at me and flipped me over. He bent me down and pulled my jeans and briefs down. When his tongue touched my hole i moaned. He started tongue fucking me and my god he give good head. I was in sexual ectasy. This man knows how to please someone. He flipped me over and grabbed my hard dick. I looked at him and asked, "what are you doing?"

Pleasing my bitch.

He stuck my dick in his mouth and that sent me over the edge. I cannot believe he called me his bitch. This have officially hit new heights.

"Thats not that bad Walé."

I laid on the bed naked and started laughing. His phone started ringing and he picked it up and said, "im on my way now. No one leave the warehouse."

He jumped up and said, "stay please. Ill be back later."

I smiled at him and said, "im ordering pizza and movies on your debit card."

Do whatever Bae.

That word hit me hard. I've never been called that. I only fuck people and let them go to avoid feelings. 

I stopped him and said, "Ja'Shon why you called me that?"

He smirked at me and said, "thats what you are for the time being. Now dont turn into a bitch now. Ill be back."



"Frankie stop talking. The boss should be in soon and we will find out who have been stealing money."

Frankie bit his bottom lip and sat back in the office chair. I pulled out my phone and i had a message from 19 minutes ago. I slid my phone open and it was from Ka'shon, "Dre everything is alright. Everyone is fine. My brother just have to go to a hotel , while his girl cool down. And thanks for the ride."

Frankie said, "damn nigga what female got you smiling."

I looked up at him and said, "mine your business. No one have me smiling."

The office door opened and the boss walked in and jacked Frankie up and snapped, "are you the one stealing my money?"

Frankie was trembling. He was shaking , he was so scared. He replied, "No J. im not. I have worked for you since you was 18. I will never steal from you."

I chimed in, "so why is money missing from your shipment. You came by my crib and asked when is the shipment and then the money from that shipment comes up missing. Thats fishy."

J. slapped Frankie down and said, "Dre lets go check the other 11 niggas down in the basement. If they know nothing then we chopping Frankie up. And did you do that last night?"

I stood up and said,"yea those boys tried to kill me at some party, so i took some of our boys and we went and killed them."

As we walked out of the office my mind was spinning. I didnt like killing people it wasnt right. The drugs and money was nothing but putting a bullet in someone frightens me. 

We made it to the basment and J. said, "do yall know about the 50,000 dollars that was stole from the last shipment?"

The whole room went silent. I snapped, "yall deaf?"

All them answered, "no."

Then answer my damn question, J. Replied.

I love being his second man. He have showed me the way. When i first said i was leaving home, he the one told me how the streets was. He isnt that older than me , but the dude is genuine. He made me sell my first we bag, he gave me my first payoff, and he the one who making me stay in school. He is like a Dad.

Paulie came up and said, "Boss we dont know. All we know is that Dre gave Frankie the address to pick up the shipment. Frankie went. He called us an hour later saying he was robbed for 50,000 , but he managed to live."

J. snapped, "back to work. Dre lets go."

I followed him and he said, "im about to chop this boy up. If you dont want to be here , leave."

Thanks Boss, i have homework anyways.

"Okay go do it and i wanna see them grades."

We clapped each other up and i noticed a bruise on his neck. I asked, "boss you was in a fight."

He chuckled and said, "nah my bitch tripping. Read some messages from this other chick im fucking. So now im staying at a hotel for now."

I walked out and pulled out my phone and texted Ka'Shon.

"Im on my way home to try and get some homework done. Are you good in math?"

When i made it to my car it was a familiar girl in my car. I said, "Rita what are you doing in my car?"

She replied, "you stood me up last night. I was supposed to suck that 11' thick caramel colored dick of yours."

She started rubbing on my dick through my Tru Religion Jeans. I unbuckled my belt and released my dick and she took it in her mouth.My phone ringed in a txt from Ka'Shon.

"I have A.P Calculus , so yea im good in math. If you need help i will. Im kind of bored. Diamond is out with her mom and Walé isnt answering. So ill hang with you if you want."

I replied, "oh so im 3rd in line?"

Ka'Shon replied, "ofcourse you are. I saved the best for last. :)"

I smirked and i didnt know why. This gay boy makes me feel so safe. I love him but not in the relationship way like in the friend way. He made cool and reminds me of a girl that can just be a friend. And i dig that. Whatever he likes up his ass doesnt bother me, because it aint my dick up it. He just fun to be around.

 I climaxed in Rita mouth and she swallowed my cum and got out. I put my dick back in my pants and replied, "bruh im on my way, be outside."

I cranked up the car and headed over to his house. I turned on his street and he was standing out by his gate dressed in some short ripped jeans they stopped at his upper thigh and he had on a tight hollister shirt. He doesnt fear nothing. He doesnt care about what people say. 

I pulled up and he went around the hood and got in. He placed his math book on the floor and said, "so where are we studying at?"

I stared at him and he said,"what is something on my face?"

I chuckled and said,"yea, Bravery."

He smiled and sat back. I pulled off and he said, "my brother isnt answering his freaking phone. His girl done kicked him out because he was cheating and now he at a hotel."

Those words floated in my head and it reminded me of what my boss had said before i left. Its no way my boss have a faggot brother. He too street too hood. 

I replied, "damn your brother just lucky she didnt call the cops. Lets go to my crib. We can rematch on Madden and we could study Ka'Shon."

He started clapping and said, "OMG! You called me my name."

Huh, i retorted.

"You didnt call me Faggot or punk. You said Ka'Shon. I think we are making progress."

I laughed and said, "Whatever Faggot."

Alright you Thug.

I looked at him and said, "what makes you think im a thug?"

He turned around to face me and licked his lips and said, "well you have a gun. This car cost a lifetime and you dont have a legit job. You smoke weed and had some in the trunk. Also, that guy who was at your house seened thuggish aswell. Its okay though because you dont scare me at all."

And why is that? I have tattoos.

Ka'Shon laughed and said,

"Tattoos doesnt make you a scary. I think im not scared, because growing up my brother used to sell weed from my moms house and one night these men came in to kill him and he defended us. Then he told me 'dont ever be scared of another human being we all bleed if cut.' Ever since that day no one scares me. Thats why i told my parents im gay and all, but that didnt work  out well so im living with him."

Your brother sounds like a nice guy.

"Sometimes, but somethimes he works my nerve."

What sibiling doesnt? I retorted.

We laughed and and i started pondering more. My Boss is most likely his brother. What the fuck? This just got crazier.


Ja'Shon returns to the Hotel room and joins Walé in bed while he watches a movie....

Ka'Shon and Dre plays Madden and Ka'Shon is winning....

Kashmere lays in bed crying her broken heart out....

Diamond is writing in her Diary about her liking the new Thug Boy....

To Be Continued...



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