Chapter 14: Sorries are for Cowards.



I put my feet in my shoes and grabbed my bookbag. I was dreading this last day of school before thanksgiving break. Especially because of what happened with Hameed. I have been txting and callig him for the last two days and didnt even recieve a message back. ImGoing to push through this day. I walked downstairs and out the fromt door to catch the bus, im still not fucking with Walé right now or my brother. I heard Ja'Shon scream, "surprise."

I looked over and saw him In front of a White Audi 2015. He threw me the keys and said, "this is an early xmas present bro."

I laughed and said, "Ja'Shon dont play with me. Are you forreal?"

Yes, your license is just collecting dust in your wallet, so put it toUse. Plus, this is a sorry gift. I havent been the best big brother  lately.

I went over and hugged himAnd said, "sorry is for cowards, but ill accept this gift. Your thug money comes in use i see."

I hit him on the chest and got in myCar. I breathed in that new car  aroma and smiled. Today looks like its going to turn around i hope.

30 Minuted later, i walked down the hall to my locker. I opened it and i grabbed my Chem Book. Diamond ran over to me and said, "umm hello what happened with Hameed?"

I slammed my locker and said, "we kissed and then i called him Dre."

She covered her mouth and i said, "save the theatrics. I know i messed up and he havent even been hitting me up."

Ouch. Maybe he will cool off. Anyways i brought our game tickets for tonight. We just need a ride to the mall.

I went into my MCM bag and said, "well these keys will do that. J. Gave me a car today."

She clapped and said, "yasss bish yasss."

We laughed and Walé walked passed and spoke to Diamond and kept it moving. She said, "when are you going to forgive him?"

When people in Hell get a slushie. He really betrayed me. Now lets get to class.



I dried off my abs and chest and then my balls and dick. I wrapped my towel around my waist and looked down at my watch and realized i had 5 minutes to get to class. I ran into the locker room and got dress. I was working out for tonights game this morning. As i put on my jeans i heard the Locker room door open and in walked Devin. I rolled my eyes and he said, "wheres your little boyfriend?"

I just ignored him and finished getting dress. I looked over at him and he said, "dude im just joking. I really dont care about who you sticking  your dick in. I just need you to perform tonight on that field. This game determine if we go to playoffs."

I looked over at him and said, "i will and that was phase. That boy was basically trying to seduce me. Believe  me i back to my senses."

Devin sucked his teeth and said, "aww thats fucked up. I thought i can get free handjobs from time to time."

I looked up at him and he had his dick out and in his hand. My eyes got big and i said, "your brother isnt goinf to like that his twin is a fag."

Devin snapped, "i aint no fag, i just like to get my nut off. Now less talking and more jacking."

I walked over to him and grabbed his big black cock and stroked and he got hard fast. I then stopped and said, "thats all. See you tonight at the game."

Yea, i did just blue ball him. 

He snapped, "im going to tell everyone about you and that punk."

Thats cool also tell them how you are in here with you dick hard showing me.

I walked out the lockerroom and headed to class.

Dre walked passed me and bumped me. I snapped, "dude is there a problem?"

Nope. You arent just my friend anymore.

"Why is that? Over Ka'Shon. Im over that and him. He clearly want you so have him."

Dre was about to reply and the late bell rang and i ran down the hall to class. I ran into chemistry and Dr.Spence said, "Hameed Allam late again as usual. Today there will be a consequence. You and your partner for todays project have to do 10 pages instead of 5. Dig in the hat for a partner."

I dug in and pulled out a name.I unraveled it and it read, "Ka'Shon Austin."

Dr.Spence said, "you two have fun."

I walked over to the table where Ka'Shon was sitting and said, "look im only talking to you due to this project."

Ka'Shon looked at me said and said, "yea and im sorry."

Sorry are for cowards. Now lets get to work.

Craig walked by the table and said, "aww look at the couple." 

I stood up and said, "Craig stop trying me for i bust you in the mouth."

I then leaned foward to his ear and whispered, "im curious do you have the same birthmark as your twin on your dick."

I sat down and Craig face got so angry. I chuckled and got to work on this project.



I walked out of the cafeteria because lunch was nasty. I walked to my locker and grabbed my wallet. I was going to drive Kashmere car to The Chinese place up the street. As I walked out of the building i saw Dre handing the prinicipal a bag of what looked like weed and then the Prinicipal handing him money. I shook my head and continued to the parking lot. I heard Dre snap, "so it true. you are a very noisy person."

I rolled my eyes and said, "boy i dont know what you talking about."

He came and put me up against the car and pressed against me and said, "thats right. You dont know nothing and you didnt see nothing."

I laughed and said, "i guess this is why Ka'Shon likes you. You are very hardcore."

He let me go and said, "dont talk about him to me and i havent seen yall together in a while. Are you cut off as well?"

Sadly, at this moment yes. Now i would love to stay and talk about our issues with Ka'Shon but i have to go eat.

"Cool im riding too."

He got into the passenger seat and i walked around the other side. I said, "boy why do you have to be so rude?"

Thats me and are you coming to the game tonight?

I pulled off and said, "maybe i dont know yet."

He then said, "so why he isnt talking to you?"

None of your business, but long story short i betrayed him. Now why are you hiding your feelings for him? Be gay and proud.

Aye watch your mouth i aint gay and its nothing to hide. He told me to come to my senses before its to late and then he is at dinner with Hameed. So I guess he got over me fast. I do care for him but at this moment thats all i know for sure. And can i tell you something?

I replied, "sure wassup."

He breathed in and said,"please dont tell no one, but what you think? Okay, the night i caught them at dinner i had sex with this girl. I asked her can i fuck her in the ass and she said sure. And right when i slid in her it was so tight and i moaned and said Ka'Shon's name."

I burst out laughing and said, "that only mean one thing. You thought you was having sex with him which means you have a gay lover. Which makes you a little gay. Its okay you are still a hard thug. Just a gay one."

He sat back and rubbed his forehead and i said, "but in all seriousness you was imagining Ka'Shon taking that dick up the ass. He has a hold on you that you thought you can shake off an you cant. So stop fighting it and fight for him. And aye confessing your love for him to him doesnt mean you have to tell the world. That is between yall two and when you are ready then yall can tell the world."

He looked at me and said, "wow i never heard you talk real shit. Okay fine i will tell him tonight, i promise. Im not going to be a coward. And keep calm he will come around to you."

I parked the car in the restaurant parking lot and said, "i know now lets go eat."




The game has been close all night. The other school is winning now , but we have the ball and its 6 seconds left in the 4th quarter. The whole stadium was standing up cheering and clapping. I looked around and spotted Ka'Shon and Diamond. I cannot wait to this thing is over so i can tell him i love him. I really do, Walé really opened my eyes. I may be gay for Ka'Shon.

Devin screamed, "DOWN SET HIKE!"

He drew back and looked for an open player and Hameed was open and his twin Craig was being blocked by two players. He did the unthinkable. He launched the ball at his brother and Craig tipped the ball and the other player caught it and ran it down field and scored. That had to be the stupidest play ever. Hameed took off his helmet and ran over to devin and grabbed him by his face mask and slung him to the floor. That spark turmoil. Our whole team started fighting each other. The referree was blowing whistles and that didnt even help. I started making my way down the stairs and screamed, "Ka'Shon!"

He looked back and looked confused. He rolled his eyes and turned back around. I pulled out my phone and called him. He answered and said, "im dead to you right. So why are you calling me?"

Just meet me in the parking lot by your car in 5 minutes.

I hung up and looked back at the field and the was finally breaking it up. I walked out the stadium and went to the White Audi. I stood their floor about 10 minutes and then i realized i think my big mouth ended our little bromance. I was about to walk off and i heard Ka'Shon say, "the dead has arrived. What do you want?"

Lets get in your car. He rolled his eyes and unlocked the doors. We got in the backseat and close the door. I said, "look i dont expect you to forgive me for saying you was dead to me, but what was i supposed to do. You hurted my feelings. You say you was giving me time to come to my senses but you out here running around with my ex best friend. Im not here to apoligize because i mean everything i say.however, i am here to tell you that Im in love with you. Thats right i am. Im a thug in love with a gay boy. The way you walk, talk, and act turns me on. You humble. I cant rest , i cant act right without you, Ka'Shon. Yes i have made alot of mistakes with us , However so did you."

Ka'Shon stared at me and said, "really Dre? It took you this long to say those words to me. Ive been in love with you since we first met. Now what made you realize this?"

I was having sex and was thinking about you. Also, i callled the girl your name.

"No it wasnt that. It was that you knew you had really lost me and you dont realize what you have until its gone. I liked you for the thug you were. And now you--"

I grabbed him by his shirt and cut him off by clashing our lips together. We started making out and i dug my hands into his pantd and felt on that ass. He slightly moaned and said, "i love you Deandre."

I started sucking on his neck and said, "i love you too Ka'Shon."

I laid him back on the seat we started kissing again. He started rubbing on my nipples under my shirt and it felt so good. I grinded my semi hard dick on him. 

All of sudden we heard Hammed say, "Fuck you Craig!"

we stopped and looked out the window. Craig pulled out his gun and said, "no Fuck you Hameed"

He fired 3 shots at Hameed causing Hameed body to fall limp to the floor. Devin then said, "Craig what did you do? Omg ! Lets go."

They ran off and we hopped out the car. Ka'Shon ran over to Hameed and said, "stat with me."

Hameed was bleeding out of his mouth and i pulled out my phone and called the cops. Hameed then cried out, "I love you Ka'Shon and if i dont make it i wont you to know that."

Ka'Shon rubbed his face and said, "dont talk like that, please dont."

I snapped, "we need the amubulance and police at parkville stadium theres been a shooting and someone is shot . hurry.


To Be Continued..



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