Chapter 15: Shit hits the fan.



"Dre we have to tell the police."

No we are not. Im going to fix this myself.

I snapped, "no im telling the cops when they come in this waiting room to question us. We know where they stay and everything. You are not going to fix this yourself. You arent Olivia Pope."

He looked at me and said, "i cannot believe this happened. I don't understand why they did it."

I wiped my face and confessed, "this is my fault and now Hameed is in surgery."

How is the your fault?

"At the Fair we had a run in with The Twins."

Dre rubbed my back and whispered, "its okay. He will make it. Have faith."

Diamond ran over and said, "OMG! Is he okay? Did they call his dad?"

I stood up amd hugged her and said, "i saw it happen like right in front of me. And yes they called his pops."

Dre got up and said, "the cops."

Two officers came over to us and said, "are yall the two that was there to see this?"

I spoke, "yes we was in my car that was parked in the lot. We looked up and it all happened so fast. Craig shot him three times."

Craig what?

"Craig Killian Of  The Killian Family."

The officers eyes opened wide and one said, "young man its not good to lie to the police. Craig and Devin Killian was picked up by their father after the big fight. They was never near the parking lot."

I looked at them confused and Dre snapped, "we know what we saw. Craig Shot Hameed so what ever alibi  Mayor Killian has told yall is fake. Isnt it odd to yall that they told yall this?"

The officer said, "no we asked his input and he said 'he wish he could have did something as mayor due to him being their to pick his sons up.' Now you two are trying to pin this on Craig. Are yall involved?"

I chuckled and said, "sir i never even held a gun. I told you we was in my car. "

The last officers said, "why was you two in a uncranked car?"

Dre stated, "talking. Now when Hameed get out of surgery he can tell you exactly whats going on."

The doctor chimed in, "sorry but i don't think that will happen. One of the bullets was lodged into his right lung. He lost to much blood. Sorry to inform yall Hameed Allam is Dead."

My knees got weak and I stumbled.Dre caught me and said, "are you okay?"

No, im not. shit just hit the fan.

I couldn't understand why was the cops taking up for the boys. The mayor is already on top of this case and his son will not be accused for this. It isn't fair. I just lost someone near and dear to my heart. I started crying and i hugged Diamond. Dre snapped, "well we told yall everything. Yall may leave us alone."

The lady officer said, "not that easy. You two was the only two there. Yall have to come down to the station for questioning, because this is now a homocide."

I started spazzing as the big beefy guy started to grab my arm. I looked at Dre and he said, "chill slim. They going to hurt you. Its just questions, we know for a fact we did nothing."

The man officer started walking me  out and i screamed, "DIAMOND CALL MY BROTHER NOW."




"Deandre Anthony Smith you are a sad case. I dont see why you would you want to be free. Dead beat father left. Your mother is a drunk. Your little brother is om your path. However, you managed to own a Lamborgini. Hmmmph.. let me guess Drugs?"

I looked up at the cop and said, "Sir just because i have tattoos doesn't mean i have anything to do with drugs. My car was a gift from a man i met. Now as for my family you have them all correct. Now Officer Paul let me profile you. you are at this station 24/7. you are fat and over weight. You have no wife and you like to partol around the schools to check out the young girls. Also, you probably and for sure have the smallest little pink dick. Now i didnt come here to tell the obivious i came here to tell that i didnt commit murder. I told you it was Craig Killian, now instead of trying to break me down you should be questioning the mayors kids. Fat Ass."

He bit his bottom lip and walked out the room. I sat back in the dark room chair and looked up and mumbled, "lord please get me out of here."

The door opened again and a White Bald man walked in with Ja'Shon and said, "you are free lets go."

I jumped up and walked out of the  room. Ka'Shon came up to me and said, "they are so rude. Are you okay?"

Yea i am. Lets go.

I walked passed officer Paul and said, "get up and go get those twins. They know what happened. maybe talk to Devin he probably would break and give up his brother."

I walked out of the station and Ja'Shon said, "who smart idea was it to talk to the cops in the first place?"

We went silent and he shook his head. It was Ka'Shon, but i wasnt about to snitch. He threw Ka'Shon his keys and said, "go home and take Dre home. I have something to do."

Ka'Shon asked, "what are you going to do?"

He snapped, "FIX YALL DAMN MESS."

Ja'Shon walked off and I whispered, "so is that Olivia Pope?"

Ka'Shon looked back at me and smirked. I slapped his ass and said, "lets go im ready to shower and im going to your house."

We walked in the parking lot and got in the car. Ka'Shon leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He was pulling away and i grabbed his face and said, "baby are you okay?"

He sighed, "yea its just so much happened tonight. That Man is going to see his son body and be devastated."

I leaned over and planted a kiss om his lips and said, "i got you alright."

He stretched his arm out and rubbed my face and said, "i got you too. every thug needs a bottom."

I replied, "i dont onow about every but this one does need you."

I sat back as he pulled off. We got to his house and i noticed Hameed dad Car in the driveway next door.

Ka'Shon said, "not tonight. Lets go tomorrow. Give him his space to grieve."

We got out and walked up to the house. Before Ka'Shon can put the key in, Walé opened it and embraced us with a hug. 

He snapped, "i dont give a fuck if you not fucking with me right now Ka'Shon. but you are still my bestfriend and im happy you are okay."

Ka'Shon replied, "thanks Walé , but im fine. Hameed is dead. Like really dead. This morning you know what i said when i woke up after i got my car. I said, "today may turn around to be a good day." Was that a damn lie.

He took off upstairs and i walked in and I said, "Walé he is still a little shaken up. He will be okay."

I closed the door and started to walk upstairs. Walé said, "imma bring yall something to eat."

I walked upstairs and saw the room door on the left open. I walked in and saw Ka'Shon undressing. I cleared my throat and he turned around in his green Express briefs and said, "im sorry i just cannot talk about that now. Im going to shower. You can watch tv or play my game or whatever."

I nodded my head  and he wrapped himself in a towel and pulled off his underwear. I watched him as he walked into the bathroom. He had a fat ass. I cannot wait to see it really. I took off my jordan and laid back on his bed. It smelled like him sweet and vanilla. I rubbed my face and said, "im sorry for everything Hameed. You know deep down i love you man. You was my bestfriend at ParkVille. Now as you go to heaven watch over us. Craig will pay for what he did. Your death wont go unsolved on my moms. I pulled out my phone and put it on charger and took off my shirt. I walked over into his closet and a light turned on. This boy have a walk-in closet, he is a diva. He had shoes, jeans, jackets, belts, shades,watches, and everything a prince needs. I walked over to his dresser and opened it. It was filled with Underwear. I pulled out a pair of Orange ones and mad was they tight looking. I mumled, "slim is sim forreal. If he didnt have that fat ass he will be a stick."

I grabbed them and closed the drawer. I walked over and grabbed a lose fitted White Vneck. I had some gym shorts under my Jeans. I walked out and Hameed was placing some hotpockets on the desk. I said, "thanks."

He pursed his lips and smiled and said, "ill see yall in the morning. Try to get some rest."

He left the room and i slid my jeans off and my gym shorts. I stood there in my briefs. Ka'Shon walked out in his towel and dripping wet. He started chuckling and i said, "what's funny?"

You about to put on my briefs you have to show me when you come out. 

I mimicked his laugh and said, "but they are going to make this 11 inch dick look bigger than what it already is."

I grabbed my crotched and he rolled his eyes and said, "go shower. Towels and rags are under my Sink."



I sat in my bed eating my hotpocket in the dark as Dre showered. I looked over at my patio expecting Hameed to just walk in any minute. I took my shirt and shorts and got under the covers.

Dre opened my bathroom door and said, "you sleep slim?"

No im just laying here.

He walked over and got in the bed with me. I rolled over and snuggled in his arms. He wrapped around me and i said, "i love you Dre."

I love you too Ka'Shon. I wanted the day i confess my love to you to be special, but i wasnt. Im sorry.

I looked up at him and said, "it was special to me."

I kissed him on the lips and we started making out. I climbed on top of him and started kissing on his neck. He moaned and slid of his shirt. He grabbed my ass and said, "its so fat."

I whispered , "I know"

He rollled us over and was laying on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he leaned down and kissed me. My room door slung open and it was Walé . He snapped, "yall its all over the news. Craig confessed to Killing Hameed."

I looked at Dre and said, "confessed? What the hell did my brother do?"


Chapter 16: A Month Later.



"Ja'Shon this is why i told you to let me and Walé go get the christmas tree. This tree is not even correct. Luckily christmas isnt for another 4 days."

Ja'Shon looked back at me and said, "fags can decorate, so yall do it. Kash and I are leaving for the weekend. Call me if you need anything."

He walked out of the living room and i knocked down the tree. I screamed, "WALÉ COME HELP."

He ran into the living room from upstairs wrapped in a blanket. He said, "Ka'Shon i would love to help, but its cold. Its literally 13 degrees outside."

Well, we need a new christmas tree, so you better bundle up. I want this christmas to be perfect. Ever since the Hameed situation i cannot complain. Craig is doing life in prison. Devin has been so nice lately to where its shocking. You and I are back like we never left each other side. Diamond got a boy toy. Kashmere and My brother baby is doing well. All is well. Even though i still dont know what made Craig Confess. 

Walé blew hot air in his hands and said, "you are forgetting one thing. you and Dre are in love ."

My face lit up and i said, "yes i love my baby. How can i forget? Speaking of Dre, ive been thinking alot and i think Christmas night will be the night we make love."

Walé screamed , "ahhhhh! I love it! Okay i will help you now. We have to make sure this christmas is so fun. Let me go put on Some Ugg Boots, Three jackets , and alot of pants and ill help you throw that hedious thing out and go get a new one."

My phone buzzed and i grabbed it out my pocket and answered, "baby where are you? Walé and I are about to head to the store to get a new xmas tree."

Im pulling up now Bae. I was calling to tell you that i miss you and open the door.

I stood up and ran to the door. I fixed my sweatpants and jacket and opened the door. Dre bombed rushed me and picked me up while slamming the door. He put me on the mail desk and started kissing me. I said, "my brother hasnt left yet."

He kissed me one more time and said,"ughh!"

I got off and said, "well if you just tell your 'boss' that you are dating his brother all will be well."

Before he can reply Kashmere and my brother came downstairs with two bags and he said, "Dre what you doing here?"

Dre looked choked up and i said, "he is here to help me with that hedious tree."

Dre smiled and said, "have fun in Palm Beach. You better hurry it just started snowing."

Kashmere kissed my cheek and then headed to the car. Ja'Shon clapped me and Dre up and said, "see yall Monday. Also, Dre ill txt you about something later , okay."

My brother opened the door and followed Kashmere. Dre wrapped his hands around my waist and picked me up from the back and walked into the living room and laid me on the couch. We started making out and i was filling all up his body. His abs felt so good. Walé cleared his throat and sAid, "im sick of catching yall in make out sessions. It was nasty last month and nasty this month."

Dre and I sat up and Dre said, "you make out with niggas so how is it nasty?"

Because i cannot picture my bestie doing such things. I mean i know he gay but he doesnt seem like the type to flaunt it.

I stood up and said, "well ask Santa for a boy and you could make out."

But, in always bad , he retorted.

I chuckled and said, "Walé you have been bad since you came out the wound. That never stopped Santa before. Now come on lets get to work."

Just as us three was about to pick the tree up the doorbell rang. I looked up and said, "who could that be? Probably my brother he probably forgot something."

I walked over to the door and opened it. I stepped back and covered my mouth. I couldnt believe who i was looking at. 

My Mom said, "are you going to let me in, its cold."

Dre walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said, "baby you know her?"

I trembled and said, "yea its my mom."


After we finish dumping tree we walked back into the house and Walé said, "Ms.Austin is that hot chocolate i smell?"

We walked into the kitchen and she had four mugs out and she filled them with Hot Cocoa. Walé grabbed a mug and Dre did as well. Walé grabbed Dre arm and they walked out. I sipped mine and asked, "mom what brings you here? Its literally been a year and a day since ive seen you."

She ignored my question and she asked, "So that boy with the little mohawk, The thuggish one is your boyfriend? He doesnt look --"

I snapped, "Gay. How does gay look. Like me? Mom you arent changed. Why are you here?"

Well, your dad and i are getting divorced i caught him having sex with a the pool boy in my bed, last week. And also, we came to see you after the accident but Ja'Shon basically told us to fuck off.

I chuckled and said, "Austin men are all --. Nevermind anyways that was a nice gesture of my brother. I dont want to see you or him. Yall kicked me out on the streets. All because i like dick. Now look how the tables have turned. karma's a bitch."

She walked over to me and said, "baby im sorry. It just i didnt want to believe, but i always knew. So since its the season to be jolly. I wanted to spread some holiday cheer and spend it over here with you and your brother."

I breathed in and said, "you are correct it is, so you have one chance . If you screw it up  want you gone. Also, Ja'Shon is out of town until monday with Kashmere."

She hugged me and said, "thanks, ill go get my bags out the car."

She started to walk off and i said, "mom he isnt my boyfriend. He is my lover, my heart, and rock."

She smirked and walked off. Dre walked back in the kitchen and said, "oh really im your rock."

Yea, you are. 

"Goood and also i like how you let her stay. Atleast your mom is trying so give her a chance. I wish mine would just put the bottle down."

I tippytoed and kissed his tall ass on the mouth. He whispered, "dont tease me."

I walked off twisting and he said, "curse you slim."

I laughed and said, "come on lets go Christmas tree shopping."

Walé grabbed his scarf and said, "my face going to be cold Bish."

My mom chimed in, "ill stay in and start dinner."

I pointed up stairs and stated, "the 2 rooms down the left are free. Pick one and cook my favorite, if you still remember."

She smiled and said, "yes i even brought the ingredients. Candy yams, Collard Greens, Blueberry Muffins, Yellow rice, and Mac&Cheese."

I looked into her hazel brown eyes and grabbed my car keys and we headed out.



"Sean this tree is good , can you please go and get the man. Im ready to bundle up in my bed. Baby, its cold."

He looked down at me with those grey eyes, latino hair, and prefect teeth and said, "okay and can i cuddle with you."

Depending on how long it take you to go find that man.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek and took off. Sean Mcknight has been so nice to me and i think im ready to tell him i want a real relationship. We met at our family trip to Savannah for thanksgiving family dinner . When we returned to home, i got a call from him saying he moved to ParkVille with his Brother. He has really been here for me. I heard someone say, "this tree look good right here."

The person came from around the tree and i said, "Dre sorry to burst that bubble but I already have this one picked out."

Walé and Ka'Shon trailed behind him and they ran over and we all hugged like we just didnt see each other yesterday. Ka'Shon said, "why are you here by yourself?"

Im not my boy toy is here, i retorted.

Walé clapped and said, "about time we can meet this ghost. I was starting to think he was fake."

I hit him in the chest and then my sexy tall Sean turned the corner and said, "Diamond i cannot find him. Damn it's freezing."

Dre snapped, "SEAN!"

Dre and Sean eyes met and Sean replied, "DEANDRE!"

They ran up to each other and hugged.

Dre said, "man I thought you was in ja--"

Sean cut him off and said, "i was i got out october. My moms told me i had to move to Savannah. However, Juan convinced her to make me move with him. I got a job now and is doing well."

Ka'Shon walked up to Dre and said, "Bae how you do you know him?"

Sean eyes got big and confused and said, "Bae? Wait! You Gay now Dre?"

Dre smirked and said, "No , im Happy with my baby, who happens to be a boy, but keep it under wraps the only people know is these people."

Sean sealed his lips and said, "wow thug Dre likes boys. Thats crazy. But hey im cool with it."

I walked up and Snapped, "you have no choice, because when it comes to my bestie anybody can get cut off, Even you. I love them and their whole relationship. Its so different to were it works. "

Walé chimed in, "enough with the love story. How do yall know each other?"

Dre chuckled and said, "he went to my old school and we was close. We brought weed to school and got busted. However, he took the blame and went to jail for 3 months. All i had to do was transfer. Hence, i came to ParkVille."

They hugged again and i said, "sean you never told me that."

He looked at me and said, "that wasnt a fine moment in my life."

The Snow started dropping harder and i said, "okay um we have to go my mom is waiting and its colder by the minute."

I hugged Ka'Shon and them and Sean And I headed off. The guy finally came up to us and said, "the lady in the car already have a tree picked out."

I snapped, "im going to kill my mom."



I ran into the house carrying a thousands bags. All type of decorations for a tree is in them. Ka'Shon has went overbroad. The smell of all that delicious food his mom is cooking makes my stomach growl. I walked into the living room where Ka'Shon and Walé was putting the tree up. I watched his ass bounce in those sweat pants and i felt my dick growing in my jeans. I put the bags down and said, "baby check this out."

We walked into the pantry closet and i whispered, "baby i cannot wait anymore. Just looking at you get my dick hard."

He smiled and whispered back, "its okay im thinking of giving you something special on Xmas. Its start with a V."

Vagina? I replied.

He hit me in the chest and said, "no its a secret, you will find out."

We kissed and i said, "oh damn i cannot wait."

Me neither. Now go jack off or take a cold shower.

I whined, "can you atleast give me a flash of that ass."

He looked back at me and quickly snatched my jeans down and rubbed on my dick. He then turned around and pulled down his sweats. Ugh, i love his ass. Its so fat and soft."

He pulled them up and kissed me and headed back out. I pulled my jeans up and i walked out. His mom said, "before yall do the tree please come eat."

We all walked in the kitchen and sat  down and ate.

My phone buzzed in a message. It was from Derrick, my little brother. 

"dre can you come get me please. I want you now."

I closed out the message and swallowed my spit. I would love to go get my little brother but i cant. My mom isnt allowing me in the house. I told her that i was with Ka'Shon and she cursed me out and kicked me out. Also, she told me dont be around your brother it might rub off and she is correct. I dont wanna turn my brother like me. Hell no.




I woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to make me some Tea. I didnt feel sleepy no more. I made it downstairs and looked our beautiful tree. After 3 hours of bickering and ideas it finally came together. I put the water pot on the stove and sat down on the stool. I pulled out my phone i had a Skype message. I slid it open and It was from Mr.Mcknight. The profile picture couldnt tell me who it was. I replied,"hey."

Seconds later the person replied, "wassup. Why you up so late?"

I can ask you the same thing.

"Touché. Im up because i cannot get this raging dick to lay down."

(At this point i was convinced it was a pervert)

I replied, "who is this?"

The person replied, "its Mr.Mcknight and i cannot wait  to fuck you in that ass. Or you can fuck me and mine. I took alot of Dick while i was in jail for those three months. ;)"

My jaw dropped to the floor because i knew exactly who this was. It is Sean, Diamond's Latino boy toy.

I replied, "Goodnight boy. You are with my friend."

The pot water started boiling. I fixed me a mug and walked into the livingroom. I sat down in the couches and then i had another message.

"Walé dont do me like that. Also, Diamond and I arent Official yet. So why you being stubborn like you dont want my sexy ass."

I replied, "you are sexy , but im not sexually attracted to you."

He replied, "Bring your ass over to my crib and i can show you Sexual Attraction."

I rubbed my head and said, "why does these type of situation follow me?"

I was so tempted to ride some dick. I havent had sex in 2 months and also i did what Ka'Shon told me to do; ask Santa for a boy and now Sean is hitting me up.

He replied, "you still online you see my messages."

I replied, "its to cold for me to leave and also Dre and Ka'Shon are here."

Well i come through your window. Whats the address?

He is so freaking persistent. Like he isnt letting this go. I put my mug down and replied, "436 Winchester Road, ParkVille Surburbs. The Second Patio on the Right of the Front door. The Patio door will be open."

He replied, ";). Im on my way. Have that ass sticking up and that face down. Imma beat that bussy up."

My bussy got wet just from hearing that. My dick was hard and all. I ran into the kitchen and turned the pot off and ran upstairs. I walked into my room and closed my door and locked it. I slid out of my Sweats and Briefs and unlocked my patio door. I got in my bed and had my ass up in the air. I reached across and grabbed the lube out of my drawer and lubed my bussy up. I started fingering myself a little. I heard the patio door open and a nice wind blew in. It closed and i heard Sean taking off his jacket and he said, "damn that ass looking right."

He slid that warm hard dick in me and i said, "yess papi fuck me right."

He started to pick the pace and man this dick was competing with Ja'Shon. He pulled out and threw me a condom and said, "now fuck me."

My eyes got big and i unwrapped the condom and slid it on my dick. I stood up and felt on his ass. I pushed him up agaisnt the cold glass and stuck my dick in him. He was tight. He said, "fuck me hard. With that black dick."

I started ramming my dick in him causing him to moan loud. I guess this holiday season will he a great one.




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