Chapter 1: "Hate At A First Sight."



I stopped the shower water and stepped out to grab my towel. I was fully naked and i loved it. I looked in my bathroom mirror and smiled at myself. My caramel complexion, my perfect smile, my nice body due to working out, and my nice fat round ass.

I grabbed my green towel and wrapped it around my waist. I opened the door to make my way down the hall to my room , when i felt a hard hit to my face. I grabbed my nose and felt blood coming from it. I looked up at my 6'3 tall, 21 year older brother.

I whined, "why did you do that for?"

He shoved me to the wall and snapped, "dont take a long shower no more. Now get dress and go to school, you punk."

Those words hurted me, however, i couldnt defend myself. I had to take it, because our parents kicked me out 3 months ago. All because I decided to tell them i was gay. Thats right im gay. They was livid.  So I moved in with my older brother and his girlfriend. he doesnt like it but he didnt want me living on the street. 

I hurried to my room and closed the door and wiped my nose of the blood. I went over to my Dresser and grabbed a pair of Abercombie&Fitch Briefs. I slid them on and slapped my ass. I loved the firm feeling. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a Polo Shirt and Some Dark Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans. I slid them on and pulled my shirt over my head. I stuck my feet into my Black Converse and I sprayed myself with some Polo cologne. I picked out my Fade and grabbed my MCM bookbag. I walked out of my room and my brother was coming out of the bathroom. I stared at him as he was wrapped in his towel with water dripping down his body. He realized me staring and said, "ka'shon? Get you gay hormones together and go to school. Stop staring at my damn dick."

I shook my head and ran downstairs. I cant believe he caught me staring at his dick. I mean it was covered , but that print was very visible. Our Dad blessed us with huge everythings.

I opened the front door and ran out the gate to the school bus stop. My bestfriend, Walè, said "Boy, you almost got left. You better be lucky the bus isnt on time. I txted you last night. What happened?"

I sucked my teeth and replied,

"My phone broke last night. I have to get a new one today. My brother said he is going to take me , but lets see. Anyways, where are you going with these little ass shorts on boy."

He looked down at the shorts and said, "now these shorts arent little. I just have to show off my cakes. And Besides, i have to steal one of these hoes mans today."

We burst out laughing and a boy on the bus stop, Hameed, snapped, "Shut yall asses up before i beat yall ass."

Walé replied, "yea i know you will like to beat my ass up."

I chuckled at him, because i knew it exactly what he was saying. The yellow bus turned the corner and i walked up to get in line behind Walé. We loaded on to the bus and the ride was mainly quiet. I put in my headphones and listened to Beyonce. That is my Queen. 

We arrived at ParkVille High and i breathed in, because i hate this hell hole. We got off the bus and i heard a familiar voice scream, "KA'SHON!!!"

I turned around and saw my girl bestfriend Diamond. She walked up dressed in a dress and converse. I hugged her and she said, "Where Walé at? I saw him get off the bus."

I dont know Chile, i replied.

We started walking into the school and right as we walking upstairs to enter the building, it felt like my shoulder just was yanked out of place. I stumbled abit and snapped, "damn you cant see."

The boy who just bumped me, turned around and said,"get your faggot ass out the way."

Even though ive been called that a thousand times this time it sounded so new. The way his pink lips pronounced it made it more real. He was lightskin like Drake. He had to be like 6'5, dude was mad tall. He had tattoos on his arms and legs. This boy had to be new i never saw him.

We was staring at each other. Those hazel brown eyes was so sexy. Matter of fact, his whole face was sexy. 

He then snapped, "Are we going to fight? Because, i dont mind whipping your ass."

I fixed my shirt and said, "you arent worth it. Lets go Diamond."

She entangled her arm around mine and said, "thank god, you didnt want to fight. That boy look like a Thug. I mean i know you are not scared, but i could see us jumping him and him shooting us."

I burst out laughing and looked back at him as he walked into the office. I hated him with a passion already. He walked like he was the man. He walked with so much confidence and it pisses me off. 

Walé ran up from the side of us and said, "we have a pop quiz and Mr.Thomas class. I hope yall studied, because i did. I sucked his dick last night for my 'A' , for a white man its huge."

I replied, "boy you are a mess."

I opened my locker grabbed my book and we walked in class. Mr. Thomas called Walé over to his desk and Walé winked his eye at us.

Diamond Whispered, "do you think he did suck that man dick? We all know Walé a whore.

I replied, "if Walé pass this test, yup he did."

I took my seat and opened my book and started fast reading over the last chapter we was reviewing. The rang and Mr.Thomas stood up and said, "Pop quiz on Chapter 13. All you need is a pencil."

I pulled out a pencil and someone started banging at the classroom door. My eyes darted at the door, because i had to see who the idiot was. Mr. Thomas opened the door and in walked Mr.Confident from earlier. He pushed a paper in the teacher chest and made his way to a seat. I looked around for an empty seat and couldnt spot one. However, this thug must have did because he walked over to me and sat right behind me. I mumbled, "great."

Mr. Thomas said, "Class we have a new student transferred from our rival school downtown. His name is De--"

Out of nowhere he cut our teacher off and spoke loudly across the class, "IM DEANDRE , BUT I GO BY DRE. I DONT TAKE SHIT FROM NO ONE SO DONT START WITH ME. COOL."

Mr. Thomas cleared his throat and said,

"Well with that being said, heres your quiz. Please be quiet."

As I waited for my paper , i heard Dre whisper, "Yo let me get a pencil?"

I whispered back, "what happened to not taking shit from no one? Or a pencil doesnt qualify."

The girl in front of me handed me my paper and i gave one to Dre. He snapped, "you might as well keep it, since you wont give me a pencil."

He was so loud the whole class stared at us. I hated attention, but i can see he thrives off it. I looked into his cute face and saw the devil. I retorted, "it isnt my fault you didnt come prepared to school."

Mr. Thomas stood up and said, "you two have an F for this quiz , yall may leave."

I was shocked. I never gotten an F. I looked at Diamond and Walé in total hurt. I stood up and pulled my skinny jeans over my plumped ass. I grabbed my bookbag and twist walked out of the class. Dre was right behind me. I opened the door and right when he walked out i said, "i cannot believe you got me kicked out."

He licked those inticing lips and said, "if your little punk ass would have gave me the pencil, maybe you would have took your precious quiz. Now shut the fuck up with all that."

I walked up in his face and snapped, "im sick of you. Shut me up."

He looked into my eyes and said, "i have a way to shut you up."

I replied, "oh yea. How?"

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "by sticking my big, fat, long, GUN down your throat and pulling the trigger."

My dick was getting hard in my jeans and they was getting tight, up until he said Gun. He walked off and left me standing there in awe. I swear i thought he was going to say dick. Or is that what i wanted him to say?

I spinned around and screamed,"i hate you."

He snapped, "i hate you too. now come on."

Come on where?

"With me. Damn, You ask a thousand questions. We are going to Dennys. Im hungry. And we will be back before your next class, Mr.Goodie."

I mumbled, "fuck you."

I caught up to him and we went out of the side door to the parking lot. I never skipped school before. I feel so bad.

I said, "we are going to get caught."

He laughed and said, "calm down faggot. I did this alot at my old school. You telling me you never skipped?"


"Oh so i have an influence on you?"

He looked back at me and smiled. His teeth was perfect. It can melt a frozen heart. He then snapped, "stop looking at me and come on."

He started running and i followed behind him.  He stopped at a Blue Lamborgini and unlocked the doors. I asked, "who car you stole?"

He snapped, "this is my car. I paid for this. Now get it in."

Diamond was right, he is a thug, but what thug wants to be with me. Im gay as ever and im not that cool. Maybe , he is secure with his sexaulity. I opened the passenger door and got in. He sat down and lift up his shirt and pulled out a gun. My eyes got wide. He popped the glove department open and put it in there. 

He stared at me and said, "what? I have to protect myself. Now put your seat belt on. I cannot get pulled over i have weed in the trunk."

Before i can even snapped, he pulled off. This boy was trying to get me in some deep trouble. I dont wanna go to jail. I can see those men fighting over me being their bitch. But hey thats maybe not a bad thing.

Out of Nowhere, He turned down the loud ass music and then said, "So why you like dick? Because its to much pussy out here. Your friend You was with fine ass fuck. Ima fuck her soon.

I choked and said, "excuse me, why would you ask me that?"

He sucked his teeth and said, "nevermind."

The car came to a stop and i asked, "why you stopped?"

We here.


We sat in Dennys waiting for our food to come. He kept checking his phone. I asked, "Are you waiting for a call?"

He replied, "there you go with the questions again. DAMN, that shit is aggravating."

I stood up and said, "i didnt have to come . Matter of fact, i dont even know why i came."

I stood up and walked out of Dennys. The school wasnt that far. I was walking fast, so he wont be able to stop me. All of a sudden i felt a hand grab me and throw me to the window.

Dre snapped, "no one walks out on me, while im talking. Lil faggot you better learn some fucking respect."

I laughed and said, "ive seen scarier. You dont put no fear in my heart baby boy. Now give me my bag out of your car and let me go. Thanks."

He started walking to the parking lot , a few seconds later he returned with my bag. I snatched it and he said,"bye."

He started walking back toward Dennys and I screamed, "AND BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD, TASTE GOOD, AND I RIDE IT GOOD. DOES THAT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION?"

He turned around at me and stared into my eyes and said, "i really hate you."

I threw my bookbag over my shoulder and mumbled, "the feeling is mutual."


I have been walking for had to be 20 minutes and i still haven't reached the school. I swear the drive was five minutes. I heard a horn and i turned and stared into the street. It was Dre. He said, "well what do we have here? Now have you stop being a bitch?"

I replied, "you are the bitch and i need a ride back. Im not taking no for an answer."

I walked in front of the car and got in. He pulled off fast. I turned his music down and said, "dont talk to me ever again once we get to the school."

He smirked and said, "thats good. Im not fucking you. I dont need you buddy. You tripping."

He pulled into the school parking lot and The prinicipal and the security was standing outside waiting for us. I looked at him and said, "you got to be kidding me."

He parked the car and we got out. The prinicipal snapped, "you two are in big trouble."

Dre replied, "it wasnt Ka'Shon. I tricked him into coming. Ill take the consequences."

He looked back at me and mouthed, "payback for the quiz thing."

I smiled at him and was shocked. He havent been nice since i met him, but what he doing is so sweet. The prinicipal looked at us and said, "thats still not acceptable. You to will be in detention after school today, now get to class. We walked ahead of the prinicipal and got back in the school. I said, "thanks for ever--"

He cut me off and said, "you said dont talk to you once we get back here now bye. How about you find a dick to ride. You said you do that well."

We pushed me from the side and I screamed,

"I hate you."

He threw a middle finger at me. That hurted and i dont know why. Ive never let any dude get to me but he is. Its something about him. Something that he does that gets me all riled up. He makes my dick jump and my bussy wet, however, he makes me want to kill him. This thug have my mind gone and i just met him.



I got off the school bus and i had remembered that i had to go and tell Ka'Shon brother he would be home late because he had detention. I walked to their gate and walked up to the door. I banged on the door and Ja'Shon snapped, "im coming."

He came to the door and i said, "Ka'Shon would be home a little late , he has detention."

He looked down at me with his sexy ass and said, "Walé , why in the hell do you have on those little ass shorts? Your dad should be dissapointed."

I wore these shorts to take girls niggas thats why and my dad dead and you know that, i slicky retorted.

He licked his light caramel lips and said, "well i know one girl man that isnt taken."

Who? i replied.

He pointed at himself and said, "me."

I walked up to the door closer and grabbed his dick through his gym shorts. He was big and that shocked me. I looked up at him and he winked. I started rubbing it up and down. He backed up into the house and i closed the door. He pushed me up against the door and snapped, "you better not tell no one about this cock sucker."

I smirked and dropped til my knees. I grabbed the brim of his shorts and pulled them down. He didnt have on no underwear so his dick bounced out freely and grazed my lip. I couldnt believe i was about to suck my bestfriend brother dick. It felt wrong but i didnt care. I stuck it into my mouth and sucked his dick like a pro. It was soaking wet and slob was dripping all over my mouth. His dick felt like it was growing more as i sucked. He moaned and groaned and that made me pick up momentum and sucked faster. 

He grunted, "fuckkk Walé. You know how to suck dick. You do this better than your sister."

As he said that, This made me really feel bad. I cannot believe im doing this to my sisters boyfriend. Im a bad boy but this some good dick. He backed up and sat on the stairs and said, "enough of that sucking. Drop them shorts and briefs and sit on this dick."

I obeyed and i positioned his dick to go in my ass. I slid down on it and he said, "damnnn you tightt! This tighter than a pussy."

I looked back at him and moaned. I picked up speed and was riding that dick like a horse. He was moaning loud as fuck. I said, "damnn i can feel it in my stomach." The more i rode his  pole made all my guilt of doing this go away. Fuck everybody feelings this dick good. I started spinning on it and his eyes widened. He couldn't believe it.  He moaned out, "this ass is good."

I slapped him and said, "no this is Bussy. Boy pussy."

He smirked at me and said,"well lets take this to my room and let me beat that bussy right."

I slowly got off of it and i picked up my clothes and we headed upstairs.

Chapter 2: Thug-Life------

"Detention is over, you guys may leave."

I was sitting behing Dre, who was sleep on the desk. I jumped up from my seat, grabbed my bookbag, and headed out of the class. I was supposed to been home an hour ago. I supposed to been got my new phone. I went to my locker and grabbed my chemistry book to study tonight. I walked out of the front of the school and went and sat on the public bus stop. I hated taking these. I had my head down. All of a sudden i heard a horn. I looked up and saw Dre.

I stood up and he said, "take it back."

I looked at him confused and said, "fine. Im sorry for saying dont talk to me no more."

I heard him unlock the door and i went over and got in. He pulled off and i said, "i live on Hampton Road."

He replied, "i got to make a stop right quick. Ill take you home after."

He made a sharp left and went down this back street. We pulled up to some apartments and he said, "ill be right back."

He hopped out and closed the door. I searched around his car. I found his bookbag that he didnt even wear in school. I opened it and he had one folder and some gold magnum condoms. Typical boy bookbag. All them think they got big dicks. I then searched his CD collection. Tupac, lil wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, T.I, and then i saw Beyonce latest album. I cut on the radio and pressed eject. Another Tupac CD came out and i put in Beyonce. I skipped the tracks until i got to Mine ft Drake.

I was singing her parts and vibing. Out of nowhere he hopped back into the car and looked at me stupid. I turned down the song and said,"why you looking at me like that?"

He replied,"why are you listening to that crap?"

Umm it was in your CD pile, i replied.

"Thats my Ex on. that was her song for us. Now i hate it. Turn it."

I rolled my eyes at him as he pulled off. I skipped the tracks until i heard Partition.

He burst out saying, "it took 45 minutes to get all dressed up and we even go make it to this club."

I chuckled and he snapped, "you dont have to be gay to like Beyonce."

I threw my hands up and said, "i guess."

He sucked his teeth and ejected the CD. He popped back in Tupac and played a song.

I sat back and started mumbling the words. I havent heard this song since i was young.

"All i need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend."

He stopped the song and i asked, "what happen?"

He said, "first off you know this song, im shocked. And second, you said girlfriend."

Haha not only straight people like Tupac and those are the words. And besides i like Tupac.

"Oh you like thug looking, beefy niggas huh?"

Yeah i do, i replied.

He chuckled and asked, "so have you ever fucked pussy? Like a girl."

I sat up and said, "look at who got all the questions now, but yea i have. I dont like it. However, the only bitch ill fuck now is Beyonce. If i was straight that will be the only lady ill do. What about you?"

Hell yea! ill fuck Beyonce brains out. 

"Not Beyonce. What if you was gay. Who would you do?"

I looked at him and he was pondering and i can tell. He then sucked his teeth and said, "ka'shon dont play with me. Ill never do that."

His phone started ringing and he answered it. The person talked and then he replied, "im dropping someone off ill be there home later Derrick, i promise."

He hung up and i said, "whose Derrick? Your little brother."

Yea he wants me to come home and play Madden with him,i might stop by if someone ever tells me his address, he replied.

"Why dont you be home Dre?"

Home isnt home for me right now. Family problems. Now where do you stay?

"I stay on Ham--"

His phone started ringing again and he picked up and snapped, "okay Derrick im on my way now. I promise."

He hung up and said, "im sorry. I have to do this."

Its cool. You already ruined my day. 

He smirked and headed to his home. He turned back up the music and the whole car ride was quiet.

About 45 minutes later we pulled up to a house and he said, "look dont be acting like a faggot alright."

I gave him an evil stare and he apologized. We got out and i stared at his house and it was average. It had 2 floors. He opened the door and we walked in.

He said, "Derrick?"

His little brother came running downstairs and he looked like 7 years old. Dre picked him up and said, "wheres mom?"

"She sleep. Who him?"

He poined at me and i said,"im Ka'Shon."

He said, "he coming to play Madden too?"

I replied, "yup. Wheres the joystick?"

Dre looked at me and we walked upstairs. He unlocked his room door with a key and we walked in. His room was clean, shockingly. He had a big widescreen flat tv, A king size bed, and some couches.

He told his brother to go pour him some water while he turn on the game. Derrick took off downstairs and i leaned on his dresser. He looked at me and said,"Punk sit on the damn bed."

I walked over and sat down. He took off his shirt and walked over to his closet. His body was dropped dead gorgeous. His abs was so defined. His V-cut was sexy as fuck. My mouth was literally watering. He reached up in his closet and his back had dimples. And he had a little cute butt. He turned to me and asked,"which one?" I dropped out of my daydream and said, "the blue one."

He threw the blue one back in the closet and put on the white shirt. His nipples looked so suckable. He then slid off his Tru Religion Jeans and he had on blue briefs. I saw his bulge in his briefs and i looked away. I almost ran over there and sucked him dry. He threw his Jeans at me and said," im done. I know its hard to resist."

His little brother returned with the water. We started the game and began to play Madden. These boys just dont know im about to win. I play this on the daily basis. Looks are decieving. 

The television spoke, "COLTS WIN 49 to 14 BY THE GREEN BAY PACKERS."

I put the controller down said, "yall suck."

Dre sucked his teeth and said, "man whatever i had my brother on my team. He cant really play. We can get a rematch."

His little brother got up and said, "im going to play with my Tonka Trucks Dre."

He ran out the room. I said, "you are a good brother."

Well, i have to be. My mom isnt a good mom. She always drunk. And if she aint drunk she sleep. My little brother raising himself like i did.

"So why dont you stay here and help out? Instead of running the streets."

He jumped off the floor and sat on the bed and snapped, "it aint that easy. I have obiligations on these streets. If i stop ill be killed, and what life is that for my little brother."

Well, you shouldnt have been out there doing wh-A--

He cut me off and said, "nigga dont ever tell me whats wrong with my life, when you out here sucking dick. Ill stop running the streets when  you stop getting plugged with dick."

I stood up and said, "there go that jerk emerging again. Take me home , now."

I thought you wanted a rematch, he replied.

"You got to be delusional. You think you can snap on me and think we still cool. It dont work like that. Now get up and take me home Dre."

He stood up and said, "lets go man."

We walked out of his room and downstairs. He told Derrick he would be right back with some food for him. I opened the door and some guy was standing outside by Dre car.

The man turned to Dre and said, "oh so this is why you havent called me about the next shipment. You out here fucking faggots."

I snapped, "he aint fucking me and never will. I was over here to help him with school."

The man looked at me and was maybe shocked by my Tone of voice. He was fat and ugly. I walked over to the passenger seat and Dre said, "dont mind him. The next shipment would be to you tomorrow, im picking it up at the docks today."

They clapped eachother up and he got in the car. He pointed at me and said,"yo why you always being disrepectful? Somebody going to punch you in the mouth."

I shot my face at him and snapped, "no one is going to do that baby boy. Now crank this piece of shit and take me home. Straight there. Hampton Road 132 place."

He doesnt understand how mad at him i am. Like he is so rude and dont know it. He pulled out the parking lot and i turned the music up. He slapped my hand and said, "dont touch my shit."

I slapped his face while he was driving and said, "dont slap my hand."

He couldn't believe that i did that. He pulled over and unlatched his seatbelt. He jacked me up to the car window and leaned his body over me. I took in the smell of his cologne and damn he spelled good. He looked into my eyes and stated, "you tripping. If you wanna live you better not never put your hands on me again."

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. At this point put faces was like 3 centimeters apart, if i was to push out my lips we would kiss. 

I then whispered, "Dre you dont scare me. Not when you raise your voice, Not when you jack me up, and not when you turn all Thug."

I turned my body so that my back was up agaisnt the door. He then postioned himself between my legs and he replied, "faggot you don't understand that i will beat your ass."

I blew him a kiss and said, "do it."

He mushed me to the window and got back into his seat. I smirked because i was in total control of that situation. He grabbed my bag from the back and was ready to get out. I had enough of this boy today.

He pulled up in front of my house and i said, "thanks."

No problem and  im sorry  about being rude to you, detention, and the quiz.

"Its cool. Today was definitely fun."

I started walking  up to my gate and he said,

"I wont do no beefy or thug nigga."

I turned to him and said, "huh?"

He then continued and said, "ill do a little petite person, With a nice ass. And a little bit of hair i can grab hold on while im fucking. I mean if i were gay."

I smirked at him and said, "bye Deandre."

He pulled off and i opened my gate. I cannot believe he answered my question. I pulled my key out and unlocked the door. I walked in the house and headed upstairs. I got to the second floor and saw My brother coming out of the shower wrapped in a towel.

"That was your boyfriend in that car huh?"

Nope. That was my friend, i guess. What time we going to get my phone?

"No need. When your Walé came and told me about your detention, i called Kashmere and she brought it home with her, its on your bed. Im sorry about your nose this morning too."

Kashmere came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel and said, "i got you the iphone 6 like my brother. I swear Walé is going to break me. Also, Your brother found some pair of underwear that are his in the dryer. They downstairs."

I nodded and went into my room.When did Walé stay over and leave underwear? Who knows?

I grabbed the At&t bag and opened my phone box and turned it on. After setting it up and downloading my apps and stuff i was about to take a nap, when i got a notification.

I read it, "Dre Thug-Life will like to be your friend on facebook."

I smirked and asked myself, "what is this boy up to?"

The image of him taking off his shirt appeared in my head again. My dick started rising. I got up and locked my door. I slid down my skinny jeans and briefs. I laid down and started rubbing my dick. I then sticked two fingers in my mouth and got them wet. I stuck them in my tight pick hole and let out a slight moan saying, "dre."

I cannot believe i have caught feelings for this thug in one day. He brings out another side of me i never saw or felt. I picked up the speed and was fingering myself faster and faster. I nutted all over myself and i jut laid there for awhile thinking. Wondering if Dre thinking about me.



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