Chapter 21: "I Have A Fucking Problem."



Dre snapped, "Wait! jaime is dead! When did this happen?"

I rubbed his forehead and said, "last week sometime. I tried to hide it from you so you wont get worried."

Dre stood up off the couch in whispered in a snappy tone, "a whole week have gone by and you telling me the puertoricans called you and threatened us and you think telling me will worry me. No! It makes me be on guard. I havent carried my gun around for the last month, due to your brother. Why cant we get them before they get us?"

I said, "sit back down and listen."

He paced one more time and then sat down. I stated, "see this is why i didnt want to tell you. They dont know who I am or you. They dont know our location. We are good for the time being. Im talking to some people to get where the puertoricans are. My connect dont know. However, he do know that their are 6 men in that drugpin. Dre im going to find out where they are and kill them. I have a baby coming, a little brother, and a prodigy i care about to much to let die for my thug ass."

Kashmere chimed in, "baby i just ordered a stroller for the baby."

She startled us and we looked up an she was walking in waddling. She so big to be 6 months. She came and sat next to me on the couch. She said, "so whats yall talking about?"

Dre replied, "nothing. Just running over something. Aye, i have to go pick up my little brother from AfterCare, call me if anything happens Ja'Shon."

He got up and walked out of the living room. Kash sat back on my chest and said, "tonight is my last night at work for awhile. My boss granted me Maternity leave starts tomorrow ill be home alot more."

When those words escaped her mouth. I swallowed the frog in my throat. This is not what i need right now. Kashmere home, Walé calling me to fuck him every 9 to 10 hours. Sean being aggravating that im fucking Walé, i guess he caught feelings. And Now on top of my sex life scandal, i have a bigger fucking problem, someone want me dead and whoever gets in the way. Ugh, life have never been this stressful.

I started rubbing Kashmere stomach and said, "baby i cant wait to this baby come. Life is going to change."

She leaned up and kissed my lips and said,"yes it is. Im sorry about the flipouts recently. It just the hormones. Make me a promise. When i have our baby, leave the drug game alone and we leave this place."

And go where? I retorted.

"To a beach in the Bahamas. Buy a nice house for our family and be safe."

I smirked at her and said, "baby that sounds like a good plan. promise."

This plan fits right into my plan. I have three months to my baby born to kill these niggas and give the thug life up and take care my family.



Broke niggas' stand to the leftRich niggas' stand to the rightLil mama she keep lookin' at meImma knock the pussy out like fight night.

I looked over as im driving and see Ka'Shon in the passenger seat twerking to this song. I started slapping his ass and said, "boy stoppp!"

I laughed and he stopped dancing. He said, "damn derek school far."

I swerved the corner and said, "here it go right here."

I pulled up and i saw a bunch of kids outside with the teacher. I pulled up and Derek noticed me and i jumped out the car. He ran over to me and i picked him up. He hugged my neck so tight. I havent seen my little brother since xmas, so today i told my uncle ill pick him up. He said, "dre i miss you so much!"

I laughed and said, " i miss you too lil man."

I walked over to the car and put him in the backseat. He screamed, "hey Ka'Shon!"

Ka'Shon spoke back and i said, "where you wanna go eat lil man?"

He said, "umm i want Frozen Yogurt at Central Park!"

He love that place.  I laughed and said, "okay Fro-yo it is."


My brother and I  sat  on a park bench eating a cup of the frozen yogurt, while Ka'Shon was swinging on a swing. The sun was going down. Derek asked, "so when you coming home?"

I cleared my throat and said, "mommy dont want me home. Its not your fault its mine. It's because I go with --"

He cut me off and said, "Ka'Shon! i been knew that. I like him alot and i dont care if you like boys. I still love you Dre."

This freaking boy to smart. First off he to young to be this smart. I smiled at him and he said, "Dre lets go swing."

He got up and ran over to Ka'Shon and Ka'Shon sat him down. I looked at those two play together and I smiled. Those are the only other two boys, besides my future son. I cannot live without them. This makes me think. Its time to give this thug life up. Especially, Now that these puertoricans are after Ja'Shon and that means me, im on edge. Ka'Shon snapped, "bae cmon and push us."

I threw my cup in the trash and ran over to them. We played for awhile laughing and all. Before i knew it , it was 9:45. We loaded up in the car and i took my brother home. We hugged and i said, "see you soon."

Ka'shon leaned over and kissed me. I said, "what was that for?"

Well, you are going to be a great father, he replied.

I pulled off and now i think it was timeI tell him about the people after me and his brother. I know that Ja'Shon said dont but i cant keep this from my love of my life. We pulled up to the stop sign. I looked at Ka'Shon and he started screaming, "Dre DUCK!"

I ducked down and i heard four gunshots and they burst threw my window. Then more gunshots came and it was like it wasnt going to stop.

I looked at Ka'Shon ducking where your feet go on the passenger side.I was under the steering wheel. I felt on my back and realized i put my gun in the glove department. I snapped, "baby get that fuckinnngg gun out the glove department and shoot back."

I knew he was scared. I then snapped, "hurryy! Before we die."

I heard the glove department open and then the passenger door opened. Then three gun shots. The noise stopped and i started crying. This guy just killed my baby. I leaned foward and i saw Ka'Shon shaking with the gun in his hand. He grabbed it just in time. He had just shot down the man. I grabbed him and held him tight. He snapped, "who the fuck is this? What is going on? Omg! I killed a man!"

He closed the door and i didn't answer him. I said, "lets get home."



"Yessss ja'shonnn! Fuck this bussy right."

I had a deep arch in my back as Ja'Shon fucked my brain cells out of me. I was nibbling on the cover and throwing my ass back on that big dick. He was fucking me hard. He must be stress because the last four booty calls i did have been hardcore as fuck. 

He snapped, "ride this dick, bitch!"

He laid down and i said, "let me get another condom, this one broke."

He grabbed my wrist and took off the condom and said, "man sit on this dick raw."

I eased down on it and then thats when i heard Dre snapped, "JA'SHON!"

I ran into my bathroom and Ja'shon slid on some breifs. They burst into his room and Ka'Shon said, "i killed a man Ja'Shon."

To Be Continued..




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