Chapter 22: "Thug Life Too.



Dre and I laid in bed at 2 in the morning, in silence. I stared off into my roof. I was still a little shaken up. I killed a man earlier. I actually held a gun in my hand. When we got home and I told Ja'Shon he took off and left. Ive been asking Dre to tell me why someone wants him dead, but he havent told me.I blurted out, "i killed a man today."

Dre looked over at me and said, "baby you killed him to protect not only me but yourself. If you hadnt did that, we was dead."I looked at him and said, "i know that but that doesnt make it right. So you still not going to tell me?"

Baby, i want too, but your brother told me he will handle--"

I snapped, "Ja'Shon wasnt there to handle it earlier. He isnt the real life Olivia Pope. Everyone Kerry Washington handle is her friends after they leave set. The other boys in that drug game isnt yall friends after a transaction. That is a dirty game toThe top. And after today it is clear my brother is at the bottom."

Dre stopped me and said, "baby stop with the Scandal tips and shit, alright. Your brother is going to handle it like he handled the twins situaution when Hameed got killed."I retorted, "the twins wasnt in a mafia or was a drugpin leader. Tell me now whats going on or you can take a pillow and go downstairs."

Dre breathed in hard and snapped, "our connect for the drugs was a fake. They was robbing these powerful puertoricans for there drugs and disbursing it around atlanta. They found out and killed our connects. Now they are after the people whohave been profitiing from their drugs. So Ja'Shon and I are in deep shit."

I leaned up and stated, "baby im scared."

Dre grabbed my arm and said, "you survived a car crash. Healed from a love lost. Now protecting you thug. You badass for a bottom. You a thug ass bottom."I covered my mouth and said, "thug life."

We laughed and Dre hugged me and whispered, "baby i got you."I replied, "every thug needs a bottom. So i got you too."

I leaned back and our lips crashed into each other. We made out and cuddled. I loce this boy so much until it hurts. I cant bare to live if something happen to him.



I sat down in the living room wrapped in a sheet watching tv. I couldnt sleep, after hearing K. say he killed someone i had the jitters. Plus, Ja'Shon stormed out and haven't returned yet. Also, my sister is at her last day of work and she is clueless. I heard the doorbell and I jumped up. I looked toward the door and didnt see no on, however the door was wide open. I was tempted to call Dre and K. but if it was a robber i didnt want him to know im in here. I droppedMy cover and grabbed the stick from the fireplace. I was going to stab someone i their dick. 

I walked over to the door and i noticed someone i ran towards them and Sean screamed, "walé chill its me"

I snapped, "why you walking in here like a robber."

Ja'shon called and we met up and he gave me a key and said come here, he replied. 

He then asked, "why you still up?"Sean closed the door and i replied, "cant sleep."

You cant without a big dick in your mouth and ass. Come on ill rock that ass to sleep, he said.

I chuckled while saying , "sean that night we both sucked on Ja'Shon dick and balls was amazing but he dick is wayy better than yours. You need to be strictly bottom, because the way you rode my dick was superb.

He laughed and said, "well come rock me to sleep."

As we started walking upstairs he started slapping my butt. We made it to the top and Ka'Shon was in the hallway closet. He looked at us and shook his head.omg! Before i can stop him he walked back into his room.Sean grabbed my hand and we ran into my room.




I walked into my house and locked the door. I took off my wheat colored tims and walked up the stairs. I was tired.i have been riding around for hours. I went to the scene and cleaned up the body and set it on fire in the woods. Then i went to my friends to see if they know where the puertoricans are at. Its time to attack them. They came after my family, and if they come after my unborn child, i dont think ill be able to bare.

 I grabbed my door knob and Kashmere was in the bed sleep. I walked over and kissed her cheek. I took off my shirt and then dropped my jeans and briefs. I walked into the bathroom holding my dick so it wont be slinging everywhere. I turned on the got water and stepped in. 

As the water cascaded down my body , i began to come alive. I was so tired from yesterday. I heard a knock on the door and then it opened and closed and locked. It probably was Kash. 

She always wants dick in the morning. My dick springed up to the occasion and i pulled back the curtain. I noticed it was Dre and i said, "crap, my bad bruh. I thought you was Kashmere."

He was staring down at my Dick and said, "how do she take all of that? That is a monster dick. Thick, wide, long, and a curved mushroom head."

He threw me a towel and i wrapped up. He said, "so whats new?"

I whispered, "well my boys are riding around the house making sure no one comes in or leaves but us. Also, i found out that they are leaving in a safe house downtown. A abandoned tattoo shop. So its that time to attack Dre."

Dre rubbed his hands together and then thats when the door knob jiggled. Dre panicked and jumped in the showerr. I stepped out and opened the door, Kashmere was naked. Her titty nipples on hard and she said, "ive been waiting for this dick."She snatched the towel off and dropped to her knees and started sucking me up. I snapped,"stop Kashmere. Im not in the mood."

She looked up at me and let go of my dick and got up. She snapped, "you come home late and then dont want no pussy. Yea, you cheating. Ill be back later, alright. Im going over my moms."

Okay and tell my boy to take you ,he outside, i replied.

I closed the bathroom door and was kind of happy because if they attack here she wont be here. I walked back in the bathroom with a raging hard dick. I got into the shower and forgot Dre was in here. He said, "um boss wheres your towel? Im looking at your dick again.I looked down and said, "on the floor. I got to bathe. We will talk later about our plan."

Dre hopped out and left. I kneeled down and beganned to pray, as water ran down me.



"Your brother is doing fine calm down."

Ka'shon paced the floor and said, "i wanna check on him."

He is in the shower. And he is going to flash you his dick a thousand times. Your brother is big, i retorted.

"Yea i know. I saw it before. Im his brother."

I grabbed Ka'Shon arm and sat him on my lap and said, "baby calm down. Everything is going to be good. "Ka'Shon wrapped his feet around me and said, "you promise?"Yes, i promise.

We started kissing and i was rubbing my hands slowly down his back onto his ass. I rubbed his soft ass cheek and he let out a moan. I flipped us over and leaned down and started sucking on his neck. He already had like 5 passion marks and it was about to 6. I started grinding my hard dick against his ass in those yellow and blue hollister briefs. I pulled them off. I spreaded his legs and my hot tongue went to licking his hole. I started giving him head and it was sending him over the edge. He was so tight and taste so damn good. I pulled off my sweatpants and boxers. 

I started pressing up against his hold with my head and he was moaning. I whispered, "where the condoms?"He said, "i want to be yours forever Dre. Breed me! Hit me raw!"My eyes got big and i smirked and said, "forever! I will be!"

I spit down on my cock and then slowly invaded Ka'Shon bussy walls. It sucked my dick in and i was being sent over the edge. I started pumping inside of him. He was digging his nails into my back. I picked him up and walked over to wall and started fuckingg him some more. He was wincing in pain. He pushed me back and we fell on the floor. That caused my dick to dig deeper into his bowels. I was ball deep. He pressed his hands against my chest and started riding me. He was riding that shit. My dick felt like it was in a horserace. I leaned up off the floor and gosh this felt good. I felt my cum coming up my dick the and then i snapped, "IM CUMMING!"Ka'Shon didnt move he let me cum inside his ass. All my liquid was flowing down my dick. He eased off it and it was running down his leg. He chuckled, "this the first time you cummed So much!"I smirked and he flipped me over and dug his face into my ass and started eating it. It felt so different, so warm, sooo damn good . I started moving my ass around. Then the sex must have taken over because the next thing i said shocked me and Ka'Shon.I looked back at my lover and said, "Fuck Me Baby!"

To be continued....



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