I got back to my dorm around 6:30. I'd stopped at the cafeteria for a sandwich and grabbed a bottle of water to go. I was exhausted, and even though I had somewhat of a nap that afternoon, I needed to go to bed early tonight. I wondered if Caleb had plans for the evening, and if it would include doing me. It wasn't a necessity, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. 

I wasn't a virgin by any means, but I had never considered someone fucking me in the ass, until now. It was an intense thought, and kind of an emotional decision. Someone I'd just met this semester, but had already felt an extreme connection with. I got back, and dropped my bag off by the dresser, instinctively removing my clothes, and hopping up into my bed. I played on my phone for a bit, and got a kik from Chris. He was at the dorm, and Donnie was at class for a couple hours, but I could come down and hangout if I wanted to. I texted back "sure, be right down." 

I was tired, but with Chris's work schedule, I wasn't sure how many hangout opportunities I'd be presented with...especially without anyone else around. I slowly got out of my bunk, savoring the feeling of the sheets against my skin, and the down pillow behind my head. I pulled on my tee and jeans, slipping on some moccasins, and headed down the hall. I knocked on the door, and Chris answered, shirtless, and in loose gym shorts...clearly not wearing any underwear. 

"Hey man, come in." I walked past him, and sat on the bench. He walked by me, and sat on his bed. "You can sit here if you want. It's probably more comfortable." "Ok," I smiled and went over by him, sitting down. He found the remote and turned the tv on, turning down the volume immediately. We watched a couple commercials, without speaking, and then Chris brought up the lecture, and asked how I was liking my schedule and classes. It was a typical conversation you'd have with someone you just met. I answered neutral replies, but decided facing him would be an easier way to communicate. I turned and caught him looking me over. He looked up, and smiled sheepishly again, catching my eyes. 

"Sorry, I just...You look good." I felt my face turn pink, and bit my lip, trying to hide my smile. hashtag fail. It was one of those awkward moments, where it's quiet, but you know what the other is thinking. I felt really curious about him. Was it ok that I was so involved with Caleb, but finding myself attracted to other guys? It's like I had opened up a new chapter in my life book, and all these new characters were emerging from my creative mind. Not that I'm creative but, you know what I mean? I felt like a gay cliche. Like, those guys who just want to fuck everything with a dick and balls. 

I was suddenly horny, and wanting to get it on, even though I knew I was saving myself for Caleb...Or was that stupid? Clearly he'd fucked other guys. Or had he? Why was I even thinking this through? I leaned in, and kissed Chris on the cheek, briefly. "You're really sweet Chris." "Thank you. I think you're incredible. I always have run ins with you, and we've never talked, but I've always had a man crush on you." It was weird, cause I never thought I really had that much contact with Chris, aside from the glances I'd get from him, in the hall, or in class, or when I'd see him in passing. Up until today, I'd never really LOOKED at him though. I was seeing a really sexy guy. 

He leaned forward, locking lips with me, and reaching up, he pulled me close to him. I put my hands up, cupping his cheeks, and pulling my face closer than close. I was completely sucking face with him. He tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream, and smelled like Gucci. He was shifting his position on the bunk, and pulling me on top of him. His hands were down my back, and cupping my ass. I could feel him getting hard in his shorts, and his muscular chest and abs were warm and smooth beneath my body. My shirt was riding up, and our stomachs were touching. I could feel his bristly hairs tickling my skin. I reached down, pushing past the elastic band of his shorts, and feeling his trimmed bush beneath the nylon fabric. 

He kept himself trimmed short, but his pubes were spread thickly across his lower abs and crotch. I reached lower, and felt his thick shaft, which had nestled between out bodies, off to one side. I lifted myself off of him, pushing his shorts down, exposing his 10X6. And indeed, it was as declared. He was massive in my fist, and I cringed, imaginging what he would do with it, but his sexy lips on mine, and the moans he was emitting had me enticed and craving more of him. He was turning me on my back, and lifting my ass up off the bed. He continued macking on me, while he fumbled with my button fly, and pretty soon I was naked from the waist down, with my t shirt pushed up to my neck. He moved his lips down my neck, and then he was sucking on my nipples, taking turns to tease each one for a moment or two, while he hands occupied my ass and dick. 

He was stroking me, and fingering the crevice between my ass. I was so turned on, I could feel the pre cum oozing out of the head, smearing against his hard chest. He was suddenly taking me in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down, while sliding a finger between my ass cheeks. I wanted him to finger me, like Caleb had. As if reading my mind, he took a break from sucking me, and slicked a couple fingers with spit, reaching behind to press them against my hole. 

I pulled my legs up, and he slid in. It hurt for a second, turning quickly to pleasure. I reached up behind his head, running my fingers up and down his shortly clipped hairs. He had the undercut, with his locks styled up and back on the top of his head. I played with the plugs in his ears, and felt his bristly side burns. He was moaning while he sucked me hard. I wanted to cum, but held off, arousing myself further with the torture of staying on edge. After a few minutes, I let myself go limp, allowing him full control of my body. He was finger fucking me, and sucking me, while playing with my balls with his free hand. I draped my hands across my chest, and closed my eyes, completely enjoying this experience. I felt him drop my dick from his mouth, and shifting his body up against mine. 

I opened my eyes, as he lifted my legs, pressing his dick head between my thighs. "Do you mind? I wanna cum with you." "I...I've never done that before." I must have looked terrified, because he dropped my legs, leaning in, and hugging me close. "No, no...I wanted to just hump your thighs. I would never do that to you." He started laughing, while he kissed my face. "You're too cute. I won't hurt you. I just want to get off with you." "Ok," I hugged him back. I was definitely NOT prepared to have my ass ripped open by the biggest dick in dorm history. No wonder he always showered privately. It was huge. 

He pulled back, and started thrusting against my thighs, coating some serious pre cum up and down the lightly hair covered skin. I wanted him to suck me off, but this was feeling nice too. He reached around my thighs, and started stroking my dick, while he thrust in between them. Our shafts were against each other, and soon there was some heated friction between them. He had created a rhythm of thrusting through my thighs, while stroking me back and forth. I closed my eyes, and let myself go, and soon I was cumming all over myself. It felt fucking amazing. I let myself moan loudly, and then I heard him mumble a "fuck" and he unloaded a coat of thick creamy cum over my lower abdomen. He wasn't a big shooter, but his massive dick emitted quite the load. It was a massive puddle of white and clear cum, which soon became cold against me, and sent a shiver up my entire body. He let go of my thighs, and reached under the bed, retrieving a crusty towel. 

"My cum rag" he giggled while he cleaned me off. "It's been a few days. I apologize for the mess." "Nah, it's good. That felt awesome." He smiled, while he mopped at the remaining mess, and leaned in for a quick kiss. I hadn't even thought about anything other than what we were doing, but suddenly thought to get my phone out. I dug around my jeans, pulling out my phone, and had a few messages from Caleb. "Hey, wanna get food? ;)" "Where are you sexy?" "I'm leaving, but I'll be back in a few. Lmk if you want me to grab you somethin ;)". I felt bad. Was this considered cheating? 

I wasn't sure where I stood with Caleb, other than being his roommate/hump buddy. Was it too much, too soon? Did I need to tell him about Donnie and Chris? I put my phone away, feeling Chris's hands cup my waist, as he pulled me back toward him. He pulled his sheets and blanket up around us, and pulled me to him. He smelled so fucking good, and his sexy lips kissing along my shoulder and neck felt great. He was soothing away the goosebumps across my chest and sides. "I like being with you." "Me too. That was amazing." He giggled against my neck, and kissed up to my ear, taking my lobe in his teeth. His warm breath against my hair and ear, made me cringe, and curl back against him. He giggled in my ear, still clenching my lobe loosely in his teeth. 

"I'm still hard." "I can feel you." I let out a little moan. He pressed closer to me, pushing his dick in between my thighs, pushing my balls up and away from my groin, while he slid all the way through. It send another cringe up my spine. My nippled were hard, my dick was hard, and my ass was craving some attention. I knew I couldn't physically take him at that point, but I knew I'd want to try eventually. "I want to be inside you so bad." "Mmm...I can't. Not yet..." "I know...You got me so hard." He hugged me close and rested his chin against my shoulder. "You're going to be my best kept secret." I kissed his arm, and scooted away from him, reaching down to grab my underwear. He reached out, sliding his hand down my spine. 

"Where you going?" "I have to get back. Caleb was getting me food." "Oh, Caleb." I turned, and he had his arm draped over his face. "Yes?" He peeked out under his arm, and smirked. "Everyone knows that dude is a hornball. He'd fuck anything that walked and breathes." "He's my friend, chill." He reached out and thumbed my chin. "I'm just sayin. Dude is horny. He might try somethin with you." "He wouldn't have to try." Chris bust out laughing. "Fuck, I should've known. You and C man huh?" He playfully poked at my chest. I turned and pulled my jeans on, reaching for my shirt. "I'm not saying anything." "Nah, it's cool. He's sexy as fuck. Just use condoms please." I whipped my shirt at him. "You're an asshole. I'll talk to you later." 

I laughed as I left the room. I was feeling more comfortable with this whole bro circle that was going on. Apparently I didn't have to worry about what people thought, cause they already knew what they thought they knew. Who the hell cares anyway? I got back to the dorm, and Caleb was sitting on the futon playing COD. He nodded at me when I walked in, his mouth full of burger. I saw hardees wrappers on the floor in front of him. It smelled delicious. "Sorry I missed your messages before. I was...busy." He shrugged, and chewed. "It's ok. I got you a sandwich." He mumbled with a mouth completely stuffed. He's fucking adorable. I walked over, and grabbed the bag off the floor, feeling the weight of another meal. I sat next to him, and nudged his chest. "Thanks Caleb." He nudged back and half smiled. I finished my ham and cheese and curly fries in a couple minutes. It was so good. I leaned back, and played on my phone for a couple minutes, until Caleb was out of the round. 

"Shit." He dropped the remote next to him, and leaned over to kiss my cheek. He smelled of bacon...and a little musky sweat. "Phew. You stank ass." He giggled and pushed back away from me. "What? I thought you liked my stank." "That bacon breath though..." He laughed and hit my chest. "Fuck you. It was good. And I'm sexy." He peeled his shirt off, and flexed. I felt the familiar clenching in my ass. God damn...I wanted him. I wiped my fingers down the center chest line, with the patchy dark hairs, and bit my lip. He was fucking hot, and he knew it. I crouched up, with my feet on the edge of the futon, while he stood and dropped his gym shorts. 

He had on an old jock strap, that needed to be replaced. it was stained, and barely cupped his hairy ass. There were holes in the elastic, and the faded branding wasn't even legible. He turned, and exposed the almost completely sheer front, cupping the pouch with one hand. It barely covered his whole crotch, with a mass of bushy pubes plunging out of the top band, and pubes exposed out of both sides of the pouch. "Impressive. Remind me to get you a new one for Christmas." He let go of his crotch, and leaned over me, grinding his crotch against my shins. "I've had this one since 8th grade. I'm not getting rid of it." "You've clearly out grown it, and it looks digusting." He smirked, and blew a kiss at me. "I'm gonna shower, you wanna join me or...?" I knew I should shower. i could feel the crusty cum cracking with every move of my torso and stomach. I reached out, as he took my hand, and I stood up. He leaned in and kissed me again. "Damn, that ham and cheese though." He slapped my ass and walked toward his dresser, as I turned toward mine. I got some fresh briefs and shorts, and grabbed my towel and body wash. We walked down together, of course he wore just his jock. 

Hearing the comments and smirks from the other guys, as I pretended to text, was making me self conscious. Maybe Chris was right. Maybe everyone knew Caleb was a manwhore, and just assumed we'd hooked up. Why did I give a shit anyway? I definitely enjoyed the attention from him, and he was definitely aware of how to get me off. We were the only guys showering, as I stripped down and picked a spot in the corner, by the private stalls. Caleb came up next to me, and started the water. I quickly lathered up, and enjoyed the hot pulses against my body. 

We didn't speak the entire time, and kept glancing at each other, with little winks and smirks. Guys came in and out of the bathroom, and I overheard a few talking about the party that weekend. Caleb slapped my arm, "Hey, we still good for Friday?" "Oh yeah, def. Donnie mentioned going too. And I was thinking of inviting Chris." "Damn, aren't you getting social!" He smiled. "Well, it's only first semester and it would be nice to have a group of friends to go." "Yeah man, cool." 

I wasn't sure if it was because we were in public, or if I'd pushed a button with Caleb. He didn't call me bro, or anything else... Caleb left shotly after we showered, not even toweling off. I took my time, and even stood in front of the hand dryer for a few minutes. I felt cold and clammy. I pulled my briefs and shorts on, draping my towel around my shoulders, and headed back to the dorm. Caleb was gone when I got there, and I picked up the dorm a little, throwing away our wrappers and some fries that had fallen under the futon. I jumped up in my bunk, and checked my phone. 

Chris had kik'd me a couple times about how much fun we had, and he wanted me to come over again soon when he had the place to himself. I agreed and said he's a nice guy and I'm glad we were hanging out, with a smiley face. I dozed off around 8, and woke up at 5. It was dark in our dorm, and aside from some snorts across the dorm, it was really quiet. The fitness center didn't open til 6, so I curled up, and tried to sleep some more. I got a snapchat from Donnie, sent the night before. It was my watch! Had I left it there when we messed around? Or had I left it there after messing with Chris? I didn't even remember wearing it. At the bottom of the screen I read "Sorry I missed you." 

I wasn't sure if I should reply, or if I should play it off. I pushed my phone under my pillow and a couple seconds later, felt my phone vibrate. It was another snapchat from Donnie. He looked sleepy, and super cute, with his scruffy chin and jawline. "Come over." I snapped back that I didn't want to wake Chris up, and he replied that Chris was gone. I hadn't seen Donnie since we messed around the other day, and I wasn't sure where we stood as far as a relationship. I agreed to come down, all too familiar with how this would play out. We'd probably mess around and then I'd get texts from Caleb asking where I was, and then more showering and feeling guilty. At some point this would all end, so I just went with the flow. 

I climbed out of bed, and grabbed a hoodie from my closet, slipping on my moccasins. I quietly left the dorm, and walked down to Donnie's room. I knocked quietly, and almost immediately he was opening the door for me. He stood with his blanket draped around him, sexy chest exposed, and pulled me into the darkness. He led me to the bed, shuffling directly behind me, and I could feel he was naked. He pulled my shirt up over my body, and pushed my shorts down, as I slipped out of my moccasins and went up the ladder. He was right behind me, and led me down to the mattress, spooning me from behind. He kissed my shoulder, and wrapped his body around mine. We didn't say anything, but I fell asleep almost immediately. 

I woke up a couple hours later, and felt him hard against me. Parts of me were exposed to the cool air, and I cringed back, pulling what blanket I could, back over me. Donnie squirmed a little, pressing his dick against my back, and shifting his weight, so he could retrieve more blanket from behind him, covering me completely. I could smell his body butter and cologne, in the warm, dark space. I loved feeling him over me. He was warm, and strong, and the thick hairs of his crotch and abs were a nice cushion against my bare ass and lower back. It was nice and cozy, when i heard his low, raspy voice from behind me. "Did Chris fuck you?" "No." "Don't lie. I'm not mad." "He didn't. He came on me, but didn't fuck me." "Ok. I'll deal with him later." 

I turned as much as I could in the tight space. "Why?" "I told him about you in confidence. He broke that trust." "We're not together though...are we?" "I think you know how I feel. We aren't exclusive but he can't get away with touching you." "I wanted him to. Donnie, I'm so confused." "I know you are...It's not your fault." He kissed my shoulder, and forced me away, cuddling up close to me. "Don't be mean to him, please. He's a nice guy." "You don't get it, and that's ok." "No, it's not ok. What's going on?" He kissed my shoulder again. "Don't worry babe, Let's just relax and sleep some more." I wanted to relax, but had I gotten Chris and Donnie in a fight? I wasn't aware of what was going on, or whatever code they were living by, but apparently you couldn't be open and messing around with a couple roommates or something. I didnt' want anything to happen to Chris. He was too sweet for something like that to happen. I couldnt' fall back asleep, and I knew I had to get up anyway. I pushed away from Donnie, and opened up the blanket, exposing us to the sunlit dorm. 

"Shit." I turned and he had his arm over his face. His sexy body was glowing in the morning light, and his dick was pointing straight out at me, wanting attention. I forced any sexual thoughts out of my mind, and worked my way down the ladder to pull on my clothes. "You mad?" "Nah, but I dont' want you and Chris fighting. Just don't do anythin please. I'll just stay away for awhile." He was down the ladder in a couple seconds, and standing over me. I could feel his lust, literally pulsing off his body, echoing mine> His shoulders broadened and he had tensed every muscle in his body, including his dick. It stood still, and statuesque, looking up at me. I bit my lower lip, trying not to look up, but it was inevitible. 

I slowly raised my eyes, taking all of him in, as I settle my gaze in an eyelock. He looked stern, and his brows were furrowed. His jaw was clenched, and his lips were full, but tight. I waited...I wanted him to protest and say he wanted me around. Why did I need affirmation? I knew he wanted me around. I think I secretly enjoyed this attention from him, but had I taken on a submissive role? I wasn't missing having to be a decision maker, and constant shelter for the girls I'd seen over the last few years of my life. I liked this new experience. Where did I have to draw the line though? I let my lip pucker out, instead of biting it back. I felt my eyes start to water. I was embarrassed and sad, and a little insecure. 

This was all happening so fast, and I just wanted to have fun, but without consequences. Why couldn't I have a little of each guy/ Donnie stood over me, without flinching. I pulled my hoodie on over my head, and was messing with the toggles. "Damnit." I looked up, and his expression had changed. He reached up, taking my face in his hands, and leaned down to kiss me on the lips. "We need to finish this conversation, but you're not staying away. I want you around. I like you a lot." I smiled and nodded, as I turned to leave. He was right behind me, opening the door, while standing out of view of the hall. I turned, and took him in one last time. He was softening, but hung thick, and long before me. Fuck.


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