Caleb and I got side by side showers, and with about 40 minutes to bathe and get to class, we had to book it. He was still semi hard, and after just a couple of minutes under the hot streaming water, he had a complete fucking boner. There were a couple of guys on the other wall, and Caleb daringly would jump toward me, and slap me with his dick. It got me almost hard, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to just get clean and get to class.We got back to the dorm, and jabbed and tickled each other a couple times while we got dressed. It was odd, being intimate with my roommate, but maintaining our bro status. At least that's what I was thinking. 

We walked across the commons together and down the street to Wellington Hall, and down to our class. It was an hour of monotone lecture, and some footsie action going on under the desks. We were up in nose bleeds, and no one else on either side. I'm sure people would eventually figure out what was going on, because we'd burst out in whisper laughs and giggles throughout the session. I felt giddy, and I knew Caleb was starting to really like me. Part of me still found girls attractive, but right now, in this moment and current mindset, I could give myself over to Caleb. He was so smooth, and sexy. I guess I'd checked guys out before, but until Caleb, never thought of guys as potential sex partners.We split ways after class. My second class was in the same hall, but Caleb had to book it across campus, and as he walked away, he reached out, and briefly brushed fingertips with me. He smiled and turned, and I watched him leave...just for a moment. 

I grabbed a coke from the vending room, and got back to my table. Chris walked in, and saw me, and smiled as he scooted the chair at the end of the table down toward me. "Hey man, what's up?"I never really checked Chris out, but he was smoking hot. He's african american mix, with light gray eyes and silky reddish brown hair. Up close, I could see freckles across his nose and cheeks. He had a bright smile, and small plugs in his ears. I'd only seen him in random work uniforms on his way out the door of our building, but today he was wearing an athletic tee and biker jeans, with a pair of suede loafers. I noticed how defined his body was under the tee, and filled out his slim fit jeans well."Yeah, we should hangout sometime man." "I'd like that. I just work a lot, but Donnie knows my schedule, so maybe we can all hangout sometime." "Yeah, cool." "Or, just us. I mean, it's whatever." He smiled sheepishly and looked away. 

I was starting to feel like I was putting of some sort of sexual energy or something. I wasn't sure if I was feeling a vibe from Chris, or if it was just because I'd almost given up my ass virginity, and it was something in the air.We sat through class, and listened intently. I'd occasionally glance over, just to check him out. Chris had a smooth baby face, with light hairs above his upper lip. Not quite a stache, but he could rock one. He'd occasionally flex, and shift his weight from side to side, and I'd see a little flash of and armband tat on his upper right bicep. I was intrigued. Class flew by, with Caleb and his hot self on my mind. I couldn't wait to get back to the dorm, except I knew he wouldn't be there for 20 minutes after I did.Chris tapped me on the shoulder, and I jumped. "Whoa, sorry man, haha. I was just letting you know I'll see you soon. Add me on kik, and I can hit you up. Chris10X6." I was entering his screen name in, and suddenly got the reference, looking up shocked. "Dude...really?" His eyes got big, and he smirked and nodded. "Congrats man, holy shit." He had his hand over his mouth, stifling a laugh. "Man, I made that a while ago, sorry. I guess I should start a new one for real talk." "Nah, you're fine. I'm kinda jelly though." "Well, I gotta run."He was out the door and I was packing up my ipad. 

My pocket vibrated, and I looked, to see a message from Chris10X6: "Hey, didn't wanna be late for my next class. Talk soon ;)" I smiled, and tucked my phone away, as I headed down the hall. I grabbed a sandwich from the cafeteria and a bottled water, and headed back across the commons. The sandwich was gone by the time I got up the first flight of stairs, and I finished the water as I entered our room. I stripped down to my briefs, and hopped up into my bunk, curling up into a ball, with my sheets pulled up. 

I woke up half an hour later, with Caleb crawling in behind me."Hey boy, you ok?" He had his clothes off, and his body heat felt nice behind me. His hand went up my side, and curled up under my tucked arm, embracing me across my chest. He pulled me close, pressing his fuzzy body against my back. My eyes were still closed, and I felt an unbreakable smile on my face. "Hey, just sleepy I guess." He kissed the back of my shoulder."Mmm, well we can take a nap before our afternoon classes. Damn, you smell good." His lips and nose tip were pressed ag my back, and I felt his breath send a small heat wave down my spine. I cringed, and leaned back into him. I felt his hardon prop up under my ass. He shifted, and I felt his head move from the fabric covered cheeks, to my exposed thigh. He moaned against my back."You're so fucking horny caleb." "I know. You just do it to me man." "We're taking a nap though, for real." "Yeah, no no, I'm good with that. I just can't help how you arouse me." He humped at my ass and giggled against my skin. I shook at my shoulder, pushing him back a little. "Hey, come on, I'll stop!" "You better. I'm tired." 

 I woke up an hour later, with Caleb lightly snoring against my back, his arm still around me, and his dick...still rock hard, pressing up under my ass cheeks. I leaned forward, feeling his arm fall from beside me. I sat up and awkwardly turned, trying not to wake him. He was snoring a little louder now, and subconsciously shifted, one arm draping over the side of the bunk, one leg pushing down toward the foot of the bunk.I glanced down and his dick stood straight up in the air. It twitched a couple times, and his balls were high and tight to the sides. I giggled to myself, and reached out, moving the foreskin around. It looked like the bottom of a snail, like the part that sticks out of the shell, when it's not moving? But it felt warm, and silky almost. I liked playing with it. 

 I put my finger and thumb on either side of his dick head, and pulled down at the sides, exposing his dick head. It was pink and smooth. I let go, and the foreskin coiled back over the head. His dick looked massive, standing at attention on its own. I leaned forward, and put my fist around it. It was so strong, and thick, and warm. I imagined it going inside my ass, and felt myself clench tightly closed. I looked up at Calebs face, peaceful and smooth, with some second day stubble under his jaw line and chin. I knew I could trust him to take care of me, and make sure that the experience would feel great. I leaned forward and took the skin covered head of his dick in my mouth. It tasted like how you smell when you step out of the shower. Clean and the after scent of ivory soap. I pulled down, and felt the head exposed in my mouth. 

The head tasted a little salty, and slippery. I realized it was most likely pre cum. He was always horny, afterall.I started to bob my head up and down on his dick, and was really getting the hang of it. My hand kept his foreskin pulled tightly back, which made his shaft easier to bob up and down on. I felt myself getting hard in my briefs, and my ass was throbbing. I was anticipating what it would feel like to have Caleb penetrate me, and take my ass virginity. I really liked him, and I knew it wouldn't be anyone else, because I didn't want it to be anyone else. I was thinking about all this, while going down on Caleb. I was completely oblivious to the fact that he had stopped snoring, until I felt his hand on the back of my head. 

"Holy fuck...This is a nice way to wake up." I glanced up, and he had his head propped behind his other arm, smirking down on me. He ran his other hand through my hair, while I continued going up and down. His breathing was a little heavier now, and he was pulling at the longer hair on the top of my head, guiding my head up and then pushing it back down, almost forcibly. I liked it.I was getting a little lock jawed, when all of a sudden I heard caleb groan, "Oh fuck...I'm gonnna...." His cum filled my mouth within a couple of seconds. It was so bitter, salty, and had a lightly sweet tinge to it. I gagged, and almost choked, but kept my mouth closed around his dick. He pumped his dick up and down in my mouth, hitting the roof and plunging to the back of my throat, causing tears to rush down my face. I swallowed repeatedly, until I was sure he was done. 

I pulled off his dick, and caught my breath, wiping at my eyes."Aw, come here." He pulled me up to him, and hugged me close to his chest. I felt him wipe at my eye with a soft brush of his hand, and then he ran his hands up and down my back. "You didnt' have to do that for me boy. But I...reaallllllly liked it." I looked up, and he kissed my forehead. I smiled, "Yeah, I was curious, and knew you probs wouldn't mind at all."We cuddled for a few minutes, and then his phone went off. "Shit, it's go time." He led me up off of his chest, and I sat up, glancing down to see his dick, still standing straight up. I shook my head, and swiped at the glistening head. 

"Hey, don't tease me. We can't do anything else til later." He gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and jumped down, turning to help me down as well.I felt really gay, and satisfied. I didn't care about what our 'relationship' was going to be, or if this meant we were together. I was really enjoying this mano y mano type of union, and I couldn't wait to take every inch of him inside me.


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