I woke up to the sound of heavy breathing from Caleb's lofted bunk across the dorm. I couldn't see anything as I glanced around, but I saw the led clock on my ihome: 3:23AM. I lay back, staring ahead, hoping to fall asleep. Caleb was still breathing heavy, and as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I looked over. I saw a light glow across his muscular shoulder and forearm, as he was clearly jacking his dick. He was hidden in the shadows, and I hoped that I was as well. He was starting to moan now, and I leaned further back against the brick wall. I felt my dick harden, as he became more vocal. "Oh yeah...yeah, mmm, fuck." His lofted bunk was starting to squeek a little, and I cringed, hoping he wouldn't get any louder. The last thing we needed was the supervisor checking in on us. I was throbbing in my boxers now, and I knew after a couple of more minutes, I closed my eyes, and tried to make myself relax, but I was feeling harder and harder under my sheets. He was still moaning, and I wondered when he'd cum. He was making me feel so horny, like I could just bust in my sheets. I slowly slid my hand down my smooth torso and stomach, feeling the bristley bush I had just rimmed the night before. My shaft was twitching off to the side, and I pulled the shaft upward, against my lower abs, adjusting the waistband of my boxers, to keep it in place. I suddenly realized it had gotten quiet, and I froze. Looking straight across the small dorm, I focused my eyes, and saw Caleb's forearm, and shoulder, in a still position. I also saw the dark silhouette of his head, in a tucked position. Was he looking across at me? I didn't move, and stayed as still as possible. suddenly, Caleb swung his legs over the edge of his bunk, and dropped to the floor. Before I closed my eyes, I saw a glimpse of his naked body. 

I'd seen him naked a few times in the showers, and changing in the dorm. Never with a hardon, and never at the heightened point of jacking off. I waited, as I felt him approach my bunk. I lightly saw the glow of his phone, as he scanned my face. My eyelids twitched slightly, automatically...and I made myself snort, as if to be disturbed during sleep. I saw the glow disappear, and then reappear, with less brightness. He moved my sheet open, and I heard him whisper "holy shit." He dropped my sheet, and I heard him crawl back into his bunk. A couple of minutes later, I heard him begin to jack off again. After a few minutes, he was breathing quickly, and moaning. He would whisper "fuck" and "shit" repeatedly. After a few minutes more, I heard him emit a low growl, and moan more audibly "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk." He let out a few grunts, and then it was quiet again. I heard him wiping with a towel or something, and he dropped it to the floor. A half hour later, the sun was coming up, lighting up the blinds on our small window. I passed out shortly after, only to be woken up about an hour after that, by Caleb's alarm. I turned, and opened my eyes, stretching out into the open air. Caleb was fumbling with his phone, trying to shut the alarm off. I flipped my sheets back, swinging my legs over my bunk edge. I jumped down, forgetting I had tucked my dick in my waistband, and felt the breezy hair against the head. I quickly opened my shorts, letting my dick fall between my thighs. I felt a moistness, and looked down to see my foot directly over Caleb's cum rag from the night before. "Fuck." I shook it off my foot, and ended up having to peel it off. I looked up, as Caleb swung his legs over the edge. He was smirking. 

"Sorry Dude, I jacked off last night. Surprised you didn't hear me." "I thought I heard something in the middle of the night." "Yeah, I was checking on you." He jumpedoff his bunk, completely naked, and hard. He had a thick line of hair from his chest to his dick, with a mass amount of pubes. He was Italian, and hung like a horse. He stood just under my 6'2" frame. He was more built than I was, and had all the right hair, in all the right places. I tried not to glance down, as Caleb stood, deliberately before me. My dick wasn't anything to be ashamed of, but just under 7". He had to be at least 8". He scrolled through his phone, as I got my things together for the showers. He was leaning against the frame of his bunk, flexing his hard dick up and down in the air. I felt myself getting aroused, and hurriedly dug through my bag for my shaving stuff. Fuck it. I grabbed my towel from the corner post of my bunk, and headed for the showers. I could feel my semi hardon flopping back and forth in my loose boxers. I lowered my arms, to allow the towel to drape before me. The showers were at the opposite end of the hall from our dorm. It was an open shower area, with a couple of private stalls at the back, with privacy curtains. All of the open shower spouts were taken (about a dozen), with the exception of the first one, which only sprayed cold water for some reason. I wasn't in a hurry, so I dropped my things at the edge of one of the benches, and sat on the chair by the door. 

One of the guys called out my name, waving me over to the spout he was at. It was Jonathan, from across the hall from me. I walked through the steam, and naked bodies of the guys in our hall, and took over, while he stepped away. "Thanks man." "Yeah, didn't want you to be late for oral," he winked. I turned to the hot water, spraying out, and set my shampoo and body wash down at my feet, feeling a smack on my ass. I turned, and saw Donnie walk by me. "Hey man." He flashed the rock on sign, as he backed away. He's a taller, athletic puerto rican guy with a really nice build (and I might add, a big dick). I'd met him a couple times at the fitness center, and he explained a few of the sets he was doing, which would help me with my definition.

I finished showering, and walked back to the dorm, with my towel wrapped tightly around my waist. I entered the dorm, and saw Caleb up in his bunk, jacking off again. That dude never cums enough. I paused for a second, then loudly shut the door. He dropped his dick, and turned quickly to look my way, with that same smirk on his face. "Dude, what's up?" "Man, you're still horny?" "All day, erryday, you know what I'm sayin?" He started jacking again. I didn't care, although it was turning me on already. 

I guess I'm bisexual. I've never EVER done anythin with a guy before, and I guess the only experiences I've had with girls were a few blow jobs, hand jobs, and a lot of petting. I dug for a fresh pair of boxers, and pulled them on. I found some jeans and a t shirt, and pulled them on as well, turning to slip on my Toms. I looked up as Caleb continued jacking his big dick. "Come here dude." I walked over, cautiously. "Check this out." I moved closer, as he dropped his dick, and pulled at the edges of his foreskin, making an oval shape. He started thrusting at the hips, pushing the shiny red head through the oval, expanding the stretchy smooth skin. "It's like a tight pussy...or ass" It looked hot. My mouth must have been gaping, cause he was like "Dude, it's not that hot, fuckin fag." He laughed and wiped my mouth with one of his hands, laughing. I jumped back, and punched his arm. "Fuck you, and you taste like shit, make sure you shower." "You liked it, bitch," as he continued jacking off. 

I got some of my books together, feeling Caleb's eyes on me. "Have you ever seen me cum?" "No, can't say I have." "I cum like a faucet, wanna see? I'm close." I shrugged, and looked up. He had a smile in his eyes, and he was biting his lower lip. "Hang on, I'm almost...there, fuck." He swung his legs back over, and jumped down, his dick bounced up and down a couple of times. He grabbed his dick again, stroking it quickly. I watched as the foreskin pulled back, and his dark red shiny head was fully exposed. He leaned back against the frame, and closed his eyes. When he would open them briefly, he'd look me right in the eyes. After a couple of minutes he leaned forward, standing stiff, and slowed his jerks. "Ready dude? It's messy, but fucking awesome." He dropped his head, as his eyes rolled back into his head, and stopped jerking. I almost dropped my books, as he started shooting his load straight out. It literally looked like a faucet, with breaks in the stream. Shot after shot came out, almost clear cum. So many drip marks splattered across the cement floor, with little splatter sounds. He was moaning and breathing quickly, as he continued shooting his load. Probably 11 shots altogether. I was really impressed, and completely turned on. He started stroking again, as I stepped over the mess, toward my dresser. "Fuck...man....God, that was hot." I turned to congratulate him, as he started to step toward me, and froze. "Fuck, shit..." He started shooting another load, and hit me in the face with the first shot. I dropped my books that time, and stepped back. He had his free hand cupped over his dick, as he shot against his palm. I could see white cum dripping from his hand and dick. 

He crouched over, and kept jerking his dick, oozing thick white cum out of his throbbing dick. He stood up, with his eyes closed, almost jerking uncontrollably as he continued cumming. His mouth was open, and he was letting out low grunts and moans. I was almost embarassed as I wiped the cum from my face, and turned away from him, to allow as much privacy as I could. I felt my face flushing, as I heard him continue to grunt and moan. He was completely gooning, as I found something to wipe the cum off with. It became quiet, and I waited a moment before offering the towel in my hand to him. He looked so shocked, and was resting against his bed frame. "Man...That was amazing!" He was so excited about what just happened. "Dude, I've never fucking cum like that, twice in a row? Fucking hot dude. What the fuck was that?" He was mopping his dick and pubes off, as he told me. "Dude, it was like I was having an endless orgasm. Like....fucking awesome." I almost laughed. 

I would never have the balls to do that in front of anyone, and the fact he wasn't even concerned about sharing such an intimate moment with me, was baffling. All I could say was, "Yeah, I'm jealous man. I've never done that before." "Dude, I'll show you, it's hot." "How would you? Oh..." He nodded, like I had just gotten what he was saying, with a big smile on his face. "Maybe...I don't know though man, it's kind of personal." "Dude, I just busted a couple loads in front of you, we're bros." I felt my face get red, and he closed his eyes and shook his head. "No, you're right. I shouldn't assume you're open about it. Man, just if you ever want to. Sorry bro." He turned, and pulled himself up to his bed, flipping one leg up. I got a glimpse of his hairy ass, as he flopped up on his bunk, getting his phone. "I'm fuckin beat. I'm probs gonna skip class this morning." We shared the first class at 9, but I always kept him current with any notes and talking points I thought he would need.

I got back to the dorm around 11:30, after two classes. Caleb was gone, and I stripped off my shirt and jeans, jumping up into my bunk. I was running on four hours of sleep, and needed a nap before my 3:00 class. I was scrolling through twitter, when the door opened, and I heard Caleb laughing, and another guys' voice in the background "Later dude." "Alright man." Caleb came in, and whipped my chest with his wet towel. I looked up, as he stood naked before me. "How did class go?" "Fine...I drop boxed the notes to you, so you can check 'em out if you want." "Thanks bro. You're the best." I jumped up, grabbing me, as I felt his wet body pressed against mine. "Get off me, fucker!" He laughed, as he slid off me, back to the floor. He toweled his head and face, and dropped his towel in the corner. I continued scrolling through my feed, while Caleb told me about how he fell back asleep, and just decided to take a shower. He was going to apply for part time jobs in town, since we'd gotten into our regime and he knew he's be able to close at alot of the fast food and retail locations off the main strip. I told him I'd go with him, if he wanted. "Yeah man, that would be great." He jumped up in his bunk, and sat, legs dangling over the edge, while he looked up a few places on his phone. I closed my eyes, just to nap until he wanted to leave. I woke up, to Caleb throwing a pillow at my face. I looked up, and he was still sitting on the edge of his bunk. "Man, you were snoring," he laughed. "What the fuck." "Sorry dude...I won't do it again." I fell back asleep quickly, and woke up to the sun going down. I looked around, and sat up. I flipped my legs over, and jumped down. 

My boxers were stuffed up my ass crack, as I reached back to pull them out, I heard a giggle, and turned around to see Caleb, sitting on the futon with his laptop on his lap, still naked. "Nice man. That's why I wear boxer briefs." "So you can shrink your...nevermind." He moved the laptop, and grabbed his dick, flopping it back and forth, "You mean this? Yeah...it's not going anywhere." He dropped it back, and pulled his computer on his lap again. "When are you planning on driving into town?" "I changed my mind. Wanna go to a party?" "No man, I'm good. What's up?" "I was thinking of jacking off again, but now that you're awake. I don't want to embarass you again." "Fuck off." I stretched out, and pulled my t shirt on again. I sat down next to Caleb, and looked at my phone. I'd missed dinner, and thought about grabbing some McD's, or something cheap. I glanced over, and saw that Caleb was hard again. His dick was inching up his hairy abs, toward his crunched chest. I didn't mean to stare, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Caleb looked over and saw where my eyes were focused, and nudged me with his elbow. "Dude, you can touch it if you want." "No...no man, it's just distracting." We both laughed, and I continued scrolling through my phone. I occasionally would glance over, and I knew Caleb knew, because he would flex his dick. It would lift off of his abs, and point almost straight up, pressing against the edge of his laptop. He would occasionally adjust himself, and move his hips, so his throbbing dick would slide between his forearms, which were just inches apart. 

I put my phone down, and leaned back, closing my eyes. I still felt tired. I felt Caleb thrusting, as he moved the futon mattress with his motions. I didn't care at this point, although I could feel myself getting hard, beneath my boxers. I felt a warm hand on my thigh, and looked down. "Do you trust me?" "I'm not playing this game dude." "do you fucking trust me?!" "Yes, fuck." He moved his hand up, pushing up the leg of my boxers...my dick twitched. "Do you trsut me?" ".......yes." He moved his hand up, his fingers disappearing under the checkered fabric. "Do you trust me?" "Uh......yes." He smirked, as he pushed his hand further up, brushing under the throbbing shaft of my dick, forcing it to flex against the thin fabric. I secretly wanted him to jack me off. "Do you trust me?" "yes." His smile started fading, as he moved his hand up. The feeling of his fingertips brushing against my bristly pubes, made my dick twitch and throb unconrollably. "Dude...Do you trust me?" 

He was looking me right in the eye. "Yes." I felt my face flushing. He moved his hand, with the base of my dick shaft between his thumb and pointer finger, in the crevice of his hand. I was throbbing more and more. "Do you trust me?" "Yes." I closed my eyes, as he moved his hand up, pushing my dick hard against the fabric of my boxers, wrapping his hand around my shaft. I opened my eyes and he was smirking, as he opened the crotch of my boxers, letting my dick spring forth. "Do you still trust me?" "yes." He moved his closed fist tightly up my shaft. I felt and saw a drop of clear pre cum appear at the head. "You want me to go on? Or should I just finish you off here?" I nodded, biting my lip. He smiled, and started stroking me up and down slowly. I pushed at the band of my boxers, as he let go, grabbing my dick again, after my boxers were pushed down. He started massaging my balls with his other hand, while he stroked my dick with his left. I slid down, allowing him longer stroking space. "Do me." I reached over instinctively grabbing his dick. It felt huge in my fist, as I stroked him. He turned his body more, so I was pulling his dick from my angle. He started breathing heavier, and got closer to my face, looking me right in the eye. I opened my mouth to tell him to go faster, and stopped. Almost like he was reading my mind, he quickened his pace. I twisted a little at the waist, so I was facing him more. "Dude, get up for a second." He cupped a hand at my lower back, and helped me off the futon. "Sit on my thighs, facing me. "What the fuck?" "It'll be easier dude, trust me." 

I straddle my thighs on either side of his, and lowered myself down. I felt his muscular thighs propping me up, as he smirked looking me in the eye. "Am I too heavy?" "NO ba...Dude." He almost lost his smirk, but I pretended not to notice. He grabbed my dick again, pushing and pulling his smooth palm down and up my shaft. I grabbed his and started stroking him. He was breathing heavy again, and his eyes were squinting, as he looked me in the eye. He would occasionally lick his lips, and smile. It was feeling really good. Almost like I was stroking myself off, but in an out of body type experience. I can't explain it. I felt him adjust his thighs, spreading them open, and my legs spread with his. I felt my ass cheeks part, and open. THe cool dorm air hit my inner ass cheeks, and it added to my arousal. I almost lost my balance, and Caleb reached his hand behind my ass, cupping my cheek, holding  me in place.

We were stroking each other for a few minutes, and I felt his grip harden against my ass cheek. His fingertips were slowly sliding in deeper, toward my hole. I wasn't sure what to do, but I liked it. He could tell, and soon he was pressing a finger against my hole. I felt it open after awhile, and he pushed his fingertip just inside. I moaned lightly, as he continued to stroke my dick with one hand, and finger me with his other. I let go of his dick, and pulled my t shirt off, as it was getting really warm. He was sweating as well. I felt his thighs moisten underneath my body heat, and his chest and ab hair was startin to glisten, as well as his pubes. I didn't notice how thick and dark his bush was, but up close, it was reallys oft and shiny. He pulled me a little closer, and our dicks were soon touching. I felt so gay at the moment, but I knew he was by now, and just went with it. He knew just how to pace his strokes, and the finger in the ass was really arousing. He kept pulling me, until my head was resting on his shoulder. I felt his lips on my neck, and just went with it. "Dude, I think I'm gonna cum soon. How are you doing?" "I'm...I'm feeling good." He giggled in my ear, "Yeah...I've been wnating to mess with you for awhile." I let myself go limp, and kept stroking him. Our dicks kept touching, and his finger was almost all the way in my ass by now. He was sliding it in and out, the sweat had created kind of a lube or something. It felt fucking awesome. I felt myself starting to reach orgasm, and I pushed back from his sweaty body, to say something, but it was too late. "Fuck..." I started shooting up his abs and chest, coating his dick with my cum, as I stroked him. "God, shit..." He started cumming almost right after me, shooting cum straight up his chest and even hitting himself in the neck and face. He kept eye contact while we came, and licked some cum that was on his lip. His finger was pushing down on my prostate while I continued to ooze out cum. 

It felt so great, i could hardly keep my eyes open. When we stopped cumming, he pulled his finger out, and started rubbing the cum into his body and hair. I squeezed out another drop of cum, wiping the head of my dick against his shaft. I reached up, bracing myself on the underside of my bed, and pulled myself off of him. The cool air felt great against my moist skin. I got my towel, wiping was little bit of cum was on my dick, and handed the towel to Caleb. he slowly wiped himself off, as he continued to stroke his dick. He got up, dropping the towel onto the floor, as he stroked himself some more. "Damnit, I thought I could cum again, like I did earlier." "Maybe you can only do it once a day or something." "Nah...it's cool." 

We stayed naked for the rest of the night, and fell asleep talking about sex and what else we ever wanted to try. I woke up the next morning with morning wood, and stretched, reaching for my phone. My sheet fell low on my body, and I remembered I was naked. I checked my phone, and turned, hearing Caleb groan, while he stretched. He opened his eyes, propping up on his elbow. "Good morning bro." "Good morning." He smiled, and flipped back his sheets, exposing his morning wood. I smirked, and flipped my sheet back as well. We both laughed, and he swung his legs over, dropping to the floor, and walked toward my bunk. licking his lips.


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