All Friday I focused on my classes and tried to avoid eye contact with Chris by any means. Fail. When he first walked in, and saw me, I tried to not smile. He looked really sexy in a fitted flannel shirt, unbuttoned to just under his chest, with some knee length denim shorts, and some espadrille loafers. He smiled, and walked over, sitting next to me. "Hey man, what's up?" He glanced around, before he sat. I smiled back, "Hey." He got his ipad out and silenced his phone, glancing over at me. "What's up?" I shrugged, and got my shit together. I felt giddy, but awkward. Had Donnie said something to him yet? How would I face them together? I wanted to forewarn him, but maybe I was too late anyway. 

I felt him slide his leg across mine. Even with jeans on, I could feel how muscular his calf was. I cleared my throat and moved my leg away. "What the fuck is up?" His voice was just above whisper tone. I looked over, and he was almost glaring at me. "I think we made a mistake." He rolled his eyes and shook his head, turning slightly away from me. He had a pair of steel gauges in, and had his hair slicked over on the top, and hadn't shaved yet, so he had some stubble along his jawline and chin. So sexy. I felt like shit, treating him this way, but it was really for his benefit. He didn't look at me, or speak to me the rest of class, and when it was over, he got up and left immediately. I was wanting to catch him in the hall, but literally, he as gone. I got a coke from the vending room, and headed on to my next class. My phone vibratd and I checked it, cautiously. "Whatever bullshit is going on with you, you should know I like you and you're pissing me off avoiding me like this." I replied with a sad face, and "I'm sorry. Can we talk?" I didn't get a reply. 

I chugged my coke, and got to my next class early. The rest of my day flew by. I stopped back at the dorm to relax, which I couldn't. I ended up going to the library and reading Newsweek and the NY Times. My phone was blowing up the entire time. Mostly Caleb and Donnie checking on me about tonight. I was secretly still waiting for a reply from Chris, but I would probably not see him until after the weekend. I texted the guys back, and let them know I'd be ready by 10. Caleb wanted to meet me wherever I was, and DOnnie said to come over. I know Caleb was probs going to be horny, and I could really use Donnie's comforting presence, but I just wanted to chill and not be around boys at the moment. Apparently I was super tired, cause the next thing I know, the student lead libararian was shaking my shoulder. 

Her name is April and she's a cute nerdy chick, with really short blonde hair. She looked annoyed, "Dude, if you need to sleep, go to your room." "Sorry, I'm leaving." I got up and walked down the 8 flights of stairs, then across the commons, and back up a couple flights of stairs. I was walking down the hall toward my room, when I heard Donnie's voice. "Hey boy, where have you been?" I turned around, and he was standing in his doorway, with a towel wrapped around his waist, one hand holding it together, and his arm up on the door frame. He was clearly flexing, and his wet curly hair was in his face. I swallowed hard, and thought for a second what I wanted to do. "I..I fell asleep in the library, so I'm going to bed." He winked and smiled, "Crash here. I'll keep you company." I felt my face flush, and I wasn't sure what to do. My phone went off, and I looked, seeing Caleb's profile on the screen: "I picked up a pizza, you hungry babe?" 

I felt torn. I made a quick decision and decided to go to my room. I told Donnie sorry, but I had to get some sleep, and added a half smile. He winked and said "Alright, see you tonight." He closed the door loudly. I wasn't sure if he was pissed, or if he knew that I knew, we wouldn't be sleeping if I went in. I opened the door, and shuffled in, seeing Caleb laying back in his bunk, with his legs dangling over the edge. He had his gym shorts on, and shirtless. There was an opened pizza box on his dresser, with a couple slices missing. It smelled amazing, but I was so freaking tired. I dropped my bag, and started climbing up my ladder. Caleb jumped down, and came over, grabbing me back. I had to smile, at his attempt at romance, and turned to kiss him. "I haven't seen you since this morning." "Sorry, I'm so tired." He leaned in and kissed me again. I slumped back against the ladder, and let him kiss my neck and face. "God you smell so fucking good." He had my hands pinned up above my head, and I could feel his body heat against my skin. 

He led my hands down, and grabbed my sides, pulling me to him. "I'm so tired Caleb." "I know...You can sleep, but I want you in my bed." We shuffled across to his side, and crawled up to his bunk. I faced the wall, and he crawled up against me, his arm around my side, grasping my chest. He pulled the sheets and blanket up over us, and kissed the back of my head. I could feel him breathing against my ear. It felt amazing, and I liked him behind me. He nuzzled up behind me, and hugged me tightly, breathing in my ear. "I can't wait to be inside you again." I giggled, and tiredly replied, "Me too. But right now I need sleep." He thrusted lightly into my ass, and I jerked back, "Stopppppp." "Ok, fine, go to sleep boy. I'll be here when you wake up." I fell asleep shortly after. 

I woke up and felt him breathing heavy against my neck. It was dark in our dorm, and I squirmed to sit up, feeling his arm around me. He coughed, and groggily said my name. "Yeah, I just need to get up." "NOoooo, stay in bed where it's warm." "We have a party tonight and I'm thirsty." He woke up completely, "Boy, I'll give you something to drink." "You're naughty." He grabbed my hand and pushed it down his furry trail, down to his crotch. He was semi hard, and really warm, and moist. I pulled my hand away, and he grabbed it again, putting it to my face. I inhaled, smelling his musk. 

"Mmmm, you like that?" I shrugged in the dark, "It smells like you need a shower." "Nah, I just need to get off. I haven't jacked off all day." "Really? You're the horniest guy I know." "Suddenly, I feel the need to save every drop for someone special." He reached up, brushing his fingers across my cheek. "Caleb, you can do what you want. we're not.." He cut me off. "But what if we were?" "Were what?" "Together." "I don't know if I can agree to that." "You don't have to. It's just...I like you a lot. I want to be with you." "It's kind of complicated. I really like you, but I also like someone else." "Donnie right?" "Yeah, but how did you..." "He told me about you." "Why?" "He just said how you guys were hanging out and how awesome you were. It was pretty obvious." "I like both of you though. But you have something he doesn't." Caleb didn't say anything. 

"I gave it up to you Caleb. Only you. You're my first. I just don't know what else you need from me to know how I feel about you." He sat up and took my hand. "I'm glad you trusted me with that, but I want more." "I just can't. It wouldn't be fair." "Fair?" "Yeah, to" "Fuck Donnie. I want you." "I can't give you just me. I have feelings for both of you." It got quiet again, and he let go of my hand. I started to shift away, and he reached out to me. "I'm sorry. This is too much for you, and I understand. I just want you to be happy." He gave me a hug, and I hugged him back. He pulled back, and kissed my lips. I kissed back, and suddenly we were full on making out. 

He led me back down onto my back, and his hands were pushing my shirt up. He was kissing my chest, and his hands were working my fly and waistband of my jeans. I was moaning quietly, and telling him how bad I wanted him. I'd given in. I wanted all of him, in all of me, and Donnie would have to wait for now. I could admit to myself that there was definitely something special between Caleb and me. Donnie was definitely arousing and I had also felt a connection with him, but Caleb was sweet, and playful, and I felt like he really could love me. I didnt' want to be in a serious relationship, but I felt like Donnie could handle the situation much better than Caleb would. He was lifting my legs now, with his kisses working their way down the backs of my thighs. I reached up, and braced myself agianst the head board. My legs were forced up off to the side, and he was kissing and tongue fucking my ass. The soreness had left, but I felt myself loosening up much faster this time, than before. I craved him. He was working me over with excellence, and I couldn't help but moan audibly. I wanted him to fuck me. 

"Mmmm, Caleb...I want it." "Tell me how bad you want it babe." He went down on me again. "I Want it so fucking bad." "Boy you're gonna get it." "I want you to give it to me." "Get ready baby." I moaned, while he spread my legs, and scooted up. "I'll be right back babe." He kissed my forehead and jumped down. I heard him shuffle around, and dig around his drawers. He was back up in a moment, and I heard a lid pop, and he squirted some lube on my ass, and fingered me deeply. I groaned and cringed back against the wall. He giggled, and I heard him squirt some more. Probably over his dick. He scooted in, and I felt him lift my legs against his furry abs and chest. I pushed me up into a ball, and I felt the head of his dick rub against my craving ass hole. He was kissing me passionately, and groping my outer ass. He moaned in my ear, "I'm so fucking hard...mmm..." "God damnit...put it in me." He giggled, and slapped my ass playfully. He shoved his dick in forcibly, and I cried out suddenly. "Ah! fuck..." "Sorry, you make me horny." "Fuck me Caleb." I was begging for him. He started thrusting in and out. Damn, it felt great. 

He was passionate and erotic. Touching every inch of my sensitive parts he could, while he thrusted in and out of me. He worked my nipples over with his teeth and lips, and licked up my chest line to my neck, biting at my chin, and lower lip, and then over to my ears, and back down the side of my neck. I felt myself cumming, but nothing came out. I was cumming without blowing my load. I moaned, grabbing the back of his neck, and pulling his face to mine. I kissed him deep, and then I felt myself cum again. This time I shot a load all over my chest and stomach. He was groaning and giggling at once, and then I heard a knock on the door. Shit! 

"Party people! Get your asses out here!" Caleb stopped, and I waited to hear another knock. There it was. "Hey fuckers! We're leaving!" It was Patrick. What an asshole. I turned back to Caleb, and kissed his lips. "Don't stop." "I'm almost there anyway. Are you sure?" "Yeah, we can slow it down later tonight." He giggled, and started thrusting again. Between the banging on the door, Caleb cursing in my ear, and the feeling of his amazing dick pummeling my ass, it was a mosh of feelings spinning in my head. Suddenly Caleb grunted a "fuck!" and started cumming. I tightly wrapped my legs around him, feeling him flexing his dick up and down, the liquid stimulation jetting deep into me. I could feel him shooting his load, and he was grunting profanities in my ear. We held each other for a couple minutes, and then I let him go, and he pulled out, jumping down off the bunk. 

"Calm your ass fucker. We were sleeping. I jumped out of his bed, as he turned the light on. I pulled on a pair of dirty briefs, and slid on my jeans, while he pulled his gym shorts on. I sprayed some cologne on, and pulled on a t shirt from earlier. Caleb opened the door, and Patrick stood before us, completely oblivious to what we looked like. "Fucktards, we're waiting for you. Get your asses ready, shit!" Caleb called him an asshole and shut the door. He turned to me, and I could see he was cupping the front of his gym shorts. I could see he was hard, and there was a dark, wet stain down the front of his shorts and to the edge of the leg, where cum was dripping. "What the..." My eyes got wide. "I was still cumming when I jumped down, and I guess with the rush of possibly getting caught I came again. He looked disappointed. 

"Holy shit. What if he saw you?" "He didn't. He was too pissed." I walked toward him, and kissed his lips. "You're so fucking horny Caleb. I love it." I giggled, and he ran his hand down the side of my face. "Too bad it was a wasted load." "Nah, it's sexy. You just keepe cumming bro." He smirked at me, and turned away, dropping his shorts. Damn. We stopped at the bathrooms on the way out, and I relieved my bladder. I felt squishy while we walked down the steps, and Caleb stopped me half way down. "Shit. Babe, you're leaking me out your ass." "What?" I reached back, and there was a completely mass of wetness on my ass. Shit! I started to run back up the stairs, with Caleb right behind me. He called patrick and told him to leave without us. "I don't give a shit dude. We need some more time to get ready, fuck." He ended the call, as we walked into the room. I stripped off my jeans and briefs, and grabbed a towel, wiping at my ass. 

"You wanna go shower, and we can take our time?" "Nah, I just want to get there so we can get back." He walked up behind me, and took the towel from me. "Let me help, lean forward." I leaned forward, bracing myself against the bed frame. "Damn, that ass." He playfully pinched my cheek, while he slowly slid the towel in between. "We need to do it with the lights on next time." I giggled, "Ok." "I want a completely visual, and focus on this piece of equipment." He slid a couple fingers in me. I could feel him swishing around inside me, with some of his cum still in me. I squirmed, and he pulled out. "Sorry. I think you still have a lot in there babe." I turned, and took the towel. "You cum like a horse." "Damn right I do. Just for you though." He leaned forward and kissed my lips. I smiled and turned to get some fresh briefs. 

"Hey, maybe I can go like shit it out or something." "Ok, want me to come with you?" "Nah, I'll be right back." I pulled on my jeans, and toms and walked down the hall, still feeling squishy. I sat in a stall, and tried to force out the cum. It seemed to be working, and I heard footsteps walk across the tiles, to one of the sinks, and the water came on. I heard a couple other steps, and Chris's voice, echoing a little throughout the room. "This aint over man." "Yes it is. You lose." "Nah, it's not how it goes. We let him decide and we go with it." "Uh, no. You walk away now, and I don't kick your ass." It was Donnie. I knew immediately they were referring to me. I shrunk back, holding in the bubble that was working its way out. I clenched my ass tight, and waited. 

"Fuck it. I'm not gonna fight you on this, but you need to let him choose." He left the room, and the water turned off. I heard Donnie cuss under his breath, and get some paper towel, srunching them, and then he was gone. I let the bubble escape, and almost laughed at myself. I felt wet all over again, and wiped myself, flushing it down. I felt less squishy, as I walked to the sinks, and washed my hands. My phone went off, and I dried my hands quickly, retrieving it out of my pocket. Caleb was checking on me. I let him know I was done, and he said to meet him outside. I walked down, and out to the street, where he was parked out front waiting for me. I opened the door and got in, as he turned and smiled. 

Donnie and Chris were in the back seat. "Hey bro, how'd it go?" "Uh...Great." "Yeah, these guys asked for a ride and I couldn't say no." Yeah, I didn't want to drive tonight." Donnie looked sideways at me, from behind Caleb's seat. I felt Chris's eyes on the back of my head. I shut the door and put my seatbelt on. Caleb took off, and we were there in a few minutes. The party was at an older house on the outside of town. It had a round about drive way, with a large, dried up fountain in the front, half lit by broken yard lamps and spotlights. I'm sure this was a spectacular home back in the day, but desperately needed some updates and clean up. 

We walked in through the opened front doors, through a shadowy foyer, with a dimly lit stairwell, and an open dining room with people dancing. There were chairs everywhere, and a packed great room, with people everywhere. I recognized a few of them, but with so many bodies in one place, I wouldn't know any more than just the faces I could see from the hall. We walked through, bumping into people along the way, and made it back to the kitchen. They had a plethora of drinks and food, much of it looked like it had been out for way too long. We made our way throughout the house, and down a long, well lit hallway at the back, that led to an open parking garage set up in the back. Many of the guys living there were on the varsity football team. 

A few muscle cars and suvs lined the garages, and the stalls were all opened, with a back driveway, and well lit yard, full of more people. We found a spot in the corner with a couple of outdoor sofas, and sat down with our drinks. Chris started asking Caleb about some of the guys from swimming. Apparently he had tried out for the team and felt that because of his height and build they rejected him. "Yeah man, you're built for football. Swimming's for pansies anyway." "Shit yeah, I just like filling out a speedo." Caleb laughed, and Chris looked over his solo cup at me, while he took a drink. I took a sip of mine, and pretended not to notice. Donnie leaned forward, "Hey, wanna go with me and get another?" He lifted his cup to me, and I nodded. 

The music was blaring, and Caleb said something to me as I stood up, and followed Donnie back into the house. It was just as loud, but the lighting was better, and I could see his jaw was clenched. He had his hair pulled back in a man bun, with a deep v neck t shirt, and had some skiny chinos with sperrys. He had shaved his face, except for his light stache and under lip growth. His brows were furrowed, and he kept glancng sideways at me, and looking away. "Hey, what's up?" I stopped him just outside the kitchen. "I'm just tired I guess." "Nah, you're not. What's going on?" He looked at me, and winked. "Nothin. Don't worry about it. I'm good." He reached to take my hand, but realized where we were, and turned, going into the kitchen. I followed after him, and he got us some punch from the large bowl on one of the tables. I took my cup, and he nodded toward the front entrance. I shrugged and followed him out into the foyer. 

He started up the stairs, and I followed. We walked throughout the second floor, talking to a couple of the people we knew. A couple girls from my first hour class said a quick "Hey" and some guys Donnie knew from the rec center walked by and shoulder tapped. We ended up in the library, which was dimly lit, and had half of its collection missing. Rows of empty bookshelves, up to the vaulted ceiling, and the length of the entire room. I was guessing all that remained were staged encyclopedia collections and a dictionary. The room echoed, and we were the only ones there. He closed the door behind me, and pulled me off to the side. It was a reading knook with a small tuffted lounger, and a floor lamp. I sat down in the corner, and Donnie scooted in next to me, leaning in for a quick kiss. 

He winked at me, "I've been wanting to kiss you all day." "I missed you." "You didn't seem to be missing me in the hall this afternoon." He got the furrowed brows again. "I was so tired. Sorry." I leaned into him. He shifted his position, and reached his arm up around my shoulder. He smelled so sexy, and the t shirt was hugging his body in the best possible way. "I can smell him on you." I sat up, "who?" "Caleb. I can smell his body spray on you." "I only had a couple minutes to..." "Don't bullshit me. It is what it is, but don't bullshit." "Ok. We hooked up this afternoon after the nap." "Are you with him?" "Nah, I'm not with anyone." I felt his grip loosen on my shoulder. "I see how it is." "We talked about this Donnie." "I know...It's just....I want you." "I want you too." 

He looked over at me, his lips started to smirk. He resumed his grip on my shoulder. I leaned into him again, feeling him puff at the chest. I hadn't even heard the door, but Caleb stood in the door frame watching us. "What's up?" Donnie casually asked him. "I don't know man, you tell me." I sat up, and shifted my weight evenly, feeling Donnie's grip get tighter on my shoulder. "We're just chillin." "Yeah, I can see." "Is there a problem?" "Nah man, is there a problem Lucas?" I shrugged, and looked away. 

I felt like I was betraying Caleb, but I wanted to spend time with Donnie too. What the fuck was my issue? Aside from still having some of Caleb inside me, I felt like I hadn't made my intentions unclear to either of them. I got up off the lounger, "wait, where you goin boy?" Donnie reached out and took my hand. "Damn, he can do what he wants." Caleb shifted his position, standing at full attention in the doorway. Donnie got up, and stood in front of me, facing Caleb. "The fuck you wanna do about it?" "Dude, chill the fuck out." I walked around Donnie, and past Caleb, turning in the doorway. "You boys let me know when you're done with this pissing contest. I'm getting a drink." I shut the door behind me, and walked down the hall. I couldn't care less if they were going to get in a fight, I was over the drama. Some of the attraction with being with men, is less drama and just knowing where everyone stood. I made it perfectly clear that I liked them both. I had the right to, didn't I? 

I got a drink and went out back to our original spot, and sat down in the corner where were were before. I was scrolling through twitter, and then I heard Chris behind me. "Hey boy, what's up?" I glanced around, and then up. He was standing over me from behind, and had his hands on either side of me, on the back of the sofa. I looked back at my phone, "Nothin, just reading up on this bill cosby shit." "He's whack as fuck." I closed out of the app, and looked back up, as he stepped over the back, and sat next to me. I felt the heat coming from his body, and knew he must've been playing ball with some of the guys. He had a tank top on, and his hoodie draped over his shoulders, leaning forward, he rested his elbows on his knees. 

"So..." he looked over at me, with his eyebrows up, and a grin on his face. I smiled and looked away. "So...." "You've been avoiding me." "I know. I'm sorry." I was looking at the ground, and he nudged my knee with his. I looked back over to him. "You wanna talk about it?" "I just don't want anything bad to happen to you." He gave me a crazy look. "Boy...You think I'm afraid of Donnie? I can take his ass out." "No! Seriously, you guys need to chill the fuck out." "It's no big deal with Donnie and me. I know you want me." He elbowed me, and air kissed. "You guys are good with this?" "With what?" "The way I am?" "Shit...We like you. All of you. You need to do you, and we'll just work it out." I felt a lot better about it. Well, not about the Caleb part. 

That was an entirely different situation. I was nervous about what might happen between Caleb and Donnie. "You and Caleb kickin it?" "Yeah...We' know." "Yeah. It's a little fucked up Lucas." "I know. I've never done anything before this, and now it's like I want all of it, all of you." "Well, sometimes shit gets real, and you have to face it." "Like, what should I do though?" Like...chill, and just let whatever happens happen." "But can we still hangout?" "Hangout? Like we did earlier? Probably. I want more though." "How much more?" "I want your respect and commitment." "I told you I..." "I know, I just mean with us. Always keep it real, and just promise me you'll let me know if you ever change your mind about us. Regardless of the outcome. Just be real." "I will." 

He smiled at me, and stood up. "You wanna get out of here?" "Yes, but how are..." "Man, you gotta lot to learn." He pulled out a set of keys. "I keep my car here with my man Trav." "Who?" "My boy on the team. Student parking fines are fucked up, so I keep my shit over here." I giggled and followed him back into the house, and down the back hall. He clicked his fob and we walked toward the flashes. He drove a four door wrangler with a hard top. It was completely sup'd up, in a matte black finish, with matching rims and a light tint on the windows. It completely fit his personality. He opened my door for me, and I got in, as he closed it behind me. He walked around, and got in, starting it up, and taking off immediately. We drove the short distance back to the dorms. We parked in back, and walked the few minutes to the door. He told me about seeing me in class earlier, and it killed him to feel like I was shutting him out. I felt like shit. 

I told him what had been said from Donnie and I wanted to make sure nothing bad happened. Chris assured me, again, that he could handle it. I didn't want to hurt Donnie either, but I wanted to just feel the warmth from Chris, and his sexiness altogether. We got up to his dorm, and walked in. He left he lights out, and grabbed my face, slowly making out with me. I slumped back against the door, while he hooked an arm behind my lower back, and held my face with the other. His kisses were deliberate, passionate, and enjoyable. I couldn't breathe. He leaned back, pulling me forward, and led me to his bed. We lay back, and cuddled while we made out. He was talking low toned, and sexy in my ear. He was grinding into me, his dick was rock hard. He spread my legs, and pulled my right thigh up over his hip. He was moaning in my ear, and kissing my neck. 

"I wanna fill you up boy." "I...I can't..." "Mmmm...why not?" "I'm....not ready for" He had me rock hard in my jeans, and was hard against my ass. So fucking sexy, and his cologne was rubbing off on me. With Caleb's drying load in me, and Donnie's and his taste on my lips, I was feeling like a pass around. I just wanted some affection. I was definitely not prepared to go all the way with Chris, and his 10X6. For real. "Come on...please?" "'s so big, and I just...I like you, but I wanna just be like the way we are." I was mumbling all of this in between kisses from him. He was so sexy. I tousled his hair with my hand, while his lips were busy on my lips and neck. He let go of my leg, and pushed himself up in a propped position, moving away from my face. I put my hand up on his cheek. 

"Why don't you trust me?" "I do. I just's probs gonna be like...hella painful." "I can make it feel good boy." "I'm just scared of it." He giggled. "Ok, that was cute. We don't have to do it now, but please know that I want to be in there." I felt him reach up under my ass, and grope me. I squirmed in his grasp, and he moved in, cuddling up against me. He sighed, and rested his head on my chest, his arms around me, and his dick still pressed up under my thighs. I liked being like this with him. We cuddled for a bit and then my phone went off. I almost jumped, and so did Chris. "Fuck! That scared me." I pulled my phone out. It was Donnie... "Where you at boy?" 

I put my phone back in my pocket, and nestled in with chris. He shifted up, and turned, pulling me against his chest. "Much better." I giggled against his bare chest. I could feel the heat coming from him. Damn. We lay like this for a few minutes, and I decided I had to use the bathroom. I got up, and kissed his lips. "I'll be right back." "You better." He slapped my ass as I got up. I pulled my phone out as I walked, and texted Donnie that I had gone back to the dorms. I was peeing when my phone went off again. I got done and checked. "I'm coming back too. Wanna cuddle?" OMFG... Whyyyyyy. 

I texted back that if I was awake, I'd be up for cuddling. Stupid, I know, but I really did want to cuddle with him. He's so fucking sexy. But I had Chris waiting for me, and God only knows where Caleb went. I had to get back to my room, and fall asleep before Donnie came back. I knocked on his and Chris's door, and heard Chris yell to come in. I walked in, and he was propped up in his bunk, with the blanket pulled up to his waist. He was bare chested and as I walked toward him, he opened up the blanket, revealing his naked body. His 10X6, was at full salute. "He's been waiting for you." He giggled, and flashed that sexy smile. I stood before him, tempted. "I really need to go to bed." "What?" He dropped the blanket back, and reached out for my hand, pulling me to him. 

"Yeah. Donnie's coming back, and I don't know where Caleb is...I just want this day to be over and see what happens tomorow. "Shit. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be selfish. I just want you boy." "I want you too. I promise. I just want to let you guys all chill and just, be friends again." "You're sweet, but you have nothing to worry about." I smiled, and got off the bed. "So, til next time?" "Yeah. Um...kik me later if you want to." "I will." He blew a kiss to me, and I left, closing the door quietly behind me. I made it back to my room, as my phone went off again. Donnie said he was walking, so it would be awhile, and he'd just talk to me tomorrow. I texted back that I could come get him, and he said not to worry bout it. I felt like I should, but then what would happen when we got back to the dorm? He'd want to cuddle and I needed to cool down. I undid my jeans, and pulled my shirt off, crawling up into bed. 

I pulled my sheets and blanket up to my chin, and got cozy, drifting off into sleep. I woke up around 4, with Caleb talking loudly. "Yeah man, awesome!" He slammed the door, and turned the lights on. "Oh SHIT! sorry babe...Oh my god, I'm an asshole." I was squinting and had my arm over my face. He practically jumped up into my bunk, and kissed my forehead. "Fuck...I'm sorry, don't be mad." "I'm not mad. Where the hell did you go?" My eyes adjusted to the light, and I could see a cut on his head. 

"What the fuck?" I reached out and touched his face. "Nah, don't you even fucking worry your pretty little face about it. I'm good, I'm good." He was completely oblivious and definitely feeling good. He hugged me tightly, and he reeked of the punch we'd had at the party. I hugged him back, and he started making out with me. "I'm tired Caleb." "Shit, fine, just go to sleep. But I'm still cuddling the shit out of you tonight." I started laughing, and rolled away from him, facing the wall. He cozied up to me, and put his arm around my chest, pulling me back. "Ha, ha, laugh all you want. You know you want it." He thrusted into my ass. "Fuck...I'm tired!" I nudged back, and he giggled, and shortly after...he was out. I woke up to my phone going off. 

Caleb was draped over me, half naked, and hard as a rock. I slid out from under his arm, and searched for my phone. I crawled down off my bed, and found it in my jeans from last night. It was a text from Donnie. "Lmk when ur awake boy ;)" I texted back, "I'm awake." I was about to crawl up into my bunk again, when the door opened, and I turned to see Donnie standing there. He had a tight fitting school sweatshirt on, which hugged every bit of his torso, and some khaki shorts, and a pair of toms. His hair was up in a man bun again, and he had scruffy morning face. I was surprised to see him, and as he walked toward me, I leaned back, waiting for his touch. He leaned in and kissed me quietly on the lips. "Wanna go for a ride?" He whispered. "Yeah, let me get ready." I whispered back. He winked, and stepped back, closing the door. 

I pulled on my jeans, and a thin pullover from my closet. I slipped on my toms and we left the dorm. We got in his car and took off out of town. I wasn't sure where we were going, but the sun was bright, the ride was comfortable, and I rested back against the warm leather seat, closing my eyes. And then I felt him take my hand.


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