Caleb jumped up to my bunk, and swung a leg up, and over, practically landing on top of me. His dick was rock hard, and jabbed me in the abs. I cringed, and curled back against the wall. He smirked, and cupped a hand behind my neck, pulling closer to me. I felt his hairy legs intertwine with mine, and our dicks pressed closely together. He pulled at my sheet, covering our bodies. 

"Dude, it's fuckin cold this morning. We can be cozy for a bit right?" I was a little overwhelmed, because up until now I hadn't done anything with a guy. Last night was incredibly hot, and super sexy fun. I was really into Caleb, and I think he felt the same. To my knowledge he hadn't ever had a fling yet at school, and there hadn't been any other guys or girls in the room before. I let myself go again, and just wanted something to happen. "Yeah, it's nice having someone in bed with me." He leaned in, for a half hug, but didn't pull back.I felt our bodies warm up instantly, and we were both still rock hard. He was mumbling something about how we had a couple hours until class. I had let myself go limp, and by now, he had shifted his legs in between mine, and had pulled one of my thighs up to rest against his hip. I told him about how great last night was, and that it was my first time doing anythin like that. He had that stupid sexy smirk on his face, while he told me he was glad I trusted him with my first. 

 "Would you want to try any other firsts with me bro?" His warm hand was running down my thigh, and cupping under my ass cheek. I felt him shift his weight back, and the hardness of his dick slid under my balls, in between my upper thighs and pressed against the tightness of my ass cheeks. I instinctively clenched my ass closed, although that was as far as he went. I think he felt it."Hey, I'm not gonna do anythin with you you don't want to happen dude." He leaned in, and gave me a short kiss on the lips. I wanted more. I felt him slowly thrusting his hips, sliding in and out between my upper thighs and ass. The friction of his smooth uncut dick and the short baby hairs on my skin, was causing me to leak like a faucet. I wasn't sure how it would feel, but in that moment, I felt like I could submit to his desire.Caleb continued flexing his dick against my thighs, and thrusting at the hips. His voice was deep and raspy, while he told me how good it felt to be between my legs. He was so fucking horny. 

I scooted forward, so he was pressed up against my crotch, and hooked my foot under his ass, feeling the softness of the hair he had growing between his cheeks. He moaned, and looked at me through his squinted eyes. "Damn. I'd say that's a go."He leaned forward, pushing up against me. His thick bush of pubes and ab hair offered a cushy pillow between our bodies. He was thrusting against me, and I swear I could feel pre cum coating my cheeks and thighs. He leaned forward and gave me another quick kiss. I wanted more. He pushed his chest against mine, wrapping his free arm around mine, and started caressing my back. I leaned forward, and pressed my forehead against his. He smiled and looked me in the eyes. He reached down, and started to stroke me up and down, while he thrusted his hips into me. I was feeling incredibly aroused, as well as a strange feeling developing in my ass. I've fingered myself a little before, as well as when Caleb finger fucked me last night, but I wanted to experience the real deal. I just wasn't sure if that would happen this morning. 

Caleb was breathing heavy, and his strokes were matching perfectly with his thrusts. I felt like I could cum at any minute, but I kept myself on edge. Fucking amazing. He tilted his head forward, and locked lips with me. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. Our tongues throbbed against each others' and I got a couple nibbles in on his lower lip. He was moaning in my mouth, and as he pulled back, I felt myself begin to cum. I tilted my head forward, resting it between his neck and shoulder, as I sprayed a load in between out hot bodies.I moaned and whimpered against his strong shoulder, as he continued to stroke my dick. I even reached my hand up, and placed it on his cheek, with my thumb grazing his mouth. He bit at my thumb, which sent a shiver up my spine. I felt him let go of my dick and pull me close. I held him back. I scooted myself up, while his dick nestled in tighter against my ass and thighs. "Are you sure?" He whispered in my ear. All I could do is moan a low yes against his neck. 

 I felt him slowly push forward, and his fingers spread my ass cheeks apart. It was a little awkward at first, because we were laying, facing each other. I lifted myself up off the mattress while he adjusted himself under me. Our bodies were sticky and moist from my cum, and his curly chest and abs hairs were flat and almost straight, slicked with cum. He moaned, while I slid up and down along his hard dick. I felt myself loosening up, while his shaft became more and more snug in between my cheeks.I leaned forward to give him a kiss, and almost jumped off my bunk when his alarm went off. 

"Shit!" He rolled his eyes and tapped my ass, while I got off of him. He swung his legs over the edge, and jumped down, stepping across our dorm to his bunk. He reached across, grabbing his phone, and turned off the alarm. We had an hour. "Fuck...Do you.." "No, we have to shower and get ready." He looked disappointed, but came over and reached out to help me jump down. "I'm...going to give you this dick tonight boy. Don't make plans." He smacked my ass, and we laughed.I felt a little endeared by him calling me boy. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I knew I wanted more. I wiped my body off with a towel, and pulled on my t shirt and jeans from last night. Caleb's chest and abs looked worse, with the thick line of hair down the middle, caked to his body. 

"Fuck, you messy boy." He looked up at me with his squinted eyes, smirking. I handed him the towel, and he dabbed at his body lightly. "Shit, it's caked on man." He pulled a t shirt on, and some gym shorts, still semi hard. I pointed donw, and he shrugged, and opened the door.We walked to the showers, and I couldn't help but notice a couple of the other guys checking out Caleb's thick dick, swinging freely in his loose gym shorts. He nodded and "what's up" to a few of them, without even caring that he was still kind of hard. I couldn't help but notice the scent of cum that we were emitting. I wasn't sure if it was thick enough in the air for the other guys to pick up on, but as we approached the shower door, Donnie was walking out. He winked at me and smiled, as I smiled back. He glanced down, and his eyes got a little wide while we walked by, and I giggled. 

 Caleb nudged my arm, with an inquisitive look on his face, and I rolled my eyes and shook my head. We walked around the corner, and thankfully there were only a couple of other guys showering. I stripped and walked into the steam, feeling Caleb right behind me.


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