A New Life - 9.  The Suffolk's

On my flight home I had plenty of time to think.  I was hoping that Laura might now be talking to me.  I had not heard from her all week and my attempts at calling had all failed.  

I also thought back at the events that week.  I questioned whether it was right for me to take others health for granted.  Clearly I had little concern for my own well being but I could be affecting people that I loved and was very fond of.  I also felt guilty about those who I might infect without giving them a chance to decide for themselves.

I decided that first thing on Monday morning I would go into a walk in clinic to be tested.  I really needed to be more careful and not let my emotions rule my head.  I did not underestimate how difficult this was going to be.

When I arrived back at the terminal I was not at all sure that Laura and the children would be waiting for me.  I hoped that they would be there and went to our usual meeting place at Costa Coffee.  Laura, Zoe and Ben were all there waiting for me.

The first thing that Laura said was

"Christ Ewan was has happened to your lips?  Has somebody been mauling you?"

I really had no answer to her question and I made light of it.  With this she kissed me lightly on the mouth and left me to kiss the children.  I could tell that she was still not over it and held back from questioning her why she had not got in touch with me.

In the car Zoe was her usual self.  She was keen to tell me about her week.  It seemed that on Tuesday and Wednesday night she had stayed with Imogen where they were looked after by her dad.  Benjamin also stayed away with one of his school friends.  Mummy and Aunty Christina, although not really an Aunty we had encouraged her to call her that since the night of the party, had a lot of schoolwork to do and needed some quiet time.  Laura did not add to this information and continued to concentrate on her driving.

Zoe was also inquisitive to know why Zoe's Uncle Harry had come to spend the evening with mummy on Monday and why he had returned with three friends last night.  I told her that

"Mummy felt lonely when daddy was away and needed the company of adults having spent most of the day talking with children".

Zoe seemed convinced with this and left it at that.

When we got home I followed Laura into the kitchen hoping to find out more about what had happened during the week.  Instead she turned it to me and asked how my week had gone.  I told her that I had been worried about her as I had not heard from her all week.  I said I had left messages asking her to call me back but she mustn't have seen them.  She said she was very sorry but that she had not had the time to listen to the messages.  I told her that I understood and that I felt sure that she was ok.

I asked about Harry and she told me that he had been in the area and had just popped in to say hello.   She was just preparing something for herself to eat and invited him to join her.  They mostly talked about his work and he was keen to find out more about what Laura did in her school.  He also asked about my job and was interested in my many trips abroad.  Laura invited him back for a proper meal on Thursday evening but Harry was unable to come as he was entertaining a South African client with two male colleagues.  Laura invited them all for a meal saying that she would welcome their company.

Laura reminded me about the dinner part at the Suffolks on Friday and said that she wanted to go to Myla in Portobello Road to buy some lingerie.  She also wanted to go to the Westfield Shopping centre in Shepherds Bush to buy a dress.  I said I would meet her at Myla after work and we could do the shopping together.  We agreed on Tuesday evening being the best time.

That evening after the children went to bed, we sat and watched television together, and we spoke about the children's progress in school.  Zoe had been chosen to go on a residential weekend to do an intensive course on essay writing.  Ben had played football for the school team and had scored a goal.  They had both been very elated by their success and had been keen that she tell daddy. Laura asked me to raise it with them tomorrow morning as this would make their day.

Laura was very tired and went to bed just before the 10 o'clock news.  I waited for the news to finish and then went to bed myself.  Laura had already fallen asleep and I was careful not to wake her.  She was up next morning before I got up.  I made a fuss of the kids at breakfast time telling them that I was extremely proud of them.  As a special treat we would take them to the Making of Harry Potter at Leavesden on Sunday.

Saturday night I was lying in bed next to Laura when she suddenly said

"What's with all the love bites across your back?"

I was taken aback and was a little slow to answer her question.  When I tried to, she told me not to, that she would rather not know about how I spent my sex life.  It was clear that she was still not over what was worrying her.  With that she turned her back and went to sleep.

Monday morning before going to work I went into the walk in clinic to be tested. I told them that I had unprotected sex over the last couple of weeks and although I felt fine I wanted to be tested as I was a married man.  They did not ask but I told them that I had sex with several men on a couple of occasions.

Saying that they needed to send the blood sample of for tests they would be in touch within the next couple of days.  They phoned me next morning to say that it was all clear.

Tuesday afternoon Laura was waiting for me outside the Myla shop in Portobello.  We had never been there before but Christina had recommended it to her.  She had said they had the most beautiful sexy lingerie and was well worth a visit.  We were not disappointed the lingerie display in the shop window was certainly something special.  Inside we were met by a gorgeous looking young girl who wanted to know what kind of lingerie we were looking for.  She enquired as to whether we had seen anything in the Myla Lingerie web site that we liked.

Laura had some ideas.  She was looking for bra and pants set which would make her look sexy.  She told the shop assistant that she did not normally need to wear a bra but she was going to a dinner party, and felt that a bra would make her look more sexy.  The assistant suggested that she try some of their Compelling Lace Collections sets.

We went in to the area for trying out the lingerie.  There was a bench facing several cubicles, two of which were already in use as the curtains were drawn closed.  On the bench were two men waiting for their partners to emerge.  I took my place beside them.

Laura went into the middle cubicle.  I could see that the three walls of the cubicle were all mirrors.  I also noticed that when she closed the curtain it was around six inches short of the end and she left a gap on both ends of the curtain.  I wondered whether to tell her but I did think that she might have done this on purpose knowing what she was like.  

With the help of the mirrors I was able to see all around the changing cubicle and had an excellent view of Laura inside.  Turning her back to the curtain Laura took her top off exposing her bra less breasts.  With little hesitation I saw her unclip the top of her skirt and unzip the back.  Her skirt dropped to the floor.  Kicking her shoes off to the side she pushed the skirt towards them.  She was standing there looking at herself in the mirror with her black lace pants.  I could see every side of her body through multiple reflections.  She was beautiful and I felt a strong desire to hold her.

The men to either side of me had also noticed and they were looking in as closely as I was.  It is not every day that you are lucky enough to have a beautiful woman undress in front of you.  

I could see that Laura was looking at the mirror but her gaze went from one of the men to the other and not once did she look towards me.  Her intentions were now very obvious, and taking hold of her pants on both sides of the elastic she pulled them down to her knees. She kept on going bending over and slowly moving towards her ankles. She then moved her legs apart and helped herself out of her panties.  Bending over, legs part, we got a perfect view of her shaved vagina as it showed between her legs. It seemed to me that she held that position for an eternity.  

I could scarcely hide my excitement and looking to my sides I noticed both men were equally engrossed in what they were seeing.  I thought I could see movement in their groin area and felt sorry for the poor bastards and their inability to touch what was causing them so much excitement.

Laura then put on one of the Lace Collection white sets.  They hardly covered my wife's most private parts but I was amazed at the sexual allure of the complete picture.  I could not imagine that anybody else could have looked any better than she did. She was amazingly sexy and I would defy any man not to be turned on by it.  

She turned round and opening the curtain looked at me and said.

"Well what do you think"

I was speechless but I heard one of the men next to me say that it was beautiful and she should definitely buy it.  

Laura smiled and went back into the cubicle.  Neglecting to pull the curtain completely shut again and leaving the space on either side.  She turned to see herself on all three mirrors.  She then stripped naked again taking her time to sort through the other sets she needed to try on.  The men could not take their eyes of her they were enraptured.  The older of the two women trying lingerie in one of the adjoining cubicles had now finished and on coming out, noticed what must have been her husband looking.  She quietly took him by the hand and walked him out of the changing rooms.

Laura tried three more sets before she had decided which she liked.  In the end she had two sets of bra and knickers, one white, one black and matching suspenders.  I was not expecting the price.  The total bill came to around eight hundred pounds.  

In the Westfield Shopping Centre she was able to find a dress that went well with the lingerie that she had bought.  The dress was black silk.  It was a halter neck that exposed her back all the way down to the top of her pants and was cut down between her breasts to a point which well below them.  It was cut well above the knees exposing her beautiful legs.  I loved it on her but we had to pay the price for quality.  All together we spent nearly two thousand pounds of which she paid half.  I did not ask where the money had come, teachers are not well paid generally, but I knew that Laura's family were all fairly well off so I was not too surprised. 

On Thursday evening when I got home I got a bit of a shock. Laura told me that I had received an international call.  This was most unusual as all business calls went to my office telephone and to my knowledge nobody had my home number.  She told me that a gentleman called Hans had phoned wanting to speak to me.  She told him that she was my wife and could she take a message.  Hans apparently was not very communicative and just asked her to ask me to phone him back.  He said that I had his home telephone number.  Although I had exchanged numbers with him at his insistence I had no plans to ever call him.  We were on opposite ends of the spectrum and a relationship would never have worked.

I was busy the next day and did not call him back.

Friday evening was our dinner date with Don and Sandra Suffolk which Laura had been looking forward to.  She had arranged for her dad to come and collect Zoe and Ben after school, and to take them back to spend the weekend with them. Punctual as always he arrived home at five.  The children were already ready and they set off straight away.  

Laura had an early shower and disappeared into our bedroom to get ready.  The party was not until 7:30 so I took my time while showering.  When I went into our bedroom Laura was in her new white lingerie and was making herself up.  She looked beautiful and I went behind her and kissed her on the neck.  She smiled back at me from the mirror and told me to hurry dressing as we did not have too much time.

Wearing a light coat over her shoulders, we walked to the Suffolk's home which was only five minutes away.  

I had no expectations for this party.  The Suffolks were known in the neighborhood for their connection to the local church and the wife's involvement with the school.  They appeared to be a couple totally devoted to their children, and the belief was, that Sandra's involvement with the School governing body was to get an advantage for her two boys that went to the same school. He was a solicitor and a partner in one of the local firms.  They seemed to keep very much to themselves but they had regular dinner parties for his colleagues and Sandra's acquaintances from the School Governing Body and the Church Council.  

They had never tried to make closer connections with the neighbors but had a sympathetic ear for anybody.  I did not believe that there was any chance that this would change and I was well prepared for an evening of polite discussions.

When we arrived we were met at the door by both Sandra and Don.  Don took Laura's coat and Sandra was quick to point out how beautiful Laura's dress was and asked the usual questions as to where she had bought it.  Laura was very pleased and did not hesitate to tell them not only that the dress had come from Ghost in Westfield but that she was also wearing Myla lingerie which she had bought especially because it was such a perfect match.  

Don led us into the front room and offered us a drink.  Before we could answer he said that he had bought a couple of bottles of Martini especially for our visit.  We agreed, and he went off, and appeared with two Martini Rosso.  Sandra apologizing said that she had to see how the dinner was going and left us to talk to Don.

They had moved into the neighborhood two years ago and did not know many of the neighbors.  He knew Laura as Jonathan's class teacher but had never had the opportunity to speak to me.  He was keen to know what I did.  He was aware that I seemed to spend a lot of time abroad and was very intrigued.  He was easy to converse with and soon he was much better informed as to what we both did and about our children.  We also talked about our individual background and how we had met.  It was all very polite and we gave little away as to our inner feelings in fear that he might be offended.

Don told us that he had qualified as a solicitor several years back and had first worked in London.  Sandra was a stay at home mum for the two boys and had also involved herself with several local committees.  They had decided to move here for the sake of the children as they had heard very good things about the school here.  They had not regretted the move and everything had gone well for them subsequently.  If there was anything lacking, it was, that they had not made as many friends as they had hoped for.  Sandra had met many people through the baby years but they were all back in London.  He was aware that they needed to make more of an effort in this.

Sandra came in saying that the cooking was all going well and the dinner should be ready in fifteen minutes.  Jonathan and Thomas had gone to spend the weekend with her parents in Chertsey and would not be back until Sunday.  This would leave us free to enjoy the evening without interruptions.  Laura told her that our two were also being baby sat by their grand parents.

Sandra removed her apron and for the first time we were able to appreciate her fuller figure. I was captivated.  She had a very attractive face with striking blue eyes.  Her blond hair fell naturally onto her shoulders. The red lipstick she was wearing gave her a sensuous look which seemed to defy her very sedate reputation.  

She had ample breasts well held up by the bra she was wearing and these stood out from within her dress.  A narrow waist line with rather wide hips accentuated her very curvy figure.  She had nice shapely legs and was making the best of her appearance with high heeled shoes.  Her dark blue dress was fairly low cut and gave a tantalizing hint of her cleavage.  It came down to just below her knees. Here was a women who guarded her reputation but also wanted to give an indication of a hidden passionate self.

Her dress was buttoned all the way down the front from her chest to the hem at the bottom.  The lowest button was undone. When she sat down on the settee and folded her legs, it came apart showing a rather shapely knee.

I do not know what it was.  Perhaps it was a look of innocence or an indication of her total devotion to her family.  But this women excited me.  As I looked at her, all kind of thoughts were going through my mind.  I must have been staring because Laura suddenly said to me that Don had asked me where my last trip was to and I had ignored it.

It was clear who the dominant character in the relationship was.  Don did most of the talking for both of them.  Even when we asked Sandra a question he was always ready with an answer.  Don was a very assured person most attractive in his own way.  He was wearing a light linen suit which he proudly said Sandra had ironed for him.  It was immaculate.

They must have both been about three of four years older than us but it was clear that they took great care of their looks and were very fit.

When Sandra went off to the kitchen it was Don that invited us to sit at the table.  Sandra then delivered the food to the table and sitting down with us invited us to help ourselves.

My admiration for this woman grew as we enjoyed what she had prepared and the effort she had put into it.  She would have put any TV chef to shame by the quality and looks of her offering.  I could not help but think that this woman was as near as you could get to the most perfect housewife.

All though the meal Don took control of the conversation.  He was quick to talk to Laura about private discussions in the School Governing Body which she was unaware of.  It was clear that Sandra was a little embarrassed knowing that this information was supposed to be confidential and not to be discussed outside the governing body of which she was a member. She tried to interrupt and to make light of it but Don would have nothing of it, taking command and discussing everything to the minutest detail.  

Sandra attempted to move the discussions on to less contentious subjects but with little success.  I thought that Don got pleasure out of embarrassing his wife and I felt sorry for her.

I tried to move the conversation to their children and luckily this was again a subject which gave Don a great deal of pleasure.  He was very proud of his sons' success and felt sure that there would be little problem in them achieving Oxbridge eventually.  This was a man who had little if any modesty.  He did not doubt his ability to ensure this would happen.  They would be sending their boys to a fee paying private school when they finished at Junior School.  Laura confirmed that the boys were indeed very intelligent and would do well in any school they moved to.  Sandra said that she would much rather them go to a local school but she was immediately put down.  His boys would need to move into a successful career and this would be better gained through his own plans.

We heard a lot about Don's very successful career and his background.  With reference to Sandra it would seem that she was grateful that her relationship with him had been most beneficial in promoting her position within the social structure.  Sandra had done well to have gone to University but this had not lead to a professional career.  It was clear that Sandra was grateful for the opportunity to be a dutiful wife.

I smiled at the thought of Laura having to maintain such an obedient position, and we frequently exchanged glances which made both our thoughts clear.  I could never get away with such a self centered attitude to everything.

The meal continued in much the same vain, Sandra being the perfect hostess and Don entertaining us with his conversation.  I have to say that although I might have had certain reservations about his general attitude, I found Don extremely interesting and most entertaining.  He was a natural and had us in splits of laughter over his jokes and in raptures over his stories.  He was clearly a very knowledgeable person. 

When we finished the meal we withdrew to the sitting room for coffee and after dinner drinks.  I had lost count of the number of bottles of wine that we had drunk between us, but we were all comfortably sober.  I shared brandy with Don while the girls went for Grand Marnier.  The bottles were placed on the tables and we were invited to help ourselves as we wished.

The conversation continued and as I talked to Don I could hear Sandra telling Laura about her work for the local church.  I could here she was trying to recruit Laura to join her in many of her committees.

It was now almost one in the morning and I looked over to Laura to see if she was ready to go home.  We had heard that all of their dinner parties had ended well before one and we did not want to overstay our welcome.  I stood up and said that it must be getting late and they might have somewhere to go next morning.  Don would have none of it and insisted that he had something to show me and asked me to follow him to his office.

Don's office was downstairs but in the other side of the house to the sitting room.  A large oak desk stood on one side of the room and on it was a laptop and printer.  To the left of the desk a window looked out onto their back garden.

Don unlocked one of the drawers of the desk and opening it he felt around the back.  As he searched he said that he had something which I might be interested in having.  He eventually found it as he pulled something out and turned towards me.

In his hand he had what looked like a pair of ladies orange panties.  He offered them to me saying that he thought this might belong to me.  I suddenly realized and turning to him, I replied that they did not belong to me but they might be the ones' that Laura had lost in the garden.  I suggested that he might want to return them to Laura directly.  I smiled at Don and he smiled back. 

"Would that be ok with you?" he asked.

"I am sure that Laura would only be too pleased to have you return them and she might even decide to let you keep them if you would like to"  I replied.

With this he put his hand on my shoulder as you would a best friend and said.

"I have a very special favor to ask you.  It is of a somewhat delicate nature but I would be very grateful if you would do this for me."  

He followed with

"I hope you will not get offended.  I am relying on you having an open mind and being rather liberal minded"

"Don" I said "I am both of those and I shall try my best to give you what you want.  Just ask and I will do my best for you."

With this he led me out of his office door and said

"I just wanted to make sure in private that this was the case before I embarrassed you.  I think we can go back to join the ladies now" 

I was intrigued, but I wondered why he had not just come out with it, and told me straight, that he wanted to fuck my wife.  I was wrong. I thought that this question was most unlikely, now that we were on our way back, and I continued to wonder what the favor was about.

When we got back, the girls were talking about the effect that it might have on the school if it turned into an academy.  Laura was concerned that this would give the staff far worse working conditions, and with little if any benefit for the children.  Sandra did not express an opinion either way.

Don immediately suggested more drinks and without waiting for an answer poured two rather generous helpings of Grand Marnier.  He then poured us equally generous helpings of Brandy.

True to his character Don steered the conversation in his own desired direction by asking us if we had heard of a lifestyle club within our housing estate.  I questioned what he meant by lifestyle and he was quick to point out that he had heard that there was a large group of neighbors who regularly met to swap wives and husbands.

Laura was the first to answer saying that she had not heard, but she could not believe that the families in our estate were that well enlightened.  Sandra was embarrassed and her face turned red, a fact which Don was quick to point out, causing her further embarrassment.  Don explained that when it came to sexual issues Sandra was a bit of a prude.  Laura was keen to find out more about the lifestyle club and questioned Don.

Don turned to Sandra and saying that it was she who had told him about it left her to explain.  Poor Sandra did not know where to look or what to do.  Her confidence as a competent housewife showed up her weakness in talking about sexual matters. Laura always keen to discuss sex and very keenly interested in the antics of our neighbors pressed her to say.  Laura must have wished that she could have been sucked down into the depths of the earth.  With persistent prodding, she eventually said that several people in the church council had brought this up for discussion before the vicar arrived.

She said that she had been confused by the terms lifestyle and swingers and had enquired from the group of ladies what they meant. Surprised by her naivety they had gone on to explain to her. They also told her about the dogging antics of some of the local couples in the car park for the nearby forest carpark.  

It would seem that Sandra's colleagues in the Church Council were not as naive as she was and enjoyed embarrassing her.

Don remembered her coming home shocked and feeling a little let down that she seemed to be the only person there, who had no idea that such things went on.  He said that we should forgive her naivety as she had led a very sheltered life and had only ever had sex with one man, himself.  Laughingly he pointed out that it took her a few days into their honeymoon, before she even allowed him to get near her.  Sandra could not hide her discomfort.

I tried to make her feel better by saying that this was nothing to be ashamed of and that she should be proud that she held out for her principles.  This only made matters worse and she run out of the room apologizing while crying her eyes out.

Don was unmoved but I tried to go after her to see if I could help.  I could hear Don laughing, with Laura seemingly joining in the hilarity.  Sandra had locked herself up in the bathroom and told me not to worry that she would be coming out to join us in a few minutes.  She told me to please go back to the sitting room.

I went back to join Laura and Don who were still speculating as to who could be the members of the swingers club.  Each was putting forward possible candidates and discussing the merits of their participations.  

As I sat down I noticed that all the glasses had been filled again.  

Don turned round to me and quietly told me not to worry about Sandra as she would soon get over it.  He said that he often worried about the sheltered life she seems to have led which made her vulnerable to ridicule when talking to street wise acquaintances.  

Sandra walked back into the room.  She had clearly made herself up again and had removed any traces of her crying.  Picking her glass up she drunk it all in one go, and asked her husband to refill it.  She apologized to us saying that she did not know what had got over her, and was rather upset that we might think that it was something to do with us.  She assured us that it was not. It had been a difficult day and our company was helping her get over it.  With that she smiled and raising her glass toasted and thanked us for our company, drinking the whole contents of the glass at one go again.

Laura told her not to worry and that we were very pleased to have been invited to her house, and very happy to be sharing the time with her and Don.

Don turning to Sandra filled her glass and then topped up Laura's glass. 

He then told us that Sandra had something she had been wanting to ask me for some days now.  I turned to look at her and noticed that she was again glowing red and getting rather nervous.  She turned to her husband and asked him please not to embarrass her in front of us.  On seeing me looking at her, she looked away and down at her feet.  Not for the first time Don had succeeded in embarrassing his wife.

Don was not to be put off, and he insisted that Sandra put her question to me, warning her that if she was too shy to ask me directly he would ask me on her behalf.  

Sandra continued to beg to him not to say anything, as what she had told him was totally in jest and she had never meant it.  He rejected this completely pointing out that the occasion on which it was said, gave it an importance and gravity which clearly confirmed how strongly she felt about it.  

I could see the tears forming in Sandra's eyes.

Laura always one for taking pleasure at somebody's discomfort urged her to say what it was she wanted to ask.  Not content with her silence she asked Don to tell us what it was that Sandra found so difficult to say.  I tried to help by saying that if Sandra felt it was not important then I for one accepted her word and we should leave as such.

I signaled to Laura indicating that it was very late and it was time to go home but she did not move.  

Don continued telling his wife that he had asked me if I was happy to do a favor for them and that I had agreed without reservation.  

I confirmed that Don had indeed asked me for a favor without having told me what it was, and that I would be happy and not be offended with anything they felt they needed to ask me.  I assured Sandra that she should not feel any embarrassment either way. Anything she wanted to ask me I would accept without any reservations, but I would also accept her decision if she would rather not ask.  There would be plenty other opportunities, should she want to ask me on a different occasion.

With this Don stood up and in rather a loud tone said

"I am fed up with all this pussy footing around, Sandra if you are too timid to ask then I am going to ask for you."

Ignoring her cries for him not to do so he turned to me and said.

"Sandra wants you to fuck her.  Ever since she saw you and Laura in your back garden she has not been able to think of anything else. It has come up on several occasions while we have been making love. It would seem that she will not be satisfied until you have fucked her and she has pleaded with me to arrange it with you on her behalf."

Sandra was crying again, but this time Don insisted that she stay in her seat. I could see that her whole body was shaking, but the drink must have given her courage, and pouring herself another glass of liquor, she looked at me, and drunk it all in one gulp.  

I could see that Laura was enjoying the whole spectacle and was showing no sympathy towards Sandra.

I went over to Sandra and taking her hand, I said to her that I knew that many words were said in fantasy, in the heat of the moment, and that we did not always mean what we said. She really did not have to worry about what had been said and I did not want her to get upset about it.  

The evening she had prepared for us was superb, and we had enjoyed their company tremendously.  I felt that perhaps we had all had a bit too much to drink and by tomorrow we would see everything very differently.

I thanked Sandra and saying that we had better leave now, I bent over and kissed her on the cheek.  As I did so I heard her whisper in my ear.

"Please do not go now.  I did mean everything I said to him, and now more than ever I want you to fuck me".  

With that she brought her lips to mine and gave me a kiss more appropriate for lovers than acquaintances. Turning to her husband with a tiny hint of venom she told him.

"It is time for you to go now and leave us on our own."

I did not see them leave.  No sooner had she finished speaking that her lips were onto mine again.  I felt her tongue trying to prize my lips open and as I opened them to her I could feel her tongue starting an intense and feverish exploration of my mouth.  Our tongues met and as we licked each others tongues, I could feel her pulling me towards her, and pushing her body against mine.  The ferocity of her passion surprised me.  Sandra was behaving like a woman deprived of sex for years.

When we stopped for a breathe Sandra told me that she had never known as much excitement as what she had felt on the Friday night when she saw me making love to Laura in the garden.  She had prayed that perhaps one day she might enjoy such a night of passion herself but she had felt this was most unlikely given Don's past sexual history.  He had also got excited and for the first time in many months he had made love to her that night.  Sandra told me in confidence that at no time did she think of him.  What had made her pleasure so intense was the thought that it was me fucking her from behind.

Every day since she had dreamed of me and it was this that pushed her into placing all her inhibitions aside and confessing to Don that she was desperate to be made love to by me.  He had for many years pushed her into accepting going to bed with other men and she had always believed him to be depraved, and always refused.  She had known that he would not be upset and knew that it would excite him when she told him. She felt weakened and desperate now, and somewhat shamefully had finally agreed to give him what he desired.  She did not regret it for a single moment and laying back asked me to kiss her again.

Like lovers having met for the first time we continued kissing each other.  Our tongues played together as each encircled the other.  When my tongue penetrated her mouth she would suck it in deep and would not let it go.  We drank each others saliva as if this would bind us together for ever more.  I was getting more and more excited over this warm passionate woman.  I had never ever met anybody as passionate before.  She threw herself at me as if her religion no longer mattered, and she was willing to sacrifice everything for a night of consuming passion.

I could feel her grinding below me.  Spreading her legs to either side of my legs I felt her rubbing herself against me.  Her breast constantly pushing against me trying to stimulate her nipples.  She moaned whenever our tongues and mouth would allow it.  She kept asking me to get closer even when there was no space left between us.  She was in heat and I could not help but be excited by this woman who was prepared to sacrifice every thing for me.  A lifetime with little thought of anybody but her family and her religion, now compromised, because she was so desperate to get a little of the passion which she had never had.

I did not want to presume, and I asked her to let me know when she wanted me to stop.  She must have got frightened that I was going to stop, and I heard her begging me not to stop.  She tightened her arms around me holding me against her while she continued to kiss me.

This woman was exciting me beyond measure. I could feel my wetness seeping through my pants, and the moist head of my erection felt cool.  I felt smug that I could have such a corrupting influence on someone so innocent and pure.  This heightened my pleasure and I kissed her around the neck.   She gasped and I could hear the noises she was making through her trembling lips.  Continuously rubbing her body against me like a cat on heat that needed to be serviced.

I undid her top button and I exposed the black full cup brassiere which pulled her breasts together accentuating her cleavage.  Without removing her bra I kissed both of her breast. I teased her by using my tongue to draw a line along the top edge of each of the caps.  She trembled underneath me and her moaning became loader.

I continued to unbutton her dress and slowly worked down towards her waist. I lingered and licked around her slim tight tummy.  I could feel her stomach muscles shaking uncontrollably at the feel of the tip of my tongue. She held on to my head and her moaning continued to get louder.

Although I had two more buttons to undo her black hipsters were now exposed showing the most enormous wet patch on her crotch.  I pushed my tongue in between the pant elastic and her abdomen.  She gave a loud cry and her moaning must have been clearly audible to others.  I had always thought Laura to be loud but Sandra had forgotten the meaning of privacy.

As I probed further into her pants and down towards the start of her bushy pubes she became more and more agitated screaming at every touch of my tongue.  All the time she was pulling at my head trying to keep it against her body.  I could tell that she was not far from exploding into an orgasm.  I undid the last buttons of her dress and pulled it open to expose her body.  I looked at her as she lay trembling below me and I felt so fortunate at being chosen to share this night with her.  

This was a woman that I wanted to own and keep.

She was sucking on her thumb and could not bear me not touch her.  She was screaming, her body moving and demanding to be touched.  I removed her now soaked hipsters and I could see the wetness on her pubes.  I went down on her and taking her pubic hairs into my mouth sucked the juices from them.  All the time I could hear her loud screams which were now turning to shouts of 

"Fuck me, Fuck me, for God's sake fuck me. I can not bear this much longer.  For pity's sake fuck me" 

I moved my tongue to the opening of her vagina and started licking the juices around the lips.  Sandra had lost total control and was a complete wreck.  I got to the top of her vagina and my tongue feeling inside found her enormous erection.  Her clit was engorged.  At the second swipe of my tongue I heard the loudest scream I have ever heard as Sandra orgasmed and gushed straight into my open mouth.  As she did so she pulled my head until it could go no further and held it there as her juices liberally flooded into my mouth and down my cheeks. I loved the taste of her and swallowed as fast as I could.  There was so much of her cum juices coming out, and with such ferocity, that we both finished drenched.  I could do nothing to try and stop it flowing from the leather seat and onto the carpet.

Sandra gave no indication that she cared as she lay there legs open wide dripping cum from her vagina.   

I do not know how long she held me there but all the time she was crying and sobbing with the intense pleasure that she had just experienced.  My penis was still erect and screaming for relief.

I placed each of her legs across the arms of the armchair in which she was lying so that her vagina was exposed for my use.  Pulling her body down I penetrated the most private place which until then had only been available to her husband. I pushed deep inside her and Sandra started moaning loudly again.  I could feel the walls of her vagina closing and loosening against my cock sending waves of pleasure all over my body.  As I pushed in and out of her I could see that she was already approaching a second peak of excitement.  

I tormented this poor woman by pulling out forcing her to plead and beg with me to push it back in.  I wanted to see how badly she wanted me and I waited to see  how far she would stoop in order to get me to fuck her.  All the time I was thinking of her naive innocence and how difficult it seemed for her to articulate her thoughts in a way that would raise the level of animal passion.  She had a lot to learn, not least a vocabulary which was so alien to her but could be a strong stimulant.

I again put my mouth on her vagina and finding the clit licked all around it.  I took it in my mouth and sucked it.  As it got grew her screams increased and I could hear her saying.

"Please, please fuck me.  Please put it inside me and come of inside me.  Please Ewan I am desperate. I do not think I can hold it any longer."

As she got more and more agitated her screaming increased and she was shouting

"For fuck sake fuck me.  Can't you see I am desperate, fuck me.  For God's sake put it inside me and fuck me."

I stood up again and told her that I would put a condom on at which point she screamed and lost her self control completely.

"You bastard, what else do you want me to do before you agree to fuck me? I do not want a bloody condom.  I want you to fuck me. I want to come off inside me.    Do you think I am scared of pregnancy. It will make up for all those years that my bastard husband has refused to give me what I wanted.  For pity's sake can't you see that you have me behaving like a prostitute and I no longer wish to waste my life in behaving in any other way."

I could not longer keep this woman in her misery and in any case her desperation had made me just as wanting. I went inside her.  I shagged her slowly, listening to her gasps and moans every time my cock penetrated deep inside her.  I held myself back without pushing and waited for her to beg.  I touched her nipples and spread her legs. I was slowly fucking her senseless.  When I felt she was near I placed my hand in between her legs and rubbed her clit at the same time as I continued to fuck her.  I could sense how close she was and I tried to time my own orgasm to coincide with hers. I could stand it no longer and slumping forward I sent my load deep into her vagina. She screamed at the top of voice as her body went into spasms and she had a debilitating orgasm leaving her vulnerable to my continued abuse of her body.

She continued to scream and shake beneath me until we were both spent and slumped on each other.  I kissed her on the lips and she responded.  She thanked me seemingly unaware that she had given me as much if not more.  She told me that she had never had an orgasm before that night and I was the first man that she had given herself to with such total abandon.  She told me that she loved me and would I please be her lover.  

I kissed her on the lips again and told her.

"Yes I would love to but let's see how you feel in a few days."

She promised me that she would feel no different and that her husband would approve if that was what I was worried about.  With that we fell asleep in each others arms.

Through the night we woke up several times and on each occasion we made love with me coming off inside her.  By next morning I could see a trace of my white milky liquid seeping out of her vagina and down towards her bottom.  She was still asleep so I did not wake her up but lay there looking at her.

We were still like this when Laura walked in, naked, looking for breakfast. She came over to me and kissed me on the side of my face.  I asked her if she had a good night, to which she grunted, that he was not able to get it up. In the end she had to bring herself off in front of him while he masturbated. Laura had known much better nights.

Sandra woke up with the cluttering of plates from her kitchen and kissing me again on the lips made to get up.  I moved out of her way.  She stood up took her arms out of the now crumpled dress and let it drop on the floor.  Her bra was still wrapped around her body but well above her exposed breasts.  Her ample breasts leaning against her body.  She had the most beautifully shaped nipples.  I kissed each in turn and I finally unhooked the bra and took it off her.  Without bothering to cover herself up she walked naked into the kitchen and joined Laura in making the breakfast.

As we sat having breakfast all three of us not bothering to get dressed, we were joined by  Don who arrived wearing a morning gown.

(To be continued: A New Life - 10. An Unwanted Visitor)




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