A New Life - 7. A Curios Incident

The children were back on Sunday morning.  We took them down to the park to feed the ducks.  There we met David, Christina and the two girls.  The kids played together while the adults talked.  Laura was going to try and get hold of Frederick to let him know how the party had gone.  She was keen to give him the good news that David and Christina wanted to be part of his team.  David thanked us for putting on such a wonderful party and apologised for Harry's intrusion.

I had a week of preparation in the London office as I was travelling to Denmark for the following week.  

When I got home on Monday Laura had spoken to Frederick and he was very pleased at David and Christina's decision.  We would need to plan a meeting so that we could talk about the way ahead.  He had also told Laura that he was arranging for a new carpet to be installed on Thursday and that a new suite of furniture would be delivered on Friday.  She was very pleased at this,  both were in need of replacing, and she thought us fortunate not to have to pay for it.

I told Laura that I had a present for her.  Something that she had wanted.  I handed her a box neatly wrapped as a gift.  When she opened the box there were three short gold chains. At the end of each of the chains was a "B", "B" and a "C"  These would hang from her anklet.  Kneeling down before her I fastened each of the chains so that they were clearly visible.  I checked that the letters could all be seen from the other side of the room.  Anyone would now be able to see that Laura was now tagged with BBC.

She was very pleased with her present, and gave me a kiss, saying that she could not wait to test out the reaction it had.

Wednesday, I had a long day at work.  The preparation for Denmark had taken longer than I thought.  I got the nine o'clock train home from Kings Cross.  I sat down in one of the carriages not bothering to look to see who else was there.  When the train set off I was disturbed by a rowdy mob of youths who had just come through the front door of my carriage.  They were pushing one another and making a real  nuisance of themselves.  They sat next to some of the passengers and with their loudness and unruly behaviour forced them to move carriage.  They then surrounded a young woman and were questioning her, on where she had been and what she had been doing.  Had she had a good time. The laughed at her embarrassment.  I asked them politely to leave the young lady alone and It seemed to work.  Slowly passengers drifted from this carriage and moved to others.  The young woman got out at the next stop.

Seeing me reading my book they sat opposite me and in the joining seats.  There were seven of them, and I put their boisterous spirits down to a football match they might have been to.  It was hard to concentrate on reading the book with seven young men all looking at you.  One took the book from my hand and started to look at it.  Reading the back he noticed that it was about two men who met on a trip around the world.  Turning to me, he asked me if I was gay.  I thought it wise to deny it.  But this did not put him off and he asked where I had been all day.  I explained that I had been at work preparing for a training course.

This did not really convince him, and he snatched my briefcase and had a look inside.  This was unfortunate as earlier in the station, I had bought the latest copy of Attitude.  Turning round to his mates he pointed me out, and holding the magazine aloft he announced to all in the carriage that I was gay and was rather fond of men.  He showed them all the pictures of the naked men in the magazine asking me to say which I fancied.  I was very embarrassed and did not know we're to look.

As new people got on to the carriage they were shown the pictures, and they were told that I had been caught looking at the pictures in the magazine, which I had hidden inside a newspaper.  I was so embarrassed.  I hoped that nobody I knew was in the carriage with me.  Not wanting to upset the youths the other people in the carriage  looked in disgust at what I was supposed to have been done. I felt humiliated by my weakness.

I thought I would never arrive at my station.  When I did head bowed, I walked out not daring to look back.  I got to the ticket office and gave my ticket in.  I then heard a familiar noise behind me.  It was clear that the seven youths had also reached their destination and were following on behind me.  I went over to my usual bus stop and hoped that they would be gone.  The bus was just arriving and I jumped on.  I sat near the back of the bus and hid my head in my book.

A recognizable voice suddenly said in a loud voice.  

"I believe you left your gay magazine behind"  making sure that the whole bus heard as he waved the magazine round for all to see.

" Thank you" I said "That is most kind of you.  I still have to read it and would have hated losing it"

With that he laughed and he and his friends sat in the empty seats around me.

I was concerned that they would follow me home and find out where my family lived, so I got of the bus two stops before my usual stop.  I knew that there was a pub here which backed onto the local park, and I would be able to walk home once I had a drink.  I did not expect them to follow me out, but they did.

I walked into the pub and sat down on the far side of the lounge.  To my horror they followed me in and sat on a table by the door.  My fear was now turning to anger.  I was not going to let these bastards force me to deny my sexuality.  I went up to the bar.  The barman came over and asked me what I would like.  I did not answer at first and he repeated his question.

I looked at him and said 

"What is the gayest drink that you serve?".

"A Cosmopolitan" he said.

"It is based on Pink Martini and comes in a very pretty glass.  Is it for your wife? As it is not a drink most men would want to be seen with".

I had found my courage through my anger.  I replied in a loud somewhat effeminate voice.

"No it is for me I do love pink Martini"

With that I took my drink and sat on the table by myself.  

I could see that the group of youths were going through quite a few beers, chased with shots.  Between laughter they would look over at me and then turn round and rather suggestively speak to their mates.  It was quite clear they were talking about me and enjoying every minute of it.  I was on my fourth Cosmopolitan.  It was nearly half eleven and I thought that Laura would be getting worried.  I had hoped that the youths would have gone but they were still there as rowdy as ever.

I noticed the door leading to the toilets to the right of my table.  I went into the toilet making sure that I had all my possessions with me.  I put my briefcase on the floor beside me as I went to relieve myself.  With my back to the door I did not see them come in, but I heard the door opening.

The dominant male in the group turned round to his mates and said 

"Look boys the faggot is relieving herself"

I ignored his comment and continued.  I saw him pick up my briefcase and take my phone and wallet out.  He put the phone in his pocket and looked through my wallet at the photographs and the money inside.  Taking the photograph and showing his mates he said 

"What a shame such a nice family"

Pointing to Laura he said

"I would not mind giving that one a fuck"  and laughed.

I turned round and said to him

"If it is money that you want please take it all but leave me in peace".

"Well thank you very much we will take your offer but we never like to take any money without earning it".

I was now beginning to realise where we were heading, and to be honest I was beginning to feel quite excited.  Although scared I now knew that I would not seek help as I could, but instead go with them.  I could have shouted, but I did not.  The danger was adding a very welcome element to what was going through my head, and I could feeling the tingling in my cock, and could tell that I was getting wet.

The leader said "follow us out of the pub and make sure that you do not run away as we will soon catch up with you".

I replied that I did not have any intention of running.

I went back to my table and waited for the youths to gather their belongings and walk out.  The leader still had my phone and wallet, but this was not the true motivator.  I wanted to follow them because I was now re-running in my head all the wet dreams that I had ever had.  

They were waiting for me outside, and then walked me round the back of the pub into the car park and beyond into the field.  In the distance I could see a rather dense clump of trees to which they were walking to.  Like a lamb to the slaughter I walked behind them.  The cold night was now getting to me and I was shivering.  So I thought, but the wet patch of cum which was now coming through my trousers was significant to the way I was feeling.

When we got to the trees they walked me into the middle.  We were now totally surrounded by trees.  It was dark, but I could still see stars in the clear sky.  The leader told me to undress and I slowly undressed in front of them making sure that I chose a dry spot to fold my clothes on.  I had taken my jacket and trousers off and was placing them carefully on a patch of dry ground.  He lost his patience with me.  Swearing he kicked my clothes onto a wet puddle and taking both sides of my shirt, tore it off my chest, ripping it in two.  I quickly pulled my pants down which caused them to comment to each other.  Taking my pants off completely I pulled my socks off.

He must have noticed the anklet on my right leg as He turned round to his friends and said

"Guys look, she is a lady slave to her master.  Does he take you from behind and let you suck his cock?  Does your wife love looking as you are doing it.  I bet she gets really hot on it."

I was trembling. With my hands crossed holding my forearms, I stood there in front of them feeling rather weak and vulnerable.  I was not resisting any of their demands, and waited impatiently for them to take control.

The leader went to pull the anklet from my leg but I pleaded with him that they could take all my belongings but please not my anklet.  This was really precious and irreplaceable.  Saying it looked valuable he held it in his hand while he looked up at my face.  

"Please"  I said "That belongs to my lover and I will do anything you ask me to, if you please let me keep it".

Jokingly he said  "What about we gang bang your wife?"

"Anything I replied"

I was told to go up to the tree.  The ground was covered in sodden wet leaves.  I walked on my bare feet to the tree getting all wet and muddy on the few short steps.  When I got there he told me to hold my arms out as if to hug the tree.  I followed his orders to the detail.  I had learned my lesson and did not want to upset these boys.  Two of them took each of my arms and pulled my body tight into the tree trunk.  I was not very comfortable and bits of bark were pressing on my body.  My back was exposed. My excitement had made my nipples extraordinarily sensitive, and I could feel them rubbing against the tree trunk. They were getting quite sore.  I placed the side of my face against the trunk so that I could see what was going on behind me.  

I suddenly felt something very cool and wet, like gel, being place at the bottom of my spine, and by the top of my crack.  My body moved and my legs rubbed against the tree seeking to feel some touch from it.  The two youths pulled tighter increasing the pain on my nipples.  Who ever it was behind me, he was good,  he slowly moved his hand up and down my crack feeling at the wetness between my legs dripping from my cock which was squeezed between the tree and my tummy.  The more he touched the wetter I got.  Moving my hips and bottom at the pleasure of his touch I moaned in unbridled delight.  He was not going to let me off quickly.  This continued by what seemed an eternity.  Me opening my buttocks for him and him moving away to let me beg louder and louder.  I could here all his mates pushing him on.

"For fuck sake take the bitch out of her misery"

Make the cow scream"

"Keep the filthy whore begging for it"

"She is gagging for it, make the dirty whore pregnant"

These words were all making it worse for me. I was getting so worked up my body was in spasms.  I was tingling all over.  They could see me trembling and shaking and were laughing at the rather desperate state I was in.  I could not see which of the young men it was that was touching me, but I was dying for him to take my virginity there and then.  

He placed his two fingers inside my rectum and rubbed the gel all over my back passage.  My legs were turning to jelly.  I would not have been able to continue standing if the two lads were not pulling my arms to keep me tight against the tree.  My nipples were so sore but all I could think about was being fucked.  He continued to torment me taking his fingers out when he felt I was too close to creaming myself.  I was a shivering wreck, moaning, pleading, begging and shouting asking my tormentors to fuck me as I could not bear it any longer.

"Oh God for pity's sake fuck me I am in agony"

The men continued to goad and laugh.  They were touching me all over to make my despair worse.          I knew that when it finally came I would be in Nirvana and nothing else mattered.  

"Fuck the dirty bitch hard.  Make the cow beg and shout". 

I do not know what more I could have done.  I was begging and shouting.  I was admitting my failings as a human being.  I could not help it, I was everything they said I was.  I was an insatiable faggot who could not get enough.  I was filthy and dirty.  Most of all I was a desperate whore who really did no longer care how more to demean myself to get all their cocks in my pussy.

Shaking I felt one of the men coming behind me and taking my right ear between his teeth.  He bit me hard.  I winced and cried with the pain.  Tears had been flowing down my cheeks all through the torment.  I sobbed and quietly said "I do not know who you are put please please please I beg you, put your cock inside me and fuck me.  I am desperate for you."

The young man held the bulbous head of his cock against the opening of my hole.  I attempted to push back on it, stretching my legs outwards and uselessly trying to grab his cock with my arse muscles to pull him inside me.  He pushed the head of his cock just inside the tight bit of my arse.  I clumped my muscles thinking that I would be strong enough to hold him there and pull him deeper inside.  He must have felt my body shake and my muscles twitching as I tried to hold his cock tight in my arse.  He pushed a little further.   It felt as if he had the most enormous cock but it slid in easily.  I was well lubricated but he must have taken care to lubricate his member too.  I Tried as hard as I could to squeeze his cock between my pussy muscles but this being my first time I did not have the dexterity to do so.  I have to say that all through this time I was moaning, gasping, screaming shouting and crying.  I really could not help myself.  I wanted those men inside me desperately.

He pushed on until his penis was so high up my rectum that it hurt.  I held him and tried to satisfy him by tightening and loosening my hold on his cock.  I wanted him to come inside me. I was already at the edge of my own orgasm and could hardly hold myself back.  It was so important for me to come at the same time as the man taking me from behind.

He suddenly pushed against me and his head fell on my shoulder as he shook three or four times each shooting a spurt of his hot seed deep inside me.  It felt glorious and with a scream of relieve I orgasmed with him, feeling my own creamy white substance shoot out of my cock. Squeezed between my tummy and the trunk of the tree I felt my cum make its way down the front of my body.  My body shook and with each shake I shot another load of my cum.  I could feel it slipping down the tree and down my legs.

"Fucking hell Ted has come inside the whore, look at the desperate bitch, she has wet herself and it is dripping down her legs".

This sounded wonderful to me.  I no longer had any rancour against these guys.  They had recognised me for what I was, and had given me the one thing I most wanted.  

I heard myself say.

"Thank you, thank you oh my god thank you.  I can not thank you enough".

With that Ted withdrew his cock and the second man put his penis inside me.  He was not as gentle, and once the head of his cock was in he pushed it all the way.  He pumped his cock inside me, and he must have been really excited as it took him seconds to start shaking as his cum shot onto the top of my back passage.  He took his time. Allowing himself time for his cock to stop throbbing, as the last drops of his spunk went inside me.  I loved the way that I could feel all this happening inside me.  My nipples continued to rub against the tree as the men holding my arms, adjusted their position to the movement of my body as their mates fucked me.

The third person entered my hole and he was clearly more experience as he knew what to do to bring me to the edge and then bring me back from it.  I moaned repeating myself by saying that I loved what he was doing to me and would he carry on.  He did not disappoint me and continued taking me backwards and forwards to the peak of ecstasy .  I could hold it no more and the next time he pushed all the way in my cock exploded again and more of my cream went down my legs.

He pushed one more time, and this brought himself off.  I could feel every drop of his spunk as it went inside me.  

The next two were quite brutal and all they wanted was to relieve the pressure on their own cocks which by this stage were at bursting point.  I could not believe that I could accommodate so much spunk inside me but I tried very hard not to to loose it.  It was now dripping out of my bum and I could feel it tricking down the back of my legs.

The two lads who had done such a great job of holding me against the tree now said that it was their turn and as they released me I fell exhausted onto the cold wet ground underneath.  It was wet an muddy, the only cushion was the sodden leaves that had dropped there from the tree.  I spread myself out not caring about the state the ground was in.  I was now covered in cold wet mud and had leaves sticking to my body.  Two of the men who had already fucked me lifted both my legs and held them high up in the air.  Another two held my shoulders against the ground.  They pulled my legs back, so that they were now over my head and my pussy was now exposed.  As my cock started to stiffen again I said.

"Come on boys give it your best shot.  Fuck me as badly as I want you to.  I am yours to have.  I fancied you all from the minute I saw you get on the train and all my prayers have been answered"

"As you so cleverly recognized I am a fucking desperate whore and now always will be"

The boys took my clothes and laid them out between my legs.  They we not going to get any mud on themselves and were using them as a carpet.  The first one dropped his trousers and with his pants around his ankles entered me as I watched.  It was heaven.  He got me going by pushing his cock in an out of my man's vagina.  I wriggle and squirmed as his cock moved inside me .  I held it and squeezed it, to pleasure him. I moaned as I licked my lips.  

"This is so beautiful.  I love your cock.  I love what you are doing to me.  You are so good at this.  Please keep it coming".

I could see he was getting very excited at what I was telling him and I continued.

"Man you have such a big cock it is tearing my vagina". 

"I have never had such an enormous penis inside me".

"Oh" I moaned loving it "For pity sake cream me"

"Fuck my little pussy hard and let me take your load"

With this he exploded inside me pumping what must have been a soup bowl of his cum into me.  I exploded myself for the third time, spluttering my face with my cum.  I licked and swallowed what I could reach with my tongue much to the mens pleasure.

"The fucking bitch likes to swallow"  they shouted.

I got myself ready for the last of the seven men.  I opened my legs wide, letting the two men holding my legs pull them apart further.

"Come on, please, take me as  I am, I am all yours".

As he stuck his cock inside me I told him to be careful as it was ever so big and I had not had such a big cocks before.  The other men laughed and pushed him on to fuck the insatiable whore.

This one was not going to waste time, and thrusting himself into me took me to paradise.  I now knew what I was, and would never question my sexuality again.  He pumped me unmercifully and I opened my legs to his wonderfully vibrating cock until I got my seventh load of spunk inside me.  

Several minutes later he pointed at my bottom and in amazement pointed out to his friends that the bitch was leaking cum.  It was beautiful I enjoyed the feel that I had been filled with the love juices of these my seven adonis. I loved the way I could feel them trickling from my very private part which I had so willingly allowed them to fill.  I adored the way they dripped down my legs covering me with there most precious spunk that they had allowed me to share with them.

When one of them said that they had not quite finished with me I happily knelt in front of them caring nothing about the mud and cold water in which I was kneeling.  I was in homage to these seven white knights that had so perceptively recognised my need and brought me to these temple of trees, in which I was so gratefully taken and initiated into a new and exciting world.  I hoped that they would recognise what they had done for me, and that I would remember them with love every time I gave myself to other men.

The first man approached me and unzipping his jeans offered me his cock.  I took it with love.  I held his stiff member gently between two fingers, so that he could see what I would do to him.  I stuck my tongue out and with the tip of my tongue licked around the head of his throbbing cock.  His cock twitched at the feel of my tongue and he moaned in appreciation.  I gently pulled his foreskin back so that I could see the slit on his penis.  I held it there and watched.  I could see his wetness slowly coming through and building up into a droplet.  I took it with my tongue before it was lost onto the ground and took it in my mouth.  The man slumped forward and moaned.  I continued to lick all over the head of his cock taking his pre cum as it came out of the slit of his penis.  I licked the length of his cock and took his sac in my mouth and licked that with my tongue while it was inside my mouth.  He groaned and I heard him say something in his delirium.  I knew he was on the verge of having an orgasm and I wanted more of him inside me.  I took his cock in my mouth and tightened my lips around it.  As I did so I stroked his shaft responding to his every need.  He screamed slumping forward, and steadying himself by holding on to my naked shoulder and then shot his load into my eager mouth.  I held it there swilling it around my mouth feeling it's silkiness all around the inside of my mouth  and then swallowed it all allowing it to coat the rest of my body as it went down me.  

I took my second man and did much the same to him.  He was unable to hold himself back and taking my head in both his hands he fucked me in the mouth until he came inside it.  Again I savoured his wonderful seed and swallowed it all with great pleasure.  

This was all too much for the remaining men.  They laid me on the ground and telling me to open my mouth wide one after the other they masturbated attempting to get as much of their spunk in my mouth as they could manage.  The first one came all over my face.  I was covered in his spunk.  Another followed and emptied his load into my mouth.  I lay there on my back on the wet muddy patch with my head resting on the ground my mouth savouring the load which had just gone in.  It was too much for the next one he quickly came but holding the tip of his cock closed as not to loose any of his cum, he brought it to my mouth and emptied it all inside it.  This continued as each in turn made every effort to ensure that I would take their load inside my wide open mouth.  When they finished I had a mouth full of cum.  The last four remaining men had all succeeded in emptying their load into my mouth.  I swilled it around my mouth mixing it together, enjoying the taste of all the men who had generously shared their fluids with me. As they watched in admiration, it took three gulps for me to swallow it all down my throat, enjoying the feeling as it went down inside me.

I lay there on the ground, naked, covered in mud and spunk, and cold and wet, now that they had finished with me.  They pulled their trousers up, ready to leave me where I was.  I asked them if I could have my wallet and telephone back.  The dominant male answered, that he was going to keep them, how else was I going to keep the promise I made to them, if they did not find where I lived.  How far had I come with our lives since that meeting in Norway with Frederick.  The many years of what most would consider to be a normal life were now far behind me.

Making sure that he had every single piece of my clothing, he told me that they would be taking those with them as a memento, leaving me completely naked on the ground several miles from home. 

I was a couple of miles from my home.  This would not have been a problem but since I did not have a stitch of clothing on me I would have to find a route that took me where I could not be seen.  I needed to avoid main roads and street lights and this would increase the length of my journey.  I knew the area quite well so I had a good idea as to where to aim for.  It took me hours hiding behind bushes or trees every time I saw somebody in the distance and avoiding any cctv cameras which I spotted on the way.  It was very early in the morning but thankfully still dark.  On one occasion I saw a man walking his dog in front of me. I followed him in the distance hoping that he would not look back.  He stopped.  He seemed to be more interested in looking through windows than in walking his dog.  I saw him hide behind a tree and taking his cock out was masturbating.  He was looking straight up at one of the bedroom windows.  Open curtains and lights full on.  I wondered if the couple inside were aware that they were being watched and how much better that would make them feel.

It was a couple of hours before I arrived home.  The lights downstairs were on and through the window I could see Laura sitting on the settee with her morning gown on.  I knocked on the glass pane not wanting to wake up the children, and on seeing me she gave a sigh of relieve and opened the door.  She was surprised to see me there naked covered in mud and streaks of something which she instantly recognised by the smell, of being spunk.

She pulled me in and I was just going to explain it all when she said that I did not have to as she already knew.  Somebody had phoned from my phone and had told her what I had been doing and not to worry that I would be home soon.  He told her that he would send her some pictures and movie clips so that she could see.  She showed me the movie clips.  It was all there me held across the tree screaming to be fucked.  Pleading with them to fuck me and making them all kinds of promises.  She could see me being fucked and how in delight I moved my body to achieve better penetration.  There was pictures of me sucking the men's penises and also many of the men's cocks as they spewed cum into my open mouth.  There was a movie of me swilling the cum around my mouth and then eagerly gulping it down.

I was worried that she would get upset and angry at me, and said I was very sorry and that I would not do it again if she did not want me to.  Laura answered that she thought I had been the victim of some very persistent stalkers and not entirely to blame.  Smiling she said that she wondered as I did not appear to be too reluctant in offering my body for them to abuse.

She then took my hand and said let's get to bed watching those movies and pics has made me very randy and I can not wait to be fucked senseless.  I was totally spent and I was not at all sure that I could come up to that.  My experiences with those men gave me an idea which might help.  I told Laura to wait a minute while I got some nylon rope from the garden shed.  Not bothering to cover myself or even hide my nakedness I went out and retrieved the blue half inch thick rope from the shed.

When I get back Laura had let the robe fall onto the floor and her hold body was tingling with pleasure.  She could hardly bear to be touched.  She was highly sensitised.  Please she said I am so close and it is killing me.  I could see the wetness between her labia.

She followed me up to the bedroom where I asked her to lie on her back on the bed.  I then told her to stretch her arms and legs as far out as she could.  I tied one end of the rope around her right ankle making sure not to damage her anklet and tags.  I put the rope around the front right leg of the bed and rather unsympathetically pulled it tight to stretch her leg even further.  When I was satisfied that there was no room for movement I tied it round the leg of the bed.  I then took it to the other leg of the bed and tied it.  I took Laura's left leg and asked her to stretch as far as she could.  I pulled on her leg and tied it to the rope.  I took up any slack by adjusting the knot on the left leg of the bed. 

I could hear Laura breathing heavily and making uming noises.  The rope then went round the back left leg of the bed and to her left wrist.  Sure that she would not be able to move I did the same with the back right leg of the bed and her right wrist.

By this stage Laura was a mumbling wreck.  Tongue out of her mouth as it circled round licking her lips.  All the time she was making loud noises of unrestrained passion.  She was trying to move as if to touch herself and thus take away the pain which was building up in her body.  She was dripping onto the duvet the liquid coming from in-between her legs.  I heard her say

"Please Ewan just touch me and I will come"

That is what I did not want to do.  I left her there and walked out of the bedroom.  She screamed at me 

"You cruel bastard don't leave me now.  Please bring me off".

I thought she would wake the children up so I callously told her.

"For God's sake Laura you will wake the children and after they see you like that we will have no option but to stop".

She bit her lip and cried like a little girl.  I could see the tears flowing down her cheeks and I looked at her shaved pussy in wonderful admiration for everything that my wife was.

Naked I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.  I sat there drinking it wondering how long it would take Laura to get back to normal.  The waiting was killing me.

I went up. Laura was biting her lips to keep herself from making any noise that would alert the children.  Her vagina was still dripping wet and I sat next to her on the bed.  I very lightly, almost not touching, I passed my fingers along the line of her vagina as it divided the totally bare skin delta of Venus between her legs.  There was not a single hair to be seen.  I loved it.  Laura tried to move her vagina up to my fingers but found she was unable to move.  Tears were flowing.  She dared not scream at me but was desperate to be touched and taken out of her misery.

"Please Ewan you do not know how painful this is.  This has been building up since I got the call from those men and I can no longer hold it in".  

"Please open my flood gates"

I thought that was really cute, Laura always had the strangest way with words.  I bent towards her and kissed her slit.  I lingered there for a few seconds pushing my tongue out so that it brushed up and down her tight vagina lips.  Her whole body seem to go into uncontrollable tremors.  She moaned as she tried to pull against the rope but found that there was no give.  

"For fuck sake Ewan please bring me off and I will promise to whore myself for you.  I will fuck anybody you want me to.  Your friends at work. Anybody that you tell me to".

I gently prised open her vagina with my finger and holding it there while I looked at the growing wetness coming from inside her.  I tortured her by moving it around the fold of skin that framed her cunt.  Her body was trembling all over.  Her tongue working around her lips as the only part of her body that she was able to move.  I took my wet fingers away from her skin and she sobbed and sobbed.

I brought my wet fingers to her nipples and smeared her warm cunt juices around each of there nipples.  What was left I left her lick off my fingers.  This drove her mad again and she was now sobbing uncontrollably.  The tears were streaming down her cheeks as at the same time her cunt juices were dripping onto the duvet.  In-between her legs the soaked patch was growing, and the feeling of wetness touching the cheeks of her bottom added to make it all unbearable.  She bit her lip so hard that she was bleeding.  I kissed her and licked the blood which was dripping down her chin.  The taste of her came through and I was determined to make this morning truly memorable for her.

I again lowered my face to towards her and holding her labia apart with my fingers I saw that the centre of her pleasure was dark red and fully engourged.  I could not remember ever seeing Laura's clit so stiff.  I touched it with the tip of my tongue and it shook.  Her whole body tensed up.  She was moaning something awful.  Unable to move she uselessly tried to get her hands loose so that she could finally touch herself and give herself the release she was desperate for.  I gave it another swipe with me tongue.  Every muscle in her body quivered and I heard her say.

"You can be a right cruel bastard.  Go and fuck your boyfriends you evil cow".

I was enjoying my part in Laura's agony.  I just knew that the final release would be something like she had never experienced before, and that she would be grateful to me.

Holding her lips apart I inserted two of my fingers in her vagina.  I could feel the muscles in the wall of her cunt struggle to squeeze my fingers and give herself what she badly wanted.  Keeping my fingers inside her my tongue found her button and taking it between my lips I squeezed it.  It no longer seem to matter that the children might wake up. Laura was screaming and continued to do so.  I released her clitoris from between my lips and lick it with my tongue.  The tension was terrible but at long lost she screamed and screamed as her juices burst onto the bed and my face.  I licked very inch of her cunt sucking in her love juices and swallowing every single drop.

Laura had had enough and she asked me to untie her.  I told her that I had not yet finished and taking a rather thick candle which we had on the side table, I pushed this deep inside her.  It went in easily as she was still very wet.  She said that she could not bear to be touched once she had orgasmed and pleaded with me to take it out. I ignored her pleas and continue to push the candle in and out of her vagina.  Seconds later she gave the most piercing scream as she came for a second time.  I continued. It seemed that the frequency at which she was coming off was increasing.  She had orgasm after orgasm, screaming with pleasure as relieve followed agony in very quick succession.  The bed was soaked with her juices and the beautiful smell of her body post orgasm pervaded the room.  I do not know how many times she came. It was impossible to tell the beginning of one orgasm with the end of the one before.  Her body had gone into an unstoppable tremor that did not appear to be coming to an end.

Worried that I had gone to far I untied Laura and she lay there on the bed, slumped, and crying her eyes out.  She would not talk to me.  In my selfishness to give her a memorable morning just as I had enjoyed a few hours earlier, I had gone beyond what was reasonable with my wife.  

The knocks on the door  dragged my attention away from Laura, and taking a towel to place around me I went to answer it.  Zoe was there, worried, needing to know if mummy was ok.  Before I could answer Laura just managed to say that she was and not too worry as she was perfectly ok and she should go to bed as it was still early.

(To be continued: A New Life - 8.  Another Time Another Town)




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