A New Life - 5. Christina and David.

Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the park. Benjamin insisted on riding his bike and Zoe walked with us. It was a lovely day, blue skies and sunshine. At the top of the hill the Cathedral better known locally as the Abbey looked magnificent.

Laura turned to me and told me that Christina was very worried. David's employers were going through another phase of redundancies and David was worried that his job was going. As things stood they really could not risk this happening. Christina's teaching job at school was not enough to keep them going. Laura asked me if there was any way I could help.

Currently things were not going to well at work and I really did not know how I could help him. Without giving too much detail, I told her that I was having my own problems at work. The last week of training had not gone well, and I had been told that a letter of complaint was being sent to Marty. I was very worried as to how this would turn out. Laura wanted to know the details, but I avoided it, saying that I had a particularly difficult group of students, and left it at that.

The weekend went really slowly as I worried about what was to going to happen at work on Monday.

Monday came and on arriving at work, there was a message asking me to go and see Marty as soon as I arrived. It did not seem at all good. I went into her office fearing the worst. She asked me to sit down, and she told me that she had received an email from the Human Resources manager at the Norwegian state oil company. I went to say something, but she stopped me. The email said that they were very pleased with the way the training had gone. So much so that they had put in an order for another ten weeks training. They wanted to make sure that I got the recognition I deserved, and were keen to stress the excellent job I had done.

I was taken aback, and found it difficult to respond. I took time to settle myself and then told Marty that I had a wonderful group of students and any success was down to them. Marty said that I was too modest. She had received a personal letter from one of the most senior managers in the company who also applauded my efforts. Mr. Stein was a close acquaintance of hers and she knew him as a man not inclined to false praise.

Relieved at the result of our meeting I thanked her and promised to write to Mr. Stein to thank him for his kind words.

That evening when I got home I told Laura the good news. She was pleased, but she also had news to tell me.

On her way to school this morning Mrs. Suffolk was waiting for her. She told her that both herself and her husband were very pleased at their son's Jonathan progress in her class. So much so, that they wanted to invite both of us to have a meal at their house. She would not let Laura go until she had agreed a date. The dinner date was set for Friday in three weeks time. When Laura tried to thank her, addressing her as Mrs Suffolk, she told her to call her Sandra, and that her husband was Tom would prefer to be known as such. She kissed Laura on both cheeks, and told her that they had both been waiting a long time for the opportunity to invite us, and they were looking forward to the evening.

Laura was relieved that she did not have to worry about the possibility of a professional misconduct hearing. She was intrigued by the invitation, and found it hard to contain her excitement.

The next day Tuesday, I arrived home from work to find Laura and the children were missing. I found a note saying that Zoe and Benjamin together with Christina's children were being entertained for the day by professional children's entertainers. They would be delivering the children back home later that evening. Laura was spending the day with Christina and would be late back. She said not too wait up.

I did not wait up going to bed after the children had been put to sleep. It was sometime very early in the morning that Laura arrived back. Next morning after taking the children to school I left for work and I did not get a chance to talk to her and find out where she had been all day.

That evening when I got home I asked Laura where she had been. I stressed that I was not being inquisitive or trying to exert control. I re asserted my commitment that she will always be free to do whatever she wanted. If she did not want to say I would be happy leave it and not continue to ask. I added that anything she told me would never affect my love for her and I would always remain faithful. This made me think how this would square up with my commitment to Frederick but at the time I could easily justify my love and wanting for both.

Laura had been waiting to tell me all anyway. Over the weekend she had phoned Frederick to ask him if he could help with David's position. She had discussed this with Christina who also thought it was a very good idea. Frederick apparently was going to be in London for most of the week and suggested they meet on Tuesday. He said there would be no problems, as he would arrange and pay for supply cover for the school so that we could both take the day off. He would also arrange for the children to be entertained for the day and to be taken back home in the evening. It was all settled and they were to meet Frederick at the Savoy.

His plan was that we would host a dinner party for Christina and David. He would pay for the external catering and any other incidentals. He told the girls that they should arrange for the children to be away that night, so that we could convince David to accept his offer of a new job, and perhaps nurture his interest in a closer tie with the Association.

I was very hurt that I had not been invited to meet Frederick in London myself, but I did not want to blame Laura for this oversight. I was jealous that Laura seemed to have established a much stronger relationship than I had with Frederick, but did not say anything.

Friday arrived and the caterer arrived at home early afternoon, to prepare the food for the dinner party. Benjamin and the girls would be staying with Christina's sister and her husband, leaving us free from worrying about having to curtail the length of the party. The caterer told us that she had three young apprentices who had recently left school who would be arriving later. They were to serve the food and then make themselves available to make cocktails and serve drinks for as long as we needed them. There were two girls and a lad, and they already had experience in this kind of work.

They arrived just before seven. Two rather attractive girls, who seemed to know each other well, and a boy who was less sure of himself, and depended on the girls for decisions.

Christina had always seemed to me as the stereotypical mum. She was not beautiful but rather very attractive. She exuded innocence and seemed to live entirely for her family. It was very hard to imagine that she could possibly be unfaithful to David. She had ample breast and wide child rearing hips. I had always thought that she was men's perfect fantasy women. The one that all would desire but would remain frustratingly unattainable.

When they arrived she was stunning. Her perfectly brushed black silky hair fell onto her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes beautifully made up, and her black eyelashes subtly spotted with glitter to make them stand out. Somebody had expertly applied dark eyeshadow above her eyes, which brought out their full beauty. I had never seen Christina this well made up before. She was amazing and left you breathless.

She was dressed all in black. Her tight top hugged her breasts making them stand out proudly, She had the most outstanding nipples, I have ever seen in a woman of her age. I could not help but admire them. They demanded to be touched.

She was wearing a body hugging pair of black satin leggings which showed her arse and legs to perfection. Tied tight around her waist, and wrapped around her shapely bottom, was a bright red scarf. High heeled black shoes completed the look.

All the time I had known her I had not understood what made her so desirable. Today it was all clear to me. She was like forbidden fruit, tantalising, mysterious, sexy and dangerous. She was self assured and totally aware of the sexual chemistry she exuded.

David who I had met in only a few occasions was smartly dressed in a waistcoat and suit. He seemed a very nice person but a rather shy one. He was not at ease, and I could see we had our work cut out in trying to relax him. He was completely overshadowed by his wife.

Laura greeted Christina who raised her lips to kiss her with surprising passion. Even Laura was taken aback by the warmth of the greeting. I approached Christina to kiss her cheeks but she brought her purple painted lips against mine. I felt her lips part and her tongue prising open my mouth, searched out my own tongue. We exchanged fluids both of us savouring each other's taste and warmth. She pressed her body against mine and I loved the warmth of her greeting.

Laura went to kiss David on the lips, but he turned his head and offered his cheek instead. I did not think it was a deliberate snub but more a result of his shyness. He stuck his hand out to me and I shook it warmly. I then took him by the shoulder and led him into the sitting room. There the helpers waited with cocktails for each of us.

The meal was delicious and the service superb. We must have drunk at least three cocktails each and we had finished three bottle of wine. By the time the meal finished we were pretty laid back. The serving youngsters came in with a bottle of malt and glasses for each of us. The servings were generous. I told them that they deserved to have some of the food themselves and insisted that I would expect them to finish a minimum of three bottles of wine. I told them not to worry about us, but to enjoy themselves. We would call if we needed anything.

We moved into the sitting room with our drinks, taking the bottle of Malt with us. Laura and David sat on the settee and Christina and me took to the armchairs.

Laura had an idea which would break the ice, and help us all get in the mood. She suggested that we take it in turns to tell a secret about ourselves which was not known to the others. She offered to start, and told the story about the couple in the park and the men who later joined in, giving her a good time. She seemed quite excited by the telling. She finished by saying that she had a sexual high at being fucked by all those men. She was determined to beat her performance the next time, but to achieve this, she might need some help. It struck me that this was very relevant in the context of Frederick and what was a rapidly growing relationship between her and him.

Christina was next.

Christina introduced David's older brother Harry. She looked over to David to see his reaction. It seemed to me that he was happy for her to go ahead, and would enjoy the hearing as much as she would the telling.

A year ago Harry had returned from South Africa where he had worked for several years with the mining industry. He had just got a job in London but needed to find a flat for himself. He came to stay with Harry and the family while he looked. Christina was very supportive but hoped for a short stay as there was not much room in the house, and they would all be living on top of one another. Harry proved to be a charming guest always helpful and willing to contribute to the housekeeping.

One morning when David had gone to work and the children were still asleep. Christina was standing in front of the mirror trying on some bra and pants that she had bought at Anne Summers. David and her we're going to a party which they thought might be a little raunchy and she needed to be well dressed for it. She thought that it would be fun but had no intention of going beyond mild flirtation.

As she stood there admiring her body from every angle. She wondered what she might look like if somebody took her bra off, or even perhaps pulled her pants down around her knees. As she looked at her body in different poses she, was getting really hot. She could feel that she was getting very wet and felt the urge to feel herself between her legs. With the children still at home, and Harry in the third bedroom, she wondered what would happen if Harry walked in on her unexpectedly. She was getting a real turn on just thinking about it.

She heard Harry walk down the landing towards the bathroom, as she continued to admire herself in the mirror. Suddenly she heard a sound from much closer. Looking at the door through the mirror she saw the handle being turned ever so carefully making little sound. She stood transfixed as the door open slowly. She thought it might be the children. Her knickers were around her knees. It was not the children. Harry was naked his penis was erect and twitching up and down. Quickly he jumped into the room closing the door behind him.

Christina as if it needed asking, asked him what he was doing. Sweet sister in law he replied, as if you did not know you have been driving me wild with your innocent come on's. There is a limit to what a man can put up with and I have reached it. When she mentioned the children, he said they were safe downstairs watching TV. Your brother would be very upset he would not like it. Harry answered that he would be doing his brother a great favour and that he would be very appreciative.

I looked over at David and he had an enormous hard on. He was enjoying the story as much as we were and it was having quite an effect.

Christina said that she had told him if you are not thinking about your brother's feeling please think of mine. Harry ignored her words and stood behind her. She said she could feel his penis against her arse. He then compromised her position even further by removing her bra and feeling her nipples with both hands. She could, she said, no longer resist, and she let him touch her. His hands went down to her vagina and feeling her wetness was less than complementary. He called her a hot desperate cow who could not get enough. With this he pushed her head first onto the bed and with no gentility at all, stuffed his cock up her vagina. There he held her pushing his cock right to the top so that it hurt, and then pulling himself out again without withdrawing. His punishing pushes and his throbbing cock were brutal. It was not long before he came to orgasm and as his body continued to jerk, he pushed it in and held her tightly making sure that he filled her with his cum and that it would all go up her fallopian tube. There he stayed. She had let her emotions get the better of her and had not resisted his advances.

Christina said that she was in tears. He had been very rough with her and now she was feeling that she needed to come, but he offered her no relief. She felt used.

They lay in bed while he gained his composure and five minutes later he grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his cock and got her to take it in her mouth. There tart he said you can now eat my cock. Christina felt compelled to suck him off and as he came he held her head so that she had to swallow the whole of his second load of cum.

Christina said she felt dirty. She had come so close to orgasm that it was almost painful. She had to relieve herself as she was unable to get back normality. Her whole body was convulsing demanding her to do so. She placed her fingers on her clit and rubbed herself gently but at an increasing speed until she burst gushing all over the sheets and mattress of her marital bed.

Well satisfied with himself Harry told her that in South Africa he had made love to many whores but none were as dirty as her. She well deserved her money and he placed two twenty pound notes on the side table and walked out leaving her amongst the rumpled, wet and soiled sheets.

David who had the most enormous hard on, all through his wife's account of that morning, showed little sympathy. Looking at him I could tell that he was grateful to her for what she had done, and would have not wanted it to be any different. He had no anger against his brother but instead seem to appreciate all his efforts, as Harry had suggested to Christina.

David now volunteered his story. He said that he had two stories that he would like to share with all of us.

A couple of weeks after Christina had been shagged for the first time by Harry. He had taken to staying awake for a while to see if his wife would go off to satisfy his brother. He had a good idea that this was happening and was excited by it. Late that night Christina crept out of their bed and quietly walked down the landing. He waited to see if she would come back or if she had gone to the bathroom. She did not return so he knew that she had gone to his bedroom. Quietly he walked to the third bedroom and listened at the door. He could hear Christina moaning in passion and knew that Harry was fucking her again.

He slowly and quietly open the door and peered in. Christina was riding Harry. She was jumping up and down on his cock with her back turned to the door. She was obviously getting a great deal of pleasure as each time his penis went in, she would moan with ecstasy. She also kept telling him that she wanted him to fuck her, and she wanted to be filled with his cum. She needed him and would do anything he wanted her to do to keep him.

Harry noticing that his brother was at the door, asked her what she was, to which she repeated that she was a whore that needed cock really badly. Any cock, she could no longer live without it. She was so used to it now that she had grown a need. She was a dirty filthy whore and did not care what others thought. He goaded her on, saying, what about your family but she said that she did not care, she was an addicted filthy whore and did not care who she fucked. When Harry threatened to stop fucking her she cried and pleaded with him, saying that she would do anything he wanted her to do, but please do not stop fucking her.

David came off and creamed his pyjama trousers, his spunk running down his legs. Leaving his wife still satisfying his brother he went back to his bed.

She never came back to bed but next morning Christina lied to him saying that she had only just come down to prepare breakfast for the children.

In the dinner party Christina did not defend herself. Keeping quiet she let David carry on.

David went on to his second secret. Last Christmas after his wife had gone to bed he went onto an internet gay chat room. There he met a man who said that he worked as a receptionist in an hotel near David's house. He suggested that if he was really sincere about having sex perhaps he could join him at the hotel where he had rooms available that they could use.

After a great deal of thought, getting more and more excited and nervous as their conversation went on he agreed to go. The man had been right and in twenty minutes he was walking into the reception area, where there was a man of around 45 sitting on his own at the desk. It was late so the rest of the hotel was quiet. The man said are you David and told him to follow.

He opened one of the hotel rooms in which there was a double bed and some bedroom furniture. There was a rather small en-suite shower room. The room was quite shabby and not one in which David thought visitors would stay. The receptionist told David that he was on duty that night but he was expecting things to be quiet. He did not want to waist time and felt sure that David did not want to either. He told David to undress and stood in the room watching him do so. When David stood naked in front of him he got him to turn around so that he could have a good look at him. Impressed, he ordered him to kneel on the floor next to the bed and pushed his back so that his stomach was on the bed. Arms outstretched and his face pushed onto the bed covers, David lay exposed and vulnerable.

He was frightened but also very excited. This was his first time with a man and had no idea as to what was going to happen. The man touched the entrance to his back passage with his fingers. David said that he was beside himself in excitement. He was shaking all over and he put his hand into his mouth to stem his moaning and to comfort himself.

At that point there was a slight knock at the door and the receptionist went to answer it. Several men were talking quietly and David could not work out what was being said. The door was closed and the men continued to whisper. They approached him from behind. He then felt the tongue of one of the men licking his crack and his hole. David remembered not being able to control himself. He spread his legs wider hoping to be taken. He did not have to wait long before he felt a penis being pushed into his hole. He asked that they wear a condom, but he was not sure that any of them did. The man kept pulling his hole open as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside him. David lost it completely he continued to shake and tremble with every movement of the cock. His hand went back and holding both of the man's thighs he pulled him into himself pleading that he should not pull out. One of the other men had now taken his clothes off and lay on the bed in front of David. He pushed his penis into David's welcoming mouth and ordered him to suck it.

David remembers the throbbing cock inside him and felt the man go into convulsions as he spewed his warm load inside him. Two other men came off inside his back passage that night, all leaving a full load of cum inside him. He could also remember having to suck and swallow two more times before they finished with him. He recalls feeling that he had been torn open. He himself orgasmed three or four times. Nobody had touched his penis. This was as result of the overriding pleasure and excitement that his body had gone through, as result of what those men had done to him.

When they had finished with him the receptionist told him that he had to go now and that he needed to go straight away. Early on he had noticed that one of the men had placed his clothes between his cock and the bed covers. Now he could see that his shirt and trousers were totally covered in his spunk. They now threw his clothes at him and said put your clothes on and get out of here. His clothes were soaking and very sticky with a strong smell of sex. As he put them on they stuck to his body. Before he could finish dressing they threw him out of the hotel and closed the door behind him. He made his way home avoiding people that he saw on the street. When he got home he hoped that Christina and Harry would not see him. He would not have been able to hide or excuse the state he was in.

My turn, I decided that for my secret I would tell them all that had happened to me during the week in Norway. I will not repeat what I have already said previously in great detail. I had thought that Laura might have got upset at not hearing this from me before. it was obvious to me from her reaction, that she had already been told all of this by Frederick. I felt that my weakness during that week had damaged me. I felt really stupid and only David seemed sympathetic.

On the positive side David said that he had decided to accept Frederick's offer of a job. He was also eager to make any commitment for himself and Laura that would enable them to become part of the Association. They had discussed this together and they were both in total agreement and ready to put themselves at Frederick's disposal.

The ice broken, the party was now beginning to warm up.

(To be continued: A New Life - 6. Kindred Spirits)




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