A New Life - 2. Frederick Stein

Friday had been my 26th birthday and today Sunday, Laura and the children were driving me to Heathrow Airport. I was to get the afternoon flight to Stavenger in Norway, where I was scheduled to give a training course for the week. These trips were pretty regular and I was usually having to spend a week away from home ever two weeks. This week I was training a group of engineers from Norway's State oil company.

I arrived safely in Stavenger and as usual I called Laura from the Hotel to let her know that I had arrived safely. I always tried to phone every day so that she would not worry.

On Monday the course started early at 8.00 am. I was used to giving these courses and I was never troubled by them. As usual this one went well and by 4.00 pm I was finished for the day. The day was always tiring and I looked forward to having time for myself so I avoided making any arrangements with the trainees. After a shower in my hotel I went for a walk and in search of a suitable restaurant. I had already done many training courses in Stavenger and I went for one of my favourite restaurants. I am inherently a shy person and I normally choose to eat by myself. I usually have a book with me which I can read inbetween courses. This evening the restaurant was quite busy but I was able to get a table.

I looked at the menu and decided on a meal and I sat and read my book while I waited for the waiter.

As I read my book I got the very strong feeling that somebody was watching me from across the room. I did not want to make it obvious so I slowly looked up from my book to see if I was mistaken. It was not obvious and as I continued to read my book I kept looking to see if I had been right in my assumption. Sitting in the corner of the Restaurant in from of a window I noticed a rather well dressed man. He was obviously wearing a designer suit and was expertly groomed. Unlike me who had my usual jeans and shirt. He was slim and to my opinion extremely handsome. Clearly by his demeanour he was well aware of his good looks and was not at all put off when he caught me looking at him.

It did not take him long and taking his glass in his hand he walked over to my table. I was nervous this did not usually happen to me and I was unsure as to how to react. He noticed my nervousness and did his best to calm me down. Politely he said that he was over in Stavenger in Business and would not mind the company. Would I mind if he shared my table with me. I could hardly say no and I invited him to sit down opposite me. He asked me if I would like a drink and calling the waiter over asking him to bring the bottle of wine from his table with an extra glass for me.

He introduced himself as Frederick Stein a CEO of the oil company who lived in Oslo but was in Stavenger for several meetings. He had a very soothing manner and immediately made me comfortable with his company. Clearly he was also very well off and his mode of attire made this very obvious. Pouring me a glass of the white wine he told me that he had seen me come in and was intrigued by the thought of a young English man eating on his own. He hoped I did not mind but he was always keen to meet new people, especially those from abroad. He had a very special reason for doing this. He did not expand this.

I gathered my courage and replied that I was very pleased he had done so.

We talked about what I was doing in Stavenger and he told me that he was a very senior manager of the company which I was visiting. He was a trained engineer and geologist and had also spent time in Harvard specialising his knowledge of Oil Exploration. He had been lucky as the only son of a rich Norwegian financier who was able to support him with his studies. His progress had been good and he had achieved a very good position with the company.

Whilst in the States he had met and married the daughter of a senior partner in a company of financial brokers. She had born him a son who now lived in Basle. He thought that I might be the same age as his son. I told him that I had just celebrated my 26th Birthday on Friday at which point he said that we should celebrate and ordered a bottle of Champagne. As it happened his son was 28 and was married with two daughters.

He was keen to find out about me and encouraged me to tell him as much as I could. I told him that I was also married, and my wife's name was Laura. She was a teacher in a junior school in London. We had a daughter called Zoe who was now 6 years old and a son Benjamin who was coming up to 5.

As we drank the champagne I mentioned that I had been a Science teacher in a senior school but was now a Computer Applications Trainer.

As we had our dinner the Champagne and wine flowed well and the conversation was interesting. Frederick was divorced from his first wife after 4 years and he was now married to an Italian Countess who had given him two daughter, one 16 and the other 18. He wanted to know everything about Laura and our marriage. He was very inquisitive but his comfortable manner and the abundance of alcohol made me very relaxed.

I do not know how it came up but the story about the park intrigued him, and I was very willing to show Laura off. It is a manner of pride to me that Laura is such a free spirit and that she is my wife. He was very appreciative of Laura's and the children's photographs and agreed with me that she was very beautiful and that I was very lucky to have such a relationship.

We had a wonderful time and I have never really had such a relaxed conversation with a stranger before. By the end of our meal I felt that I knew him really well. We managed to finish two bottle of Chablis and one of Champagne. I was feeling extremely light headed.

Frederick offered to give me a lift to my hotel in his chauffeured company car which I was very pleased to accept. Frederick must have been about fifty and was a most attractive man.

As we set off Frederick said that he had to pick something up from his hotel but not to worry as it was on our way.

I was not worried.

When we got to his hotel Frederick invited me up to his suite. This would not take long and he had a little something which he would like Laura to have as a present.

His suite was sumptious, a very large sitting room with the most comfortable Settee and arm chairs. From there a door let to his bedroom and the ensuite bathroom. I sat on the settee, and being the perfect gentleman, he offered me a drink. He happened to have a bottle of Malt Whiskey with him which he was able to recommend to me. I had already drank far too much but I was enjoying his company and I had a very warm feeling going through my body. Frederick went to his bedroom and was soon out again carrying a long thin blue box. Inside there was the most gorgeous ankle chain with a smaller chain of three diamonds hanging from the clasp. He told me that He would be very happy if I accepted this gift for my wife. I was embarrassed, this was far more expensive than I could ever afford. He told me that I should not worry that he was very happy to be able to do this for me and Laura. He said that ankle chains are a symbol of a highly sexed individual and would make her a most desirable woman. We could have fun explaining to others where it had come from when they noticed her wearing it. He was sure that she would be very appreciative of his gesture.

He followed the first whiskey with a second and by now I was feeling a tingling in my body. I did not wish it to end there and my excitement was making me somewhat shivery. I really did not know where we were heading for but by now I was becoming rather enraptured by his good looks, and very excited as to what this might lead to. I was treading on dangerous grounds but this heightened the excitement. The truth is I have always found the older man very attractive and have often wished that I would be able to enjoy a most intimate relationship with one. I really wanted him and was desperate for him to take the initiative.

Frederick asked to be excused and said he was going to change into something more comfortable but before he went into the bedroom he poured me another substantial tumbler of Malt. I felt shivery and was trembling uncontrollably. I thought that the whisky might help to settle me down.

When he came back he was wearing a silk morning gown, and I wondered what else he had under it. I asked Frederick if he minded if I used his phone to call Laura, she would be expecting my call and I wanted to tell her that I was fine. Frederick said that this would not be necessary as I was now his guest and he would make sure that I was well taken care of. It would be most unlikely that Laura would be worried and in any case the lack of a call would most probably excite her. I needed to concentrate my thoughts on him.

He came over and sat next to me on the settee. I was shivering more than ever and he placed his arm around me and made a comment about my excitement. He said that I should relax and take full advantage of my situation. He would make sure that I would not be disappointed and that I should enjoy the moment to the full. I was now unable to say anything and simply nodded in agreement. I leaned against him and placed my head on his shoulder. Frederick went to the buttons on my shirt and started undoing them from the top downwards. He must have noticed that my nipples were excited. I have the hardest of nipples when I am touched, and by this point they were engourged.

He stopped undoing my buttons and his hand went under my shirt. He gently rubbed my nipple with the lightest of touches using his finger tips. This was heavenly, I was ready to be taken in any way he wanted me. Instead he continued to gently rub both my nipples as I trembled under his touch. I could feel my penis growing larger and I was getting very wet. I brought my face towards him and approached his mouth with my own. He did not respond and went on to remove my shirt.

He undid my belt and unziped my fly. Sticking his hand down my pants he felt my very wet penis. "You appear to be very excited" he said to me. I was only able to come back with a "please".

"You must learn to control yourself we can not have you coming off prematurely. That would never do".

The truth was that I was finding impossible to resist his touch.

Frederick got up and taking my shoes and socks off, he pulled my pants and jeans down. I was now totally naked and responded to every touch with a most uncontrollable shiver. I was shaking all over and by now had abandoned myself completely. I desired him so badly, and I was shamefully unable to maintain any self control.

I made no sense.

"Please," I murmured "I want you so badly"

"Just do what ever you want with me, I love you so much, and you are driving me insane"

Frederick ignored my pleas and instead placed his finger on the tip of my wet cock, gently pulled away showing me how the strand of clearly liquid attached itself to his finger and stretched out from the tip of my penis until it broke. Taking my precum on his fingers he gently rubbed it on my nipples.

I was behaving like a juvenile who had been exposed to sex for the very first time.

"God this is Divine please take me now, I can not bear much more of this"

He then rubbed his fingers on more of the precum and smeared it onto my lips. I tried to take his fingers into my mouth so that I could suck my own precum. He moved them away and harshly told me that in no way should I lick my lips as he would be very angry with me.

"I love you" I said "and I will do what ever you tell me"

He took me by the hand and walked me to the bedroom. Pushing me on my front onto the bed. The torture continued as I lay with my back to him. He kissed the back of my neck and gently carressed my spine with his tongue. He went from the top to just short of the beginning of my crack. Paying particular attention to the area of my back at the base of the spine. I trembled with anticipation.

"Please Please fuck me. Put your beautiful penis inside me and fill me with your juices. I can not stand much more of this"

"I am so desperate to come off"

"No you must not do that" he told me harshly. "If you do our relationship will be ended and you will need not come back to me ever"

I so badly wanted to suck his beautiful member. I needed to have it inside me and If he was not prepared to fuck me I wanted to swallow every single drop of his juices.

I turned round ready to pull his morning gown apart and take his penis in my mouth.

"You are such a naughty boy" he said "What would Laura say if she saw you behave in such desperation?"

The truth was that I was past caring and Only wanted one thing, him and him alone.

At that point Frederick turned away from me and left me as he went off to the bathroom, giving me instructions that at no point should I touch myself.

In the midst of ecstasy I was in agony. I cried and tears flowed down my cheeks. Here I was a man of 26 with a wife and family embarrassing myself in front of a man I had only known that day. Frederick remained impervious to my pain

Frederick spent the night in his bed while I was instructed to lay naked at the foot of his bed curled up as a most faithful dog. I would have to be open to all his wishes and only do as I was told. I would need to be his most obedient servant and nobody else mattered any more. I should forget Laura and my family, instructing me that I should not phone home for the rest of the week and under no circumstances should I ejaculate! I would need to come back to his room after each of the day's training sessions, and if I behaved, he would have a special treat for me on Wednesday evening.

The truth is I had no wish to disappoint him and I had removed all others from my life. I prayed that he would take pity on me and give me what I craved so badly.

That night and the next I did not sleep and I was totally exhausted during the training sessions. The one thing that kept me going was the anticipation of the special treat promised to me that Wednesday evening.

Untouched I continued to weep alone, hoping that he would take pity on me and give me what I so desired.

(To be continued: A New Life - 3. The Club)




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