A New Life - 11.  A Week in Manchester

That had been one hell of a torrid night.  It was now nearly five in the morning and Don's secretary was due to arrive in an hour.  I needed to shower before I set off for work. Kissing Don on the lips and thanking him for the most wonderful night, I reluctantly left him.  

When I arrived home Laura was still not up so I took my shower and waited for her to come down.  Her first question to me was to ask me what I had been doing last night.  I lied to her.  I said that I had met up with Don to discuss what he could do for us to stop Hans becoming a nuisance.  We had talked until it was quite late and Don had suggested that I sleep on the settee in his office.

Laura did not think more of this.  She had seen nothing during the dinner party which would have led her to suspect that Don was anything but heterosexual.  I did not dissuade her from this believe.

I was shattered at work having only had two hours interrupted sleep.  Luckily I had already done my preparations, for the course, I was due to deliver in Manchester.  It was a small group of six analysts and it was the introductory course that they would be doing.  I did not expect this to be problematic and I was hoping to be able to spend a lot of my time there with Don.

While I sat on my desk I tried to rationalise why I always seemed to feel guilty after a sexual encounter.   It was not as if it bothered Laura she was pleased to leave me to my own pleasures while she enjoyed hers.  It was not the fact that I was bisexual either, as she always admitted to being very turned on by my accounts of my encounters with other men.

As to the rest of my family, I did not love them any less, because of my homosexual inclinations.  Quite the opposite I seemed closer to them now than I had been before.   I was just as determined to protect them and provide for them.

I had the right to do with my body as I wanted provided it did not physically hurt anybody else doing so.  I could not account for peoples prejudices.  If they had something against homosexuality that was their problem not mine.

I thought back to my teenage years.  I remembered the many occasions when I would hide a magazine in my bedroom in which I had seen an advert for body building.  I would wait impatiently for an opportunity to be in my room on my own without my parents suspecting anything.  When it came I would feel very nervous and my excitement would grow until I finally opened the page of the skimpily clad muscular  beauty of a man.  My body would tingle  all over and my penis would get really hard.    At the beginning I did not know how to relieve the pressure and ended up waking up in the middle of the night as a result of a wet dream.  

I used to get so embarrassed that I hid my soiled pyjamas amongst the clothes to be washed, in the hope that my mother would not notice the sticky substance deposited across the front of my pyjama bottoms.  

Later I discovered that I could get second hand magazines packed with nude men from the local corner shop which sold them as a sideline.  I usually tried to hide one amongst the second hand comics which he also sold.  I would tell him that I had five comics and he would accept my word and charge me accordingly.  I felt so elated when I was able to smuggle one out without him  noticing.  That magazine would last me for weeks, and by the time I had finished, their bodies was as familiar to me as was my own.

What I did not realise was that the shop owner was fully aware of my deceit right from the beginning.  He continued to let me do this for many weeks, but one day he called me back into his shop and told me that he knew what I was hiding with my comics.  I was terrified that he would tell my parents, but he assured me that this would remain our secret.  Now that he knew how much I loved those magazines he would in future save them for me.

As to how I funded my habit at that age. I was very resourceful.  I was able to save all my pocket money for contingencies.  As to the cost of the magazines let me just say that I had a particular talent for writing the stories that my school mates wanted to read.  I had a lucrative business going, selling stories which were personalised for the person I was writing for.  The erotic stories paid the best and I was often able to sell several copies of the same novella.  I was never short of customers.

I made far more money than I could spend and the cost of the magazines kept on going down.  At the end I had proved such a good customer that I was able to get them for a special price.  

I have to protect the innocent and as I said I was very resourceful.

That is not to say that I was not excited by pictures of scantily clad women but the thrill and danger that those men gave me surpassed any excitement I got from looking at Playboy as my male school friends did.  I loved the well oiled bodies and the perfect pecs which each of these men had.   I would lie in my bed feeling weak an  shivery, and longed to be able to touch them.  I never told any of my school friends about this. It was far too valuable a secret to share with anyone else.

If I had not been born into a community that so vilified homosexuality perhaps  I would know not be considering myself as a bisexual.  I might have been true to myself and followed the thrills and passions of being a homosexual.  I was too much of a coward scared to admit to myself and others  what was really important to me.  All those years wasted in total denial of my true feelings.  As much as I was excited by the female form so much more was I excited by the strength, power and sensitivity of men.

I would be committing a grave injustice to myself if I continued to allow others to decide for me the path I should follow.  Men excite me in a way that women could not.  As I have been able to see in the last few months I ignore all fears when I abandon myself into the hands of men.  Something which I have never ever been able to do with women.  See my restraint in getting involved  that night when Laura gave herself in the park.  My reticence at not taking advantage of Christina and my timidity in making love to Sandra.  

Compare that to my pain when being ignored by Frederick,  my willingness to go out with the group of lads knowing full well what the outcome would be, and that delirious night of complete sexual abandonment at the hands of all those men some of which I had at first not really found that attractive.  The excitement was addictive and for my own pleasure I would have not denied any of them the use of my body.  I had wanted every single one of them and I take full responsibility and blame for all the men that have used me.  It was me that did the using, and I take the full blame for wantonly throwing myself at them.

Later that evening at home I again lied to Laura.  I told her that the room I was using for the following weeks training was one that I was not familiar with.  I needed to go up on the Saturday to make sure that I had everything I needed before the start of the course on Monday.  The truth was that one day on I was missing Don, and could not wait to be in bed with him.

I said to Laura that I would be driving up to Manchester by myself.  The reality was that I was going to leave the car parked in a local business area from where Don was going to pick me up so that we could drive up together.  

I had already packed the underwear that I had bought for the special occasion.  This had not been cheap but I had a mixture of well known Aussie and US pants.  The more exotic ones left my backside exposed by including strapping not just round the waist but that came diagonally from the front and wrapped around the top of my legs.  I thought I looked sexy,  but more importantly they left my bottom totally exposed and ready to be taken.

I also made it a point of wearing my several bracelets and chains.  I wore my Versace stainless steel bicycle chain bracelet, together with my leather Thomas Sabo, and my thick silver ID tag bracelet with my name etched on it.  In my left wrist I wore my Tag watch.  The two chains around my neck had an array of Thomas Sabo and Links charms which highlighted the wickedness of my nature.  I made sure that I wore and took with me the clothes which would make these very visible.  

Laura remarked if I was hoping to get very lucky this week as she was well aware of Manchester's reputation of an active gay community.  She kissed me on the lips and smiling wished me a safe journey telling me to have a good week.  

After I said good bye to the kids I made my way to the rendezvous point.  My excitement was palpable. 

Don was waiting behind the steering wheel of his car when I arrived.  Taking my case and placing it in the boot of his car I sat beside him on the passenger seat.  He made no attempt to move so I leaned over and holding his chin turned his face towards me.  I then gave him the kiss that I had been waiting to give him since we departed that Friday morning.  My tongue priced his lips open and I was all over him.  As I was snogging him three work men passed by the side of the car and as I looked up to them they were staring in amazement.  My eyes smiled at them and I continued to embarrass Don by exploring his tonsils.

He eventually was able to release himself from my hold and saying that we had a long journey in front of us set off.

On the way up he told me that he had written a letter to Hans in one of his partnership's letter headed paper.  In it he politely told him that I had made it quite clear that our friendship was not too be confused with a relationship.  I had become increasingly concerned that he had misunderstood what I had said and I wanted to make it very clear to him that I was a happily married men with children and did not wish to compromise my family life.  Don politely asked him to refrain from any more contact with either me or my family as we were finding it very upsetting.  

He ended the letter by the politest of threats which made the point that I was prepared to take legal action should it continue.

I placed on my hand on Don's left thigh and held it there.  By then we had already joined the M1 and we were heading towards the M6 and Birmingham.  I closed my eyes loving my situation, driving north with my male lover for the first time in my life.  I must have fallen asleep and when I woke up we had already left Birmingham behind and Don was driving into Hilton Park Services.

He said that he needed a break and that we should get something to eat.  I needed a comfort break to.  I must have been having some very sweet dreams as I felt that the head of my penis was stuck to my hipsters and these felt wet.  I waited for Don to lock the car and as he made to move away I took his hand and held it tight all the way into the service station restaurant area.  He was embarrassed but I was proud of my partnership and wanted people to notice.  

It was very busy and there were several coach loads of senior school children crowding the area.  Still holding his hand I turned to him and told him that I needed to use the loo.  It was so noisy that I had to raise my voice to get him to understand me.  With that I kissed him on the lips and went off.

When I returned a few minutes later he had bought us some sandwiches and two coffees and was sitting in a small table in the corner of the cafe area.  We soon got over the small talk and since we were in a quiet and private spot Don told me that he wanted to know more about my early life.

My dad was a banker in the city and my mum also worked full time for the civil service.  Although we were not well off I had everything I needed.  In the early years before I started school I had been cared for by a neighbour until my mum arrived back from work.  She always lived in the expectation that I was a little saint and I did nothing to dissuade her from this.  She would never believe that I was capable of doing anything wrong and firmly believe that I was a little innocent.  I tried not to give her any reason to change her opinion.  

My dad was always late back from work and I hardly ever saw him during the week.  He would arrive after I had gone to bed.

Weekends were glorious I enjoyed spending time with both my parents and they ensured that weekends were all spent together.  We went on many trips.  Every year we went on a holiday to somewhere hot and continental.  I loved my childhood and would not have changed any of it.

Don then asked me what my first sexual experience was.  I told him about time spent in my rooms pouring over my magazines.  I had my favourite magazines of course.  I always had a preference for darker skin males and I treasured any magazines which included them amongst their pictures.  I always dreamt of Mediterranean types and I loved the special editions which had features on the native men of central African republic.  

He listened politely but I got the strong impression that he was looking for something far more salacious.  I had plenty to tell him but these had remained private to me and I did not want to betray any confidences.  I also did not know him that well and I would be taking a risk with what I told him.  Not just for myself but for others I still knew who would be very vulnerable.  I have already mentioned before that I do not consider myself the innocent party in anything that I had been involved with.  Completely the opposite I had contrived situations and pursued opportunities with a single mindedness that had always led me to get what I wanted.  I have always been very mature for my age.  What follows is a good example of these.

At a much later stage in my life at school, I had already got a place in University and finished all my exams.  I had finished at school and had nothing better to do than wait for the start of the University year in late September.  It was during this time that a friend of my parents from Australia  came to stay with us at home.  He was looking for a new home so that he could make the move back into the UK.  He was in his late thirties.  What really struck me was his very timid nature.  He was not married and showed little interest in going out.  He was happy to sit at home most of the time watching TV.  My parents did their utmost to get him to go out and often took him out with them to the pub and for meals.  They involved him as much as they could in our family life.  I think they worried at his lack of a social life and did their utmost to find potential friends for him.

He was a perfect victim as far as I was concerned.  Much to my disappointment he had never tried anything with me despite having had the opportunity.  I was determined, and again I underline the fact, that what ever happened was entirely down to me.  Unlike the impression that my mum had of my innocence, I was far from that.

I remember many nights at the beginning of his stay he would sit at one end of the settee while I made sure I sat on the other.  My mum was always busy but my dad had his favourite chair which was turned away from the settee facing the tele.

At the early stages I  would lie on the coach and place my feet close to him.  As the time progressed  I got braver, and some days later I felt brave enough to press my feet against his legs.  The poor man was too embarrassed to say anything, and I used this to my advantage.  Eventually I had my feet on top of his leg.  This became the norm.

Sometimes my mum would come in and tell me off saying that Bill was not comfortable.  He was too timid to complain and just said it was ok.  I ignored my mum and she would never have suspected that my motives were anything other than innocent.  

As I lay there with my feet on his legs I would move them around turning on my stomach so that my feet were now squeezed between his legs.  Making sure that my parents were not looking my feet would accidentally brush against his penis.  Bill dared not complain as  he knew this would bring the wrath of my parents on him and not on me.  

I knew that that My parents would soon go to bed and I would be left on my own with with Bill in the front room.  Poor man what could he do.  There was no spare bedroom for him and his bed was the settee.  He had to wait there and hope that I would get tired and go to bed myself.

Don had gone very quiet.  He had not said a word since I started my story.  He had his eyes firmly closed and was engrossed in my story.  I glanced at his crotch and noticed the most enormous bulge developing. I continued recounting my story.

Once my parents had left the room I became more daring.  I would change my position turning round so that it was now my head resting on his legs.  I pretended to continue to watch the television as my head moved back onto his crotch.  I was now resting on his penis and in a bid to get more comfortable I would move my head around.

I could feel his excitement growing.  His manly smells were overpowering and I could feel the strength ebb out of my body.  Eventually he could stand it no more and would make the excuse to go into the kitchen to have a cup of tea.  I did wait in hope that he would come back quickly but the poor man was terrified and hid away in the kitchen or the bathroom.  His torment went on for weeks.  

I remember on one occasion my parents had gone next door to congratulate our neighbours  daughter at her success in being accepted to study at University.  I thought they might be a long time so on coming back from the loo instead of taking my usual position lying on the settee I sat on Bill's lap suggesting that this was much more comfortable and I got a better view of the screen.  I scrunched my bottom around pretending to get more comfortable and I felt his penis grow on my every movement.

My parents surprised us.  I had been so focused on what I was doing that I had not heard them come in.  Quite shocked at my childish behaviour my mum said to me that I was no longer a child to be sitting on anybody's lap and could I not see that Bill was very uncomfortable. 

Apologising to Bill and acting the innocent I sat back on the settee covering his embarrassment with my legs.

Bill was finding it really hard and his visits to the pub became more frequent.  The days I went out he would stay in.  When I was in he would go out.  I would not be defeated.  This might take me a long time but I could wait.  Like a predator I waited for the perfect moment.

Don's bulge was growing by the second and I could see signs of a small wet patch appearing.  I looked around me to see if anybody had noticed.  Three tables away from us there was a couple in their mid thirties who were to busy looking at Don and did not see me glance in their direction.  Don would be mortified if he knew, but he could not know as his eyes were firmly closed enjoying my telling of one of my early sexual encounters.  I continued to tell my story.

I sustained myself with a diet of magazines for several weeks each day looking for the perfect opportunity.  At long last it came.  My parents had been invited by a couple they knew well.  Earlier visits had been all nighter's.  All Bill was told was that they would be visiting Tom and Mary and would be back later.

That evening as I expected Bill went out and I stayed in to watch TV.  Midnight came and I was not surprised to note that he was still not back.  As planned I went into my room and changed into my shorty pyjamas.  I never wear anything under my pyjamas.  I then picked out my favourite magazine and waited for him to return.

It must have been close to one when I heard the front door open and I heard somebody coming in.  I felt fairly sure that it was Bill but I waited for another ten minutes before making any moves.  It was like an eternity.  You can imagine how wanton I was.  The magazines had got me into a fine state of excitement and my wait had left me in desperation.  Nobody came up and I felt sure that it could not have been my parents.

I carefully tiptoed downstairs making as little noise as possible.  My plan was to look into the sitting room without being seen so as to confirm that it was him that had come in.  The door was slightly open and I could see that he was sitting on our favourite settee asleep.  I walked into the room on my bare feet not wanting to wake him up prematurely.  As I approached him I could feel my erection getting harder.  Absolutely nothing would have prevented me from finally getting what I had wanted for many weeks.

I could now smell the alcohol on him and this heightened my excitement.  I had worked through this sordid scenario over and over again in the past month.  My heart was beating and the fear of being caught by my parents only made the thrill even greater.  I did not have an escape plan so I prayed that I would not be caught before I was able to fulfil what I had so patiently waited for.  I had closed the door behind me, and I did not believe that they would walk into the sitting room if they thought he had returned and asleep.  

I stood in front of him but he was still asleep and not aware of my presence.  I took my top off and then walked out of my shorts.  I was naked and ready to give myself to him.  I went up to him and without waking him up, placed my knees on the settee on either side of his legs so, that I could be facing him when he woke up.  I then lowered my bottom onto his lap and my lips brushed his.  

I did not give him time to wake up before I pushed my tongue into his mouth.  I could taste the alcohol that he had been drinking.  My tongue was all over his mouth and my bottom was grinding on his crotch.  

Startled by my actions he was totally unaware of what was happening.  He was shocked to find me completely naked sitting on his laps and trying to suck his tonsils.  He tried to get up but I had him pinned down.  I quickly wrapped my arms around him to prevent him from pushing me away, and continued to taste the results of his night out.  He could tell that it was going to be impossible to stop me by the noises of sheer pleasure that were coming from me.

"For God sake boy"  he said "your parents could be walking through that door any minute now."

Rather smugly I responded

"You do not have to worry on that score, they will be out all night."

I was like a crazed animal on heat wishing that my naked body would send him sufficient messages as to what I wanted from him.  It worked, poor Bill could fight it no longer.  His penis had worked itself into an erection and he struggled to resist.  I tried to remove his trousers and pants while still sitting on his lap.  This did not work so I got up and gave him a full view of my youthful body together with my cock standing out towards him.  It was all too much.  He must have known then that I was homosexual and desperately needed the one thing that only he could give me.  Kicking his shoes off he finally discarded his trousers and pants.  I now knew that my plan was going to work and the result was inevitable.  

I pulled his socks off so that we could both share complete nudity.  He was enormous.  I again placed myself across his body this time with my back to him.  He tried to put his cock in my anus but the lack of lubricant made it impossible and very painful.  I told him to wait a minute an I run into the kitchen looking for the closest solution to hand.  

I grabbed my mums bottle of extra virgin oil and run back to him.  He let me put it all over his cock and testicles.  His cock was rigid and as I rubbed the oil around it got bigger and harder.  I had never seen such a hard cock before.  I again took the missionary position but this time I held his shaft with both of my hands and directed it straight into my sex starved hole.  Holding it in position I put all my weight behind it letting it slide into my passage as I moved down towards his lap. 

It was heavenly.  He filled me up all the way up to the top of my rectum.  His cock was throbbing against my prostrate sending me into heights of pleasure that I had never experienced before.  As he pushed up further into my rectum I pushed down to take him.  I was wild and completely out of control.  I screamed at the intense pleasure I felt having him inside me.  He moaned with pleasure telling me repeatedly how dreadfully long it had been since he had sex and how much he needed the fuck.  

His cock was finding all the sensitive triggers in my arse, confirming what I had always thought about myself and my desire for men.  I took his hands and pulled them up to my breasts.  He cupped each in turn and squeezed them.  He made me believe I had enormous tits and the touch of his rough hands made my whole body tingle.  On noticing the way my nipples were growing he took them between his fingers and I was like jelly in his hands.

I was soaking wet and the pre cum was dripping down my shaft and into the pelvic area.  I could tell that Bill was just about to come, and I did not think I could have waited much longer.  With a loud gasp he shot the first spurt of his load deep into my rectum.  I felt its warmth and it gave me a most sensational feeling.  By the time he spurted the second load of his orgasm I had already shot my own sperm up into the air and all over his legs and carpet.  He continued to push and pull each time filling me up with a little more of his wonderful juices.  

When he eventually stopped I was truly filled and the thought of such a heavy load of his seed inside me made me feel wonderfully fulfilled.

I heard Don gasp and as I looked at him he was shaking but trying desperately to control it.  His head slumped forward he continued to convulse.  I noticed that his hand was gripped around his cock in a vain attempt to stem the rich flow of sperm that he was shooting.  I looked across at the couple who had not missed a trick.  They too were enjoying Don's predicament.  The woman caught me looking at them and as I smiled she gave me a knowing glance.

I told Don that we should go to the toilet but he said that he was ok and that he wanted to hear the rest of my story.  

I continued.

It took a while for Bill to overcome his excitement but eventually he lost his stiffness and his cock dropped out of my arse.  His cock was covered in his cum and there was a steady flow of the same juices flowing out of my hole and onto his lap.  I loved it. It felt so good to have been able to seduce this man who had struggled so valiantly to prevent it.

As I sat on his lap his hands where all over my body.  He brought his hand up to my face and I took his fingers into my mouth and licked and sucked them all.  I pressed down on his groin with my arse and feeling the wetness from his spunk I rubbed myself against his cock, groaning with pleasure as I did so.  He was getting hot again, and pushing me off his lap he took me to the side of the settee and pushed me face forward over the arm rest.  My face buried in the cushions and my bottom in the perfect position for a further onslaught of his penis I waited for him to take me again.  I could feel his spunk coming out from my bottom and dripping down the side of my legs.   

This excited him and he was ready to fuck me again.  Taking the olive oil from the coffee table he poured its content into the crease of my bottom and looked at it making its way down the crease towards my hole.  When it got there he lifted both my legs and I felt it come into my passage and work its way down my rectum.  This was a totally new sensation for me and my body reacted accordingly.  He could see my excitement and this spurned him on to continue to pour the oil into my hole until he filled it and it overflowed all over my bottom and legs.

I was no virgin but I loved the feel of the olive oil filling my arse and spreading across my cheeks and legs.  It continue to flow and I felt it move down my crack and in between my legs onto the leather settee.  I was covered in a mixture of oil and spunk.  

This time he required no help.  He pushed his cock into my hole forcing even more of the oil to cover my body and go onto the settee.

I opened my legs as he pushed further and further into my rectum.  I was screaming in pleasure.  The oil proved to be and excellent lubricant, and the speed at which he pumped my arse had me coming within seconds.  As I fell onto the oil covered cushions of the settee he exploded inside me filling me for the second time with his load.  

I really was not ready for it to end there.  I was desperate for him to fuck me in my own bed.  I took his hand and led him into my sanctuary.  We fell asleep together but it was a very light sleep.  I woke up after a couple of hours.  It was still dark outside.  I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him until he was hard again.  I laid on my back on the bed and I asked him to raise my legs over my head and fuck me again.  I did not need any further lubricant, he glided into me and It was seconds before he again impregnated me with his third load of seed.

We then fell asleep together and it was morning when I woke up.  I shook him to wake him up, saying that my parents might soon be back.  He asked me to suck his cock before he went.  I was only too happy to do so and it was not long before he was shooting into my mouth.  I savoured the taste of his cum juice and gratefully swallowed it all.

My bedding was covered in oil as was the settee.  If my mum suspected anything she never said and I remained the innocent son that did no wrong.

It was two minutes before Don was able to speak and then he said.

"Wow that was the most erotic story I have ever heard.  Please tell me it is for real".

"Of course it's for real!  Would I lie to you?"

"So please tell me what happened next and where is Bill now?".

Bill stayed in my parents house for a further two weeks.  It was heaven.  We continued to make love at every possible opportunity.  Even when my parents were in and already in bed, he would either come up to my bedroom or I would creep in to the sitting room.  He would fuck me rigid. Some nights several times, and it would be morning before I moved back into the bedroom.  On occasions I would meet my parents on the way up and would make an excuse that I needed a drink.

By the end of the second week he had moved into his own flat and I became a very regular visitor and his lover.  My mother concerned by my many absences would ask me where I had been and I simply said that I had stayed with a friend from school.  Some times I would stay for the whole week doing for him as he wanted.  I was totally besotted with him and would do everything he asked me.  

He was exceptionally virile and we hardly went through one day without him fucking me several times.  I grew to love him by the time it came for me to leave to University.  I even considered throwing the offer of a place away and begged him to let me live with him.  He told me that I should go to Uni and that he would wait for me to come back.  He made me feel better by saying that I was not going that far and there would be plenty of opportunities for me to come and see him, and he would definitely visit me in the halls of residence.  University terms were not that long.

In the first weeks at Uni I would come back to him on weekends and we would spend the whole time naked in bed.  I could not get enough of his spunk and I soon learnt to use my bottom and my mouth to give him the most wonderful sexual highs.  As the time progress I became more confident that he would be waiting for me when I returned and concentrated on the University work that I had been ignoring and was piling up.

At the end of the first term I could not wait to catch the train to get back to my lover.  I arrived at his flat hot in the expectation that he would be there waiting for me.  His flat was the one at the top of the flight of stairs.  I rang his bed and while I waited started to undress.  I wanted to be naked for him when he opened the door.

I did not get far before the door opened and I was shocked to see a well dressed lady in her forties who was just going out.  I asked her if Bill was in, as he was expecting me.  She told me that Bill had gone back to Australia three weeks before, and had left no forwarding address.  I broke into tears and the lady feeling sorry for me took me in and tried to console me by offering to make me a cup of tea.

I told her every thing, finishing with his promise that he would wait for me until I finished Uni.  She could see how upset I was and she dared not leave me on my own.  She believed I was suicidal, and that was a risk she was not prepared to take.  I was distraught.  Later that evening she drove me home and told my mother that I was very upset, but not the reason why.  

I made up a story that a girl who I had met early on the course had dumped me and left me very upset.  She never asked who the lady that had brought me home was and where she had picked me up.

There is hardly a day passes that I do not think of Bill.  He was my first and one true love.  I have never known anybody try so hard to please me.  I only had to suggest something and he would try his utmost to satisfy me.  

Like the time I suggested that I was thrilled by dangerous situations and hinted at the possibility of making love in public, undergoing the risk of being caught.  Soon after we were walking home from the pub and he dragged me into an alleyway and completely undressed me and there against the wall with me unable to keep quiet he fucked me against the wall.

In restaurants we would slip into the toilets and there make love putting asides any thoughts of being caught.  

When we were out in a pub or a restaurant he would often insist that I go into the toilet and remove all my under clothing.  Then he would fondle my penis as others enjoyed their meals or drinks around us.

Everything he did, he did, for me.  He was a selfless lover.  I often torture myself with the thought that the tremendous strain I placed on him to please me, might have been the reason for his disappearance.  Ever since then the fear of losing another lover had made me weak, never resisting to any of their demands, regardless of what they asked me to do.   There was nothing that I was not prepared to do in order not to disappoint them.   

I loved him as I have loved no other.   I was getting tearful again and Don asked me if there was anything wrong.  I lied and told him it was my fear of being too happy.  He accepted this and enquired no further.

I suggested to him that perhaps we should go and clean him up a little.  He was puzzled and enquired how.  I told him that I would go first and while I washed my hands, he would follow me twenty seconds later, and walk into one of the unoccupied cubicles.  He would need to push the door so that it looked closed, and hold it there.  I would follow him soon after and join him there.

This we did.  The floor was wet and filthy.  I carefully took my shoes and socks off.  My feet felt cold on the wet floor.  I removed my trousers careful not to get them dirty in the filth on which I was standing.  I then kneeled in front of Don and carefully removed his trousers.  I made sure that they did not touch the floor.   I turned them inside out and  I licked the inside trying to clean any residue of his spunk left on them.  I remembered how good he tasted that night when we had first made love.

I followed with his under pants and these had the clear result of the huge load that he had ejaculated.  With my lips and tongue I made sure that I left not a single drop on them.  I was getting turned on and my penis was growing and getting very wet.  His groin area was covered in the same sticky substance.  I took his pubic hairs between my lips and pulled back removing any signs of stickiness from them into my mouth.  I loved the taste and it made me even more horny.

I then licked every bit of his skin around the groin making sure that I cleaned it all swallowing his residue and using my saliva to lick him clean.  There I was on my knees on the dirtiest of floors worrying about his discomfort.  

I took the whole of his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked him so that he would not feel uncomfortable driving to Manchester.  I must have gone too far.  Resting his back against the side of the cubicle he took hold of my ears with both his hands and pulled me into him while he fucked my mouth and throat.  I only just stopped myself from being sick.  He was uncaring and brutal.  He shot another load of his seed into my mouth which I swallowed in fear that it would choke me.  

I waited until he had ejaculated the last drop of his semen and again licked him clean.  I hoped that he might do something to relieve my own need but he whispered that we had a long way still to go and we should make a move.  

My legs were disgustingly dirty but I managed to put my trousers, socks and shoes on.  I then took Don's slightly wet clothing and went to one of the had driers to dry them out.  I got some really strange looks but I was now hardened to humiliation.  When they were sufficiently dry I took them back to him.

It was quite late when we arrived at the hotel in Manchester.  The receptionist told us that she had a twin bedded room ready for us.  I was livid I had made it clear with the hotel when I booked that we wanted a double.  The young lady behind the desk was very apologetic saying that the request had been for a twin bedded room.  I insisted on a double and said that we would wit for it to be prepared if necessary.

What really annoyed me was that through out my discussion with the young lady Don made no contribution other than saying that he was quite happy with the twin beds.  He made no move to support me.  Eventually the problem was resolved and we were led into a double bed room.

I needed a shower, but Don insisted on using the bathroom first so I was happy to wait for him.  By the time I came out of the bathroom Don was asleep.  I was upset at his lack of forethought.  He knew that I was very desperate, and it had been a long time waiting since last Thursday night.  He was well aware that I would have appreciated him showing a little consideration.

I found it almost impossible to get to sleep.  I was feeling very tense and I desperately needed to be brought off.  He had already been well satisfied, and could afford to be relaxed.

I lay in the bed thinking as to where Bill was now and hoping that where ever he was, he was enjoying a healthy life.  I just could not stop thinking of him and lay awake for almost two hours.

I did not sleep well and kept waking up.  

At round four in the morning I woke up.  I could feel Don pressing his penis against my back side.  He clearly had a stiff cock and needed me to relieve him.  I pretended to be asleep and ignored his very obvious signals.  In my sleep I pretended to make myself comfortable turning myself so that I was now face down on the bed fully exposing my bottom in his direction.  I could tell that he was not happy but I continued to ignore his advances.

Angry at my lack of interest I herd him take out the KY Jelly out of the bedside table drawer and heard him spreading it around his shaft.  I waited knowing what was going to happen next.  Pulling the covers off me he pulled my pyjama bottoms down exposing the entrance to my anus.  With that with no further consideration he placed the head of his cock on my hole and pushed it in to the hilt.  I winced with the pain of receiving his cock inside my very dry rectum.  His right hand clasped around my chin he pulled my head back as he brutally fucked me.  It was a little while before the lubricant had an effect but by this time I was feeling raw.  

He continued his brutal penetration for almost ten minutes by which time I was in tears feeling very hurt.  I could not say that I was excited.  I had hoped that he might have been a little more caring but I felt brutalised and abused.  With groans of his own pleasure he finally came leaving me with an arse full of his cum.  I might have forgiven his lack of sensitivity had he not pulled himself out turned his back to me and fallen asleep again.

Don was exposing a part of his character which I had last seen in his performance on the day we went to the dinner party at his house.  I had thought that I had misjudged his callous nature given how he had treated me so lovingly in the confines of his office.  I was no longer sure of this and was feeling a little apprehensive.

(To be continued: A New Life - 12.  Don's Desires) 




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