A New Life - 1. Laura

I met my wife when we both started teaching training courses in the same college. We were both eighteen. She was training to teach in a junior school and I training to teach Science in a senior school. We were in a college in the North of England and were planning to teach in the United Kingdom at the end of the three years training.

I had spent my senior years in an all boys school and she went to a Convent for hers. Hardly the most experienced couple in the UK but we clicked and we had a natural rapour together. It was not love at first sight but as the time progressed we grew to be comfortable in each other's presence.

Laura was the second girl that I had ever gone out with and together we grew to appreciate each other. It was not long before we were deep into a sexual relationship. I do not know what it is about Convent girls but she was certainly a rather hot girl with a propensity to experiment. I remember early on in our relationship we had been to a party and were on our way back to college very late in the night. There was hardly a soul about in the streets. On the way back we passed a park and much to our surprise noticed a couple leaning against one of the trees on the other side of the fence. The girl had hitched up her skirt around her waist and had discarded her knickers on the ground, to the side of her open legs. The boy had pulled down his trousers and it was quite obvious that they were far too excited to notice anybody that might have been looking. I do not suppose they cared either way, and had they known that Laura and I were totally enthralled, it might have made their experience even more exciting. We retraced our steps back and quietly entered through the gates to the park which we had previously passed.

We approached the couple very carefully not wanting to disturb them. They must have been around our age. I was taken aback by Laura's reaction to the couple. I had never seen her so excited before that day. She was hot and was totally riveted in what they were doing. It seemed that by now they had stopped caring who could be watching, and were giving themselves totally to the occasion. We were quite close and could see everything that they were doing. He had by now discarded his trousers and pants, and was attempting to take the girls blouse and bra off. She pulled his shirt off and let her skirt drop to the ground. They were by now totally naked and I could not help but notice his enormous hard on. Laura was in a complete trance, and was clearly taken by the size of his penis. Turning to me she said that she had yet to see a penis as beautiful as what she was now seeing. I have to say that we had still to consumate our relationship and I had been very careful not to push myself on her. We had by now known each other for two months but I was concerned that she might not have been ready to take the relationship any further, and we had as yet not made love with one another.

The girl pushed the boy with his back onto the tree and kneeling on the ground before him took his penis in her mouth and sucked him in sheer delight. You could clearly hear the noise coming from her mouth as she sucked. By this stage they were both moaning loadly and anybody coming down the road would not have failed to notice them. It was at this point that he took his gaze from his girl and noticed us. We were totally enthralled in their actions and demonstrating great excitement in what was the most beautiful abandonment to love that I had ever seen. The boy then said something to the girl and she turned round to look at us enjoying the wonderful spectacle. These spurred them on to further action and the girl swapped placed with the boy and she was now leaning against the tree. While he massaged her tiny and beautiful breasts he got her into a moaning frenzy by licking the hairs which marked the way to her vagina. Laura was at this stage touching herself up with one hand, with her knickers around her right ankle, and pulling her dress over her head with her other hand. I could not believe what was happening. The convent girl that I had thought to be innocent and virginal, was now desperate to be taken and did not seem to care who did so. Her bra came off as quickly as her dress and she was now as naked as the couple making love against the tree. Well almost, as she still had her knickers adorning her foot in what was a pool of mud. This did not worry her in the least and she continued to rub her clitoris.

At this point the girl beckoned her to join them and she did not hesitate in moving towards them. Still paralysed with what I was seeing I moved behind her towards the tree. I do not believe she even noticed me at this stage. But on finding herself alone by the tree and leaning her body against the couple she seemed to be in a total trance. The girl leaned towards Laura and kissed her on the lips. Their tongues shared their body juices and all I could think of was that she must have also got a taste of his penis which the girl had been sucking minutes earlier. My penis was again getting harder at the thought that my girlfriend was capable of such excitement and was prepared to go to any length to satisfy her sexual needs. I was sure that soon all three would be on the damp ground wrapped in what would be unrestricted animal passion. Laura pulled me in and between them all they undressed me completely. Laura felt my wet penis as it twitched to her touch, she smiled most wickedly and winked as she turned towards the girl again. They were locked in a most passionate embrace and their tongues explored each others mouth as they touched each other most intimately. We were onlookers in what was the sex of angels.

I had hoped that the boy would have taken the initiative and tried to include me in what was happening. Sadly it was not to be. I missed out completely as the boy pushed Laura's legs apart and put his enormous penis in her vagina. She was beside herself. I had never heard her scream with such pleasure. The words coming from her mouth was not what you would have expected from a convent girl! She pleaded with him to fuck her as he had never fucked a girl before. She was desperate and needed him to come off inside her. I was getting more and more excited at what was happening in front of me. Seeing my Laura desperately shouting to be fucked and being pumped into oblivion by a total stranger forced the most wonderful ejaculation in me and I ended up spraying my juices on the boys back. I had discovered something about myself that I had as yet not realised. I was totally turned on by seeing my girlfriend being fucked by others.

Laura's screaming must have been heard by three late middle age men who must have been on their way home to their families after a heavy night of drinking. They came through the gate and approached us. By this time the couple had been spent out and where putting their clothes back on. Laura was not ready to give up and such an opportunity was not to be missed. She held one of the men by the hand and pulled him towards her. She helped him lie on his back on the grass and pulled his trousers and pants round his ankles. She sat astride him and carefully guided his by now erect cock deep into her vagina. She rode him with a passion that ensured that she took every thing he had to give. When he was spent she signaled the second man to approach and take his place. She again rode him like this might have been the last fuck that she would have. By this time the third man could wait no longer and shoving his cock into Laura's open mouth and pushing the back of her head towards it with both hands he went in as deep as he could. As she moved up and down on his friend the third man fucked her mouth with such ferocity that I was worried about my girlfriend being hurt. This did not seem to worry her as she took every drop he had to give her and swallowed it all.

By now they were all finished and my beloved now lay on her back on the ground totally naked. I noticed that any cum that had not deeply penetrated her was now dribbling from her vagina. The white sticky juice was forming a trail that came from inside her and was moving in a rivulet down towards her bottom. I went down on her and making sure that no drop was wasted licked her beautiful cunt pushing my tongue as far as I could get it inside her to take every single drop I could get. I excited myself thinking of the juices of all four men who had served my Laura so well which were now going into my mouth. I savoured every drop. Pity the fifth man had been unable to wait but I could taste him as I kissed Laura on the mouth.

Laura did not bother putting her knickers or bra back on and we walked back to college. Her nipples had doubled the size of her breast with their excitement. She was totally flat chested but this was one of the things hat had attracted me to her in the first place. They were erect and sticking out through the flimsy transparent blouse that she was wearing.

I no longer believed that Laura was the innocent virgin that I had thought her to be.

After that night Laura and I continued to have sexual relationships. To my knowledge the scene was never repeated and we never did come across the couple that had done so much to open our life. I believe that they had come up to Leeds from London in response to a party invitation.

I have to be very grateful to both these strangers as they were instrumental in guiding my life for the future. They gave me a totally new outlook and showed me the importance of enjoying life to the fullest. It also made me love Laura far more than I had thought possible. I was proud and grateful that she was mine what ever she did.

What might have been nine months later we had our daughter which we both love and adore. Laura's Mum took care of Zoe while we continued our studies. Fifteen months later our son Benjamin was born and we got married in the summer which marked the end of our time at college.

That summer we moved to London with the family, and Laura taught in a Junior School in Harringay and I taught Science in a comprehensive school in Hackney. The children went to a nursery near Laura's school.

I carried on teaching for two years after that but the salary was not that great, and with a family to keep I needed a more lucrative alternative. I joined a Computer Software Firm that specialised in applications for the Oil Industry. I was now able to use my skills as a teacher by instead training engineers to use our applications in the pursuit of oil exploration. It paid well and involved me in quite a lot of travel to major areas of oil production around the world.

We have a wonderful family life and I love Laura and my children.

It is understood that we have an open relationship and I would never deny Laura anything that she wanted.

(To be continued: A New Life - 2. Frederick Stein)




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