A New Life - 4. Home Again.

Thursday morning and after a very late night I was unable to get to sleep. Always hoping that Frederick would come to me. The training had been brought to an end so I did not have to get up early. I must have dozed off and by the time I woke up at 8:30 Frederick had left.

I had a shower and with my white collar firmly attached waited for Frederick to arrive. The day passed and the evening came but with no sign of him. I wondered if he had said anything to me about his absence. He had spoken so little to me since the Monday that I knew that I was being kept in the dark again. It galled me that given that I was such a priced possession he should treat me with so little attention. Had he stopped caring about me, or had he never cared but saw an opportunity to sell me to another of the Association members. My mind was in overdrive.

It was now very late in the morning and I knew he was not going to arrive. I went to the laundry bag and took out one of his pants. I could smell him but this only tortured me further. I smelled the crotch and felt my penis begin to rise. I wondered what he had been up to with the three black collars the previous night. The Eastern European had a reputation for being quite rough. Was I too soft and is this what had put him off me? Was he into S & M, if so would I ever be able to satisfy his needs? Violence and abuse had never been in my nature but could I change with the right help? Perhaps Frederick got his excitement by watching the young Italian at the hands of the more experienced black collars. I imagined myself in that position and my penis sprung up towards my stomach. If this turned him on I would be happy to put up with the abuse. I am deluding myself that I would be doing it for him, more for myself. I felt the pre-cum seeping out from the head of my penis. I took it on my fingers and rubbed it on my nipples which grew under the touch. I was getting rather over excited. I took some more and licked it off my fingers. I loved the feel of the sticky substance in my mouth. How much nicer would it be to have a man spill his full load in my mouth.

I had to stop I was in danger of having an orgasm and this would not help my position.

The night passed and still no sign of Frederick.

Next morning I packed my case and remaining naked waited for him to arrive. I had an afternoon flight which had been paid for me by the firm. If I missed that I would need to pay for another flight with my own money. I waited determined that I would not leave until Frederick arrived back.

He arrived back at the room at around two in the afternoon. Meetings had detained him. This was the only explanation I got and I knew better than to question him. He told me to sit down on the settee and took out a second ankle bracelet. This was heavier than the one for Laura. It came with a little diamond encrusted padlock that could be locked in place. He instructed me that I should wear this all the time and never take it off. He said that he was going to put it round my right ankle, as this would show others that I was owned, but very available. If pushed for sex I would not be able to refuse any demands. I had to promise that I would do this regardless of my personal feelings, or any feelings of distaste. If he discovered otherwise my role within the Association and with him was finished. He seemed to enjoy placing me in this position. He had found out enough about me to know that I could be very particular, and that I lacked the courage to pursue a thrill into dangerous grounds. He knew that I was going to find this very difficult, and that this would be a measure of his control.

He told me to get dressed quickly as I was going to miss my flight. I said that I would be happy to stay with him longer but he said he was busy and that I should go. I dressed, feeling very depressed. When I finished he took me to the door and said the car was waiting outside. I turned towards him, but saying that I would need to toughen up, he closed the door behind me.

When I got back to Heathrow Laura and the kids were waiting for me in the terminal. Zoe was very excited and run to me kissing me on the cheeks. Benjamin finds it harder to show his emotions so I held him and kissed him on his forehead. Laura was also very pleased to see me and putting her arms around my neck gave me a strong passionate kiss on the lips.

In the car Zoe could not keep quiet. She was desperate to tell me about her two nights with Imogen her best friend. Christina, Imogen's mum, had made them both up with makeup, and told them they looked beautiful. As a treat they were allowed to keep the make up, on for the whole day. By all accounts they had a wonderful time.

Laura said that she hoped I did not mind but that she had spent over £70 on good quality Clinique makeup for Zoe. Zoe also had a new watch which she eagerly showed me. It seemed that Zoe had fallen in love with it, as it made her feel more grown up. Imogen had also got a watch for her birthday. I dared not ask how much the watch had cost but I knew it was expensive. I could not imagine what had possessed Laura she was usually very sensible and prudent.

I wondered what Benjamin had got, but it did not take long before he told me. He had a lovely new bike. Laura would never have spent that much money at one go if she could not replace it. I asked if she had won some money in the lottery but her answer was quite wicked and was meant to make me think. Smiling she said that she had found a way of making the money and that I would approve.

Laura had arranged for Benjamin to stay with a friend on Tuesday and Wednesday night, and she had been able to relax for those two nights, catching up with Christina while her husband David looked after the children.

When we arrived home Laura went into the kitchen to prepare something for me to eat. I followed her there, eager to discover what she and Frederick had spoken about on the telephone. She said that she was sworn to secrecy, and that I should know that he was a very persuasive man. Kissing me passionately on the lips she put her finger to my lips indicating that I should let it go.

The children were tired and soon they went to bed leaving us alone to talk. Laura asked me how my week had gone. I had the perfect defense saying that I too had been sworn to secrecy. She did not insist and I got the feeling that she knew much more than she was prepared to let on. I told her that Frederick had sent a her a gift which I would be giving her later.

We chilled on the settee listening to soul music on the HiFi.

I relished in the comfort of having such a wonderful wife. Laura was a very beautiful woman. She had the most gorgeous face. Her large hazel eyes were normally framed by black rectangular glasses which made her look innocent but extremely sexy. She had a petite nose and beautifully shaped lips. Her long brown hair fell down beyond her shoulders.

She had the most divine androgynous body, and her small breasts had grown very little, despite having born our two children. Perhaps this accounted for her difficulty when breast feeding them. She soon had to give this up and our children where raised on the bottle.

Her body is best described as petite. From her shoulder her body curved in to a rather narrow waist at which point it curved around her hips flowing smoothly down her thighs to her knees. Below the knees her legs curved out and then came down to rather slim ankles. I could not resist her tiny feet and often licked and sucked them much to her excitement. I often came home early to surprise her, and on her arrival relaxed her by making love to her beautiful feet and toes..

One of my favorite parts of her body, was the rather large gap between the top of her legs, always a very welcome invitation to her vulva. She is an expert at taking full advantage of this part of her body. She has no difficulty in getting me all worked up by the slightest movements of her legs.

She also knows how to play me on my weakness. She will choose complete strangers to show herself to when we are out together. She knows I get very excited when I see other men looking at her. She takes much pleasure in provoking me by making blatant invites, by positioning her legs in a way so that strangers can see all the way between her legs and up to the crotch of her knickers. Clearly when she does this she herself seeps pleasure. The men are unable to turn their gaze away from the growing damp patch on her knickers, and all end up having to run to the toilet at some point.

She also uses this technique with couples. I have often seen her deliberately provoking a couple by opening her legs, pretending that she is unaware that somebody is looking at her. When she grabs somebody's undivided attention, she will look around to ensure that nobody else is looking, and quickly drops her knickers, pulling them off from under her feet. She then opens her legs and exposes the full extend of her vulva causing the onlooker great discomfort as he tries hard to stem his excitement. The poor men often lose their concentration, and soon it is very obvious to partners what is happening. Laura will then turn and place herself, so that the partner can also see. The realization by the partner of the diverted interest, very often ends in a walkout leaving the man feeling rather sheepish and very frustrated, on his own.

On one occasion in a rather crowded pub, the wife of a married couple came across to Laura and slapping her on the face screamed

"You dirty bitch, you bloody slut, I hope you are satisfied. You are welcome to him."

as she run out of the pub in tears.

You would never have thought that Laura was the guilty party. She looked very pained, as if butter would not melt in her mouth.

Laura can be very cruel, and takes great pleasure from the chaos she causes. She often watches in warped satisfaction, as the watcher has an orgasm and struggles to hide the wet patch from his wife or partner.

I have often wished that she would satisfy my own selfish perversion and give herself to the stranger. The thought of her being fucked against a car park wall or in the corridor leading to the public toilets always leaves me wet. Unfortunately she has never given me this pleasure but I continue to hope.

I can not leave Laura's immense ability to cause great pain to others without talking about her deliberate effect on my work colleagues.

Laura hardly ever wears a bra and enjoys being very provocative. She loves wearing see through blouse through which her nipple penetrate. Her breasts clearly exposed through the material are framed in romantic soft focus but leave little to the imagination. Although she is very prim and careful with what she wears in school, she loves coming to visit me at work with every intention of provoking my work colleagues.

When she comes in the excitement is palpable. She likes to stand in front of the men and watch them as their gaze moves from her eyes to her breast and linger there. She moves closer to them leaning forward so that they can get a better look down her open blouse at her exposed breasts.

She teases the men unmercifully, flirting most shamefully and then showing no interest when they start to get interested. Although nobody has told me directly, I am sufficiently aware from work gossip that colleagues have tried very hard to get her into their bed, but she takes pleasure in humiliating them by turning them down.

It has to be said that my department has a well deserved reputation within the firm of being a den of iniquity. Much of this is down to the actions of the department head.

Marty (Martyna) is a very capable and well respected manager. She is also a very senior and influential partner of the company. She can be very hard when it becomes necessary but can be soft when sympathy is appropriate.

In her early fifties, she lives in her own luxury flat in a very expensive part of London, Kensington. She has never married but it is a known fact that she is in the habit of inviting new and naive female members of the department to stay with her in her flat. She is excellent at gaining their confidence and making them very relaxed and welcome. Many take up her offer, thinking that this would be a career enhancing opportunity.

When she has their confidence, she will throw parties in their honor, to which she invites her older female acquaintances. Drink and sex enhancing substances flow freely, and many of these girls are introduced to many aspects of sexual activity for the very first time. Flattered and excited they give themselves totally to Marty and her friends. We have a name for this in the office, we jokingly call this the "Deflowering of the Innocent".

Marty will also often take an interest in the more mature happily married female members of the department. She is also known for taking a fancy to the wives of male members of the department. With both of these she has an interesting technique. She will call the husband and suggest to him that it has come to her attention that his wife is suffering a great deal of stress under the pressures of family life. Children are proving particularly difficult and she has personally witnessed them in tears as they tell of their problems. Informing the husbands that it would be sensible if they allowed their wives to take a break. She is always keen to help, and welcomes them to stay in her flat for a short break. Here they find the peace and comfort to overcome the stress. Very few husbands ever turn down these offers despite knowing of the consequences. Some see it as a great opportunity to invite female colleagues and lovers to stay with them in their own homes. Others fantasize about the advantages of having highly sexed wives, broken and ready to be used to their advantage.

Children are often sent off to grand parents to be looked after.

Marty will then spoil and pamper the wife, creating a comfort bubble around them. She convinces them of the importance of being sincere to their feeling.

Marty has a very clear philosophy about life.

"Do not turn away from your natural desires. Let yourself go, and be true to your bodies' needs. Ignore what others would want you to do. Leave your inhibitions behind and make sure that you will never regret having a missed experience. Do not allow yourselves to be controlled by others. Always let your bodies decide for you."

This philosophy has proved very successful and a great advantage, not just to Marty and her friends, but also to the families. It is known that in the majority of cases their sex life improved, as couples abandon themselves to the bodily pleasures.

Wife swapping and the swinging lifestyle were rampant within the department. Many solved their worries with casual sex and some had developed a taste for group sex. This included female as well as male members of the department.

Marty is an attractive woman of fifty, but the one woman that she is desperate to have, refuses her attentions. Laura eggs her on unmercifully, flirting with her, and using her body to excite her. I know that at parties Laura will invariably take Marty to a quiet area of the office and there encourage her to touch her up. Marty is pliable in Laura's hands and always responds, but the one thing that Marty is desperate for she can never have. Marty wants complete control over Laura. She wants to be able to strip her naked so that she can eat her pussy and fondle her at will. She wants to be able to summon her when ever she needs her. She wants Laura to abandon herself and to beg her to be make love to her. She wants to be able to pimp Laura to her friends and acquaintances so that she can relish and enjoy controlling her. Laura is the only woman that has resisted her attentions and held back. She always remains in charge and in control, and this frustrates Marty.

What I will say in favor of Marty is that she is never vindictive and always respects the right of others to say no. She never holds this against them, and the few that refuse continued to work in the department with the same protection and opportunity for progression.

Marty always refuses to continue a relationship with any of the girls or wives she makes love to. It is important for her to keep her social life apart from her work. Many of the girls do continue seeing Marty's friends and some became their lovers. This includes wives as well. Those that had fallen for Marty and found it difficult to continue, were usually promoted elsewhere or found jobs with other companies if they want it.

Marty was to prove key in mine and Laura's future.

It was no nearly two in the morning. As we continued listening to the soft romantic tones of the soul music I asked Laura to undress. Standing in front of me and softly dancing to the music she slowly and very sexily started to strip. It was not long before she was down to her bare chest. She had gone to the airport with her usual attire of minus a bra. Turning around she slowly lowered her skirt bending over as she did so. I could already see that she was getting turned on. The crotch of her jockeys was wet and I got a very strong smell of her sex. The pants she was wearing cut diagonally across from her crotch to just below her hips. I could see the bottom of her cheeks below the line of the pants. I was very turned on. I touched her between her legs, she squirmed. She was soaked and I could see that her juices were flowing down the inside of her legs. I could not resist, I knelt behind her and licked her wetness. I tried to pull her pants down but she would not let me. She said she would take them off later when we walked out in the garden. She could read my mind, but I was a little puzzled by her modesty. She was not usually this concerned about being seen naked. I sat her down in the settee and taking the blue box out of my bag I gave it to her.

She loved her present. She said that she had always wanted a slave bracelet and this one was beautiful. I told her that Frederick had been very keen that she should have this. He had chosen it especially for her.

Laura asked me what ankle she should wear it on. I repeated what Frederick had told me. Traditionally women in India and Egypt had worn anklet as fashion statements. In the more recent past it was worn by prostitutes to advertise their availability for sex. Today some women wear it as a fashion accessory but there is a growing group that wear it to make a statement about their lifestyle. Single women wear it on their left ankle advertising their availability to men. Married women wear it on their right ankle, thus signifying that they are owned, but more importantly available for sex with anybody that may be interested. It is also common for tags to be attached HB (Hot Bitch) announcing to all, the wearers propensity for sex. Also popular is BBC (Big Black Cock) which announces a preference for black men and is a commitment by the wearer to make themselves available to any black man who wishes to fuck them.

I placed the anklet around Laura's right ankle. Smiling Laura asked if this meant that she was now Frederick's slave. She also feigned disappointment that I had not added a BCC tag to her anklet, and made me promise that I would buy her one as soon as possible. Kissing her right foot I told her that I would do so, as soon as the shops opened. She was like a bitch on heat oozing with excitement.

I took Laura by the hand and lead her out into the garden. Our back garden is overlooked on all three sides. This was Friday night and even though it was two in the morning, there were plenty of lights on in the surrounding houses. It was also a full moon and the light from the moon was illuminating every corner of our garden. There was no where to hide in our garden and I much preferred it this way.

She walked out with me still wearing her light orange jockeys which she had refused to take off. This continued to puzzle me but clearly she had a good reason for insisting. I walked her to the middle of the garden and got her to face the neighbors houses. I wanted everyone to see her. I wanted them to see what a hot bitch she was . I stood behind her and starting with my hands on both her shoulders I dropped them slowly down the front of her body. Barely touching her my fingers reached her nipples. They had grown in her excitement and stood proudly erect. I gently caressed her breasts and with the tips of my fingers played with her nipples. She moaned to my touch. I could feel her opening her legs. This was a normal reaction for her, and was meant as an open invitation for others to touch her cunt.

Laura was getting so excited. I could feel the reaction of her body as it responded to my touch. She was trembling. I have to say it was not that particularly warm outside, but Laura was far too hot to notice. Her shivering was all about desire, and it got worse with every touch of my fingers. She started to breathe heavily and her body quivered as I continued to touch. She pressed her back against me, pushing her head back on my shoulder. as my hands continued to slide slowly down the front of her body. The slightest touch was followed by the sound of pleasure coming from her lips. It did seem now that she was moaning quite loudly, and I could not be sure that the neighbours had not noticed what was was going on only yards from their windows.

We knew most of our neighbors but had never socialized with them. Some even sent their children to Laura's school. Some of the children were in her class. I wondered what the parents would think if they were watching. The thought excited me. They knew where we lived and were for ever stopping Laura to ask about the progress of their children. There was little chance that they would not recognize Laura even in her current exposed state. Laura is very protective of her image, and she would be mortified if she knew that any of her parents were looking on. Tonight as I continued to probe and caress her body I hoped that they would. I wanted them all to see the real woman.

Personally after my weeks experiences, I was beyond embarrassment. I was now used to being naked in front of loads of fully dressed people. I had convinced myself that I had a nice body, and that others would desire to touch it. If they were looking they would be looking in envy, wishing that somebody was touching them in full view of others in the way that I was touching her. The wives would be getting wet, and not for the first time, would they dream of being taken by a stranger in front of their husbands. The husbands would be getting a hard on imagining their wifes being fucked from behind while sucking cock with their mouths.

I could not tell if anybody was looking but I was beginning to notice some of the lights in the windows were going out, and others, having lit their lights momentarily turned them off, possibly on seeing what was happening. They made careful adjustments of their curtains to better see what was happening without being seen. Laura was telling me how much she needed to be fucked and how she was desperate to suck cocks. In her delirium she was very loud and getting louder. I brought my mouth towards Laura ear and giving her a bite, whispered if she had noticed the neighbors looking at her. She gave a shiver and mumbled something which did not make a lot of sense. It might have been please ask them to fuck me or perhaps I don't care. In more of the windows the lights were now being switched off. I noticed curtains being drawn back and I could see the reflection of faces on the window. They seemed to be peering out of the window into the brightly moonlit garden where my wife continued to moan and squirm under my touch. Her legs in constant movement as she tried to rub her labia together. They were getting a great look of Laura almost naked, being touched up all over, and begging loudly for them to fuck her.

Laura's head fell back on my shoulder. She let out a deep sigh, gasping and shaking as my fingers crossed her tight tummy. This set off wild convulsions in her, and I could see the mound of her vulva was twitching uncontrollably , at an ever quickening pace. My fingers slid down and under the elastic of her jockeys. She continued to moan loudly all the time responding to my touches by pushing her body towards the probing fingers. I moved down towards her vagina. My fingers were meeting no resistance and I now knew why the reluctance to drop down her undies. She was totally shaved in a way that a pre pubescent girls would be. She had obviously meant this to be a surprise. I felt around the smooth skin surrounding her vagina. She had removed every single hair of her bush. Touching the entrance to her vagina I could feel her wetness dripping down the inside of her legs. She was soaking, and the coldness of her wetness must have continued to force her body to convulse into more spasms. I could now hear her pleading with me.

"Please call them over and get them to make love to me. Please, please if you love me, do this for me. Please call them. I need to be fucked. I want their cum inside me. I will not disappoint you. Let me show you what I am capable of"

The wives were not ignored either and Laura was just as hot and eager to eat pussy. It was not the first time that she had mentioned that she often got turned on by interviewing some of the parents.

"I always get so excited when interviewing them as parents, imagining what they look like under their clothes. Please I am desperate to lick them and force them to explode at the touch of my tongue. I want to give myself to them. They need to know how much of a slut I can be"

As she talked Laura grew more and more excited. She was frantic. I held her tightly to stop her shaking but I was unable to stem her trembling.

"I want the wives to watch as their husbands fuck me. I want them to watch as I am fucked in a way that they have never been fucked themselves."

I open her legs and pushed my hand down towards her vagina. Lifting her up I inserted my fingers into her vagina, gently rubbing her clit with both hands. She screamed, pushed her head back on my shoulders she pulled open her cunt lips with her hands.

"Jesus. Please don't stop"

She kept crying repeatedly as I continued to rub her clit between both my hands.

Laura was getting wilder and wilder. She was like a bitch on heat who needed to be taken before she totally lost her mind. If the neighbors had not heard her before they could clearly hear her now. Windows opened slightly so that they could hear what Laura was saying. I wish I could have seen what was going on in some of those rooms as my wife continued to plead with me to let her lick those women that she had been desiring for such a long time, and to invite their husbands to fuck every orifice in her body. She could not get enough cock and she was desperate for it.

Desperate to come off she confessed to me that she was sorry but that she could no longer contain herself. She could no longer be the dutiful wife that she had been. She continued to scream telling me and our closest neighbors that she was a hot bitch and did not want to live the lie any more. She needed sex and no longer cared where or who she got it from.

She was crying and tears were pouring down her cheeks. She really was out of control and I knew at that moment that our life together in the future would be very different. I felt hot and pleased that all my fantasies would soon become real. I wanted my wife to be the dirtiest slut in the world. I wanted her to reach the lowest depths of despair, willingly taking cock from anywhere where it was available. I longed to watch her do so. The more desperate the better. I needed her to go from wife, mother and teacher to the most desperate of prostitutes. Not for money but to satisfy her insatiable addiction to sex. I was in paradise having the greatest sexual high of my life.

I needed to do something quickly to calm down my wife, who now desperately pushed her knickers down to her ankles and kicked them off her foot. She slid her fingers into her vagina and rubbed herself with such great ferocity. Her knees gave way, bending, as her body slumped with the orgasm which was was now unstoppable. All the time she continued to moan and cry. Her fingers worked tirelessly to bring herself off. She dropped on her back on the grounds probing and probing as she did. I through myself onto her licking the outflow from her vagina. I licked her fingers and pressing my head between her legs I pushed my tongue inside her and licked the pulsating red knob at the entrance to her cunt. I sucked her vaginal juices which now seemed to be covering her completely hairless vagina and flowing freely between her legs onto the now soaked grass beneath her arse. She was like a young girl experiencing love for the first time. I licked her all over her cunt pushing my tongue in between her wide open legs and the lips of her vagina. My mouth was now coated with the sticky substance with the familiar taste of her vaginal discharge. As I drank it from well inside her I could feel it all going down the back of my throat. She pushed my head into her opening with both her hands, and stretched her legs as far as they would go, to give me better access. She would not let me go crying out to be finished.

I had learned from my last week the importance of holding back from coming off before I wanted to. I diverted my mind to other things to prevent myself from doing so, but I still remained focused on bringing her off to a climax.

I again searched with my tongue for the little nipple at the top of her vagina which would be the trigger for the culmination of her intense pleasure. This I knew would offer her great relieve from what she was currently going through. She continued to scream and moan with no care about disturbing the neighbors. Finding what was now an enormous nipple I took it between my lips and sucked it as if I were sucking a man's cock. She was sexed up to the point of exhaustion. She was truly the hottest bitch in the world. Insatiable and desperate ready to be put out of her misery.

As I sucked on her clitoris I suddenly felt her raise her arse of the ground and with the longest gasp and moan I had ever heard, she screamed. She continued to scream biting her hand as tears streamed down her face. Her cunt opened as she gushed in total relieve all the liquid that she had been building up inside her. This was a new experience for me with Laura. She had always been very wet, but for the first time she had drenched the biggest load of cunt juice that I had ever dreamt possible.

She would not let me touch her and repeatedly screamed

"Please don't touch me"

Anytime I tried to touch any part of her body she would push me away and scream that she did not want to be touched as she could no longer bear it.

She lay there on her back on the grass, juice dripping from her vagina. Wet all over her thighs with her little girl cunt exposed for all to admire.

As we lay there side by side, her naked, and me still in my clothes. She sobbed and bit her hands.

She turned round to me and Said.

"Ewan please do not get upset, but I am no longer sure that I can stay faithful to you."

I took her face in my hands and kissing both her eyes and her mouth replied.

"My darling little girl I will always love you and would wish for nothing more. Watching you gives me more pleasure than any other woman could possible give me. Please do not worry I would be very hurt if I felt that you were depriving yourself of somebody in order not to upset me. My love for you grows with every woman you eat and very man you fuck. Please never stop being yourself."

She turned to me and kissed me saying

"Thank you Ewan I love you just as much"

At that point I turned her on her front onto the grass and taking the vaseline from my trouser pocket I took a huge dollop on my fingers and lubricated the crease of her bottom. Her buttocks rose and putting her hand in her mouth she began to moan loudly again.

"Please she said I have never had this before but I do not want you to stop"

I continued to rub my hand around her bottom and into her crack. As she raised her cheeks towards me I pushed my fingers into her hole. I could hear her loudly sucking on her hand, moaning and pleading. She was gone again this would have to go the whole way now.

I took my socks, shoes, trousers and pants off and lay on top of her. I viciously bit her shoulder continuing to do so as she screamed in pain. By the time I finished she had the marks of numerous love bytes all over her shoulder and round the back of her neck. She continued to suck on her hand her body pushing hard into the damp wet grass beneath her. Her legs wide open and her butt hole covered in vaseline inviting me to take her from behind. I had a serious hard on and placing the head of my cock I gently pushed against her hole until the top of its head was just inside her. She loved it. I was concerned by the noise she was now making. It was now five am and the sun was rising and we were now in daylight. I could see that Dave and Erin the young couple from next door were looking from their window. Dave was standing behind Erin and by the look on Erin's face she was loving every minute of it. In the house that backs onto the side of our garden the couple in their thirties with the two young sons in Laura's School, were far too excited to hide away. He was holding and squeezing her tits while seemingly fucking her from behind. Laura had always said how she had the hots for this couple. I thought she would be please to hear about this when I told her later.

I looked no further. Instead I rammed the rest of my erect penis brutally into my wife as she continued to suck her hands and moan with pleasure. She complained that it hurt but I did not listen, and I continued to pump my cock into her. Pushing it in all the way and then withdrawing it so that the head was just inside her. I was brutal, but it seemed the pain was easing as the vaseline spread into her anus, and she got more used to having the complete length of my cock inside her. In my imagination I could see was this young man underneath me screaming that he wanted me to fuck him. He was cying and sobbing but I showed him little sympathy and continued to thrust deep into his hole. He could not get his legs wide enough. Arms outstretched he cried out load fuck me, fuck me, please fill me with your seed, I want you inside, please do not pull out once you come off. I want every last drop. One whole week without coming off I ejaculated with such ferocity that after I pulled it out, my cum spilled out from Laura's hole. This was yet another step to Laura's total fulfillment and her complete abandonment to sex addiction. A further step towards her wish to become a total slut.

She lay there on her front now covered in clippings of grass, mud and sex. She said she could feel my warm cum in her bottom and did not want it to spill out of her bum hole. Legs wide open, her cunt most certainly visible to Dave and Erin. Some of the spunk was now running down from her arse hole slowly moving towards her open vagina.

She told me that she had loved being fucked in that way. It was a new experience but one she wanted to repeat.

I told her that she was not the only one that had loved it. The couple with the boy in her class also seemed to be enjoying it. She looked embarrassed but soon her expression turned to interest.

"Did you mean the Suffolks?'" she asked me. I admitted not knowing them that well but yes that sounded familiar.

"Oh shit she said, not only are they regular church goers but they are also members of the School Governing Body. She is the chair person. This could lose me my job".

"Not from what I could see was the expression on their faces. You might even be promoted". I replied.

Laura relaxed and smiled. She moved herself turning her body and legs towards the Suffolks residence. There in a very submissive gesture and one craving for attention, she opened her legs wide in the hope that they were still watching.

It was now daylight and soon people would be waking up and getting ready for their Saturday. We needed to make a move before we caused great consternation in the neighbourhood, and move inside.

As we walked in through the patio doors from the garden we got the shock of our lifes. A voice said

"Mummy what were you doing in the garden with no clothes on?"

Sitting on the settee surrounded by Laura's discarded clothes minus her knickers was Zoe. Laura was speechless.

"Where you having sex mummy? Imogen told me that her mum often has sex in the garden with Uncle Barry".

I do not know what was more shocking, finding Zoe in the front room awake, or the revelation about Christina and David's older brother Barry.

"Come on then" Laura said "it is far too early to be up let us take you up to your bedroom"

When we eventually got up late on Saturday morning and had finished our breakfast, I went out to the garden to bring in Laura light orange briefs. They were no where to be seen. Laura pants heavily soiled by her vaginal discharge had disappeared. It had taken a brave soul to steal past our garden gate and retrieve these while we slept.

(To be continued: A New Life - 5. Christina and David)




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